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  1. Hi Jim good luck for the future and you know where we are if you return to a Jaguar Cheers, Trevor
  2. The top Jaguar E-Type specialist Eagle celebrates three important milestones in its history: this year, the company whose own heritage has developed alongside that of arguably the most famous British sportscar of all time, the Jaguar E-Type, is 35 years old; the model for which Eagle is most famous, the Eagle E-Type, is a quarter of a century; and the Eagle Speedster, first of the Special Editions, has been crafted for a decade With perfection as the ultimate goal for every single E-Type rebuild commission that the British company has undertaken, Eagle was born in 1984 to redefine the concept of restoration but also, in time, created its own legend by developing bespoke E-Types. The Eagle E-Type is infused with Eagle’s unique obsession for detail, cleverly weaving modern upgrades into the fabric of original E-Types, each built to blend perfectly with its individual owner’s vision. In the process of restoring, rebuilding and reliving the E-Type dream, in fittingly British rural surroundings and combining tradition with sophisticated technology, the company has also gained and nurtured passionate and knowledgeable clients, whose aspirations are equal to their expectations. This symbiotic relationship pushed Eagle’s E-Types into further raising the bar: “we received a request for something even more exclusive, an individual design and engineering feat still paying homage to the original legend, resulting in the first of the Eagle E-Type Special Editions, the Eagle Speedster (n.1),” says Technical Director Paul Brace. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson (BBC Top Gear), “the most beautiful car I have ever seen” was born. The Speedster is another important milestone in the history of Eagle and celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Predictably, Goodwood was chosen for the triple celebration. Owners of commissioned Eagle E-types from all over the globe and other special guests were invited to a three-day feat of sunshine and a triumph of Eagle display, from Eagle E-Types to Speedsters, Low Drag GTs and the latest variation, the Eagle Spyder GT. “It had to be Goodwood,” muses Eagle founder and E-Type rally-winner Henry Pearman; “There isn’t another venue to compete with a place which is so steeped in racing and automotive tradition. We very much feel we belong to the heritage of Jaguar and its E-Type, as we carefully handle precious pieces of the marque’s history and bring them back to life. Our customers are part of the same Eagle family, and enjoy a special connection, which was most evident at the anniversary celebrations. Thirty-five years of exclusive achievements were honoured with those who share our commitment and passion.” “The E-Type” publication catches the spirit of the celebrations perfectly: “Eagle have taken the E-type narrative to another level and kept that great story alive, adding another few chapters. With an inspired combination of fine engineering and stunning design, they have evolved and expanded the E-type range for the modern age. Cleverly, they have shown respect for the originals …. but pushed the boundaries while avoiding conflicting with the heritage. One instinctively feels Bill Heynes, Bob Knight and Malcolm Sayer would have been thrilled to know their creations were being treated with such loving respect and evolved with sensitivity, integrity and style.”
  3. Hi Patrick....welcome to the Club Which part of Germany did you tour ?
  4. Hi Keith....welcome to the Forums
  5. All I could find is the location and component diagram but it should be relatively accessible
  6. It looks like the old Traffic Master system used on SatNavs of the past....would give live traffic data if subscribed to the system
  7. Hi Tom. The best method is to back-flush the cooling system, so insert a hosepipe into a coolant hose in the reverse direction of the normal coolant flow, turn the heater on hot and disconnect the other main hose. In theory any deposits that could be blocking the system are dislodged and come out in the reverse flush. You shouldn't run the engine for this task. You can use an additive to clean it out at the same time but I have never used anything. Be careful to capture any antifreeze to reuse and not allow it to enter the drainage system, etc. Reconnect the hoses and fill with coolant, run the engine and test for leaks. It may also be worth replacing the coolant pressure cap as well as this can lead to coolant loss (loss of system pressure)
  8. Here's my opinion on the issue! (sorry if I come across as bumptious but I have very strong feelings about this subject). First and foremost, the people, bodies, associations, etc that are debating the move to electric and demonising diesel engines are not automotive experts and very rarely are the motoring societies truly represented in meetings to discuss the future of motoring. Secondly, automotive technology is probably at the peak of innovation and cannot go much further with technological advances in the internal combustion engine....this also applies to trucks, diggers, ferries, fact anything with an ICE. The way forward is not via the electric route, albeit the Hybrid combination is by far the best option. Full plug-in electric cars will not save the planet and in fact, will have a huge impact on the planet and our daily lives (see recent press articles about EVs having to produce noise to avoid running over pedestrians that may step out unknowingly). Looking back in motoring history, steam cars and electric cars were used back in the 1910's in France (examples are in the Le Mans museum) and also 'Wet Scrubbers' were used on diesel engines which totally captured all particulates.....why have we gone to huge extremes to reinvent the wheel? Glad thats off my chest now but unless we have the infrastructure in place to successfully provide the power to run electric cars at no cost to the environment then it is not a viable way forward. Don't even get me started on autonomous cars 😞
  9. Hi Paul . Perhaps the cabin filter is partially blocked ?
  10. I wonder if it is low on fluid or just needs changing? Would definitely take it to a transmission specialist to check it over
  11. Hi Kevin Glad you are sorted and happy with the S-Type...minor glitches and then once sorted it should be plain sailing....Enjoy 🙂 Cheers, Trevor
  12. Have not heard any problems resulting from anyone who has used them, except for the fact that it is plagiarised from the manufacturers 😞
  13. Sorry Paul...not familiar with the system Wonder if JOE-DOT-COM can help out?
  14. Hi Keith You could try a reset but otherwise it sounds like it could be a vacuum hose (or similar) could be dislodged or split as it would take a reading from the engine load to carry out calculations.
  15. Keep us informed of how it all goes....hopefully in your favour as well
  16. Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum It could possibly be the Air Con fans not working (e.g. seized) and the system kicking out because of it. Alternatively, it could be the a/c system relay. Had that happen on my Honda CR-V with the a/c relay which then tripped out and also put on the Engine Management lamp. Managed to get a new replacement relay from eBay for about £3 and reset the system which cured it. Let us know what you find
  17. Hi Phil Sorry to hear of your unfortunate dilemma with the dealership and the tainted XF. It tends to leave you with a bad taste that can take forever to lose, if at all. I would definitely return the car to them for a full refund as if they have to remove the dashboard to replace the leaking heater matrix then this can sometimes change the whole feeling of the car by introducing new squeaks and rattles of which constantly remind you of the initial problems. Sorry to add fuel to the fire but it does anger me to hear of some (not all) dealers deliberately palming off problem vehicles to the unsuspecting public. Keep up updated on the outcome
  18. sounds like the sensors need reprogramming to read the current pressures. you would need specialist equipment to carry out this procedure, but shouldn't cost much at a reputable Jaguar specialist repairer.
  19. Sounds like a glitch in the SDD programming...would mention it to the supplier and see if there is an update available
  20. Possibly it Xenon?
  21. Sounds like there is a fault door sensor which could be the reason for the discharge. Is the interior light on with the doors closed?
  22. Hi Robert Not sure what gauge you are using to measure the pressures but possibly try one or two psi more in each tyre to see if that switches the light off and if necessary reduce the pressure if it doesn't work. A lot of petrol station forecourt pressure gauges are way off the mark so this could be the reason why the light is on
  23. I would contact your local dealership and request the code....they're normally quite obliging