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Found 20 results

  1. Hi The time has come to get rid of my old Blue S type. It has now done approx 179000 miles and the engine, gearbox, diff etc. are still fine. It has had the belts done of course. It has rust on the front wing, some rear suspension bushes need doing, the front heated screen does not work driver side and the Air Con does not work on drivers side until you have spent 20 mins in the car. It is not worth much but it runs really well and does not use much oil at all. If anyone has any interest let me know as i need rid of it. I would rather someone who can use it has it rather than the scrappy. Regards Neil
  2. Hello, I have recently become the owner of a 56 plate X-Type 2.2D SE, which has been in the family since new (originally my fathers car). After sorting out a few minor issues (EGR etc), which were probably due to it sitting in a French field for six months, I am now using it as my main car. Its a nice shade of black in colour, which I like. However the only thing I don't like, is the bonnet badge, which I understand is called a 'leaper'. Does anyone know if there is a chrome flat plate available, that could cover up the hole, if I remove the 'leaper', or anything to cover the hole (s). Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi all, hoping someone can give me some advice please. I have a 2005 Jaguar X-type 2.0d Classic with 82k miles, I recently had a cutting out problem when accelerating and also a cold start problem. Local jag specialist replaced the 4 injectors, coded the new injectors and also replaced the intercooler hose, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel regulator valve. 2 weeks later I had the DMF Clutch and starter motor replaced and I also had a full service done and the car drove great and didn't cut again. But the past 5 days there as been a tapping noise coming from the engine when accelerating and then the past 2 days when I have accelerated to over take the glow plug light starts to flash and then the engine cuts out. pull over turn, the key and it starts straight up and drives fine until I try to accelerate hard again and then glow plug lights starts to flash again and the engine cuts. I have checked for fault codes but there is none showing What could be wrong ?
  4. G.Man

    New Member

    Hi, I am a new owner and a new member. Got my 60 plate XF 3.0 diesel portfolio with 106k last Saturday. I have only done 25 miles this week and "Restricted Performance " shows up on the dash. Yay. Any guidance would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  5. Monkey in York

    DPF Regeneration

    Is the change of tone from the exhaust that sometimes happens just the dpf regeneration. Accompanied with the odd engine stutter? 😀 2008 2.2 diesel
  6. Sorry if this has been raised before but new to the forum and I couldn't find any topic directly relevant so raising a new one. I have a 2.7 diesel, auto (ZF box I believe) in an S-type that I have had since new (December 06). I do around 8,000 a year - mostly motorway driving - and the car has been brilliant............ right up until Monday, when the ABS fault light ("disc not available") came on and, in what I believe is a separate problem, the day before yesterday when the gearbox fault light came on. With the latter the car seemed to be stuck in one gear because when I took it to the dealership in Chichester yesterday it stuck at 3000 RPM at 50 MPH along a dual carrageway. Dealership plugged it in and the verdict, based on the diagnostic printout, is that I have a mechanical problem and the cure is either a: a replacement 'exchange' box from Jaguar at a shade over £4000 or b: sending it off for a gearbox refurbishment at a shade over £3000. Have gone for the former, which I have been assured is essentially a new gearbox in the old casing, because of time (its quicker and I need the car (and they don't have a loaner at such short notice)) and because I am hoping that if there are any inherent faults with the ZF auto box; they have been 'developed out. However, can't help but wonder about the need for a replacement/full refurb based on a software diagnostic...... Anybody had similar problems? Any comments welcome.
  7. Good evening all! My name is David Lee, from sunny Lancashire!! Im a new owner to a Jaguar X Type 2.2 S Diesel automatic, I have a question which could turn into a job for someone who knows what they are doing the first one is, my car does not have a mascot on the bonnet, is it possible to fit one? Or does the bonnet need to be changed. If anyone could do this for me, I'm willing to pay and travel 😀. Second one, I don't have a sat nav fitted to mine just a standard Jag heater and radio / cd screen is it possible to fit a sat nav head unit and it will work right away, or does the car need alterations all help I will be very greatful for! Thankyou!! David
  8. Hi all, salutations! Am new to the site as a member (though have referred to it a few times) and have a 2004 Diesel, 2.0l Xtype. Am seeking advice for potential stereo upgrades. I'd be looking for something I can swap it out for. Possibly with a larger screen and Bluetooth/aux. But with the 6 cd changer and steering wheel controls I thought to ask the experts here first! Any advice or recommendations are great fully accepted!
  9. When driving my 2006 X-Type 2.2d it started to drop into limp mode when accelerating at low rpm. This could be reset by turning the engine off waiting briefly and then restarting. This problem became more and more frequent. After removing and cleaning the EGR and inlet manifold (filthy Job),which were not at all clogged, the problem still persisted so I booked it in for a diagnosis. They diagnosed that the moving vanes that control the effect of exhaust gases within the turbo and hence the speed and impact of the turbo were sticking, probably due to becoming coked up. They had tried to free the movement as a temporary measure but a replacement turbo was the official solution. I took the car away and realising that the vane actuator arm was easily accessible just behind the engine cover, i decided to try to free the vane movement by unclipping the actuator arm (one circlip) from the electonic control unit and move the arm back and forth repeatedly and forceably through any claggy resistance, This seemed to reduce the number of incidents for the moment so I checked out what fuel additives there might be for cleaning turbo vanes. I found that Wynns produce a cleaner specifically aimed at the vanes and added that to the fuel. I then drove the car in lower gears so that the car was revving over 2k rpm with occasional sessions of sustained 3.5k rpm to get the turbo and exhaust good and hot with lots of gas flow. This was interspersed (after things had cooled down!) with a further couple of sessions of actuator arm back-and-forth activity. After about 250 miles the problem had gone away totally but for good measure I have added another treatment to my next tankful and will still do some lower gear and high rev running from time to time. So for under £40 and a bit of screwdriver and arm activity, I seem to have avoided a bill for £1-2K! to replace an otherwise quiet and undamaged turbo. In hindsight I could have also saved the £200 diagnosis cost by first disconnecting the actuator arm and manually checking out how freely it (and hence the vanes) moved through its full range of movement! Ahh the wonder of hindsight! Hope this is useful to someone.
  10. Hi I'm trying to identify what software is available to recode my X-type injector? Thanks
  11. Hi I am new to the forum and hope (1) I am in the right place, (2) Someone can help! I bought my x type diesel sport 54 plate a few months ago. Naturally since looking for one I was over the moon when I got it. At first I couldn't get enough of it but as time as gone on I don't enjoy the car but so much want to if I can get the problem solved. I will give background info on what so far as this might help someone identify what the problem(s) might be and how I can check. -The car had smoke issues when first bought so made it a priority to have it serviced. This included oil, filters coolant etc as well as a brand new EGR valve, belt tensioner due to rattle and belt. It still smoked. -Having looked through the forums I came across suggestions to have the inlet manifold cleaned. Although mine wasn't electronic EGR I still had this done at the garage. When the manifold was removed they discovered a rag jammed inside the far right port as you look at the engine. It defied belief as to how the car was running as I had driven to Blackpool, Ipswich and London without problems other than smoke! Thankfully this was removed and manifold refitted. It still smoked. I then found on this forum the suggestion of a Jaguar specialist in Northfield Birmingham who was rated highly and took it there to get him to look at it and find out why. Hours later he told me that they could not find a problem and said the car is in really good condition and on a test run could not find any faults. He did suggest changing the pipe that comes from the EGR valve which he said he could source an original for £40 and would not charge for the check. Once done with labour and vat the price was another £100 down. It still smoked. - Next was to source the other pipe that runs from the EGR to the Turbo as I was told if it wasn't one it could be the other. Another £50 down and cost to mechanic to commence fitting. Once on the ramp he found the pipes that were on it were in fact in better condition that the one I bought so back to square one. He then found that there was a leak from the manifold! I bought all 8 new manifold gaskets and had them replaced, now leak free. But it still smokes and I really don't have any ideas left or indeed a great deal of money to keep throwing at it. The smoke I would describe as a light smoke. During the day I can drive normally and enjoy the car as you don't really see the smoke. But at night with headlights behind it is very visible. I guess the only way I can describe it is like cigarette smoke. Not white, Not black or grey. More like foggy colour but enough to put me off driving it or indeed enjoying it. I just let the car build up speed under its own conditions almost like how 80 year old granddad would drive on a Sunday just so I don't become a problem to others. The car has no warning lights no management light pulls lovely and heats up great although I notice the temperature gauge does seem to stay on the low side all the time. Oil and coolant levels are fine. The car accelerates great. Although coming from a 1.8 petrol Mondeo this is such a big difference in power anyway I wouldn't know if its not as it should be. I really am at my wits end. A specialist cant find the problem. My mechanic cant find the problem. Ideally I could do with someone who is a Jaguar owner/mechanic to have a look. Naturally this side of Christmas doesn't fill me with much joy especially keep throwing money at it and not having the problem resolved or indeed be able to enjoy the car as I really want to. PLEASE HELP!!!! It would really help if anyone can suggest what it might be. But just as important to tell me why and how I would go about checking their suggestion and more importantly with as little more outlay as possible. Thank you for reading this and I await in anticipation.
  12. I would love to find my wife's old x-type. I know it's out there because it shows up on the DVLA website. I'd love to get it back for her any one here seen it, got it thanks
  13. Liam2016


    Hi everyone, anyone got experience with using terraclean on an xtype (or any other diesel engines?) I'm driving a 2.2 auto d which has clocked 115k - still averages 45 mpg so no concerns, but around £150 for keeping longevity and smooth running seems worth it - provided it works...! would be glad to hear any others' experiences using this method. Cheers nathan
  14. So I took my 3.0 petrol to my local independent jaguar specialist for a service this weekend just gone thinking I only needed a new indicator stalk....only to be told it has severe corrosion underneath and the car would require a new shell if I wanted to get it through the next MOT. Although my pride is severely dented and I'm gutted about it, I'd like to move on and a diesel appeals to me. Today I noticed a very nice 2.7d for sale near me. Now there are some really informative posts on here for help with buying an S-Type (so I can hopefully get one that hasn't been neglected this time) but the thing that is holding me back is the words of the mechanic.....he told me to avoid the diesel model. Why would this be? Are there reliability issues? I wish id of questioned it at the time because what I'm seeing here is the prospect of better mpg, lower running costs, a newer car and some chrome finishing in slightly different places that I think I prefer. The plot thickens because the 2.7d I'm looking at is for sale from a different independent jag specialist in my area! I just wondered if any diesel owners, or those with experience with the diesel could give me some solid feedback on life with this car. This would be most appreciated so I can decide what to do! Thanks guys.
  15. Hi, I have the above car with a manual gearbox, and I'm up to 120000 miles, I have the engine warning light - the engine shape in orange - I had the Jaguar main dealers look at it and came up with these 2 codes P132A-00 and P132D-00. They say both to do with the Turbos, Circuit electric A and circuit B When I start the car in the morning the said warning light is on. Then after a few minutes the Restricted Performance warning comes on. When the engine is hot, about 20 minutes drive, they both go out. Although it says performance restricted, the car runs well and Jaguar say they want to take the turbos OFF and get them tested which I obviously refused, think of the cost of that! However they also say the car runs perfect, and it does So when I use the car I simply wait until the temperature gauge is showing hot, switch off, take the key out and start her as normal. What worries me is that I have seen that other people have the same problem, but the car does not start. Unfortunately I do some long distances in the car and would hate to be stuck outside a hotel with no car. I was very interested to read that someone changed the air filter and that solved the problem, I'm praying that could be the solution. I would be grateful for any suggestions, and are the EGR's so difficult to replace myself ?
  16. Steve076

    Just saying Hi

    Hello All Just bought an S Type Jag. And a diesel to boot. So thought I would sign up and have a browse. I used to have a 4.0 XJ Sport which I foolishly part exchanged for a newer Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor. Possibly one of the larger mistakes of my life... Anyway .. I fortunately convinced the wife that another Jag was the way to go. She didn't agree at first ... until she sat inside ... then she was sold ... and here we are as they say ... Back in the fold. And I must say .. the diesel engine is !Removed! good .....
  17. Tim's Jag

    Diesel Turbo Problems

    My 2.7 ltr diesel has developed an intermittent turbo problem. The engine management light comes on occasionally and sometimes I get a "restricted performance" message on the display in the dash. When this happens the turbo doesn't run and the power output is very low. I understand that this is a fairly common problem so if any member can help me I would be very grateful. I am looking to find a specialist who can fix the problem at a reasonable price. Many thanks.
  18. Hello, Received I nice link to share with all about how many Jaguars were sold over years: but I would like to find more accurate details of How many X-Type Diesel Estate (2.0 and 2.2) after 2008 and before July 2009 were manufactured? Anybody know where to look? How many were exported and how many stayed in UK/Ireland? Regards, Luks
  19. Hi All - Help needed ! Having problems with the actuator on the turbo, the car goes into "limp home" mode and the coil lights flashes when accelerating the car in 3rd gear. It also has a nasty vibration when accelerating beyond 50mph - this worsens to 70 then eases off after this time but then stops when foot off the accelerator. This also occurs in cruise control. Turbo My mechanic found the code P132B and a diesel specialist replaced the actuator before Christmas, only for the same issue to arise last week! It went back to them and they replaced the actuator again and flushed the turbo today. It went again on the way home today. Does anyone have any ideas please? It's going back to the specialist tomorrow for them to check it over but they have already mentioned a replacement turbo! If this is the case is it worth buying a recon' ? I've just spent £600 on the new actuator but can only find turbo's with the actuator already fitted ! The specialist is taking about £800 for the turbo and my local dealer has mentioned £1500 plus labour. Vibration This started before Christmas also. I've has had the front tyres replaced with balance and tracking - to no joy. ​Could this be linked with the turbo issue? I have read it could be the driveshafts but that seems to refer to the 4wd models only. Any advice and ideas would greatly appreciated. Many thanks and Happy New Year to all here. Dom
  20. ColinU

    Diesel Tuning Boxes

    Hi all Has anyone fitted or had experience of Diesel Tuning Boxes by TDI Tuning. Their ad often appears on this site. Online quote for my S-Type 2.7 diesel is £289.99. Is it worth it I would like to know? Colin