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E-Type for hire


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Good evening all,


My name is James, I'm a Production Manager of a large film company in London. We've had over a decade of experience producing award-winning broadcast, corporate and commercial material, working with BBC, Renault, Bentley, Visa to name a few. We have teamed up with former Top Gear crew, to produce a fantastic new series of factual programming we are currently producing for broadcast, and was wondering if you kind bunch could help. I am actively looking for somebody who would be willing to show off their E-Type Jaguar and allow us to temporarily hire the car for 6 days. Would you or anybody know of anyone suitable who'd want to earn some very easy money? We would need the first three days for the hire to start Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd June to be used and seen with our presenter at the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club (JEC) Festival, with Friday 20th or Monday 23rd to be used for another scene. A fee will be discussed in private, away from the public forum.


Please get in touch to be apart of a fantastic programme, that will certainly be a great deal of fun to produce.


I look forward to hear from you soon.


Many thanks & all the best,



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