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  1. I would probably not fix something that isn't broken However, it may be worth acquiring a scan tool as these are invaluable at the first sign of any issues There are some quite cheap ones out there but if you want something that will really do the job then I can recommend iCarSoft scan tools, relatively cheap and really functional
  2. Will certainly look into it John, and see if we can gauge some interest once we have looked at costs
  3. This is a great idea but not sure of production costs, copyright and also external metal badges may be considered illegal regarding any injuries due to sharp objects protruding from the front of the car.....typical example is the 'Leaping Cat' which could inflict fatal injuries if you happened to hit a pedestrian. Back in the day it was quite common to see Badge Bars below the radiator grille on a lot of cars but a very rare sight now.....maybe due to the above reason? However, we have redesigned the new Club Stickers to become a windscreen badge, similar to a Grille Badge replacing the side window stickers we used for many years. Will certainly look out for something else we could use similar to a Grille Badge, maybe made from plastic though
  4. Hi Adam.....welcome to the Club What a great looking XKR and you seemed to have carried out some great mods but still keeping the car looking reasonably stock, which is the best way I reckon. Good to have you onboard!
  5. Open drivers door. Hold the highbeam selector arm towards you. Insert ignition key and key to first position (acc) Release the high beam selector and then pull and release the high bean. selector 4 times. ... Then press the lock button on each remote to program it in.
  6. I believe you should be able to deactivate the alarm through locking and unlocking the door with the key. May reactivate when the ignition is switched on but if the fob battery is sufficient then the fob should deactivate the system.
  7. 2021 was a year that celebrated the peerless heritage, innovative present and sustainable luxury future of Jaguar; full of exciting new model releases, trailblazing brand partnerships and motorsport victories at the highest level The year began with the first completed F-TYPE Heritage Edition models hitting the road, featuring a specially curated commemorative specification: 1960’s inspired Sherwood Green paintwork and Caraway and Ebony leather interior, the exclusive limited-run Jaguar features unique details inspired by the iconic E-type and celebrates 60 years of sportscar lineage. Shortly after, Jaguar UK welcomed the ‘E-type 60’ collection, inspired by the two E-types that first introduced this legendary sportscar to the world at the Geneva Motor Show: the Opalescent Gunmetal Grey coupé ‘9600 HP’, driven ‘flat out’ by Bob Berry to make the launch itself, and the British Racing Green roadster ’77 RW’, driven by Norman Dewis who was told to ‘drop everything’ to get to Geneva the next day. The E-type 60 Collection cars are sold as a pair. Bringing its story back to the present, Jaguar launched its new Jaguar F-PACE and ‘Hard to Forget’ campaign with DJ and producer MK. MK’s collaboration film was the first in a series from artists and renowned personalities from music and entertainment to photography and fashion. MK provided the soundtrack for, the ‘Hard to Forget’ series with exclusive new track Lies featuring Raphaella, released in January 2021. Hot on the heels of the new, improved F-PACE, Jaguar brought new life to its F-PACE SVR, XF saloon and Sportbrake and E-PACE models giving the full portfolio significant updates both inside and out. Advanced new technologies, sharp styling and new plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid engines were launched. In May, Jaguar continued its mission to nurture creativity and celebrate women in the arts, with a new partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI) and Everyman Cinemas. The partnership officially kicked off with an all-star screening of Billie Piper’s much anticipated directorial debut, Rare Beasts at Everyman Broadgate. Whilst new partnerships were established, old partnerships were renewed and Jaguar revealed in July that it would support The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) for a further five years. As Official Car of The Championships, Wimbledon, Jaguar not only supplied a fleet of vehicles to support event operations but also rolled out initiatives to boost tennis in schools. Jaguar marked the conclusion of National School Sport Week by bringing a taste of the Championships, Wimbledon 2021 to Malmesbury Primary school in Merton, London with a pop-up Centre Court experience featuring Kyle Edmund and Frankie Bridge. July continued to be a busy month as Jaguar headed to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with stunt driver Terry Grant putting on a show-stopping high-speed, tightly choreographed drive ‘up the hill’ in Jaguar XF, F-PACE and F-TYPE. The Jaguar Vision GT SV concept also made its public debut, representing Jaguar Land Rover’s vision for an electric future. Later that month, Jaguar Formula E driver Sam Bird joined forces with the iconic RAF Falcons parachute display team, who parachuted metres away as Sam Bird took his Jaguar I-TYPE 5 to the track. It was all part of the countdown to Jaguar’s race on home soil at the London e-Prix in July, that saw Jaguar Racing driver, Mitch Evans, secure a home race third-place podium finish. In September, Jaguar UK was back at Goodwood, this time celebrating 60 years of the iconic E-type at Revival with drives in all generations – Series 1, 2 and 3 – charting nearly 15 years of production, and the evolution from six-cylinder to V12. VIP guests also had the chance to experience E-type’s successor, the F-TYPE, and watch race-prepared E-types battle it out on the track. There was also a star appearance at Revival by Jaguar Classic’s C-type Continuation, new metal, built exactly to the specifications of the original 1950’s Le Mans winner. October saw the return of the Attitude Awards, this year hosted by comedian Tom Allen. As part of a broader campaign with Attitude magazine, Jaguar collaborated to create meaningful campaigns that tackle the important issues of diversity and inclusion in its own communities and beyond. November saw the introduction of a new title sponsor of the Jaguar Formula E team, Jaguar TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Racing. A new livery of the Jaguar I-TYPE 5 race car for the 2022 Formula E season was revealed and Jaguar TCS Racing was given additional prominence within Jaguar Land Rover’s new motorsport division as part of the company’s Reimagine strategy, challenged to ‘Reimagine Racing’ to test, learn, develop, collaborate, and share innovations including cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies. The year concluded with an all- electric roadtrip to Ellenborough Park Hotel in the beautiful Cotswolds. Guests enjoyed drive activities from both sides of the Jaguar Land Rover family, taking the new Defender on a moonlit expedition across its spiritual home, Eastnor Castle.
  8. 2021 was a year that celebrated the peerless heritage, innovative present and sustainable luxury future of Jaguar; full of exciting new model releases, trailblazing brand partnerships and motorsport victories at the highest level.
  9. Hi Alan.....welcome to the Club Always a good time to buy a convertible in my opinion, cheaper than when everyone wants one for the summer! I use my BMW Z3 all winter and put the hood down on a cold (but dry) day, whack the heater up and enjoy the fresh air 🙂 Enjoy the forums and good to have you onboard
  10. Good luck with the resto ! It can sometimes open a tin of worms but just look at each item as an individual job and not as a whole as it can be overwhelming otherwise
  11. Hi David Sorry to hear that you have had to sell your Jag, although it does seem a sensible solution given the circumstances. It is quite common with motorcyclists to sell a particular bike because it is too fast, tall, heavy or many other reasons why you stopped riding it so much over the years. However, it then just makes way for something slower, lower or lighter and then tends to get ridden more often. Have you considered an F-Pace or others within the SUV range? You are more than welcome to visit and add to the forums as you have done so often over the years and have contributed great content and assistance to others. We would genuinely miss you on here if you didn't visit, even though you don't (currently) drive a Jaguar. All the best, Trevor
  12. I believe it should work as I have used memory saver tools in cigar lighter sockets and this back-feeds the onboard electronics to keep the memory (such as clocks. radio, etc)
  13. Hi Mick.....welcome to the Club That is a fine looking F-Type ! I believe the function is there but needs programming in by the dealer I'm sure some members may know a fix which you can do yourself Good to have you onboard!
  14. If I had to get any of my car engines cleaned internally then it would be with Terraclean as they are reputable and have been around for many years. Thanks, have a great Christmas also 🙂
  15. Hi Tim We have sent out some Terraclean vouchers to Premium Members in the membership packs. The Terraclean process is to clean the engine using a water based product which lifts the carbon from the internal parts of the engine that are likely to become clogged with carbon in normal use (e.g. Inlet manifold, throttle bodies, EGR). It is best to check with your local Terraclean agent as to whether they will accept the voucher before committing to their service as it does state on the voucher that some agents may not accept it. Some more information: https://www.terraclean.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKCAiAh_GNBhAHEiwAjOh3ZL4S2QzfBXpYd2TxlSnyxBmWG9vCgb2Za96bFcIQvpG5rjFm4m7TgRoCp9kQAvD_BwE
  16. First, I would check that the bulbs are fitted correctly and sat in the holder correctly. Then I would check the linkages on the suspension as the level would depend on the vehicle loading After that I would look at changing the base setting on the headlamps.....you should see an adjustment screw somewhere on the rear or top of the headlight units
  17. Hi Paul.....welcome to the Club Better late than never.... 🙂 Good to have you onboard!
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