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Oil Change advice - XF 2.0D Ingenium


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I want to start changing the Oil and filter every year on our 2.0D Ingenium (2017) XF rather than every 21k as per the schedule.   When I asked the main dealer if they could do it, they looked shocked.  On the other hand, I was even more shocked when I was quoted £253 for an Oil and filter change!  

So at that price I want to have a go myself.  I'd be grateful for any advice on whether there any things i need to know before changing the Oil on a 2.0 Ingenium engine?   (For example, in our other car, a Volvo S60 (to be changed for a Jag when the right one comes along) you need to tell the car computer the oil has been changed (using Volvo proprietary software) or it throws up lots of error messages!)

Many thanks in advance 

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