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  1. Well after my Jag had been standing for 18 months or so (as I live in Greenwich) went to get it MOT'd and after all the things wrong with it the bill came to £2000ish. After looking at other cars to buy I couldn't find a Jag similar to mine in Green and with Red leather and in the same condition. So after much deliberation I have stumped up the money to keep my faithful Jag going as I couldn't part with it. Do you think it's worth it or am I slightly mad?
  2. My condolences on your fathers passing away. The Jag sounds great and wish I had the money and space to take it off your hands, My advice would be put it either on eBay Classic cars and sell it as a small restoration, or put it in classic car weekley paper for the same reason.
  3. Had my Jag since I was 24 (now 27) Loved Jags since I was a kid and glad I got to own and enjoy one from a young age. Looking forward to using this site and becoming a premium member. I live in Greenwich and missed out on the Jaguar London to Brighton run that started opposite my flat in the Naval College, but will be attending it next April. Anyways, Glad to be here Noj.
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    Welcome to the Jaguar forums Noj :)

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      Thank you. Once my Jag is fixed and back on the road I will be purchasing the premium membership.