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  1. Hi I’ve got a Jaguar XF 2016 r sport diesel 2.0 .it got a fault code showing P25A9 and the engine shakes loads only on tick over would that code cause the timing chains to stretch many thanks John
  2. Hi I’ve got p25a9 code showing up on my Jaguar XF 2016 r sport. I’ve read somewhere that this code could mean timing chain got have stretched plus the engine is shaking any ideas ?? Many thanks john
  3. Yeah there was a little filter mesh in between the dpf and exhaust which was cake in soot that was throwing up that code
  4. Good Morning. I have Jaguar XF 2015 r sport diesel. I’ve noticed on cold morning the car takes so long to warm up I could be driving for about 15 mins and it still not moved from cold settings on the engine temperature.any ideas many thanks John
  5. Hi Peter will do thank you for your help many thanks John
  6. Hi yeah can run fine with the engine management light on and the mpg are good up in the late 55mpg on a run . Yeah they clear the codes but come back on after driving 20 odd miles and more .think it worth getting a fault reader and clearing in myself ? Many thanks john
  7. Hi thank you for replying no they where independent garage .do you think disconnect the battery for hour or so might help with the faults ? many thanks John
  8. Hi thank you for replying. It’s a 2.0 litre 180 bhp diesel 2016 . The garage put two new egr valves on plus sensors but fault still come up every time they re set it after drive it 20mlies + any ideas ? Many thanks john
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