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  1. Hi folks, I can't find a thread on this - sorry if I've not searched the right place....

    My auxiliary belt has failed 3.0 D S - looks like a pulley bush has worn resulting in belt fraying and slipping. There are also silver coloured metal shavings where the top right pulley wheel has been rubbing, perhaps against a pipe (vertical air or water line?). So the car is off the road till fixed!!

    I reckon it's best to replace all the pulleys and tensioners along with the belt. Usual garage say only way to get the parts is from main dealer, but if I can source them they will fit. Any ideas on sourcing this kit?

    Also, I thought the conventional wisdom was to replace the water pump when having the cam belt done (also now due on mine) but online research seems to suggest that the water pump is driven by the aux belt, not the cam belt, so should I be getting a new water pump too?