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  1. Hi John, Just to say thanks for your help. Regards Rob
  2. Hi John, Thanks for your advice, I will now use the CTEK 7 as per your post. So, would it be a matter of connecting CTEK positive to the positive battery terminal and the CTEC negative to ground, then switching on the CTEC and remove both terminals from the old battery then connect up my new battery? Thanks, Rob.
  3. Hi, could you help by letting me know a good make of a battery tender please,I need it to change my XF battery. Thanks, Rob.
  4. Could someone please help sort my 2005 XJ6 engine oil please, I am trying to stick with Castrol - could someone please let me know the exact oil spec,- is it 0W-30 5W - 30 titanium etc? Thanks Rob
  5. I am trying to fit my ctek comfort positive lead to the to the positive battery post on top of the existing nut.There is enough existing thread for me to do this, does anyone know the nut size I need to do this,all my spare bolts don't seem to fit the thread? Thanks,Rob.
  6. Hi, I agree with Parker I have the same XJ 350 and the same year 2005. Its much smoother /quieter than our 2013 XF. Nice Bentley Busterbvi Regards
  7. Thanks Joe Very helpful and informative, Many thanks. a quick one if you can please? does the convenience lead have a built in fuse please? Thanks Rob
  8. I have to charge my xf battery outside, my power comes from the house with no outside socket,with the battery in the boot what might be a good set up? Does the boot need to be closed during charging overnight? Thanks.
  9. I had a wrong part fitted by a garage I have used for years (I had a banging from my offside suspension) the garage recommended fitting a new the lower arm - it made no difference - the same banging was still there, I took the car back and they took it on a test drive and then bounced the front of the car -to test the air suspension strut. The manager then told me it was the front suspension strut that was faulty - an argument took place - I suggested that he didn't properly diagnose the fault and that he should have checked the front air strut during his initial inspection -not after. All I got from then was that hey followed Jaguar protocol during the repair. I later sorted the strut with Jaguar Doncaster finding that the Strut was still under warranty. Still £330 out of pocket with the poor garage performance, and now trying to recover the costs from the garage. Its all left a bad taste in my mouth about the garage attitude towards a regular customer Pity. Rob
  10. Hi Peter Thanks for the reply, this forum and yourself are very helpful, Thanks again! Rob PS. I have a Mercedes s class 2005 that only runs rough at 1300 to 1500rpm, I have changed plugs and ignition leads, cleaned the MAF but continues to run rough at these rpms, have you and ideas to help please Thanks Rob
  11. Hi, can anyone suggest a 'middle of the road' trickle charger for a start stop battery, there are so many out , and some seem overpriced?Thanks Thanks.
  12. Hi, Alfie Collins Your top about my xj6 stiff steering was spot on, I changed the battery to a spare fully charged and put it on the Jag, steering is now perfect, Thanks !
  13. After standing unused for a week my xj6 steering is stiff, this doesn't seem to happen on my xf The steering improves slowly after driving, could this be a sign of the steering pump or rack failing? Thanks.
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