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    • Hi, I was hoping to collect some info before I buy a Jaguar and thought this site would be a good place to chat about it. I was hoping to buy a Jaguar XF, but I seem to read a wide range of figures around its MPG. Granted, MPG does take into a lot of factors, but was hoping for some "real" figures from Jaguar owners. The model I am looking at is a 2015 XF 2.2d R-Sport (200ps). With this being my first delve into the exc saloon range and pushing my budget a little, id like to have all bases covered. It will be used for general family use, so from long trips down the motorways for days out to every day errands around town. Any tips, advice or experiences would be gratefully appreciated.  Michael.
    • Welcome to the Club Martin. The gearbox oil is supposed to be for life, but most drivers change at around 60k to 70k. My s type has 77k on the clock but had a new engine at 28k so I have not had it changed yet, but I will in 3 years time. Regards Peter.   
    • this is where it gets weird... if I use central locking, the door will open on the inside lever fine... if the car auto locks then it seems to go into deadlock and the door will not open until the CL button is pressed... the inner handle is non affective..    
    • hi As above, I did mine for peace of mind also check your sills, there hidden by a plastic cover and they can completely rot away might be worth also getting the plugs changed if its got a misfire, first place I'd start cheers Joe.