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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have a Synergy 2 'Ronbox' for sale to suit a 2.2D X-Type? Thank you.
  2. I have an X204 3.0 auto and get 18mpg on a 4 mile trip to work stop start all the way. Also achieved 34mpg on a long run at around 80mph. The later 6 speed auto (ZF) cars (2002 onwards) will be better than the 5 speed auto Ford 'box early models.
  3. Evening all, Any ideas on this 'little' issue ???? Have had the DSC SYSTEM FAULT error message for a few days followed by ABS warning light and the engine MIL light. Have had the rear wheel speed sensor diagnosed as the issue which will be replaced this Thursday....however Check this out With ignition on but engine not started... if you press the footbrake the centre console illuminates, the dashbord illuminates and the headlights flash... this can be repeated on/off the pedal. You then start the car and turn the headlight switch and the gearshift interlock solenoid activates and the brakelights stay illuminated (and the CHMSL) at all times....even when you're driving !! This 3.0 auto 2002MY X-Type has been a bit of a nightmare in the 2 weeks I've had it. I was a Chassis design engineer at Jag for 23 years and am pleased to say I had nothing to do with this car !! Anyone had similar Gremlins on the loose ?? Cheers, Mark.
  4. hello everyone, I have just purchased an X-Type 3.0 Sport auto in Jaguar Racing Green with Dove hide. I'm an absolute Jaguar fan who has had the added bonus of being an ex Chassis design and development engineer for 23 years at Jaguar Cars. A superb company making exceptional cars. Hi to you all. Aston.