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  1. I've tried the lot, I generally look for the most competitive with the right cover so I don't stick to the same one, but my impression is they're making that much money they're not interested if you go elsewhere or not. And some of the terms, e.g. you pay more if you get points on your licence. Now obviously you wouldn't expect to pay less, but surely if you do it means you're likely to be more careful in future? Just another scam to get more money out of you in my opinion.
  2. I'm going to be absolutely blunt about this. I believe the industry is corrupt and needs strict regulation. Apart from some of the ridiculous questions they ask (what the hell does your job, if it doesn't involve using the car, or your marital status got to do with insuring your car?), there is absolutely no reason or excuse for one insurance quote to be double (and often much more) that of a similar quote. It's blatant profiteering based on nothing but the hope that people will find it too much hassle obtaining multiple quotes. I wouldn't mind so much but you're effectively paying for a
  3. Thanks, good to know. IT's not as though I'm in the middle of a city centre or high risk area and I only do around 4k a year so I don't understand where they get the prices from. Some of the quotes I got were over £1800, so clearly a lot of companies are ripping people off and it needs tougher regulation.
  4. Ok, it's 2 years ago but how do you get £170? I'm 60, got maximum NCB, clean licence etc. and paid Hastings more than double that for a 2002 Volvo S60 last September! And they were the cheapest I could find. The only add-on was legal cover. I know insurance companies have these rip off rules that charge you more if you're married/not married, type of job, where you live and so on but I don't get how someone can get insurance for under half the price in what I assume are similarly powered and valued cars. Incidentally I will be shopping around again come renewal time in September.
  5. Enjoy. Only got mine 2 days ago, best car I've had in 40 years by some distance (mind you, I've had some junk) 😂
  6. For the record, I've only just joined the club so I assume I've got the new card. It worked a couple of days ago anyway, got the 15% discount, which was a pleasant surprise as I thought it was only 10%.
  7. I put Good Years on my last car (Volvo S60) and they were terrific, especially in the wet, and around 25% cheaper than the Michelins I'd had previously and much quieter. I would be willing to try them again.
  8. I thought this was worth a mention for anybody on a tight budget. National Tyres now have a new scheme where you can pay for your tyres over 4 months. Basically you pay for your first tyre by debit card, then they take payment for the remaining three once each month. I've only had a quick read but there's no interest or surcharge as far as I can see, and no credit check unless the total price is over £1000. The only caveat seems to be that you have to book online in advance. I'm going to look at it in more depth as the XF I just bought comes with crap Joyride RX6 tyres, which by all
  9. Just found this while looking for a threads on tyres. I made the same mistake, briefly checked the tread on the tyres (they look almost new) but didn't check the brand - they're Joyride RX6's and nobody seems to rate them from the reviews I've read. I've never even heard of them. I feel the same way, I'd rather spend the extra for peace of mind. As for the lights, I've noticed the left side interior light had come on a couple of times, goes off when I touch it but need to keep an eye on it to make sure it's not coming on when the car is locked and draining the battery. I only noticed it
  10. I bought this one in the end. Added it to my watch list and the seller sent be a 5% discount, so it worked out at £44.41. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353226405081 Then found it cheaper. 🙄
  11. That's what I meant. It's a matter of finding the right spec that seems to be the issue. I normally keep a 4-5L can in for when I need it, but using Castrol as an example, I wasn't able to find the recommended C1 type. Having contacted them I now know it's because they don't do a retail size larger than 1L, so I've just been researching who does and asking which one I need to buy which is the correct spec. For example, ask around and you'll probably be told by many garages that Castrol Edge 5w-30 is the one to buy, but the one you'll find is generally the one marked LL, which isn't the r
  12. Yes it is, and it will be going back to have the fuel filler cap issue fixed at a later date when I can arrange to get a lift back, as that's not a cheap fix apparently. But it has cheap crappy tyres on it, based on reviews I've read (Joyride RX6) so I'd rather change the tyres and get them balanced, and get the tracking checked locally in the meantime rather than do an 80 mile round trip and have to leave the car there and make my way back by train or whatever in the meantime - that, and going back for the car would probably cost more than having the tracking done locally and I'll know it's b
  13. Thanks, I'll look out for that. I've also found a garage in Blackpool that does off-vehicle DPF revamps too, and quotes around £300. They stated that it tends to happen mostly on the 3.0d engine at around 75-80k. Other people seem to have paid up to £600 so it sounds quite reasonable, should it ever be required.
  14. I've got a couple of official recommendations now, one from Castrol and I think the other was from Shell. I'll post the details tomorrow. Seems the thing to be careful of is the manufacturers tend to use the same branding for all the different variants (e.g. Shell Helix Ultra), but there are different types and not all are low ash.
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