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    • Hi Mally, Since 2002 I have used a mobile mechanic who knows everything about cars.  I checked out the cost of s type EGR valves and they varied from £185 to £235 for each one. I though that I was looking at about £700 minimum for both to be supplied and fitted. Carl only uses genuine parts where possible and he also charges me the price he pays rather than the listed price.  His supplier gave him £50 off each one which put the cost at  £270 plus £150 labour which is not bad for a days work. He is picking up my s type on Monday evening so that he can start on Tuesday with a cold engine.  He will bring my car back on Tuesday evening.. Good job well done as usual. Regards, Peter.
    • Hi Peter ,   2 EGR  valves  fitted woahh that sounds expensive , what was the quote and are you putting it in Indepentant garage or , Jag steeler.   Cheers Mally
    • Welcome to the club, Gordon, Short answer, Yes. I sometimes get the same.  Batteries usually last about five years, and if you do a lot short runs they will need charging about once a fortnight.  It is surprising how much of the battery is used overnight when the car is sitting quietly n the garage or on the driveway. Regards, Peter.
    • Hello just had warnings for abs, gearbox fault showing on my s type 2.7 diesel 2007 Could it be battery?
    • Hi Robert, and welcome to the club. It did for me, giving me a full record of the specification of the car, plus all factory fitted optional extras. Having said that  it does appear that it has not worked for a quite a few members. A jaguar dealer should give you the same information. Regards, Peter.