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  1. Many thanks for suggestions guys will give it some more thought !!
  2. Hi Guys firstly I must apologise for the long winded story hopefully someone can shed some light on my problems ?? I love my 2008 2.2diesel 6speed auto but since I bought it last October it has cost me a fortune £2.5k+ with fuel system problems, glow plugs, oil leak etc see my previous topics for my woes anyway I have recently had firstly flashing glow plug alarm and gearbox fault on info system this has happened several times, turn engine off remove key for 10 seconds all clear and drives ok, took into my local repairer code said Knock sensor fault both he and I doubted this however had knock sensor changed and wiring from it checked back to ecu, serviced vehicle and went through MOT fine even with new diesel emissions standards, but this fault has still happened a couple of times since however the more worrying problem although car is driveable and in regular use is the auto gear change it changes smoothly up no problem but sometimes it seems to judder/hesitate changing down especially during on overrun when coming to a junction or off motorway and when it does come down it thuds, not a seamless change down at all, I recently bit the bullet and put it into an indy jag specialist to change all the transmission fluid despite jag say gearbox is maintenance free and filled for life it is a little smoother but not good , it may sound silly but it seems to me that it is not getting all the correct feedback from somewhere whether it be fuel system or speed sensor or something as the only way I can describe it is it seems lost and does not know what to do, it changes up/down fine when in manual mode, please has anyone got any ideas as it is driving me mad anything much appreciated ! Best Regards Les.
  3. Thanks Nathan yes it seems any type of fault on Jags says gearbox fault and proves to be something else and as I have read on here loads of intermittent faults come and go so I will have to see how it goes after already having spent over £2k on repairs since I bought it last October it does not need a service as yet and oil/filter changed about 1000 miles ago anyway thanks again mate.
  4. Hi all my x/type had been running ok but yesterday on came a fault flashing heater plug and message gearbox fault, switched off and on but still there drove home in limp mode about 30mph with no acceleration at all the car had felt strange a couple of times changing down on overrun seemed a bit lumpy but I thought I was imagining it however after arriving home switching car off and going back to it 15 minutes later started up no faults appeared and car went perfectly like a rocket gave it a good thrash in manual mode, my local repairer put on the diagnostic and fault logged was g/box fault and knock sensor fault, cleared them both and all seems well has anyone had a similar problem please ??? if knock sensor needs replacing is it expensive and whereabouts is it located. Many thanks Les. (2008 2.2Diesel SE/DPF 6speed auto)
  5. tony I have had both of my key fobs renovated fantastic job, new cover, new internal switches, new battery, cleaned and tested before sent back all for £15 each one back to me within 4 days of posting off, www.keyfobrepair.co.uk got this from ebay they are brilliant its in London see above e-mail addy or give them a call on 02088897593 I would recommend them to anyone they are excellent, both fobs now look and work like brand new !
  6. New one fitted and sealed hopefully problem sorted !!
  7. Hi folks has anyone suffered oil leaks from the round plastic inspection cover attached to timing cover on 2.2 diesel engine, as my previous posts I had major work done a while ago when this was removed, it initially leaked when fitter had not secured it properly this rectified and ok for a few weeks now slight leak evident in that area again it is a mickey mouse thing with a bayonet type twist fitting , not certain it is leaking from here but fitter has suggested getting a new one !!! I have looked everywhere but seems only available from Jaguar and costs about £32 inclusive of vat which seems a joke for something which I bet costs about 50pence to make, any ideas or has anyone got one cheaper. thanks guys . Les.
  8. Nice one had a result then hope all stays well for you !!.
  9. could well be the EGR valve clogged solid, or pipe split or even turbo veins clogged, at worst it could be fuel pump shredding its cam and filling fuel system up with metal particles which will block and ruin injectors resulting a big bill £2k to replace everything and flush complete system as I had to do recently i hope its not that for you see other posts on this forum regarding these mentioned faults you may get similar symptom reports and or remedies.
  10. is it just my pc but for 2 days now I have not been able to open the jaguar parts page on x/type column ,keep getting failed to connect to database ???
  11. Thanks again guys and a merry xmas and new year to you all have a great time !!
  12. Finally sorted the cold starting problem all 4 glow plugs knackered and changed + new air filter now starts on the button and running smooth as silk, for now at least lol I always wanted one of these Jags but was beginning to regret letting heart rule my head but hopefully can enjoy some trouble free motoring for a while now, thanks for your tips guys !.
  13. Yes Rod the repairers will be getting it back they are good people with a very good reputation for many years just they are so busy all the time and it could be a glow plug problem if they have not connected one properly but no faults logged and light comes on and goes off perfectly the more I read and more I think an air leak seems more feasible watch this space, thanks for your comments anyway. cheers Les.