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  1. Aahh, brilliant! I might try that..
  2. Wow! Sorry to hear that.. I can’t claim anything so noble, just a lifetime of working in front of computer screens I think! And maybe a couple of motor racing accidents years ago.. Still, see if you can get a clothes peg in there… it does work.
  3. Yes, I’ve wondered that. I can’t see anything that’s actually broken on mine compared to the other one, but that would likely be what’s happened. My issue is a bad back so crouching and twisting to look in there in detail isn’t really on. Hence the clothes peg “fix”
  4. If it's anything like my nearside one, the cable in the boot simply doesn't hold position when pulled. It snaps back to the locked position. So in my case, the workaround is to carry a clothes peg in the boot and clip it over the cable by the pull handle. So it holds there and I can get into the car and release the seat back. It's a bit Heath Robinson but it does work, for me at least. Hope that helps..!
  5. Aahh, excellent. That reminds me - I must redo mind now!
  6. Hello! I've had exactly this problem. I cured it a while back by spraying some silicone lubricant into the gap under the dials that the steering column exposes when it lowers (have to manually push up the little spring loaded vanity panel that rests on top of the column to do that). It completely worked at the time, but lately it's come back again so will need doing again. Lasted maybe 6 - 9 months...
  7. Yes, as above. I had this problem intermittently and changed the fuel filter and all ok after. Very easy DIY fix.
  8. Sounds like it's going into limp home mode, limited performance. Does the Engine Management light come on in the dash? I've had this a couple of times. Was caused by a dirty fuel filter (easy fix, replace under the bonnet), and another time it was a sensor I think.. Not sure if that's a help, but it might give a clue..?
  9. Hi Joseph. I'm in Bury St Edmunds so not a million miles away.. Happy to have a meet up and a chat. Where d'you think is best? Somewhere in the middle..?
  10. Same here, same colour. Minus the "S" badge. Had it from 60k and I'm up to 150k now and it still goes like a train! Wonderful car, you're gonna LOVE it - and I'm in Suffolk too so if you want to take a good look around one near you I'd be happy to help..
  11. Hi Jon, Easy DIY. Done it myself for the same reason. See here for an overly elaborate but really very useful guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBZ7V9NfQYU Good luck, Ian
  12. Or one of these: Bluedriver And the free app on your phone. Very handy bit of kit for me..
  13. Hello Chaps. I had exactly this happening recently but only in the hottest days. I think it’s due to the ambient temperature rather than heat created by the bulbs so I doubt changing to leds will help. Somewhere on here it was suggested that smothering the PCB in glycerine helps. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan to give it a go. Cheers Ian
  14. I think I’ll be doing the same. Hope this leads to an answer! Cheers Ian
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