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    • The induction valve hose is whats gone. I have made a temporary fitting with a piece of old fuel pipe from a quad bike. Not 100% sealed but hopefully enough to add some pressure to stop the idling to rise too much.
    • Hi Haydn, I guess you have gone for for the diesel engine, which is an updated version to meet EU6 regulations, and basically the larger version of the engine [2.7 diesel] that my s type has. A very good engine designed by Ford and Peugeot. The style and design of Jaguar cars still shows some of the qualities of earlier Jaguars, and if you look carefully at the Jaguar F type -- sports car --  you will see similarities to the famous E Type of the sixties, and looking carefully at the XF you will see similarities with the s type of the eighties. When the Mark 2 Jaguar was first shown, Bill Lyons [who was a Lancashire man] who founded Jaguar used the words "Grace, Pace and Space" and that really remains the motto of Jaguar.   Regards, Peter. 
    • I think its called navigating with the wrong compass.
    • hi yes they go very brittle and just break is this the part thats gone https://www.sngbarratt.com/uk/#!/English/FindParts/Families/S-Type and X-Type/12/50/11007/1/10/1 cheers Joe
    • You should always re map when there is a rolling road present. Too many people are fitting chips. There are a lot of independent 'specialists'.