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    • My first car was a Triumph Herald that was just a few months under 3 years old when I bought it.   Two years later it died of rust and was taken apart before taking it to the council tip. I worked in the Steel Industry for 45 years and it took a long time for us to convince car makers that a galvanised chassis will last much longer. Peter.
    • Enjoy the weekend, Joe. We retired from caravanning 7 years ago.  I still miss those weekends away! Peter. 
    • Would anyone recommend changing the auto transmission fluid out of my 2003 2.5 V6 s Type the car says it’s done over 163,000 miles and it roughwhen changing gear I’m in Bishop Auckland County Durham does anyone know where I can get it done without having my eyes out. I do have a good friend who is a Machanic but not sure if he has done a jag gearbox fluid change before if so what is the correct fluid and where’s best to buy it I believe it’s 7ltrs 
    • A new twist on the X-Type boot that won't open....I have a 2008 Estate and the tailgate will not open, either using the remote fob or the release button. I guess that the solenoid operating the lock release mechanism has failed. Problem is I can't see any way to release the lock from the inside of the car.  You can take a bit of the inside tailgate trim off - but to get all the trim off the tailgate needs to be open. Any help gratefully received - many thanks.
    • Mine locks the doors when pulling away then won’t let u out even when engine is turned off Iv got to press the button under the radio