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Found 4 results

  1. Jerry Brett

    Transmission filter

    Sorry to seem like an attention seeker but I have never owned such a troublesome car. As I have hit 120k I thought I should get the transmission fluid changed. After my experiences with the nearest specialist I decided to try one further afield. When I told him what I wanted he advised me to leave well alone unless the box was playing up. His reason was that he said you can't access the filters in the box and if he just changed the fluid he can't guarantee that it won't disturb any sediment in the bottom which could then compromise the box. This seems somewhat ludicrous to me. Shouldn't a filter be accessible for maintenance?
  2. Jerry Brett

    Phantom exhaust hole?

    Me again. After the steering pump broke and had to be replaced the car seemed a little raucous although it was not noticeable outside the car. I eventually took it to the garage but the mechanic said he can't find anything wrong with the exhaust. It's definitely louder on idle and at low speeds. Is there anything else that would make it sound louder and harsher?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm back with more misadventures. Lately my X-Type has taken to dropping a cog, usually when driving at low speed (30mph ish). It will do this for a short distance and then change up again. I did wonder if the gearbox was playing up (will be posting on that later). Is it possible that the car is going into dpf regen mode? I do a lot of short journeys although this issue didn't manifest itself until I had a change of duties which has increased my weekly mileage. The car also seems to be running cool. The temperature gauge has never quite hit halfway but recently it's only clearing the quarter mark. Any thoughts gratefully received
  4. Jerry Brett

    White powder (not cocaine)

    I have recently noticed small deposits of a creamy white powder collecting in the join lines on the dashboard. I am assuming that this is glue that has flaked off the interior of the dash. In which case, should I expect the dash to start falling off anytime soon? Anyone have any thoughts on what the powder might be?