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XJ8 or LS400 on a budget .....

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I'm a huge fan of wood and leather, and a massive fan of Jaguar. My Dad had Jags from me being a little boy (MkIX) up to being grown up (XJ6).

I find myself now on the tightest budget imaginable, but am desperate to own some wood and leather for covering maybe 5000 to 6000 miles a year. Recreational driving only really. The way the XJ8 looks is hugely persuasive. But the LS400 has that reputation for just going on forever and being hugely reliable - something I'm not particularly seeing in any forums regarding the Jaguar.

I can do small maintenance quite happily myself, and I have a brilliant independent mechanic and garage nearby. Real old schoool guy. Can fix or bodge anything!!

XJ8's and LS400's can readily be had for £2000 or less. And that is where my budget is - at a stretch!

I know I'm in Jaguar territory here, but what does anyone think (leaving out blind fanaticism)?

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In all reality, Jaguar....cheap......no. But it's not meant to be, it's like owning a Spitfire. It has a kickass engine and handles like a dream, take care of her and she'll never let you down. Every day you sit in your cat you'll say ''Wow!''. Be negligent and the wings will fall off on a steep dive.

However you'll need to do your service history research carefully and make sure all the XJ8 known problems have been ironed out by previous owners, or that you have the budget to do so asap.

Forget warranties and ensure you can put aside money as your own warranty for when you need to fork out (and you will), that way even on your tight budget you'll be prepared. You'll probably want to make friends with a Jag breaker too so you can get all your parts instead of crying about the cost of things from the stealer.

If you'd be willing to cut your recreational milage to under 3000/year you'd probably get a better insurance deal too.

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Hi Ivan, I just did a post that completely answers your question......it's in the Jaguar lounge "didn't know about this area being new"

I paid £900.00 for my jag with part service history......"I know totally wrong" but did it anyway and have had to go throughout the car and now with a red face have to admit I've spent double that and some, but have a totally sorted XJ8 that I know is hopefully sorted now!

I love my Jag and can only laugh at my journey of ownership, have a look at my post "owning a rather used Jaguar XJ good & bad"

I'm sure I have OCD as I can't stop until its spotless cosmetically & mechanically but the drive and experience is unbeatable for the money.

Good luck whatever you decide........the Jag is better looking in my opinion :)

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