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  1. Good morning on this very cold day, Would anyone have any idea if a towbar from my 2009 XFS 275bhp will fit straight onto a Jaguar XJ "L" Because i am thinking about getting one
  2. Thanks for your reply, Jon the total mileage showing when I filled up was reading 490 miles when full to the neck I have done 13.5 miles and now showing 394 to empty so quite a reduction starting to think I should get my injectors looked at or use it for a week or so and as you suggest see if the gauge settles itself down
  3. Went and done a daft thing i have put approx 5 gallon of petrol into my car that had approx 6 gallon of diesel drove for 2 miles in it with no problems so had fuel fixer come out and drain the whole lot out and they put 20 litres of clean diesel into car my problem is i am now getting 28 mpg instead of my usual 37 mpg power is the same its just my mpg has dropped a fair bit would anyone have any idea's why this has happend i was thinking fuel injectors may be to blame the petrol could have damaged them
  4. Need a bit of advice my battery went flat on my 2009 reg Jaguar xf s 3.0 litre 275 bhp i connected the positive lead and negative lead directly on to the battery the question really is do these cars have anywere that you connect the POSITIVE under the bonnet to save getting all my kit out of the boot to access the battery Thanks in advance
  5. I have already asked about the DPF on this car being a message on my screen saying restricted power then DPF full so have been talking to a Terraclean service centre and he says that it could be the inlet manifold cracked as there was a bang before the message came up DPF FULL if it is a cracked inlet manifold is there a temp quick fix that i can do. Regards and Thanks
  6. Hello members after a little bit of advice, Today while i was traveling at 70 mph i heard a bang from the front end of my car it sounded like i had kicked up a bit of metal and bounced off the underside of car then it comes up on my screen restricted power so first chance i got to stop the car i turned off the engine and waited for 5 minutes then started it up and it ran perfectly for about 10 mins or so so stopped again waited then started up again the driving down the road it came up DPF FULL so would this with the DPF full restrict my power? the car is an XF "S" 275 BHP December reg 2009
  7. Hello,Would anyone have any idea of the cost to replace the xf "S" 275bhp alternator  parts and labour cost Thank You Car is 2009 reg

    1. Jimbov8


      You’ll be be looking at between £400 - £600.

  8. Hi,Pretty new on here and after a piece of advice the car i have is a Jaguar XF "S" saloon 3.0litre 275 B.H.P. reg in 2009 the reg number is AD59UEL what i am trying to find out is it possible to buy a dipstick for this car as i dont trust the dash board check would rather have a visual way of checking the engine oil, I've seen some advertised but the length varies so can anyone tell what length i need. Thanks in Advance
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