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Mercedes digs at Jaguar for EATING its Chicken

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Mercedes has responded to Jaguar spoofing their Magic Body Control advert featuring chickens with an image on Facebook.




Mercedes digs at Jaguar for EATING its Chicken

Just a few days ago we had a great video from Jaguar poking fun at Mercedes advert for Magic Body Control that featured chickens demonstrating how MBC worked.

Jaguar’s response was to mimic Mercedes opening to the video but following it up with Jaguar’s big cat eating Mercedes chickens.


It was a great response and we hoped it would signal a nice bit of back and forth between the Germans and the British as they each tried to outdo the other. Well it has, but Mercedes hasn’t quite put in the effort Jaguar did.

The response from Mercedes is a single photo posted on Facebook showing a Mercedes bearing down on a Jaguar (cat) ahead with the simple tag line “Because cat-like reflexes aren’t enough. Mercedes PRE-SAFE Brake”.

It’s a response from Mercedes, but we had hoped they’d put in a bit more effort and come back with a similarly effective video. But they haven’t.

Oh, well.


December 20, 2013 By Cars UK

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Well Mercedes have gone under ground to get away from Jags , Down a Salt Mine in fact some where in Cheshire UK who supply salt for UK,s winter roads.They dropped them down a shaft Nose First to drive around some 130 miles of Tunnels.Must be checking what reaction the Salt has on the cars Chassis





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