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    • Evening guys, start of the story, my dad drove up to the Midlands last Friday from Cornwall, I commented that his car (05 x type Sport D) didn't sound quite right, he thought nothing of it and set off for home, 90 mins later he's broken down, he said the car over heated massively and just died, his expansion tank is full of oil and also there are brown sludge spats all over the engine bay, I believe it to be head gasket failure but a mechanic who lives next to me says it's also symptomatic of oil cooler failure, I know nobody could answer for definite without seeing vehicle, but is he right? What is the likelihood of oil cooler failing?
    • Evening guys, found this forum and hoping it's members can try and help settle an issue, but that's for another thread, I'm a technology lover and can usually turn my hand at most things If I give it a go, main areas of enjoyment are mobile phones, old gaming systems and football! Hope to have a good look round and find the answer to my question
    • mines due in june have you contact number thanks  
    • getting timingbelt done nextweek done 105000 miles booked in at local garage for £420 is that ok and should I go a garage people have good reviews with thanks only had it a month got deal off dealer as timin belt was due thanks
    • hi how can I watch movies on my touch screen tried downloadin on stick wont work havnt got satnav on it if that helps thanks