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  • 110 UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters

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    • Hi As Raistlin says above, the rear lights are wires like positive earth You need a special relay for the towbar electrics and can really confuse a lot of people, installers cheers Joe
    • Hi They work on diesels but recommend having it mapped properly Tony Dalton workd with Jaguar a lot, does lots of jaguar remaps and would give you best advice https://www.facebook.com/tonydalton40 cheers Joe
    • If you do choose to have one fitted, BEWARE, the rear lights on the S-Type are negative switched so unless your fitter knows what he is doing, at best the trailer electrics will not work. At worst you have various parallel paths and your car lights will do all sorts of weird things.
    • Used one in a 2.0 X-type. It went very well and never had a problem.
    • Quick update - this turned out to be a broken connector that Jaguar wanted £800 to replace the rear window, but I was able to solder in 10 mins at zero cost!