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  1. Does anyone know what the fuel pressure should be at the fuel rail for a 2.0d to start ?
  2. I did speak to Simon a couple of weeks ago before i sent the cluster off to be tested and he said he'd had a problem doing that once before and there again others have said yes it can be done no problem. The biggest problem i have at the moment is because i cant start the car i cant get it to anyone to look at. The only option really at the moment is a secondhand one and then get it coded to the car if it can be done. Nobody around here has any Jag diagnostics equipment other than the mobile chap and he only does this area on a Friday.
  3. Has anyone on here had to replace thier instrument cluster on a 2.0d 2003/04 saloon ? I've been having problems with the PATS on my car and the instrument cluster was suspected so it was sent off for testing/repair. It was found to be faulty probably due to power surge damaging the processor and was not repairable. Can i source a secondhand one from an identical car and fit that and will it need coding to the car ? Or is it a brand new one from Jaguar at Jaguar prices ?
  4. Do the security sounders on the x type fail often or are they reliable ? What are the symptoms of a failing or failed security sounder ? and would a failing/failed security sounder lock the starter/ pats system and prevent starting of the engine ? Have an ongoing pats problem here and getting nowhere with it at the moment and need some help asap and as the car isnt starting then taking it to the nearest jag specialist is a no go and the nearest one dont do mobile HELP ! ! !
  5. Ebay you'll get a used one on there and local shoe repairers should be able to cut a new blade for you and you can get independant garage to program it to your car.
  6. Update Mobile diagnostic chappy cam out again yesterday and couldn't clear the pats issue. Looked all through everything and found that the abs module wouldn't communicate with the rest of the system so he reckoned it was the abs module at fault and said to change the abs module. I sourced a replacement like for like, same part number and from same year and model and have just changed it over and guess what ? Still the same, pats light still on and wont go off so still wont crank engine over.
  7. Update Injecters were coded in and calibrated on Friday after the PATS issue had been resolved and was told there was a lot of unburnt fuel in the exhaust system which there was and to leave the engine running to clear the unburnt fuel out. Well i did this, left it running for a while then turned the engine off to refit the engine cover and guess what ? same PATS issue as before engine wont turn over and red light in the centre console wont clear. Never touched anything while i fitted the engine cover other than removing oil filler cap and dipstick but when i went to restart the car PATS has locked out the starter again. Not had the car three weeks but already i'm losing patience with it. Now got to wait again till Friday as diagnostic bod only does this area on Fridays and cant find anyone else whos capable or prepared to come and have a look. Looks like i wont be keeping the piece of crap very long !
  8. Injecters will need coding to the car/ecu and thats most likely why you get poor mpg. You will need specialist equipment for the injecter coding.
  9. I phoned HA Fox this afternoon and they say its the PATS and needs diagnostics on it or could be the keys have lost thier codes, really ? Anyway the injecters have been changed and the car was booked to have the mobile diagnostics man back tomorrow to code the injecters to ecu so looks like hes got another job to do while hes here. How can both keys lose thier codes when they aren't being used ? they still work remote locking and boot lock and car park light.
  10. Car has been stood for 6 days waiting for a set of injecters to arrive and now it wont crank over. Battery is fully charged and both keys work the doorlocks etc but when you put the key in and try to start it theres no sign of anything from the starter motor. Was fine before it was parked last friday but now no matter what i try no starter motor. HELP ! ! !
  11. If the battery is low then just try giving it a full charge with a battery charger ov night and see what happens. If it cures the problem then the battery is suspect but if it doesn't cure the problem at least you have eliminated the battery. Next step would be to check see if you have a sticky relay
  12. Welcome Chris What problems do you have with your x type ?
  13. Ok will do Do you have a link to thier website ?
  14. Does anyone know if euro 4 spec injecters will work in a euro3 spec tdci engine ? I know that its all about emissions and the euro 4 engines are alledgedly cleaner and more environmentally friendly and the injecters are basiclly the same but will they run in a euro 3 spec engine ?