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  1. Graham C

    Adaptive suspension.

    Hi Tony. Thanks for the reply. Yes my car does have the wiring. Cheers. Graham.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm pretty sure my 2009 4.2 XK has adaptive suspension. Is there a component that can fail causing the ride to go hard and then back to normal? Main dealers never allow me to talk to their technicians, only 'let's book it in to have a look at it'. They'd want at least £100 just to tell me they can't find a fault. Any help would be appreciated. Graham C
  3. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    Hi David. What a good idea. I'll try it, however there's only about an inch of extra space available. But it's worth a try. Thanks. Graham.
  4. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    Hi Peter. Unfortunately the XK does not have that function.
  5. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    Hi Peter. By 'auto seat movement', do you mean moving the seat back? So as to gain more space from the steering wheel. Or, is there something I'm missing?
  6. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    Hi Peter. By 'auto seat movement', do you mean moving the seat back? So as to gain more space from the steering wheel. Or, is there something I'm missing?
  7. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    Hi Peter. Just made an appointment with my GP. Thanks.
  8. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    Thanks Peter. Do you think that I'm 219 years old may have something to do with it? Seriously though. The twisting of the left knee when getting in or out seems more pronounced than my previous cars. But, getting older is a problem. Graham.
  9. Graham C

    XK Knee.

    I've owned my XK for 4 years and a Xjs for 2 years. I've now got muscle pain in my left knee and can only put this down to getting in and out of the car. Anyone else suffering the same problem? 😒
  10. Graham C

    Xjs Glove Box lock won't open.

    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Jiggled it many times to no avail. Need the wife out sharpish though, I'm getting pretty hungry.
  11. Hi, I've owned a 1992 Xjs 4 L for a year now. The glove box locked and unlocked for many months without problems. Then one day after locking it won't unlock. Any of you guys got any ideas how to resolve this problem. Quick answers please -- the wife's running out of breathable air !!
  12. Graham C

    How to start a XJS 4L

    Hi, Does anyone know the correct way of starting a XJS 4L, (my owners handbook is in Japanese). Do you press the brake pedal and just let it start? Or, do you press the accelerator pedal? Thanks, Graham.
  13. Graham C

    Newly acquired XJS.

    Hi Joe, Thanks for your time and trouble. The PDF's you've forwarded are in effect Workshop Manuals of which I've already bought. It's just the Owners Handbook I'm after, but thanks anyway. Cheers, Graham.
  14. Graham C

    Newly acquired XJS.

    Hi Frank, Yes they are expensive, any others I've found are similar. I think they're rarer than diamonds, and are priced accordingly. Graham.
  15. Graham C

    Newly acquired XJS.

    Hi, In the late 1980's I owned a red XJS V12, unfortunately it was already 12 years old and to put it bluntly it was a rot box. However I've always had a hankering to own another. I've been scanning the usual websites for quite a long time, but always found that where the advert showed the Rgn and therefore I could check the MoT history, the outcome was generally corrosion here and corrosion there. I was even considering importing one from California but found the import charges etc too rich for my liking. I then found a small family run business in this country importing Jaguars from Japan. The climate over there produces cars that are pretty rock solid. I don't know whether I can name the Company (perhaps Old Peter can advise me). Anyhow, I found dealing with them an utter delight. On that basis I purchased a beautiful British Racing Green XJS 1992 4L with which I am well pleased. The only niggle is that I seem to remember my first XJS had more legroom. The car though is rock solid underneath, and the bodywork is fantastic. I paid quite a lot, but XJS's seem to be appreciating in value. The car came with a Owners Handbook, but I can't read Japanese!! Does anyone in the Club know where I might find one? I've scoured the internet to no avail. Graham.