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  1. Hi Bilbo and Jag lovers Clay Cross, Derbyshire
  2. Can anyone offer any advice please on my 2004 S Type 2.7 diesel, when parked every 30 minutes on the dot the hazard lights flash which I believe may be the reason for my battery drain, has anyone experienced this ? Andy
  3. Best of luck with it Keith, please keep us updated Andy
  4. Good evening Peter Thank you very much for your reply but must admit being a "newbie" its left me a bit confused, what will be achieved by partially blocking off the EGR surely this will still allow the problem with failing EGRs to remain, I have been looking on a number of website where blanking plates can be sourced and all of these are full blanking plates Would appreciate any advice Regards Andy
  5. Has anyone considered or carried out blanking off the EGR valves, this seems very popular with the 2.7 ltr Jaguar/Range Rover engine, does it work ?
  6. Having been a company car driver for over 30 years my retirement brought my interest in buying a "runabout" after looking at the obvious Ford, Vauxhall etc available I searched a local website and found a 2004 S type 2.7 diesel, wow Iv'e had this car now for 4 weeks and despite a number of problems I'm working through to get it spot on I love the car to bits, I had seen S types over the years and not given them much of a second glance, what a mistake, it makes me smile just sitting in it, it drives and handles better than any company car I've ever had. I you're considering an S type don't waste as much time as I did, go any get one, they have their problems but what the hell. Andy