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    • XF for sale
      Hi I am selling my XF due to family and work demands.

      I just do not get time to drive it and feel its a waste just standing there.

      I will buy another next year, when I can devote more time.

      I am looking for £5500 or nearest offer.

      It has a transferable warranty that has just over 18 months to run.

      please PM me if interested.

      Wrexham Area.

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    • New member south coast

      i joined today.  Have a p450 F type.  Do people meet up at all? Bournemouth area.  Thanks 
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    • Jaguar Land Rover brings Tool Manufacturing in-house with £1.7M Halewood investment
      Jaguar Land Rover has started manufacturing its own press tools in-house for the first time following a £1.7m investment at its Halewood plant

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    • What is E10 Petrol and Can My Car Run It?
      What is E10 fuel and why is it being introduced?
      The reason E10 fuel has been introduced as the standard grade fuel at forecourts across the country is to try and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This fuel is made up on 90% regular unleaded petrol and 10% ethanol. Current petrol grades in the UK (E5) contain up to 5% ethanol, with the rest being regular unleaded petrol.
      The Government claims that the introduction of E10 petrol at UK forecourts could cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year – the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road.
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    • Fuel Crisis - and is it improving?
      So what's behind the crisis?
      The key issue is there aren't enough drivers to supply petrol.
      There's an estimated shortage of more than 100,000 HGV drivers and petrol is only the latest industry to be hit.
      The lack of drivers has caused problems for a range of industries - from supermarkets to fast food chains.
      Fuel tanker drivers need additional safety qualifications on top of their HGV licence to be able to transport chemicals such as petrol.
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