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X Type 2.0 Diesil

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Hi all, I have a 2004 jag X type Diesel, It seems ok when idling and around town, but when been driving it for 10 mins or so and in top gear it feels like it is missing a little. I thought it was the diesel filter, had that changed but it seems to have gotten worse especially when the car has warmed up. It wont pick up speed straight away and feels like theres only a little fuel getting through, then all of a sudden all is fine until I put my foot down again and then is again unresponsive for about 2 secs. any ideas what the problem is? I wouls very much appreciate any help and advice. Many Thanks

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Have you got an Engine Management warning lamp illuminating on the dashboard?

A common fault with the X type and the Mondeo TDCI engines is the Electronic Turbo Actuator failing. 

Unfortunately, this can be an expensive repair so certainly worth taking the car to a garage who can scan the Electronic Control Modules (ECM) for fault codes and live data. This will establish whether the Actuator is at fault.

Another (cheaper repair) is the EGR and inlet manifold 'clogging' up with carbon and will need removing to clean.


Hope this helps?


Regards    Trevor

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