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  1. Hi Joe, With regards to the reversing camera on a S type 03 i followed your instructions and it did work the only problem is the reversing lights stay on even when the car is in park. any idea what ive done wrong any help would be very much appreciated. Regards Richard
  2. Joe, Many thanks for the information you have saved the day. Best Regards Richard
  3. Steve, Many thanks for your quick reply ill try Paul. Cheers, Richard
  4. Happy new year & Peaceful New year to all. I am trying to fit a reversing camera on a S type 03 I am having problems trying to find the reversing light feed on the drivers side cluster as all except one is live, i would think im not the only one who has came across this problem, if anyone out there has any ideas or has fitted one any information would be very much appreciated Richard
  5. Hi Peter many thanks for the reply yes it is the parking aids and also it is when your going forward, I had my suspicion it was the module but wasn't sure. Have enjoyed the post's they make very interesting reading to a newbie to the s type. Regards Richard (from not so sunny NI)
  6. Have fitted a replacement module to my 2003 3.0 S type, worked perfect for 2 weeks but it has now started activating the beepers when going forward. Just wanted to know if this is a common fault or would I have a faulty module. Any help would be much appreciated. Richard