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  1. Thanks much appreciated

    1. The Voices

      The Voices

      Not a problem, hope you get it sorted.



  2. Stupid tablet (abs fault/DSC not available)
  3. Joe your a diamond, any idea where to purchase a replacement? Also any idea regarding this and fault/DSC not available? Many thanks again
  4. Hi there is there any s type R owners who I can get to chat, share information etc, thanks 👍
  5. Can anyone please help me with my lovely s type R's problem abs fault/DSC not available now the engine management light is come on
  6. Hi can anyone help, I have an R model which started making a load cracking noise which I found was coming from a small metal box under the fuse box. Iam not very good or confident with working on cars, anyway I took the fuse box fittings and unplugged the small conecter to this little box, which has stopped the horrible crackling noise(it was like an old fashioned radio load noise, I presume it has had/got in grese of water in it. Could not get it off as one bolt from inner wing kept spinning) Has anyone heard of such a thing? SECONDLY now an abs fault / day not available and now eng
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