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    • Hi. As I have found a suitable XK portfolio to be my next Jaguar, I have reduced the asking price of my car to £4995. I really can justify keeping two Jaguars so this is a beautiful car for someone!  The car has now reverted back to its original registration KT07XCZ. Call me on 07743855364 for more details.
    • hi there as a new member yet an 5 year owner of a 2013 jag xf 2.2 could anyone help me. The stop start function does not work, I also have inconsistent vents opening, and a message on the display screen "system will shut down in 1 minute" appears randomly; I have approached my local dealer and they recommend a new battery at a cost of £434 inc fitting, 1 hours labour; but I can alternatively use a local national battery supplier to replace my battery at a cost of £170 fitted (stop start platinium battery). What should I do?. I also need assurance that a replacement battery will alleviate all above issues on my car. Thank you in advance. Mike.
    • Recently I solved a water leak from the pipe union between the expansion tank and water hose. This was dropping coolant and in turn causing the alternator to become soaked. If the windings are wet then sparking will occur and the charge output will drop. Now the engine bay is dry again I noticed the battery charge has improved and I can put off buying a new battery for the time being.  I really think s-type owners should check around the top of the radiator and the fan housing for any sign of water and if found deal with it, this is particularly relevant to charging issues.
    • The new car isn't without its issues, most of which i have sorted out now (no thanks to the dealer) but there is one i cant seem to shift... There was a horrific smell of burnt oil coming through the vents in the first week, which i put down to oil spillage / leakage in between the banks by the oil filter. Since then i have had the throttle body off, cleaned most of the oil off and rinsed through with some industrial goo and water to sort that out (all over a catch tank for the environmentalists among us!) What i think this could be is down to a couple of reasons,  - Over tightening of the oil filter housing or under (whichever) , a poor or not replaced seal and a cracked throttle body (which is what i had on my old XF). However, just like Google doctor, the internet is throwing up all manner of woeful tales about cracked flex joints in the exhaust and doom and gloom.. Has anyone else had anything similar and if so, what was the cure? I love the car, and the colour and the interior spec (black leather with carbon style trim) but i am really starting to contemplate sending it back and going with my second option of a silver XJ with more toys in Leicester... Can anyone shed any light on the fumes issue?   Thanks in advance
    • Hi Robert and welcome to the club. It is possible that it is a software glitch.  I would check the battery just in case it is getting low in this cold weather though Regards, Peter.