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  1. New battery fitted, 12.7v. Car starts and runs ok. Idle for a few minutes and amber restricted performance. Still no codes shown. Stop engine. remove key and restart, no problems unless I let it idle.
  2. Hi Just braved the freezing cold and plugged in my diagnostics. Battery shows just 11.3 volts. Also checked the service history which lists all new parts back to 2013, and no mention of a new battery. I will have to get a replacement. Seems to be an unlucky car so far. Drives like a dream but since my purchase mid-December, 2 flat tyres which I've replaced and now battery. Fingers crossed that problem will be rectified. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply. Battery seems ok but I will plug in the diagnostics tomorrow and check 1st thing, (0420) in the morning and again when it's running. Service history doesn't show a new battery but engine turns over well even on the freezing mornings. If that is ok I will just unplug, check and reconnect everything I can find. It's just frustrating that no fault codes, either stored or pending, show up.
  4. Got a new diagnostics reader and as with my cheapie one, no faults found. When the car was hot, I fuelled up and on restarting got the restricted error message. Turned off and restarted, absolutely fine. I've put the laptop and module into the car so hopefully next time it happens I can read it straight away.
  5. New to S-Type, but does the speedo operate off one of the ABS sensors?
  6. Hi, I assume you have disconnected new bulbs or reverted to old?
  7. Hi. I've had my 2004 s type for about 1 month. Once or twice I've had the restricted performance message, either when starting from cold or low speed manoeuvring. Restarting has cleared it. About a week ago the restricted performance message was followed by the car stalling, (slow moving traffic) but restarted with no further problems. Tonight the message and stalling occurred about a dozen times, restarting clearing the fault each time. Each event was in stop start traffic except for the last one which was at about 20-25mph in a queue of traffic. I have a cheapy generic code reader which I plugged in when I got home and that says no codes found. The only other problem is that sometimes when starting the engine, I get a sooty smell/taste. EDIT: Ran ok yesterday until reversing to park, then restricted performance again. 04/02/19 Yesterday morning the eml and restricted performance warnings displayed again. I plugged into the laptop and no faults found. Started the engine and all checked out ok although warnings still displayed. Restarted the engine and warning lights were cleared. Very strange. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Thanks for reading this.
  8. After about 15 years owning BMW engine Rover 75s, I have just purchased a 2004 S Type 2.7D, 221000 miles on the clock. The car is immaculate inside and out VID_20181224_084214.mp4 and I must say, my 1st impression of the V6 diesel was wow! I've gone back to driving with a smile on my face. During my time with the 75 I've been a member of the Rover 75 & mg/zt owners club which I found to be a fantastic, friendly and technically excellent resource. I have great hopes that this will prove to be just as good. If I'm happy over the next few weeks I will certainly "pay my dues".