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  1. I don't know whether there will be much uptake on events this year. Same with Simply Jaguar at Beaulieu, hardly anyone this year has shown interest in getting on a club stand 😞 Maybe next year will be better
  2. You will have the new card but remember to take the wallet with you if purchasing bikes and equipment as this has a separate bar code.
  3. An old BMWOC card would not work anymore, will send out a new Halfords card upon Premium Membership being taken up....usually takes about a week to arrive.
  4. PD Miller New one on its way to you today
  5. notelbme New one on its way to you today
  6. Apologies Geoff, a new one is being sent out to you today
  7. Hi John Apologies for this situation, Halfords recently changed the cards to a new system with very little notice We can send out a new card to you which you should receive this week. Regards, Trevor (admin)
  8. I personally think the automatic transmission is fine as the V12 was mated to the autobox and the manual was never really up to the job (Moss gearbox)
  9. Maybe worth running some fresh AdBlue through the system. There are fake batches being sold and also if they are stored in direct sunshine it can degrade the fluid (Petrol Station forecourts as an example)
  10. Hi Philip...welcome to the Club Welcome also to the wonderful world of Jaguar
  11. Sounds like the switch on the selector is not engaging the selector linkage Remove the centre console cover and see what is happening in there
  12. Hi Ned.....welcome to the Club 1984 XJ6, what a fine machine, feel free to post up some photos of it if you want. Good to have you onboard!
  13. Hi Jason.....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
  14. Agree with O.T.H and could also be the turbo emitting smoke but also build up of carbon that will eventually clear if revved enough over a period of time
  15. Hi Matty.....welcome to the Forum The key should be a standard one that most locksmith companies can replicate. The fob would coded to the car as standard. Have you collected the Jag yet and whats your thoughts on it?
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