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Found 15 results

  1. DannyCain

    New member

    Hi all, Just bought my first ever Jaguar Xe 2d auto prestige in bluefire metallic. Three years old on a 65 plate. Delighted to finally own a Jaguar....... approved Jaguar with two year jag assist and warranty. 😀 😀👍
  2. Jerry Brett

    Transmission filter

    Sorry to seem like an attention seeker but I have never owned such a troublesome car. As I have hit 120k I thought I should get the transmission fluid changed. After my experiences with the nearest specialist I decided to try one further afield. When I told him what I wanted he advised me to leave well alone unless the box was playing up. His reason was that he said you can't access the filters in the box and if he just changed the fluid he can't guarantee that it won't disturb any sediment in the bottom which could then compromise the box. This seems somewhat ludicrous to me. Shouldn't a filter be accessible for maintenance?
  3. Jerry Brett

    Phantom exhaust hole?

    Me again. After the steering pump broke and had to be replaced the car seemed a little raucous although it was not noticeable outside the car. I eventually took it to the garage but the mechanic said he can't find anything wrong with the exhaust. It's definitely louder on idle and at low speeds. Is there anything else that would make it sound louder and harsher?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm back with more misadventures. Lately my X-Type has taken to dropping a cog, usually when driving at low speed (30mph ish). It will do this for a short distance and then change up again. I did wonder if the gearbox was playing up (will be posting on that later). Is it possible that the car is going into dpf regen mode? I do a lot of short journeys although this issue didn't manifest itself until I had a change of duties which has increased my weekly mileage. The car also seems to be running cool. The temperature gauge has never quite hit halfway but recently it's only clearing the quarter mark. Any thoughts gratefully received
  5. Jerry Brett

    White powder (not cocaine)

    I have recently noticed small deposits of a creamy white powder collecting in the join lines on the dashboard. I am assuming that this is glue that has flaked off the interior of the dash. In which case, should I expect the dash to start falling off anytime soon? Anyone have any thoughts on what the powder might be?
  6. So I posted earlier about needing to replace the turbo actuator. The garage I'm using insisted that a remanufactured one would be too troublesome and unreliable in their experience. So I dug a bit deeper to pay for a new pattern part. Guess what? The first actuator they fitted was faulty. I was deprived of my car for a couple of weeks because the supplier insisted on testing the part before sending a new one. Then the new one was fitted and Hey Presto, car was jumping into limp mode within hours of getting it home. Back to the garage and they ran some more tests. Apparently the turbo spins like a dream so back went the second actuator. Took car back for 3rd installation and it failed while the garage had it. By now I was due to head to Devon on holiday so I left the Jag with the garage and we did some creative packing to get the family luggage into the wife's Civic. Rang the garage from Devon and they now say that the turbo must be faulty as the parts supplier says there is nothing wrong with the actuator. However, they don't know what is wrong with the turbo. I feel somewhat trapped as I can't walk away from an incomplete job. The problem has now dragged on for months. After doing some online trawling I have found a company called London Turbos who do an exchange unit for £252 inc VAT. Does anyone have any experience of this company? The website looks very professional but that isn't necessarily a guide to quality. Although my problems have been exacerbated by a garage with poor communication skills I have to say this is the most troublesome car I have ever owned. I have seen references to the Jaguar grin. In my case it's become a manic fixed one.
  7. Jerry Brett

    X Type 2.2 Turbo Actuator

    Anyone know if the companies offering refurbished actuators are any good? I have just been told by the garage that they don't last so I am having to fork over for a new pattern part. With labour and VAT the bill comes to over £600. Still cheaper than the dealer option of a new turbo but painful nevertheless. I know there's an item on the forum by a guy who fixed his with elbow grease and a can of Wynn's but I don't tend to have that kind of luck.
  8. Hi, I am new to the forum and to Jag ownership. I bought my 58 reg X Type 2.2D last August and it's been fine so far. Recently I have noticed a couple of instances of transmission slip which have given me cause for concern. Last auto I had that slipped was a 1979 Granada with a leaky box so I naturally considered low ATF. However, I am given to understand that the Jag box is 'sealed for life' which means messing about in the depths of the engine with a turkey baster in order to top up the fluid. A local garage will be looking at it and they have suggested it might just need a software update (or the top up) but it could be a replacement gearbox. The car only has 115k on the clock and had 2 previous owners about whom I know nothing. It doesn't look or feel like a hard used car. Since I've had it it's been used mainly for short local runs and the slipping manifested itself on a cold morning. If anyone has any insight to offer I would be grateful.
  9. JAGUAR X-TYPE S V6 AWD 2.5 AUTO 2006 - RACING GREEN - £1,250 2006 '56 plate Jaguar X-Type 2.5 S V6 4d auto 195bhp FSH. Quality high spec built luxury car from the Jaguar group in pristine condition. The vehicle comes with MOT until June 2018 with NO ADVISORIES, and has been extremely well maintained with FULL SERVICE HISTORY, all books/receipts to support this. Racing green colour, the vehicle is immaculate throughout and drives smoothly through the automatic gearbox. Petrol, auto, four-wheel drive, alloy wheels, year '56 (September 2006), recently had 2 new tyres and a brand new battery, 3 previous owners, 2496 cc. Any questions or if you would like to see more photos of the car, please drop me a message on 07584 097311. Features: ***STUNNING CAR***, adjustable steering column/wheel, Air bag driver, Air Bag Passenger, Air bag Side – Driver/Passenger, Alarm, Alloy wheels – 17in, Anti-Lock brakes, Body Coloured Bumpers, Central Door Locking – Remote, Cenntre Rear Seat Belt, Climate Control, Deadlocks, Electric Windows – Front/Rear, Front Fog Lights, Head Air Bags – Front/Rear, Head Restraints – Front/Rear, Immobiliser, In Car Entertainment – Radio/Cassette/CD, Mirrors External – Electric, Power Socket – Front, Power-Assisted Steering, Seat Height Adjustment – Electric Driver, Seating Capacity – Five Seats, Seats Electric – Driver/Passenger, Side Protection Mouldings, Spare Wheel – Space Saver, Speakers – Six, Steering Wheel Mounted Controls – Audio/Cruise Control/Telephone, Traction Control System, Upholstery Cloth/Leather Genuine reason for sale, looking for new owner to take good care of it. £1,250
  10. Hi, My X-type 2.5L AWD Automatic '51 plate has given up moving in any gears. The other day as I was driving on the M1 the gearbox fault message appeared and the car went into a fixed 20000 RPM mode which got me back home. As I was nearing my house it lost all transmission and I managed to idle the car onto my drive. Has anyone had a similar fault? Thanks Tom
  11. Sorry if this has been raised before but new to the forum and I couldn't find any topic directly relevant so raising a new one. I have a 2.7 diesel, auto (ZF box I believe) in an S-type that I have had since new (December 06). I do around 8,000 a year - mostly motorway driving - and the car has been brilliant............ right up until Monday, when the ABS fault light ("disc not available") came on and, in what I believe is a separate problem, the day before yesterday when the gearbox fault light came on. With the latter the car seemed to be stuck in one gear because when I took it to the dealership in Chichester yesterday it stuck at 3000 RPM at 50 MPH along a dual carrageway. Dealership plugged it in and the verdict, based on the diagnostic printout, is that I have a mechanical problem and the cure is either a: a replacement 'exchange' box from Jaguar at a shade over £4000 or b: sending it off for a gearbox refurbishment at a shade over £3000. Have gone for the former, which I have been assured is essentially a new gearbox in the old casing, because of time (its quicker and I need the car (and they don't have a loaner at such short notice)) and because I am hoping that if there are any inherent faults with the ZF auto box; they have been 'developed out. However, can't help but wonder about the need for a replacement/full refurb based on a software diagnostic...... Anybody had similar problems? Any comments welcome.
  12. Fred


    Hi All, I am a new member to the group. I am 26 i have owned my first jag for just over a week. Its a 2001 51-reg Jag X-type 3.0 V6 SE Automatic and only as 19k miles on her.
  13. Hi Everyone. New to this site, I have a jaguar x-type 2.5 auto on a 51 plate which has been exellent and very reliable for the last two years. Recently there was a loud bleeping in the car and it went into limp home mode with the transmission to engine light (red circle with 'i' inside) sortly follwed by the orange engine light comming up on the dashboard. I have taken it to several places and replaced the alternator and battery but the light still keeps comming on and going into limp home mode, basically no one knows whats wrong? Any ideas? Many thanks. Dan
  14. Flying Scotsman

    Auto box question 5 speed 3.0

    Hello everyone. New to this forum and Jaguar ownership. Have a 3.0 litre auto with the 5 speed box. Apart from a couple of small faults i have sorted she is fabulous! But I have a question regarding the 5 speed. This may sound stupid... but i'm not sure it is going into 5th! The changes are all good with perhaps a slight thud going into 1st at times when cold and idle revs are still high. But at 60mph on the flat and "cruising" she is at 3000 rpm. This seems a wee bit high? But i cant count 4 changes from rest. So is she only reaching 4th? Or am i just being paranoid?? What revs should i be seeing at 60 in 5th?
  15. stewartbu

    Accelerator pedal

    hi anyone out there got a pic of an accelerator pedal assembly for a series 2 XJ6? I'm trying to rebuild one but struggling to undrstand how this all fits together. many thanks