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  1. Ok Pete, no worries mate. Cheers.
  2. Heyup Pete. My updated disc is Western Europe DVD A 2011-2012, and I think this is the last one for my s-type mate. As far as I can make out anyway. This is the one I got https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2012-jaguar-denso-europe-sat-nav-map-update-disc-185-p.asp Cheers.
  3. Hi. I've updated my sat did in my 2004 s-type. If any one wants the old disc, free, let me know. 1st come 1st served. I will post it to you. Pete.
  4. Thanks Joe So all the wiring is there already then? Just plug in? Cheers.
  5. Is it possible to have both? I suppose it'll be better to have Bluetooth, if I had to choose. Pete.
  6. Ahh, no module, just sat nav box. Do you know which module I need, and will all the wiring already be there? Thanks.
  7. Hello. I've just brought another s-type. It as a Motorola Telephone wired in to the cradle in the arm rest. When I press the phone button on the head unit, it says "Phone not installed". What can I check to make sure I have all the components installed for the phone to work? These are the same head unit and phone, I have installed. Any help getting it working would be appreciated. Thanks Pete
  8. Can you tell me where these pics were from please mate? Cheers.
  9. How do everyone. Picking up a S-Type in the morning. If all go's to plan. It's a 3l v6 SE 2002. So thought i'd join the forum, see whats happening. Cheers Pete.
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