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  1. Welcome to the club Richard Hoe you are enjoying your new XF Try looking on Youtube for videos on the infotainment, You'll be suprised whats available
  2. Welcome to the club Steve She looks a beauty. Good job on changing the tyres. A lot of people don't realise the age of the tyre and driving around with 13 year old tyres on a performance car. Let us know how you get on over the next few weeks
  3. Hi Trevor Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club. Hope you are enjoying the XF.. great machine
  4. Hi Paul May be worth giving your dealer a call to confirm as this is something you would need solid confirmation on, would not want to get it wrong. If it is please let us know.
  5. Hi Ant I think thats how it comes, It's the same on mine
  6. Hi Paul Give SNG Barratt a call : https://www.sngbarratt.com/English/#/uk/home Also if you can get hold of the part numbers you can search by part number which will bring up the parts available online.
  7. Hi Darren have your tried https://www.sngbarratt.com/ You may need to get the part number which will help as you could then search ebay with that part number
  8. Hey folks, We are doing a small poll to find out what fuel types are our Jag owners using at the moment. Help us with our small poll. You will need to be signed in to vote. thanks
  9. They have been hitting a lot of clubs this weekend. we have closed off the messaging system for members group for the moment until we can screw things right down.
  10. We have removed them. Looking in to removing their messages
  11. Thanks for your messgae, it's not really a site insecurity, they just used the messaging system as a way to spam everyone. This has been turned off for now until we add some restrictions to stop it being abused. We are cleaning this up.
  12. Selling a S-type Diesel Sport £3250 ono I am In poole, Dorset https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303236122281 Cheers
  13. not necessarily, i used to have an s-type with engine light on periodically. It was the DPF and after using millers it kept the light off. We used the same stuff to maintain octane when we drove our Navara to mongolia. If you fill up with diesel in mongolia the engine sounds like a bag of spanners Yes there is a lot of snake oil around but some stuff works.
  14. may see your about, will keep an eye open 😉
  15. on mine is makes a noice in the mornings when its cold. like brake pedal fart. so assuming its from the servo or both
  16. mine was superceded to the model number XR856588 which is for the XF pricey.. especially when you compare prices to the X-type.. they are really cashing in on it
  17. This can be altered to stop doing this. I found it annoying too
  18. making tweek to the ECU... its getting better
  19. we are fixing it as we speak. I am just awaiting information from the software company. It's in hand Steve. Please bear with us.
  20. Small host i recommend is www.webhosting.uk.com i have used them for over 10 years for my small websites. This site is not with them though, I host this one at IBM.
  21. Hi Barry Welcome to the club :)
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