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  1. I've had my 2007 2.2D Sovereign Estate since February 2012 nad had very little trouble with it. It is a good mile-eater and abstemious with fuel. My son, who lives in Sydney, also has a Jaguar but his is a 3.0D F-Pace. Perhaps I shall move on from the X-Type but as I have a set of winter tyres on separate wheels, and a tow bar fitted at some cost to tow a car trailer, I'm sort of committed to it for now. My annual mileage is now low (retired) and my Good Lady has a Nissan Leaf PEV which suits for local runs. Also in the garage is a 2002 BMW Z3 2.2i Sport, and a Westfield SEiW 2.0 litre 'sevenesque' track day car. I hope that I may make a contribution here if and when my knowledge permits, and at the moment I have a minor problem with a burst turbo hose. 'Pop' and 'whoosh' being the symptoms!