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  1. I originally purchased these for my XF a few years ago but rarely used them so looking to clear space in the garage. Wheels complete with tyres, TPMS valves, locking wheel nuts, wheel covers and stand - COMPLETE. Very little use of tyres - see from pictures - looking for £250 for the lot (or any sensible near offer) - buyer to collect from Redditch. REVISED TO £250 on 11th October 245/45R18 100V W651 Snow masters
  2. Picked up today after coming back from my annual holiday 🙂
  3. New car ordered to replace existing 2017 MY Narvik Black HSE 2.0 250PS Ordered in April - current delivery is July
  4. It is average speed - the manual states: The distance, average speed, and average fuel economy values for Trip A and Trip B can be reset. Set the trip computer display to show the required trip to reset. Press and hold the trip button until the instrument panel displays the Resettingmessage
  5. Is the car connected to wifi or via the internal SIM? I guess it needs a connection to the outside world to log into your Jaguar account
  6. Isn't that the average speed since the last reset?
  7. From another forum: "If the security systems detect a fault with one of the security sensors, 2 error tones will sound from the alarm after the vehicle is unlocked and disarmed" It goes on to suggest that if you disconnect and reconnect the battery it resets the system and the beep disappears 🙂
  8. Email replied to with postal address - thanks!
  9. What is frustrating is that I won a premium membership in a draw and have received nothing several months later. I wasn't aware that a pack was sent to premium members until I saw responses to this post. So not happy :(
  10. How do you apply for the Halfords discount card? I can display the discount but there is no link to apply for the card... I was awarded premium membership when I won a draw but I have never been sent a welcome pack or anything :(
  11. I received an email tonight from Toyota Owners Club! I have never owned one or signed up for club membership and yet it was a notification of a new premium members discount - just like the ones from this club. I clicked on the link just incase the email title was incorrect but it took me to the Toyota Owners Club site!!! The email came from the same team that manage ours - Auto Clubs International Ltd I wonder if they have got their lists mixed up :( One for the admin team to sort I think.
  12. In case you haven't seen them: vs Enjoy...