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Sadly "new tyres" aren't always a good idea, the guy I bought my S-type from put two brand new tyres on the back before he sold it, unfortunately they were made by Wanli?!! 


Otherwise known as the No-grip Tyre Company.


I've tried regularly applying 300hp through them to wear them out but to no avail sadly.


So I'm going to bite the bullet and throw them away as they scare me even when I'm behaving.


What would you guys recommend for a 4.2 V8 on standard 17" Kronos  wheels?





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Jaguar recommend Pirellis.  I had them on my X Type AWD on 17" wheels and I liked them.


Now my S Type 2.7D runs Pirellis on 18" wheels.


Jaguar have their reasons for recommending them, although there are other good makes around.



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The P Zeros are the recommend ones.  I got a good deal from Halfords.  I still have a 17" one in the garage that was too good to throw away, as I like to change them in pairs.  It was intended to go on the spare wheel of the X Type, but I changed to an S Type.


Yours if you want it.  I travel to Northampton  [Earls Barton] regularly, so I could drop it off if you want it.



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