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Fuel filter replacement


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Hi folks, I thought I would post on replacing the fuel filter on my 2013 XF, 2.2d Prem. Lux as I had an issue that some may have also experienced.  

I looked online before changing the filter and didn't see many clear posts on this so here I go. 

1. I placed rags under the filter so to catch any fuel that would escape. I also opened the filler cap. 

2. I removed the 3 screws retaining the filter. (always good to have a magnetic tool available in case any screws drop as did in my case. 🤨).

3. Push in the tabs and remove the 4 hoses. Quite easy to do. Maybe a good idea to take a pic on your phone in case of any issues when refitting. On saying this they should be colour coded.

4. Lift up the filter and remove the 4 pin plug underneath. 

5. Check the new filter matches the old one. Now here is when I had a problem. As I stated previously I couldn't find precise help online on if the filter needed primed or not so I refitted as is and after the car would not start. I ran down the battery trying. So back to the filter.

6. As the battery was charging I once again removed the filter following the steps above but this time I used the appropriate Allen key to u screw the raised port on the filter and then I pulled the whole thing out. 

7. I then placed a finger underneath to prevent the fuel leaking out and I filled the filter with deisel. I then screwed the plunger back in, for the want of a better descriptive word and tightened with the Allen key

8. I once again refitted the filter, remembering to plug the tab in underneath and also the tab above and the car started on the first attempt and has run smoothly since. 

I just wanted to list this as there may be a few of you out there in the same position and wanting to save some hard earned cash by completing a service yourself. Just a piece of advice is to purchase a Jag/LR diagnostic handheld as this will allow you to complete the Oil, EPB reset etc. Really does save money. I hope a few of you find this helpful. 

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