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  1. Trevor,, Tim Cook here. Re me having two e mails, the correct one is Timcook9@icloud.com for premium membership. I think due to problem with this I used a G mail acc Hope thats ok Tim
  2. Actually I did not renew and after looking into it, I have to say it seemed like an expensive gimmick. One point, you can only have the factory setting or choices when the car is new. So you cannot add parts on 'In Control'. That also seems a bit daft and limiting.
  3. Hi, after cleaning my XF, I have noticed near the rear wheel arch there is an area of about 4cm x 4 cm, that seems to have a little pitting or some very small marks I can't remove. It's a small area but too big for touch up paint perhaps? so I was think of a spray can. It's just small and annoying. Any ideas and esp of a good company to get paints from. I want to try and avoid a bodge on otherwise great paint work! Many thanks Tim
  4. Hi, can somebody put my mind at rest please? I just suddenly thought I had not see the wheelnuts on my XF. On checking all I could see was 1 nut in the middle compartment. Is that correct and it works for all 4 wheels? Just getting paranoid in case I need a tyre change. thanks
  5. Just to say I went to use my club/Halfords discount card recently and the chap on the check out could not process it. I then said get the manager who also had a hard job doing so. In the end they got it working but it took about 15 mins. I am told they have few Jags in Yeovil come in. So be warned you may have to be persistent.
  6. Hi,I'm concerned about the dramatic rise of theft of catalytic converters. Have any of you had fixings or cages to protect your cars catalytic converter please? I have recently bought a 2016 XF saloon 2.2 diesel and looking for a cost effective way of protecting the catalytic converter -any information will most appreciated please? I actually don't know it is on my car -anyone know please? Many Thanks Tim
  7. Hi everyone, I am concerned about the dramatic rise again in thefts of C converters. I've not heard of Jaguar cars especially, but I would like to consider having my XF fitted with a low cost and effective deterrent. Any ideas what is good and not too dear to fit? Also, is it better to park engine against fence of, back of car to help deter? I'm not quite sure how that works on a gravel front drive. Ideas anyone ?
  8. Yes Trevor, used to own a Bristol double decker bus and 2 x Morris Oxfords in Dorset days. I'm aiming to get back or at least escape Yeovil perhaps. Not, that its a terrible town and it's a nice county Somerset but not home.
  9. Yes, thanks Trevor. I will get my wife to have a look. It's just not an issue I saw coming having a rack. Remind me of years back with old cars but guess they have come on in design. Yes, 15% could make quite a difference. I see you are in Dorset. I'm in Yeovil but used to live in Dorchester and was born and lived for many year in Poole. If I win the lottery I'll get back to Dorset. x
  10. Hi can anyone recommend a reliable/ safe, and not massively expensive, bicycle rack for the 'bac'k of a mark 2, 2015 XF ? They need to be removable and for 2 bikes. I can't cope with a roof rack in place all the time or really on top, and I hear from my wife you can now get ones that just attach on the back but can be removed quite easily. I can't cope with a permanent roof rack on a Jag (snob) Any ideas, also not to damage paint. Probably only used once or twice a month. Any ideas to resolve this domestic?? I see Halfords have lots thanks Tim
  11. Thanks Pete. Luckily my daughter used to work for Landrover and the friendly colleagues tested the SD card for me and it was broken. This can happen now and again and even they could not update on their equipment . So under warranty a new SD card to come. Thankfully I am not going mad! Thanks
  12. End of March my 'Jaguar InControl Remote' is due to be renewed? As my first Jag XF, is this product really worth having I wonder. I'm not sure I would really use it £76 for two years. Or does it include a tracker that I seem to have read that may be valuable. Any thoughts? thanks, Tim
  13. Timcook1


    SOS! Help Just purchased a 2015 2 litre (mark 2 ) Jag XF. Was learning how to use the Sat Nav system (basic) that seemed to be working just fine (after updating SD card) and exploring the system and the language has changed from English to well German or Polish or something I do not understand !!! I have tried to restore to English that should be simple but despite trying everything I can't get it back. What is the magic button?? Did this with old Mazda and Tom Tom once and simple to change back. I guess this is, if you know how!! Any ideas please before I shoot myself!! x
  14. Thanks Colin for extra thoughts. I recall years back having a pretty cheap cover that kept blowing off. But had hoped the more modern costly covers were better but it seems they have risks. I will get the Autoglyn out and keep fit polishing Many thanks, Tim
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