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  1. Hi guys, Can anyone help please. My 2.7 beauty is lying in my pals garage. Cable connection behind driver front wheel arch that supplies starter and alternator has snapped at entry to connector block. Can anyone tell me where to get a replacement? Just found pic. It’s the positive cable from battery to front bulkhead power stud. Break is just where cable enters power stud
  2. Gordon Mac

    Alternator, starter motor wiring loom

    That’s great. Thanks Joe. Was getting quoted for full wiring loom. £2500. Or there about. Will get onto that tomorrow. Thanks again😃
  3. Hi again. Can anybody tell me the procedure for removing alternator? And also how long and how much it should cost for labour. Please help.
  4. Gordon Mac

    S Type 2.7 Diesel alternator change

    Thanks Pete, am the same, can’t lie under cars anymore. Seems a bit strange removing part of subframe though. I would have thought going in from top was a better idea. Never done it so, what do I know. 🤔
  5. Gordon Mac

    S Type 2.7 Diesel alternator change

    Hi. I have had to put my beauty into a garage for the work, and they have told me they have had to take sub frame off to get at alternator. Is this accurate? Seems a bit excessive.
  6. Gordon Mac

    Headlights blink off and back on.

    Thanks PD for the info and pics. Will try and get a new switch.
  7. I drove home tonight in my 57 plate 2.7 diesel s type. Headlights went out then straight back on again. Did it 3 times in 3 mins. Any ideas anybody?
  8. Gordon Mac

    Headlights blink off and back on.

    Thanks for reply Raistlin. Will give it a try in the morning. Bit scary driving in country at night and the lights go out. Will be doing a 100 mile run tomorrow. So hopefully will be able to fix. Cheers.
  9. Gordon Mac

    S type EPB problem

    Hi, can anybody help please. Just bought my 3rd jag. But first s type. Got a problem with electric handbrake. Sometimes stays on after I start car. Is there an easy way to get going again and, what is likely to be the problem???? Forgot to say, is a 57 plate 2.7 diesel auto. Regards Gordon Mac