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  1. the following is from a Manufacturers Manual......could they write this if untrue? The octane rating of LPG is higher than the octane rating of petrol, the difference is of about 15 octane number. A higher octane number signifies that LPG has a good anti-knock characteristics and a higher compression ratio. A higher compression ration means an optimise engine providing higher engine efficiency and power to weight ratios.
  2. Will this ever end.......received hub’s the same as the last one, wrong! Spoke to Breaker, very apologetic and has sent out to me the correct one, I hope, and should have it tomorrow......
  3. Nope, that idea is not going to work, another Hub ordered........
  4. So... thinking I can “re Drill” the Sensor hole making it in line with the Ring. I’ll give it a go, nothing to lose!
  5. ha ha, cracked it! Wrong Hub supplied, all the same apart from where the Sensor fits, slightly off! Bugger!
  6. Agggh...I hate cars. could anyone help, I’ve got a replacement abs sensor but onlooking, the existing one does not seem to be fitting flush on the Hub and the same with the new one. It also seems the magnet is missing the sensor ring, mostly pointing at the cv gaiter edge. What could I have done wrong putting it all together. The Shaft Nut seems to be in the right place on the shaft.....any pointers please?
  7. Thank you for your reply, sort of all done now........all back together and drove a couple of miles all fine. Started is this morning.......Abs Light has come on, wonderful! Up in the air again tomorrow then!
  8. Hi, I’ve just bought my 4th LPG. First a...Mondeo, then Range Rover V8 that I had converted, a Bentley Mulsanne and just bought a BMW X5. I have never understood why it has not become more popular? Maybe I’m lucky that a LPG seller is just up the road. Never, touching wood, have had any problems with LPG and looking forward to saving money in the future!
  9. And so it continues Part Two! The LR Indy using his 10Ton Press has not moved it, I think it’s stuck! Ordered a CV Joint from a breaker so hopefully it will be plain sailing when it arrives......we shall see!
  10. And so it continues...... I’ve now managed to separate the Outer C.V. Joint from the Drive Shaft, just dropped the Hub at my local Agriculture/ Land Rover Specialist and they are going to try and press the joint out, but didn’t seem very hopeful! Worst senario is now another Second hand CV Joint so is that a glimmer I see in the tunnel?
  11. Colegates, thank you for your help! What a nice man!!!!!
  12. Hi all, I’m sure I was a member on here with my XKR but can’t find myself, hey ho! Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.....S-type 3.0 rear N/S driveshaft removal as trying to change the Hub. All disconnected and I’ve now broken 2 Pullers trying to get the hub off the shaft, am I doing anything wrong? Any help much appreciated!