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  1. cubist

    IMT valve fault (P1549) - a loose wire!

    Smart moves there Mark - well done. Hope she keeps on purring for you.
  2. cubist

    Warning message: Amber - Gearbox fault.

    Hi Dominic, It may be worthwhile to check out the ABS wheel speed sensors, in particular the rear ones, for any damage to the sensor or excessive corrosion around the reluctor ring. Minor issues here can throw up all sorts of errors as they provide key input to many functions - TCS, DSC, etc. On balance though if the light does not come back I would not be too worried. That said, you may want to invest in a OBD2 code reader, or find someone in your area who has one, to check out what messages are stored in the various controllers.
  3. cubist

    Aux belt

    One thought, theres a fair amount of movement in the drive belt tensioner pulley and the belts do stretch over time. Have you tried to fit the new belt you have to see if it fits within the tolerance of the tensioner movement?
  4. cubist

    Aux belt

    Hi Again David, See below for the details of the belt I got from British Parts - according to the VIN range it should fit yours. BELT ENGINE DRIVE BELT JAGUAR S TYPE V6 2003 TO 2009 FROM VIN M62936 Part No. AJ89034
  5. cubist

    Aux belt

    Hi Jampot, Coincidentally I replaced the belt on my S Type last weekend - same year as yours but a little younger judging by the VIN, is yours the X200 or the X201 like mine? I got the new belt from British Parts came out at approx £40 with VAT and Postage but delivered in less than 24 hours. Fits perfectly. I can provide details but if you can see/read the part number on the old belt? Either way I would give British Parts a call and ask them. Cheers, Steve
  6. cubist

    Collected it yesterday and a few Q`s

    Hi Wayne, What a bl$%^&y shame. My guess would be that some/most/all the fun lines and injectors are fouled with that rubbish. Sorry but I have no suggestions other than a complete strip and clean of the fuel system starting at the pump but I would be looking for the dealer to do all that - if I trusted him. Don't let this one bad experience put you off the marque, more often than not the real culprit is poor maintenance or repeated thrashing by the driver. Cheers and Good Luck
  7. The things we do to please the ladies in our lives, and indeed to keep them in that state. I do hope your First Lady understands the depth of your sacrifice and appreciates your determination that she comes first and above all. Sorry to see you go Steve but happy you're staying within the JLR family - heaven forbid a convert to BMW, Mercedes or worse still - Audi. Here's hoping too that you find a good home for your S Type. Ho-hum - one less grin in the south.😞
  8. I think you were right the first time - 'invocation' is the correct term. I've been fairly successful, according to my medic, in pickling the contents of my skull with produce from North of Border. But I take your point, that kind of nose-picking is to be avoided where possible and I should consider stopping that other childish desire to prod dangerous things with sharp sticks. Hmmm, I get the drift but as a pedant precisionist where can I get a Ancient Egyptian Dictionary? They were indeed a bit of a grim bunch so I would prefer to ascend to Castle Bromwich. Coffin Dodger 2 Out.
  9. cubist

    Passenger electric window problems

    The club members are always happy to help whenever they can. Sounds like you got a good deal with the new car and I hope that this one minor issue is the only negative experience you will have with the car. It's also gratifying to hear of a youngster taking on the marque but I dread to think what your insurance premiums are even with the low book prices for older models. Jaguar seem to have been a little remiss about providing details on the anti-trap re-set, my own manual is equally vague. I'm not sure how you're testing to see if the AT feature is/is not working but if you're not willing to use your own fingers try one of the Cadbury variety. From a personal stand-point I am rather ambivalent about the AT function, provided the windows open and close I'm happy. Keep us posted though and keep wearing the grin - it is not an option. Cheers, Steve
  10. cubist

    Passenger electric window problems

    Hi Chris, It should be covered in your owners manual in the section concerning battery disconnection but check out the attached it may help. Theres also a link to Euro i this document to EuroCars for more details but I have not used this so cannot say if its more helpful. Cheers, Steve After Battery Replacement Calibrations.docx
  11. Hi Barry, Peters right as always but you could also look up Raistlin (Paul) in other posts on this site regarding SatNav and Sound Systems and PM him for some advice. He's a regular contributor and may reply to directly to this post. Cheers and Good Luck, Steve
  12. cubist

    Collected it yesterday and a few Q`s

    Hi Wayne and Welcome, I think you will need to get hold of a suitable OBD2 code reader, or your dealer does, to get to the bottom of these problems. The advice Tom and Peter have already provided is correct but I would add that it is never a good idea to blank off the EGR - the car will almost certainly fail its next MOT - and doing so can also generate many other problems as I understand it. In the short term it may be an idea to post a thread on this site asking if there are members near to you who have a code scanner and are willing to help you out. There should be a few at least. For the long term though you will benefit by getting hold of one for yourself. Cheers, Steve
  13. cubist

    Passenger electric window problems

    Hi Chris, Peter is spot on. Check and clean up the electrical connections first and look for any damage to the wiring, particularly where it runs through apertures in the door or around obstructions. If these all look good then it's going to be the Regulator mechanism itself - are you hearing any kind of unusual sounds from the door just before the window stops moving? Good luck and keep us posted. Steve
  14. The moderators are clearly as aware, and as worried, about possible visits from Claude or more likely a black plumed XK with attendant ushers. This cretin will serve for now as a diversion for the Bridgnorth Body Snatchers no doubt - I'm looking forward to the obit. Meanwhile I'll be fumbling around under BBs bonnet to keep her satisfied while re-visiting my dictionary and thesaurus to brush up on suitable adjectives of quality to partake in exchanges of this increasingly curious and articulate group.
  15. There should be no movement other than rotation of the axle at the hub side of the UJ. Any lateral movement around the centre of rotation would suggest excessive wear in the UJ, the wheel bearing or even the hub retaining bolts.