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  1. Good Job Christian She has come up really well just a little heads up by the way, try not to park her in the direct sun during the hottest part of the day (try and find shade for the front) temps of about 24 - 26c will set the alarm off! with the sun beating down, just an unfortunate quirk with her, others on the JOC have had similar experiences. anyway the Adamesh sports boxes do come up well, just thought you may be interested in this.. regards Steve
  2. I was wondering about that as well, I bought it from one of the guys on the forum, just never got around to fitting it, I'm absolutely confident it will work, its just about whether the wiring is in place? I have been reliably informed it should be, in amongst the paper work you will find fitting directions and a template for cutting the panel in the boot (left hand side by the indicator) I think i also left the Hexert pieces you will need to fix it to the body. if you have a body shop you go to, they will have the tool required. you will also have discovered the CD in the dash doesn't wo
  3. Sounds like she is in very good hands, I have to say didn't know about the expansion tank crack, good job you found that, could have been quite disastrous! I see you are Kent based, not a million miles from me so who knows, may pass you on a road one day, I drive to Isle of Sheppey every weekend, so if you ever get tooted / flashed by a silver Range Rover Vogue that'll be me I saw the seat repair, good job (I need some type of similar repairs in my new one) and I would love to see some pics of her. did you find the bit of paper in the drivers sun visor? perhaps the dealer got rid of
  4. Hi Christian I would like to start by saying thank you for giving her a good home, I was concerned that she would be broken for parts, she is far to good for that sort ending. I don't know how long you have had her, but I hope you are enjoying the car? if you have any questions, please ask away regards Steve Finally, Thanks Peter, for getting in touch with me, I have been wondering what happened to her, oh and thanks for letting me come in from the Dark side of the JLR family 😉
  5. It was the toss of the coin that cost me 😉
  6. …From her! After 3 years of owning such a beautiful car, its sadly time to say goodbye to each other. SWMBO has decided she wants a bigger car, so I have bought one, although we are still part of the JLR family it will be sad to say goodbye to her, and all you good folk on the JOC. There has been such fantastic help and guidance given to me personally since I joined, all I can say is thanks to each and Every one who has helped and had the patience to listen to my garbled pleas for help. I did say in a previous post, the next car will have a growler badge on it somewhere, unfortunatel
  7. Nick if you sign it you are effectively ripping up your 6 month 'Warranty' they have already committed to repairing the AC (albeit you made the arrangements) what happens if the AC plays up again? have a look to see what is covered under the Warranty and decide whether its worth the paper its written on Steve
  8. it seems to me you have 2/4 different ways to go, you can contact CAB explain your situation and take advice, you can contact consumer rights organisation and explain your situation (you clearly and quite rightly are not a happy consumer) in my opinion you seem to be getting fobbed off! or you can go to the dealer and ask for a full refund, as they are seemingly not attempting to rectify the problems that you have raised, if they say "yes we are" ask for evidence of what they have done. Or you give the dealer the (I'm not happy with the way my concerns are being handled, nor the support from J
  9. thanks, i can honestly say i have ever compared steering wheel alignment with wheel position, but when the MOT is due i will get them to check and adjust as required. hopefully i didn't do to much damage, although i chipped the concrete kerb i was only traveling about 5 MPH i will report back after the MOT Many thanks again Ron Steve
  10. cheers Ron, didn't even consider that! what's your thoughts on the alignment issue?
  11. i quote you above because it would be handy to know, did you attempt to try and fix (DIY fashion) the problems you were experiencing? if so you may well have invalidated the warranty. i previously asked, did you raise your concerns with them within 30 days of taking her away? If so was that via e-mail / text, or just verbal over the phone? if e--mail etc do not delete those e-mails, as far as i know they are evidence that can be used should you have to go to the trading standards to get your money back. It sounds to me that they are not competent / confident in their abilities to fix
  12. Hi All i was outside topping up water / oil / putting air in tyres as you do, then i noticed this! here is the detail.. for a couple of months there has been a slight scraping sound from out side which i initially thought was coming from the gearbox tunnel, but my good lady said yesterday it was from her side towards the front. its not a constant sound, sort of like this if you can use your imagination scrape - pause - scrape - pause - scrape - pause etc the faster you go it then just becomes a constant sound (albeit its not horrifying enough for me to be overly concerned) and tends
  13. your car must be under warranty, they are duty bound to repair it, did you raise any concerns with the seller within the first 30 days? have a look at the link below, it will let you know where you stand legally, and what options are open to you regards Steve https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act
  14. Hi Chris are these what you need? hope the link works, if not try copying and pasting into your browser address bar www.ebay.co.uk/p/Genuine-Jaguar-XJS-XJRS-Xjr-s-6-0-Exhaust-Catalytic-Converter-EBC4559/1415840479 regards steve
  15. Hi Nick your not alone I posted about this about 2 years ago (cant find the post sorry) I find that when the temp gets to about 24 / 25C off it goes. at first I thought it was someone setting it off deliberately (jealousy) even got a letter from the council about noise nuisance. anyway if memory serves one suggestion was to remove / isolate the sounder which is somewhere by the front drivers wheel arch. I didn't do that anyway. for a while I just kept my ears open, and ran out every time I heard an alarm, very frustrating! anyway long story short, we were at our Holiday home one weekend,
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