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    • Just turned in a lease on my 2016 Jaguar F Type R AWD and I'm selling the awesome wheels and exhaust I got for it. This exhaust is badass!! You can listen to it in this video here: https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/f-type-x152-72/velocityap-exhaust-development-jaguar-f-type-v8s-v8r-v6-v6s-170738/page5/#post1704717. I paid $2600 for it and will sell it for $1200 OBO. It has less than 10k miles on it and there are no issues with it whatsoever. 

      The wheels I'm selling are BD-3 Blaque Diamond in 20x9 and 20x10.5 (factory size so the tires can swap out). They have the offset set correctly to give the car a better stance and appearance. They're $350 each brand new, but I'll sell the entire set for $600 OBO. 

      Please see the attached pictures for more info. Local pickup in San Diego or you can pay for shipping. I am selling these individually or together. For both, I am asking $1800 total or you can make an offer.

    • Hi I have just joined owners club and I really need help my Jag is a 2.5 s type sport auto 2003 Thinking the wheel bearings rear had gone I replaced both of them and yes " you've got it" same house I now think it's the rear differential and need to replace it. I have been offered a diff from the same year car and it's a 2.5"" but the replacement offerd is from a manual car""""" does anyone no if the manual diff is the same as the automatic many thanks for any help or advice
    • Hi I think my s type is on the way out I've loved my jaguar for over three years but I feel it may be time to let her sleep. I would be more than happy to make a good donation to the charety. Can you please let me no what area you are in. Many thanks Rick.
    • One of the first things I did was source another alloy wheel and relegate the spacesaver to the shed.
    • this seems as it may be your turbo actuator, if you have a square looking box on top of the turbo? get some to rev the car and check to make sure the arm moves from this box to the turbo itself. as this is a problem when the glow plug light flashs. plus limp mode too. some where in the XTYPE FORUM you should find posts regarding on this.  all the best ...dave