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  1. I guess so - more info here... https://www.meridian-audio.com/in-car-audio/jaguar/new-xe/
  2. The folding mirrors were standard on my latest HSE so I guess they now realise the popularity. Folding rear seat was still an option though.
  3. For the 2017 model the split rear seat was a £420 option and the powerfold mirrors was a £295 option. I cannot remember a CD player slot in mine (I have a 2020 model now).
  4. There is a known bug in this release... No turn by turn sound when using Apple CarPlay navigation. From another site: After installing this update I have lost all sound to my CarPlay navigation turn by turn instructions (it's not the volume). All music apps work with sound, Waze, TomTom, Apple Maps, Google maps have all lost sound. This is a known problem and JLR have issued a bulletin about it on TOPIx. It's SSM75415 - InControl Touch Pro - Post 21A Update Apple Carplay Navigation Voice Guidance Not Heard
  5. An interesting question - my 2017 R-Sport P250 had them as a standard feature but my newer HSE purchased in 2019 did not. Unsure whether they were a chargeable option then but they are now a £200 option across the range.
  6. Updated my XE InControl software today to version S21A_21.10.6-676616 I understand that this fixes the repeated need to log in to the navigation but can't confirm this yet as it will take a few drives. For info I found this on the web... - SOFTWARE VERSION: S21A_21.10.6-676616, ASSEMBLY PART NUMBER: MX53-19C204-BF (G2849390) INCONTROL© TOUCH PRO 21A Software Release Date: 2021-03-30 This Document contains the following information: New features included in this release Issues fixed in this release. New features included in this release: BAIDU CARLIFE Baidu CarL
  7. ChrisC

    Ubigi Sim

    Change to any sim of your choosing - cheapest for UK is to buy a "3" data sim from amazon - "Internet with legs". Depending upon the amount of data that you buy some are valid for two years from activation date - thats what I do 😉 e.g. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Mobile-Pay-Broadband-Data-Black/dp/B01M3VJ2B2/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=internet+with+legs&qid=1600429941&sr=8-1 Far cheaper than Ubigi
  8. ChrisC


    On mine its under settings/all settings/connectivity
  9. ChrisC


    On both of mine the SIM card holder has been at the rear of the central storage compartment between the front seats. Open the lid and you will see a SIM slot plus either one or two USB sockets
  10. I originally purchased these for my XF a few years ago but rarely used them so looking to clear space in the garage. Wheels complete with tyres, TPMS valves, locking wheel nuts, wheel covers and stand - COMPLETE. Very little use of tyres - see from pictures - looking for £250 for the lot (or any sensible near offer) - buyer to collect from Redditch. REVISED TO £250 on 11th October 245/45R18 100V W651 Snow masters
  11. Picked up today after coming back from my annual holiday 🙂
  12. New car ordered to replace existing 2017 MY Narvik Black HSE 2.0 250PS Ordered in April - current delivery is July
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