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  1. cubist

    Rear parking sensors on my Jaguar

    Do you still have to get a license for a dog? There should be a test, either way, to ensure that there are dumb animals on only one end of the lead.
  2. cubist

    Newbie in Norfolk

    Hi Ian and Welcome to the Club, Its never too late to get the grin and once you have it it only ever leaves you if you move to another marque. Best stick with the club, we have some fairly militant members. Cheers and enjoy. Steve
  3. cubist

    Budget headlamp polishing

    When I bought Black Bess the off-side headlight was noticeably more tarnished than the near side but before trying one of the kits I decided to have a go with whatever came to hand first. So, TCut was the first choice which did quite well but nevertheless was not good enough, next came Solvol Autosol which worked very well in my opinion. The downside however is that both needed to be blended with considerable amounts of EG.
  4. Hi Paul and Welcome to the Club, I cannot say for sure but the badges on the front and steering wheel may have been added as a small facelift or as an option at time of sale. My only reason for suggesting this is that the steering wheel badge seems to be recessed into the leather surface. I know also that Jaguar, like many other manufacturers, offered the option to have no model badges on the rear of the car so its possible there has been no damage done to the car you have been looking at. I'm sure that other XF aficionados will correct me if I am wrong. Cheers and enjoy. Steve
  5. cubist

    Newbie here

    Hi Steve and Welcome to the Club, Sounds like you know what you're doing but I'm sure if you ever need some helpful advice other members will be happy to help. Enjoy the Jag its a world apart from the Saab - got the grin yet? Cheers, Steve
  6. cubist

    Xk8 handbrake

    Hi Terry and Welcome to the Club, I think you're right. You'll need to get the back end up to trace the route of the cable and find any exposed pinch points but its more than likely a build up of corrosion or dirt between the outer cover and the cable itself. Find the sections where the outer cover terminates, usually near the brake hub and liberally apply some WD40 before working the handbrake a few times to free it up. When you have consistent movement apply a little suitable grease to keep the cable lubricated and help to prevent further water/dirt incursion. Hope this helps. Cheers Steve
  7. cubist

    XJS meets D-type

    Given recent discussions elsewhere in the forum more than a few of us would need a block and tackle to get in and out of the D Type - would that have been a factory option? Not having seen the XK SS programme I am not sure if the driver is the engineer or YOH so will be careful from here - however, on the surface it appears that I may be about as nimble and lithe as he but I'm still pondering how he managed the feat without serious damage to the coachwork; never mind him. I was admiring the various models in your pics when I came to the Eventer. A few years back I happened to overtake what appeared to be a stretched 4 door estate with a Porsche badge on it - the thought that came immediately to mind was 'Why?'. Sorry to say but the Eventer provoked a capitalised and italicised form of the same question. Thanks for the pics Carole, looks like you guys had a great day. I'm surprised Purrdy did not come away with a Blue Ribbon.
  8. Many thanks for this - its a timely reminder of why I will not willingly crack the gearbox - of anything post 1970 - to play with the contents.
  9. Hi Christopher, Well done that man, some pics would be helpful even though I'm not planning to go anywhere near the gearbox with a spanner. Cheers, Steve
  10. cubist

    XK Knee.

    Given my history of knee and hip injuries I'm beginning to think this thread is the product of a conspiracy initiated by the First Lady to curtail my hunt for an XK - John Deere stealth or not.🤔
  11. cubist

    Is it just me?

    Any resemblance between myself and any person living or deceased, sit-com character, or abscondee from the nearby afterlife ushers is purely coincidental and I accept no liability for breach of copyright, IPR or any other infringement of law civil and criminal nor shall I be held liable to acts of vengeance visited by means of fire breathing behemoths. No, no, no, no.....well OK then its a fair cop.
  12. cubist

    Is it just me?

    Advancing years, dyslexic digits, in too much of a hurry - I did mean YES, honest.
  13. cubist

    Is it just me?

    No. In my view the S Type is: a fine wine while the XF is just another Tesco plonk. an Islay while the XF is just a Bells. The S Type gets better with age the XF don't.
  14. cubist

    number plate bulb replacement

    Been drug up in Castle I qualify, just, as a Stokey. Theres nowt not to be proud of hailing from the Five(+2) Towns and if yer forgot how to towk rate I can len thee a book.
  15. Hi Laurie and Welcome to the Club, Damage to the existing disc is likely to be the problem. You can get hold of a new cd, the latest available version is 2012 I think, for about £10-15 pounds I from sellers that advertise in Amazon and eBay but do check to make sure the seller has a good history. Cheers, Steve