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  1. Hi all, I am looking forward to joining in on the forum. I recently took ownership of my 2011 XJ, a Premium Luxury in Stratus Grey, with ivory and grey leather and satin walnut. The car is wonderful and I love every minute driving. I’m working on adding in a couple of features not originally in the build, such as Dualview and rear zones climate control, but otherwise would not want to spoil such an excellent vehicle. Looking forward to sharing our adventures on here from time to time!
  2. Hi Alex, I am in the middle of retrofitting dual view in my 2011 XJ (I thought I was at the end). I read here that you have carried out the same project and hoped you could share your learnings. I installed a dual view screen to replace my non-dual view touchscreen (both units from 2011); I sourced and replaced the climate control panel with one including the dual-view button, (the same as mine and again both were from 2011). I tried just the installation but dual view did not fully operate; so I then picked up a SDD unit and updated two CCF values I found for dual view. The unit appears to be operating but still not fully as I had expected; so I then removed both units plus the IAM and then re-plugged them, in the hopes of clearing any stored incompatibility in the systems. Are there any other steps I missed? You describe accessing Engineering mode - can you give more details about how, and why this is required? Also, can you advise which CCF entries I needed to update (in case I missed one or confused the system in some way with the wrong ones)? I updated “Front center mounted display” from “With display - touchscreen” to “With display - touchscreen - Dualview”. I also updated “High level display front (touchscreen)” from “Undefined” to “Dualview high level display front”. I’d be very grateful for advice on this as few people seem to have attempted it.
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