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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, So, having just lavished £1500 on a service on my (new to me) 2014 XF I then got the dreaded amber DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) warning less than a week later. In my case it was Amber warning saying 'DPF Full' but not the Red warning which is apparently worse. This car is new to me and despite having a 2008 diesel engined BMW I was blissfully unaware of the DPF debacle until this happened as my 2008 car hasn't been castrated with a DPF. I should be clear here that this is an industry problem affecting most 2009 diesel cars and is not confined to Jaguar So having then read an awful lot online about this it seems in summary that the DPF is a device imposed upon all diesel engined cars from 2009 by a witless government in a knee jerk reaction to climate change in response to European Legislation (and subsequently implemented in a similar half arsed fashion by most car makers). So, In my case I made a point of not using the car until last weekend (i used the dirtier BMW instead). I had a good run lined up (50 miles each way) and my warning cleared about 45mins into the journey and hasnt come back on since however I have absolutely no idea of the state that my DPF is in which seems like something I really should be able to view on the console screen as it's clearly quite a relevant item. Because I have no idea of DPF state I have booked car in to my local Jag specialist who tells me that he can see the current DPF level and can also initiate a clean (which seems to involve him driving it round the M25 in the early hours while his laptop is connected to the ECU in my car telling him what speed to drive at) as he runs through a 'forced clean' process. I would just like to get a feel for what you other XF owners have experienced If you have a solution please share it! If you are also new to the DPF problem then I hope this topic will grow to help us all out!