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  1. Andy Norton

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Good evening Peter Thank you very much for your reply but must admit being a "newbie" its left me a bit confused, what will be achieved by partially blocking off the EGR surely this will still allow the problem with failing EGRs to remain, I have been looking on a number of website where blanking plates can be sourced and all of these are full blanking plates Would appreciate any advice Regards Andy
  2. Andy Norton

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    Has anyone considered or carried out blanking off the EGR valves, this seems very popular with the 2.7 ltr Jaguar/Range Rover engine, does it work ?
  3. Andy Norton

    Love your Jag

    Having been a company car driver for over 30 years my retirement brought my interest in buying a "runabout" after looking at the obvious Ford, Vauxhall etc available I searched a local website and found a 2004 S type 2.7 diesel, wow Iv'e had this car now for 4 weeks and despite a number of problems I'm working through to get it spot on I love the car to bits, I had seen S types over the years and not given them much of a second glance, what a mistake, it makes me smile just sitting in it, it drives and handles better than any company car I've ever had. I you're considering an S type don't waste as much time as I did, go any get one, they have their problems but what the hell. Andy