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    • Well, if I'm not getting any help I'm trying somewhere else- that's obvious. I am using dedicated DELL with WIN XP PRO SP2, clear system with v130 SDD only, no other programs on it. I've had brand new Bosch battery fitted when I was doing that and SDD was connected just for 10 minutes.
    • hi as above just reflectors only usa cars the reflectors light up, some people add the bulbholders to make them light up, you would just come off the side lights 12v feed cheers Joe
    • Hi Best way is to get it plugged in to Jaguar IDS/SDD it will give you faults it will also tell you whats triggering the alarm the alarm going off with out opening the door is also standard, it active arming and can be turned off in dealer options sounds like you have a fault on the security system/alarm and the alarm is activating on it own on IDS/SDD software there country selection and options for the alarm, you need to get these checked, i'm sure you can even disable the alarm in dealer options as well cheers Joe
    • Hi This exact same topic has popped up somewhere else, no matter which forum you go to you will get the same answers I've used IDS/SDD for years to check and clear codes and to monitor live engine data and never had any issues but I am using a dedicated laptop, not using a modern laptop running virtual software running win xp pro, this option will give you nothing but trouble and you will end up brcking loads of modules, because these virtual softwares are so unstable. also I've not used IDS/SDD with out have a descent battery charger connected, mines 30 Amps and that really a mininum, Jaguar use a similar setup, because when your diagnosing, programing or calibrating, it asks you to cycle the ignition many times and will flatten the battery really quick, low battery voltage causes modules to go into fault and if you programing, calibrating or even clearing fault codes, if it goes into fault mid writing will corrupt the module, depending what its doing, the modules may not be recoverable, damaged for good. looks like you have been lucky if you got them working again also found version V130 the most reliable and covers the most on S-types cheers Joe
    • Do you think it's in the cable or software?