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    • Would anyone recommend changing the auto transmission fluid out of my 2003 2.5 V6 s Type the car says it’s done over 163,000 miles and it roughwhen changing gear I’m in Bishop Auckland County Durham does anyone know where I can get it done without having my eyes out. I do have a good friend who is a Machanic but not sure if he has done a jag gearbox fluid change before if so what is the correct fluid and where’s best to buy it I believe it’s 7ltrs 
    • A new twist on the X-Type boot that won't open....I have a 2008 Estate and the tailgate will not open, either using the remote fob or the release button. I guess that the solenoid operating the lock release mechanism has failed. Problem is I can't see any way to release the lock from the inside of the car.  You can take a bit of the inside tailgate trim off - but to get all the trim off the tailgate needs to be open. Any help gratefully received - many thanks.
    • Mine locks the doors when pulling away then won’t let u out even when engine is turned off Iv got to press the button under the radio 
    • I miss listening to absolute 80’s on dab radio as my s-type se only has fm ect I’m not sure if a dab module thing can be added into the head unit I also found 3 aux cable (jack,usb and a iPod cable) not sure what they work with or head unit or the dvd system that has the monitors in the headrest with the 10disc dvd auto changer in the boot.
    • As Iv just bought the car I’m finding little problems when driving it today the automatic box seems rough when changing gear mainly the low ones and if I put my foot down it’s !Removed! a manual clutch slipping anyone had this thing before and knows roughly what it is thanks guys