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  1. I picked up my X Type today. And I love it. My six year old daughter said it sounds like it's growling because it's hungry when I hit the pedal. It's a very nice place to sit indeed. It has the poverty spec air con. No funky LCD climate control for me. Just big chunky knobs. And I'm totally fine with that. I'm coming from a Freelander after all. It also has a cassette deck up front and a CD changer in the boot. However, when I load the changer it comes up on disk 4 track 10 for a few seconds then says no cd. I've tried single disks in each of the drawers etc but it's not going to be my friend. So I now have the perfect excuse to put something a bit more modern in there. And this is my woe. I've read in a lot of different places that there's an air con pipe in just the wrong place to accept a regular sized double din head unit. Before I start ripping the car to bits. And I have had a good look online, but my Google fu is lacking this evening. Is there a shallow mech less double din that doesn't cost a fortune that would just slot in (with an adapter for fascia/iso/aerial)? Thanks for any help. Al
  2. I've bought my first Jaguar. It's an X Type. Pick it up Saturday and I'm very excited. The only thing that lets it down inside the cabin is the gear shift. The gaitor has a small hole. That I can sort, but the reverse collar is split and held together with insulation tape. Where can I get a decent condition/new/pattern replacement from please?
  3. I've been promising myself an X type awd for several years. Today I put a deposit down on one. I'll pick it up at the weekend. It's not expensive, it's not top of the range. (2.5 sport) it doesn't even have 'climate' control. What it is, is a gorgeous dark blue......and mine. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas :) I'm Alan. You will be seeing more of me!