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  1. cubist

    Whats your location ?

    Shropshire / Herefordshire Border
  2. cubist

    Dash lights

    Hi Andrew, Could be just about anything - loose/corroded CAN/ECU connection, damaged CAN/ECU wire, failing sensor, oil level, etc. etc. Best thing would be to get a suitable OBD2 scanner on it to narrow down the search, any DTCs will still be stored, and that data will point you in the right direction. Cheers, Steve
  3. cubist

    Red restricted performance

    Hi Stuart and Welcome to the Club, I'm no expert when it comes to modern diesels but with that list I would start my investigation and repair work with the 'P22D2 Turbo Turbine Inlet Valve Stuck Open and P22CF TT Inlet Valve Control Circuit - Open' as the probable root cause - the others may prove merely to be symptoms of these. We have any number of members with more intimate knowledge of the diesel models and I'm sure you will be hearing from them soon, however, my suggestion above may be a good starter for 10. Good luck and keep us posted. Steve
  4. cubist

    2011 XF 3.0 Ltr Brake pad wear sensor

    Hi Paul, The answer to questions 1 and 2 is Yes - it is standard practice to replace the pads on both sides of the car when sufficient wear is observed. Almost all manufacturers assume that wear will be broadly equally on both sides and therefore only fit one sensor per axle. As to Q3; yes I have seen instances where the the cable or connectors have been damaged by detritus thrown up from the road surface and also from simple corrosion. Brake Pad Wear Sensors are restricted to just that and do not indicate problems elsewhere. Your mechanic is dead right you have nothing to worry about other than getting the sensor and or its cable sorted out. Cheers, Steve
  5. Hi again Mark, Yes, but you should notice that one or more cylinders are not firing, engine would run lumpy. Cheers, Steve
  6. cubist

    Transmission fluid change

    Great to hear. Amazing how oiling the wheels of industry makes the ride so much smoother. Enjoy and keep on grinning.
  7. cubist

    Overheating Classic S Type

    Hi Paul, Given the nature of the engineering when your car was built I believe it would be considerably easier than with a modern - eighties on - car. Fewer electronics for one thing and probably more space under the bonnet. Frankly getting the radiator out should be reasonably straight forward and you can indeed flush it out with a hose pipe, but I agree with your engineer thats its more likely to be the water pump. It should also be a fairly simple task to remove and replace this too. The challenge will be to find a replacement. Cheers, Steve
  8. cubist

    Evenin' all.

    Oh, come on!!!!!!!!!
  9. cubist

    Evenin' all.

    Aaaargh - I have been trying to put the dreaded Cyrillic alphabet thoroughly out of mind having finally given up the practice - all poor - of Greek and Russian some years ago. Testimony to this is served by the fact that I dispossessed myself of the dictionaries and phrase books yonks ago and they are probably still gathering dust in the chosen charity shop. As regards head-gear. Its horses for courses I suppose and I would be the last to press others to adopt my ways - given how peculiar they can be - but I do feel that the Jaguar does require us owners to exhibit a little panache to compliment the smug grin. Its not you they want to photograph. Most likely its your HM or possibly the Jag they want the selfie with.😎 Please note that I am trying to stay on the good side of the fair s*x at present in a foolish attempt to mollify the rapacious Jag snatchers from only slightly east of here.
  10. Hi Mike and Welcome to the Club, It 's never a good idea to disable warning lights in my view - its just tempting providence. If previous checks of the ABS and SRS systems have categorically proven that nothing is wrong with the sensors and associated parts I would begin to suspect the either the Instrument Binnacle or perhaps the CANBUS. Have you had the car checked out using a Jaguar specific OBD2 code reader? This could provide better clues to whats going on. Cheers, Steve
  11. cubist

    Evenin' all.

    I can only respond - Dych chi'n hoffi smwddio? Among my admittedly broad collection of foreign language dictionaries and phrase books there are none concerning either Welsh or Celt. Having made a life-long oath never to turn to a Silicon Valley translator I am now flummoxed until my next visit to one of those quaint bookshops that adorn some high streets. Regarding head-dress proclivities I can report that my father never wore a hat of any description, except when employed by HM. My paternal grandfather however would wear a flat cap during the working week with a trilby reserved for the weekends. My personal attraction to titfers, lets see what the moderator thinks of that one, however are owed more to the original Untouchables TV series as led by Mr Robert Stack and of course the immortal Jimmy Cagney - White Heat, etc. According to those that know me too well my character and behaviours are more akin to Jimmy - Grapefruit anyone?
  12. cubist

    Evenin' all.

    What, no Tam o Shanter. May your ancestors forgive you.
  13. cubist

    Jaguar Service Plans

    Hi Allan, See the link below to thread re manuals. Cheers, Steve
  14. cubist


    Hi Philip and Welcome to the Club, Its always sad to see someone parting with their Jaguar but then its also good that these motors remain in circulation and will undoubtedly found a good home. I have no idea about value but condition is everything for the MkII - like everything else. May be a thought though to check out the dealer offering a similar MKII in the Cars for Sale link on this site. The dealer hasn't put a price on it yet but if you were to give him a call I'm sure he'll be asking top dollar or around it. All the best, Steve
  15. cubist

    Auto box

    Hi Andy, Raistlin is right so best first option is to get the oil and filter changed as soon as you can on the assumption its never been done. The OBD2 connector is to the left and underneath the steering wheel in the footwell. It can be a bit a faff to connect, I always have to kneel outside the car to get eyes on while I fit the scanner, but once done you should be able to read any DTCs recorded in the various systems. By the way Raistlin recently posted a thread containing links to workshop and owner manuals for the S Type that I think covers your car. Just do a search on some of his past posts or on Workshop Manuals. Steve