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    • Hi all I have a set of 4 Aruba 18" wheels sat in my garage - (First Picture) I don't need them and I want rid.  They are in pretty shoddy surface condition, but easily reconditionable.  They have tyres on but they will likely be flat. I would say if you want a set of Arubas as spares, or to get fully reconditioned, these may be the wheels for you.  I would accept £40 per wheel as they stand, collected.  Or you can arrange a courier to collect them. I could also arrange to have these reconditioned for you by a local company in Telford 'Amazing alloys'  - I believe it comes out at around £70 per wheel for the full original condition recon, recolour if required.  They did my x10 16" ones in 'Skoda Black Sparkle' and I'm very impressed with them.  If you want this type of service I'll need the money up front.  I'll sort an invoice from them, for you to view, up front.  
    • Hi, can anyone tell me whether all the accessory/power sockets are powered through the same fuse? My 2012 3.0D has 3 power/cigarette lighter sockets. one in the front of the centre console next to the gear knob,; one in the centre armrest and one on the rear of the armrest for rear seat passengers. The one at the front of the console has ceased to work, and I am trying to determine whether I have checked the correct fuses.   My handbook suggests that auxiliary power sockets are fed from Fuse 28 in the footwell fuse box. This fuse appears fine.  There is also an entry for a cigarette lighter in the manual at Fuse 22 in the engine compartment Fuse box, This doesn't actually exist in my car, but the socket has been working, so this is obviously a red herring!  I'm now wondering whether the socket itself is kaput!  Any advice gratefully received!! Cheers  Ray     
    • the thing is that, away from 'perfomance circles', the way to get your brake effort up is just to use big rotors. The X was probably designed late 90's as a mid-range saloon car. there wasn't a huge need to have multi-pot calipers on anything that 'shouldn't be driven in a sporty manor' and at that time the price of big calipers wouldnt translate as 'economical' to either dealer nor buyer, so it was left off the X. The Alfa would have had 5years worth of tech develop before it was designed and judging by the other models at the time (3.2 V6 Breras, 3.2 V6 GT, the big heavy diesel and 4x4 systems used in the 159) there was need for some serious stopping power up front, under the 17inch wheels these 4 pots are TIGHT, the 18s were a big money upgrade, theyd already gone for the big rotor approach, and then ran out of space so the only thing to do was go for more effective calipers.   In all fairness, the X is no slouch in the way it stops but will always pale in comparison to more modern motors of similar class. Mostly due to the era it was built and cost effectiveness. if you wanted a sporty jag you saved up for a bit longer and got the XK... which i know has some big ol' anchors bolted on it.
    • I just did fluid as I'd had my calipers reconditioned - I swear the first thing out of the bleed tubing was a small pocket of water - although oil is supposed to float - Mine had a few blobs of black too.  Braking has been far more decisive since.  But not a patch on my Mrs' 208, when I drove that after a few weeks of driving the Jag, I nearly broke our necks at the junction from our estate. The one thing I did happen to notice was if I brake when I knock the auto box into neutral, there is a vast difference in brake effectiveness. I agree entirely single pots on a car this size is a bit daft Glad you're sorted Rich