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  1. Seems like we're all Poole, Bournemouth, New Forest region so I guess a central location would be good although a spin out to the NF would also be nice. I'm not originally from this area so don't really know where we could all meet in Public without it being a well used car park? I guess we could pick a pub and ask the landlord if they don't mind us meeting occasionally although we're into the dark nights now and it would be nice to see the cars. Alternatively, I don't work Friday's so a Friday afternoon would be good although I appreciate that this might not suit everyone. Mark
  2. Hi Peter, That sounds like an interesting read. I was there from 1985 to 2017 and worked for Chassis engineering. It was a fantastic company to work for; my dad also worked there and my sister still does. Mark
  3. Hi, sorry, only just seen this post. I'm in Poole and would be happy to meet up.....I have an XK8 convertible. I'm also an ex Jag design/development engineer so have lots of stories about working for the company Has anything been arranged yet? Mark
  4. Hello all, Firstly I'd like to introduce myself as an ex Chassis design/development engineer who worked for Jag for 30 years including many overseas development testing on X100, X200, X350, X150, X351, X760 & X761. Now, my issue is that I have bought a 2005 (built late 2004) XK8 4.2 which takes forever to restart once it has been initially started and run for a while. The car runs perfectly, backed up by the fact I bought it in Yorkshire and drove it all the way back to Dorset with no issues. Looking on the 'net' has shown that this long crank/flooding restart issue is common place, however, we never experienced this at the factory, even on cars that had covered 100K miles or more. This leads me to believe that this must be an age, not mileage, related issue. According to the many accounts I have read on the 'net, owners have tried all sorts to alleviate this issue but there doesn't seem to be a definitive solution to the issue. I can't believe that, after all this time, there isn't a well known single point failure for the problem. I'd like to ask, rather than discussing the issue, if there is a known successful fix for this issue? Many thanks, Mark
  5. Hi all, Does anyone currently use a solar powered trickle charger for their Jag? I have a garage with no power and would like to fit a 'weather resistant' solar panel to the roof and run the cables through to the car which could be on for a few weeks at a time without visits. There are a few 'kits' on the market that have a module which prevents overcharge etc but wondered if anyone is actually utilising one. Not really after the pros and cons of fitting one, just are you using one? Cheers Mark
  6. Hi all, Finally, after about 18 months, I've purchased a 2005 XK8 4.2 convertible in Quartz with Ivory and 19" Atlas wheels. perfect. Thanks to all that helped with the search. I guess this topic is now closed. Mark
  7. Good morning Paul, Thank you for your reply. Unbelievably I am indeed still searching for an X100 convertible having bought one back in January during lockdown which I immediately sent back when it arrived. Maybe we could have a chat about your car sometime over the weekend? Thank you Mark 07798611489
  8. Hi, it's me again. I might consider a post 2001 4 litre that has had the timing chains and water pump upgrades? Thank you. Mark 07798611489
  9. Hi all, I am an ex-factory design/development engineer looking for a 2003-2005 XK8 or XKR convertible (4.2) Any colour considered but must be in good condition with good service history Please call Mark on 07798611489 Thank you.
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have a Synergy 2 'Ronbox' for sale to suit a 2.2D X-Type? Thank you.
  11. I have an X204 3.0 auto and get 18mpg on a 4 mile trip to work stop start all the way. Also achieved 34mpg on a long run at around 80mph. The later 6 speed auto (ZF) cars (2002 onwards) will be better than the 5 speed auto Ford 'box early models.
  12. Evening all, Any ideas on this 'little' issue ???? Have had the DSC SYSTEM FAULT error message for a few days followed by ABS warning light and the engine MIL light. Have had the rear wheel speed sensor diagnosed as the issue which will be replaced this Thursday....however Check this out With ignition on but engine not started... if you press the footbrake the centre console illuminates, the dashbord illuminates and the headlights flash... this can be repeated on/off the pedal. You then start the car and turn the headlight switch and the gearshift interlock solenoid activates and the brakelights stay illuminated (and the CHMSL) at all times....even when you're driving !! This 3.0 auto 2002MY X-Type has been a bit of a nightmare in the 2 weeks I've had it. I was a Chassis design engineer at Jag for 23 years and am pleased to say I had nothing to do with this car !! Anyone had similar Gremlins on the loose ?? Cheers, Mark.
  13. hello everyone, I have just purchased an X-Type 3.0 Sport auto in Jaguar Racing Green with Dove hide. I'm an absolute Jaguar fan who has had the added bonus of being an ex Chassis design and development engineer for 23 years at Jaguar Cars. A superb company making exceptional cars. Hi to you all. Aston.
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