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  1. My InControl keeps randomly rebooting whilst I am driving... Any ideas guys??
  2. So... my Incontrol media centre can’t read the music library when I connect via Bluetooth... it can when I attached a lead and play via iPod.. I have tried with various phones with no luck, so I know it’s not a phone issue.. any ideas,
  3. Right... the challenge for the days is.. I have a Jag XE, with the standard incontrol media system.. recently it has stopped being able to read my music library when playing via blue tooth audio.. it was if it is attached via USB (iPod).. I haven’t been able to find a fix for this, so I though there must be a way of doing a hard rest of the system / car to see if this helps... would any body know how I would go about doing this? Is it as simple has remove it the battery for a while? cheers Rog
  4. Jaguar XE 2016 I have taken my car into my local Jaguar dealer in 5 separate occasion to have a air bag light fixed... i have little or no faith in their competence to take it a 3rd time... I think the issue is with the connector underneath the drivers seat.. so can any tell me how I can remove the driver seat to access the connector ? it can’t be that hard surely 😀