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    • If it’s a good car it’s a shame to trade it. But it’s also annoying spending that much on a car you haven’t had to long but I would fix it and hope that draws a line under it. Can you get an independent to do it cheaper with a used part.
    • I had my Audi plugged in and had it switched so it started automatically off and I pressed the button to turn it on. I can’t do it on the Jaguar as it gets automatic updates through the connectivity.
    • My x type diesel 2.0 is judering but if I put my foot down it stops but its down on power but if I park up and rev the car it only revs to 3000rpm but If i drive the car dip the clutch and rev it then it revs as it should any help please 
    • Not much of a poster on forums but here goes. Ive had a 2016 Xf 2.0 Diesel for just over a year, bought with just 22500 miles on the clock, in immaculate condition, clearly not driven much, garaged, and Jaguar services from 1 owner. Naturally through Covid has had limited driving, although my normal patterns will be a lot of motorway driving, and at least 1k miles per month. Had several occurrences of the amber transmission light on, for which Ive had a local guy come out check for anything serious, run off a report and clear errors for £50 quid. Hes never come up with anything much that could be causing it, and the error general disappears for a couple of months and then comes back. He has put it down to limited motorway driving through lockdowns, whilst working from home . After 3 of these clearing episodes, last month when it came on again - I succumbed and took it on to Jaguar for a full diagnostic, which revealed the injector was faulty / damaged and needed replacing, so that was nearly £600, and it cam with a warning that the DPF Filter is partially damaged as a result of the injector being damaged, which may present a problem and may not. Sure enough 50 miles later,  this week amber light is back on, so my only option form Jaguar is to replace the damaged DPT, at the tune of £1900 - Anyone else been in this position, and will this solve my woes, as I head back to proper motorway driving.. Im loathed to change the car especially in this condition, as its in good nick and still with low mileage 26k, although I now appreciate that this is probably the problem, previous owner not driving it much. Appreciate any comments, from those that have been here before
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