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  1. Cheers Steve. Just responded to it. Many thanks
  2. Thanks Peter. No nothing yet. Is there someone I should contact?
  3. Thanks Peter. No nothing yet. Is there someone I should contact?
  4. Try Rimmer Bros in Lincoln. Ask for Kelvin McMahon and tell him Mick referred you
  5. Just seen a post about a 15% discount card for Premium Members. Can anyone tell me how I get mine? I click the link but nothing happens. Thankless in advance, Mick
  6. I think the CT website has the bhp and torque figures from standard to whichever remap you want. That shoukd give you some idea of the gains in actual output. Mine was a 25% increase but it also moved the power band from 1400-2800 rpm to 1100- 4000 rpm so the delivery of that increase was over was over a much wider range. But mine is the 2.2 Diesel. Whether the turbo vs non turbo difference is as wide or as big is not something I personally know. CT were excellent at responding to each and every one of my emails though, so I'd suggest asking them for their advice on that. It was the best 295
  7. I'll be paying them a visit today so if they have the part I could collect it and post it to you
  8. Try these guys too. Only ever had to order a part twice in 20 years. A lot of their stuff is cheap pattern parts which I steer away from in favour of better quality pattern or genuine, but I expect if these guys can't find you one (or don't actually have one on the shelf already!) that it doesn't exist! http://www.millfieldautoparts.co.uk Call them on 01733 557457. Open every day except Xmas Day and New Years Day until 8pm weekdays and 6pm weekends. Open today too despite Bank Holiday
  9. Kelvin at Rimmer Bros is a mate of mine. I'll see if I can gee him up a bit for you ;-)
  10. Webbed feet? Thought that was a Fenland thing.... ;-)
  11. I'm on the border between the hills and the flatlands of the fens. Bourne in Lincolnshire and it flooded here on Friday. My place was ok but up the road in Morton it was 2 feet under! Was going to wash mine today but didn't see the point with the roads in the state they're in
  12. No probs. Another beneficial treatment for the diesels is to remove and wash out the intercooler. A pain in the !Removed! to do but well worth the effort. It gets clogged up with oily gunk much like the egr valve and its performance is reduced as a result. Cleaning out with a parrafin wash restores its cooling ability. Cooler air is denser. Denser air has more molecules of air. More air on the chambers equals a bigger bang. Bigger bang equals better performance. Cooler intake temperatures also results in a safer engine running temperature and less liklihood of failures due to e
  13. Definitely available for diesels. It's the engine there are most gains from. My local agent in Market Deeping quoted me £96 for my 2.2D
  14. I said you'd be pleased with it Steve. Makes such a massive difference doesn't it! Absolutely love giving mine a bootfull in 3rd and 4th! On the downside, my power steering pump seals popped yesterday! Found a decent recon pump for £65 so waiting for that then will get my hands dirty again. In tge meantime, it drives just makes a bit of a row!
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