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    • Hello,new member here, looking for advice,i currently have a 2003 petrol x type, and was thinking of trading her in for either a 2nd hand XK8 0R XF,have a budget of around 7-9k.Dont do much driving as i commute to work by tube, so car is just a weekend /pleasure need.I could keep the x type as its only covered 65k,but had it 10 years and fancied a change, any ideas?
    • Hello I am new to Jag ownership. I currently have a 2006 S type 3 litre petrol. I did some research before the purchase drove a few, then bought one. I've had the usual problems. 1. Code PO420 cat efficiency below threshold and PO303 and PO304 misfire 3 and 4  2. Misfire on both sides, so replaced plugs and coils, removed valve covers (as oil in plug holes) replaced with seals, turned of management light. Hoping this would also cure the cat issue. The car has been running fine since but not for long. 3. As now the car has developed a loud induction noise when it is throttled hard, loss of power  and the gear box cant decide it it wants to change down management light came on again code PO420 bank 1. So removed all air intake parts including manifold and put it back together checking for cracks or holes turned off light. But this problem has not gone away. Any ideas? (Blocked cat?) (Fuelling or timing?) Or is it so simple that I'm missing it? Thanks in advance for your help regards Dave
    • Hi Guys,

      I have 61 Plate XFs 3.0L V6.

      All has been okay until today when I had the message "Battery Not Charging" message, Shortly after (2 Mins) all the faults popped up (ABS, ESP ect) the wipers turned on and the car went sluggish, the screen turned off along with the audio. Following this the instrument panel turned off aswell as the revs and speedo.

      At this point the engine is still running and Im held up at a red light. once I tried to set off i moved a meter and the engine just cut out.

      I managed to get it to a car to a Car park. We tried to get jump leads to get it going a the car was dead dead!! no power at all. with the jump leads the car turned twice and died again. but this resulted in the jump leads burning and melting (they were heavy duty.

      I have replaced the battery and everything has come to life but once the new battery is connected there was some smoke coming from next to the fuse box in the engine compartment so I rushed to disconnect it!.

      Does anyone have any Idea what the problem could be??

      Thanks in advanced
    • Could be wrong but do S-types have factory fitted front sensors? Maybe they are after market additions.
    • Hi Wasi  Welcome to the Ownersclub. We haven't heard from you regarding an x type, i'm in East Lothian if you want to meet up at Straiton. I can show you my x type and tell you what to look out for. Regards Tom.