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    • Today I went to Autoclinic-Telford, Unit 3, sovereign park, Halesfield 24, Telford TF4 7NZ Tel:01952 585555 They managed to turn off the warning message. It seems the NSF sensor was showing an error, I always maintained 2.5 bar in all wheels that's more than recommended. Manager suggested I fit a new sensor. Might fit one when tyre needs replacement or if error comes back  Thanks to everyones help. For the time being afaic this thread is closed
    • i have a 2007 xj6 2.7tdv.i I have now spent loads on it and still every now and then it plays up. cold or warm it runs rough. feels like only firing on 3 or 4 cylinders put your foot down and it stutters then exhilarates fine for a while.   put new egr valves in still the same then had the inlet manifolds changed and still no joy. Injectors have been checked and are ok. no air leaks changed diesel filter still the same  HELP PLEASE. 
    • My 2012 XF with only 63K on the clock has a cracked DPF. Jag have quoted over £1000 to fix. Does anyone know of a reliable place to buy second hand DPF's from. Any help would be much appreciated.
    • Liem tel 01404 597311   http://www.westcountryjagspecialist.co.uk/  
    • Hi,   As in my previous post i have just bought an S Type 2006 2.7d and intend to use it as my every day runner.   I've had a look but cant see anything pinned for work/mods/maintenance worth doing? little tricks or tips?   I have read about leaks and sealing the rear lights. just wondered if people have other suggestions?   Thanks,   Stu