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  1. I need to replace the Header Tank on my dear old 2001 S Type. Does anyone have one for sale or can anyone suggest a source of supply of either a new or S/H replacement PART No. XR816503
  2. My 2001 "S" Type 3.0 SE has only done 71000 miles and is running really well but has recently developed the same symptoms of quite loud squeaking from the front steering/suspension when manoeuvring at slow speeds. Just wondered if you have found an answer to your problem Richo. A more recent post on the same subject identified a repair procedure using a PAS Squeak/Fluid Additive but this related only to model years 2003 onwards so it may not apply equally to 2001 models. Can anyone else suggest an answer for my local garage seem totally baffled!!
  3. In 1946 when the Second World War had just ended, I was 10 years old and, having seen an SS Jaguar for the first time, I announced that "I would have a Jag when I was old enough to drive"! It took longer than intended but I eventually achieved my ambition in 2002 when I was 65 when I bought an ex-demo 3.0 Litre S Type with 4000 miles on the clock.From the outset this has been a "head turning" car maybe because of its unusual colour (Roman Bronze) and partly because of its 18 inch wheels. Whatever the reason, I have had, and still get, regular compliments from complete strangers. The car has no less than 61,000 miles on the clock as it enters its 12th year in my ownership and I have to say "It was worth the wait"
  4. My dear old "S" Type, first registered 1/9/01 suffered badly from dead battery problems from the outset. Often used for short journeys, the problems were worst in the winter months and the battery would often be completely flat if I did not use the car for a couple of weeks for example. The first battery eventually failed completely when it was four and a half years old. The replacement battery is still going strong after nearly 7 years. I am convinced that this is because I took the advice of the AA back in 2006 and bought myself a trickle charger from Halfords. I have since that time made sure that the battery is never allowed to run down and it takes little effort to put it "on charge" about twice a month.
  5. Thanks Roy - I appreciate your advice and will discuss tthe drop links issue with my garage when I get back to the UK - We are currently over in Perth WA until 15/2. I will also mention Big Al's comment although I don't intend to make a big issue about the wrong diagnosis as our "man" has been looking after us really well for nearly twenty years and I don't want him to be out of pocket.
  6. Many thanks - your suggestion is spot on - Had the anti-roll bar bushes changed back in November and this cured the problem immediately. Wish now I had not spent £800 on the shock absorbers !!!
  7. Thanks Alistair - had new tyres fitted and wheels balanced just a few days before I had the shock absorber bushes replaced. Have always had slight drumming from my low profile tyres and 18"wheels but sadly this is more serious.
  8. Thanks Alistair - Had new tyres all round and wheels balanced just a couple of days before the shock absorber bushes were replaced. Have always had slight drumming from the low profile tyres on 18"wheels but sadly this is much more than this.
  9. My 3L "S" Type has done only 55000 miles over last 10 years - all of this trouble free until recently when I became conscious of increased road noise/drumming when travelling over rough/uneven road surfaces. My local trusty garage diagnosed the problem immediately as worn shock absorber bushes and said that this was a common problem for "S" Types of this age irrespective of mileage. On his advice and at a cost of nearly £800 he fitted new bushes all round but this has not resolved the problem. Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to likely cause.
  10. New Member but "Old" S - Type owner in every sense of the word. Now aged 75 and owned by beautiful 51 Reg "Roman Bronze" 3L since early 2002 when I bought it with only 4000 miles on the clock. Now done only 55000 and pleased to say the car is still turning heads - must be something about the colour and the 18" Monaco wheels. After over nine years of troublefree motoring, have just spent about £750 on new shock absorbers all round. This unfortunately has not sorted out a problem of what sounds like "drumming/knocking" when travelling over rough or uneven road surfaces.Am hoping to get some dianostic help eventually from other members. In the meantime it feels good to be amongst other keen Jag owners.