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    • Hi Joe, Thank you for your help. Europarts don't do the clutch ad/or flywheel and it looks like Brtish Parts don't do them either. Marks link does sell them but at Jag prices so  am still stuck. Thanks both for trying but please keep your ideas coming everybody. Sincerely, Steve  
    • hi have you tried euro car parts, they do them for most if not try British car parts as well cheers Joe
    • Hi guys and gals,  Just purchased a 2011 Jaguar XJL. Both key fobs are in a far from desirable condition. I'm sure this is a common issue and there is probably a whole thread on options. Could someone please link it on to here so that I can to work on sorting them out.  Many thanks in advance,  Soggy.     
    • Thank you Mark - this is greatly appreciated! Best Regards Steve
    • Hi Stephen, welcome to the club! You could try these: https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/parts/index/part/id/C51.C5144.C5144259.C51442597099/brand/jaguar/ I'm not sure you'd find many breakers that have the bits you need but, personally, if you can find one I would only consider getting the flywheel from them. Good luck!