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  1. It isn't, it's only when I accelerate hard but I still need to know what it is and sort it before it turns into something worse. I'm no expert but in your case I would agree with what Big John said, it certainly doesn't sound as though the turbo had gone completely (you'd know if it had, I would have thought) and it sounds more like a minor part failure to me. I understand your point, hence the reason you were offered the 50% deal. The problem manufacturers have is if they cover one part after a relatively short period of time they would, in theory, be expected to do the same with every part for every customer. Ultimately, everything we buy would be much more expensive as a result to cover these failures. I don't think there's any right answer that fits all scenarios.
  2. Thanks, that's interesting. I'll get that checked too but I'm going to wait until I get the diagnostic gadget, hopefully early next week. I ran it again today, accelerated quickly right up to over 90 and ran it for a few minutes, no problem at all. Then on the way back I accelerated more aggressively and got the warning at around 4300 revs, higher and faster than when it's kicked in before. Even in RP mode it will still run up to 80, and probably on but it's obvious there's a power drop. Definitely feels like a vacuum leak or something related.
  3. Totally agree 100%. I think insurance is one giant scam anyway - how can one insurer quote £400 and another one £2,400 for more or less the same cover? But that's as ridiculous an excuse as I've ever heard. We're all as much to blame though, too many people won't fight these things and let them get away with it. Good to hear you got the correct result in the end.
  4. I may be wrong but isn't there an on/off setting for this on the infotainment screen menu? Mine does have the auto folding mirrors so I'm not sure.
  5. I think it's made deliberately that way to avoid accidental presses, for example when you're cleaning it, but they didn't fully explain it to everybody. I've noticed I have a problem when trying to open it from an angle, but if you open it with your finger or thumb directly in line, as though you're sat right behind it in the passenger seat, it opens first time every time.
  6. I've left mine in the part-open mode. It raises about a foot from the closed position, but needs a harder slam to close it. I have a habit of catching the boot opening button next to the fog light button in the car - so much so that I'm considering disabling the button - so for now I've decided it's probably not a good idea to have it opening the whole way.
  7. Good to know, mine needs doing too.
  8. I wondered about the 12 month thing as that's how it worked on my last car, but most previous services seem to have been done around February, and then there was another one in May by the garage I bought it from. There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason why it would come on now.
  9. Thanks, that's helpful. I've ordered one, looks like it's worth having as it would probably cost at least that if I took it in for a diagnostic, and that should at least give me some idea of what's happening.
  10. Oh, one other thing I've just remembered. A couple of weeks ago the "Service required" light came on. According to the paperwork it was last services around 2500 miles ago, reading 50960, back in February but that's before I got it. The previous one was an oil service at 47,600. I don't know if there's any connection with the Restricted warning.
  11. Would this be the sort of thing I need? Seems like a reasonable price: Jaguar XF Diagnostic Scan Tool & Reset Fault Code Reader - iCarsoft LR V2.0 | eBay
  12. Yes, I'm going to have to get a reader. I've had a quick look at the pipework round the cooler, everything looks to be in very good order, all clean and dry. Thinking about it, had that been the problem I would have expected it to occur more often, especially running around Cumbria. Checking the mileage, it's only happened 3 times in around 1000 miles. I know it's guesswork at this stage but I'm just considering possible easy to find causes at this stage until I can get it looked at properly.
  13. Basically as the title says, when I accelerate quickly, for example when overtaking somebody, usually from about 40 mph, I get the Restricted Performance warning light come on and reduced performance. The problem I have is it's intermittent. It first happened about 6 weeks ago during what I admit was pretty aggressive overtaking. After I stopped and turned the car off, when I went back to it an hour later it was perfectly fine again. During the next 4 weeks it drove as normal, including a couple of hundred motorway miles and 3 days in the Lake District at various speeds including some fast overtakes (on dual carriageways etc.) and at times pushing it harder than I have at any time the issue has occurred. No problems at all. So it's not happening at any specific speed or engine temperature. Then last Sunday it happened again, once again when accelerating fairly quickly from about 40 to 60, and again today. Neither of the last 2 times was particularly fast or aggressive, just what I would call a normal acceleration when overtaking. On each occasion the car has warmed up for at least 10 minutes, in fact last Sunday we'd been out for the day and drove about 60 miles at various speeds before the problem occured so I'm not pushing it from cold. I tried stopping and turning off the ignition today to see if the warning cleared straight away, but it didn't. But if I leave it for a while and go back to it, it runs perfectly fine again. Anybody have any ideas?
  14. Interesting. I'm here after searching for "Restricted performance" as I have the same warning and reduced performance, but mine is intermittent so I'll open a separate thread. Personally I wouldn't accept a failed turbo verdict unless they can provide any specific information. For me, main dealers are now nothing more than fitters, they look at a list of fault codes and are told to fit a new part according to what comes up. I had the same thing when I had a BMW, it was overheating and the main dealer told be it needed a new radiator. Having swapped that, with the fault still remaining it turned out to be nothing more than a stuck thermostat. I tried for weeks to get a refund but they insisted the stat had failed after they had changed the rad. Regarding parts failure though, any part can fail at any time, it's an unfortunate fact of life but that's why we have warranties. The problem for the manufacturer/dealer is that there's no way to know how the car is generally treated for the most part, so you're never going to get them to give you a specific lifespan for any part. Of course you would tell them it's been treated with care, but then so would someone who had hammered it.
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