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    • Hi, I signed up for premium membership on 28th February but have still not received my package. Please can you forward this to me. Thank you
    • not a lot of help here is there  
    • Hello from south Blackheath (close to where the London Marathon starts) Had several Jags over the years: Mk 1, Mk VIIM, two Mk IX (second with an ex-420G 4.2L lump) stalled waiting for renovation completion), currently a Owen Sedanca (XJ6 series 1 chassis just completing re-trimming).  And have had three XJ8s in the interim.  I like them, what a lot of motor you get for very little money... I'm a refugee from the JEC that's having major log-in and member verification difficulties at the moment -- I think they've been hacked in the past and so rightly have updated their login software to something more secure.  Still using an old PC here with WinXP service pack 3 32bit.  It's been said that my OS isn't good enough for the new JEC software.  So, time to move on 🤣 Shame really as they have lots of good meets organised -- will miss the tech support there from very knowledgable folks... Here's my previous Mk IX after completion -- '59MY "Kerry".  Regret selling it now, only 53k verified miles.  Bests to all from this newbie Richard
    • Hello.   Thank you for the replies. I haven’t had chance to look yet but from what you say can I assume that the relevant wiring will all be in place? Apart from obviously a new screen then, I will just need th correct relays, fuses and a sat nav screen with the switch fitted? Regards Chris.   Hello. I realise this is reviving an old thread, but did anyone ever retrofit a heated front screen? I naively thought all S types had them as my year 2001 did but the replacement 2008my doesn’t have one sadly.   Regards Chris.
    • Hi Chris, Paul is quite correct.  When my heated windscreen had to be replaced after a large crack the fitter who came with the new one told me that the electrics were the same in cars without it. Peter.