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  1. Hi Peter Thanks for the reply, this forum and yourself are very helpful, Thanks again! Rob PS. I have a Mercedes s class 2005 that only runs rough at 1300 to 1500rpm, I have changed plugs and ignition leads, cleaned the MAF but continues to run rough at these rpms, have you and ideas to help please Thanks Rob
  2. Hi, can anyone suggest a 'middle of the road' trickle charger for a start stop battery, there are so many out , and some seem overpriced?Thanks Thanks.
  3. Hi, Alfie Collins Your top about my xj6 stiff steering was spot on, I changed the battery to a spare fully charged and put it on the Jag, steering is now perfect, Thanks !
  4. After standing unused for a week my xj6 steering is stiff, this doesn't seem to happen on my xf The steering improves slowly after driving, could this be a sign of the steering pump or rack failing? Thanks.
  5. Hi, My 2005 xj6 has been stood for a week and seems hard to turn the steering,this normally goes back to normal after an hour or so driving,forms seem to happen in my other car? Thanks Rob 22
  6. Just to say hello to hello to members -just joined with my 2013 xf. Cheers.