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    • Hi Anthony,  There are plenty of companies selling them if you just google them Genuine Jaguar centre caps can be found at Rimmer Bros and the David Manners Group, whose websites are very helpful. The Davis Manners Group are based locally --  Oldbury. Regards, Peter.
    • Hi Jim good luck for the future and you know where we are if you return to a Jaguar Cheers,  Trevor
    • Hi Jim, Good luck with your photography and hopefully an s type will come your way when commissions are coming in nicely. A manual s type is a rare model but I have found that a manual car can be very useful on an IAMRoadsmart course which I am currently doing.  I use the J Gate quite a lot! Au Revoir is hopefully the right thing to say. Regards, Peter.
    • Hi Jim, Sad news. Tell me about the photography tho! Are you on Flickr or other photo sites? Cheers and good luck, Jon
    • It is with much sadness that my S type is going! Just circumstances, nothing to do with the car. Firstly I have returned to full time education, working towards a BA (Hons) in photography, then my Fiat Scudo van, which I use to carry a lot of musical gear and my photography gear "died". It was the clutch, but it unearthed a whole raft of other issues and after spending £800.00 on a clutch, I still ended up with something undriveable. Try as I might, I could not get my Marshall stack into the S type...With much soul searching I am replacing both the van and the S type with a Fiat Doblo. About all there is out there that will take everything I need it to and of course running one vehicle will be cheaper and 50 mpg will come as a relief. I have adored my S type, really loved it, and mine was as close to being "perfect" as I could get it. Hopefully as commissions start to come in for my photography I will be able to find another, this time a V6 Manual would be my preference, but as I am sure you are all aware prices are rising on these cars which have been ignored for too long. Thanks to all on here and in the words of Arnie, "I'll be back"