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    • Hi I have been running Falken azenis fk510 which I have found to be better than my Goodyear and also the pirelli, also about £110 per corner, they are noticable quieter. I now fit them to all my cars.
    • Just bought a lovely 2011 xk portfolio convertable with only 36,000 miles, very excited. I need a certificate of Conformity and Jaguar have sent a list of requirements and form to complete, looks straightforward.  However they need photos of 3 VIN number locations, on front or should I say under front window, done. On passenger door frame to also show weights etc, done. On the Chassis....PROBLEM, search as I may, books, internet etc I cannot find any reference or see myself a VIN on the chassis. Can anyone help?
    • Hi Wayne66 Did you get this sorted ? I have a 2014 xf sportbrake and have something similar, I am in Preston Lancashire  
    • I think the general consensus seems to be Osram Nightbreakers
    • Hi All, My 2012 XF 30d S has BiXenon headlights and the drivers side has condensation inside.  My main dealer quoted me almost £1500 for a replacement!  Anyone know either how to cure the condensation or get an approved replacement at a reasonable price. Many thanks, Clive Hunt