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Found 28 results

  1. DannyCain

    New member

    Hi all, Just bought my first ever Jaguar Xe 2d auto prestige in bluefire metallic. Three years old on a 65 plate. Delighted to finally own a Jaguar....... approved Jaguar with two year jag assist and warranty. 😀 😀👍
  2. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Good evening all. Just bought my first Jag on Tuesday. It's a lovely 2007 S type 2.7D with full service history and has obviously been very well looked after previously. It's a bit of a change from my 2.6 Vectra GSI, but the wife has decided that my days of wearing my baseball cap backwards are over and at my age I should now be driving a proper grown ups car. I have all the service history, all the manuals and most of the garage receipts from new, however the one thing that's missing is the radio code card. And the dealer had disconnected the battery, of course.... I'm pretty sure it's the original unit as there is no mention in the documentation to say that it has ever been replaced. I have been told that I can obtain it on line, but would need to remove the unit to obtain the serial number. I don't really want to do that as I'm not confident in removing the trim etc without breaking things. I have also been told that if I take the V5 and extra ID to a Jaguar dealer, they will be able to obtain the code for me. does anybody know if that is the case? Cheers.
  3. Hi All. I have a Mk2 which is currently for sale because I am looking for an XK. Previously had an XF. Based in Derbyshire and would like to hear of any local-ish events and meets. Thanks for letting me join the Forum. Look forward to meeting some of you soon. Hartley
  4. Keith Booth


    2008 Jaguar xf Premium Luxury
  5. Ambz642

    Jaguar XF Youtube Video

    Hello all, Just a quick one to let you know that I create car videos for YouTube and my latest one features a brand new Jaguar XF R-Sport which may interest you all. Heres the link to the video and subscribe to my YouTube as Part 2 is coming next week. Hope you enjoy the video and check out my other car videos whilst your there! Many thanks and bye for now!
  6. iaidoman


    Hi there ladies and gents and those with mental disorders that are not sure. Just Joined up so am pleased to be the newest member to this elite club, I have a 2006 2.7 TD V6 and LOVE it..
  7. Hi to all. My XJ 6 (recent addition to the fleet) has seen better days. It needs new sills, floor pans, sub frames rear arches, body work repair and repaint (a nut and bolt restoration is out of the question due to cost but would be nice!) but I will settle for a recommissioning to get it past its mot. Have thought of lending it as a donor vehicle to a classics restoration college /course provider but any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I have a limited budget somewhere south of £10k and lack the time, skills or facilities to do this job myself. Is there anyone out there who would fancy an opportunity to undertake such a restoration / recommissioning job? Best regards, John
  8. Mickhd

    XF s porfilio

    New member in manchester
  9. BRG CAT


    Hi folks, I've just joined and would like to say hello. I have an S Type 3.0 se in racing green. Looking forward to chatting to you all and sharing info.
  10. gary williams


    Hi, my name is Gary and I would like to thank you for letting me join.
  11. Dave 61


    Hi .new member to club..
  12. StuartXKR


    Just a few words of introduction as I have just joined. I am the proud owner (six years) of a 2002 XKR. I look forward to interacting with other Jaguar owners on this site.
  13. Adrenalinejunkie

    First Jaguar

    Hi All Just bought my first Jaguar. Have already been using the forums to help me decide. look forward to contributing to and using the forums in the future.
  14. barbara

    barbara fuller

    I've owned this delightful X-Type SE DCI auto estate (2009) since August 2011. I'm not a "motor-head" though my enjoyment of driving has increased immensely since purchase. Thank you Jaguar owners club
  15. Pob001

    new member

    Just got my first jag, an XK8 - loving it
  16. timbo


    Hi, just a quick intro to say Hello to you all. I have a 2005 S Type Sport and looking forward to being part of the forum.
  17. chrisq64

    hi i am chris

    hi I am Chris I am 63 and have owned many jags over the years I used to be a jag mechanic many years ago but am now retired but its still in the blood so 2 months after selling my 2006 s type diesel and buying a Chrysler 300 est. I now have a 2002 3ltr s type which I brought very cheep from eBay it has a couple of small faults but you need a hobby when retired
  18. Hi all, I'm Brian, im new to the forum world in general, and a new jaguar owner. I've an 04 X-Type 2.0 Diesel, and it's a fantastic machine. "Based on a Mondeo" thankfully it's nothing like a Mondeo ha. I am at the moment having A slight couple of problems with the car. So I am hoping that I could get some help. But I will create a new thread for that in a minute. I'm looking forwards to speaking to likeminded people here, who respect a good modern classic motor!
  19. enders500

    Good Morning

    Good Morning, New member here. I bought a 2004 X Type 20d yesterday and I am very impressed with it. This is my first Jaguar, as I was considering a BMW or Audi but so glad i decided to with Jaguar. The car is in very good condition except for a couple of age related issues but nothing major , few bits of loose interior trim and dull headlight lenses. Great site by the way, enders500
  20. Fred


    Hi All, I am a new member to the group. I am 26 i have owned my first jag for just over a week. Its a 2001 51-reg Jag X-type 3.0 V6 SE Automatic and only as 19k miles on her.
  21. Anyone have or know where to obtain an original replacement disc for my XK8:: disc missing on recently purchased 2000 model.
  22. tommy.h

    hi new member

    hi all this is hello from me Tom hopefully getting a 2009 XF Premier Lux 3.0d 1 owner full Jaguar History 71,000 miles £13,500 also with a 3 month warranty in the next week or so. finally made my mind up tonight after reading your reviews. must admit it has been a hard decision, i was worried about reliability, but after reading some of your messages i do not have a lot to worry about. the seller has agreed to me taking car for an M.O.T at cost to me, before buying (which i think is superb of him),it will give me an insight into things i may encounter within the coming years. anyway hope to be taking part in more conversations in the near future. just one thing while i am online. does anybody know of an independent garage in my area HYDE near Stockport (currently use Halfords because i have friends who work there and are reliable) regards tom
  23. Hi All would like to thank you for welcoming me to the jaguar owners club. Currently I own a 2007 jag s type xs year 2007. I would like advice on a problem that has recently developed. The cooling system is losing coolant, Also the heater has stopped working, which I think maybe linked. Prior to this fault developing unfortunately drove through a flooded road which was quite deep. Not long after this problem started to develop, loosing a little water then cabin heater started to fail, firstly drivers side lost heat then passenger side. My understanding maybe solenoid on heater control valve is knackered. Have a pressure test done and guy in garage said he could leak. It is going back into garage on Monday to try and locate leak and fault with cabin heating. Any advice would be most appreciated. regards marka
  24. Just purchased my first Jag. 2003 Xtype. In love with my car and I named her Kitty. Rather fitting. However we ran into tons of repairs and currently found out after getting tires replaced one of my rims are bent and scratched. Ive had mixed advice. So I am not sure if I should replace all rims or just the bent/cracked one? Any advice will help!
  25. the mechanic

    hi all

    Hi there just a quick introduction I am new to the club I am now on my 4th x type my first being a 51 plate 2.1 petrol in silver with the red leather then an 02 plate 2.5 red with ivory leather then a 3 litre in green with cream leather just about 2 finish my 4 one bought from copart a22 diesel sport fully loaded with all the toys in lmr grey metallic with full bodykit front end damage 07 cat d accident damage bought for under 2 grand but will be nearly 3 grand fixed bargain