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Hi I have a x type 2.1 and when I drive it it jolts once or twice then OK it normally happens when I slow down say when I'm in third gear then speed up or if I put my foot down hard. I have replaced the crank case breather pipe but it is still doing it I have no warning lights up at all and it starts and idles OK any ideas guys thanks.

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Hi Deane,


It is a sensor [or something like that] that tells the computer the position of the throttle.  Decelleration or acceleration.  I think Trevor has got it spot on.


Before cars got sophisticated you just put some 3 in 1 oil or WD40 on the throttle cable.


It is worth googling the words and there you will usually find a video on You Tube. 





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Apart from that what else would cause the car to jolt its like a sort of misfire or starvation of fuel if you go up a hill and you are in say fourth gear the car will jump about until I change to third then will be OK its annoying .

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