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    • You do indeed have to be careful with these things Peter, sometimes the genuine price is a surprise. Also there can be a big difference in prices of second hand parts When my Alpine audio amplifier packed up, S Type ones were around £80. I picked up an X Type one (which is identical) for £20! Similarly I recently picked up a roof console with glasses holder in lovely condition for £20 when the usual price on ebay seems to be £40+ (as it happened I needn't have bothered as mine only needed a new catch which I have now done, however that will go back on ebay eventually and potentially I will make a profit on the entire transaction).
    • I have a 2005 2.7td with 120k miles on it. I have had it for a year, and use it to tow a trailer of 1600kg so it gets a work out. It has developed a shake via the steering on medium to hard acceleration, and also on braking . I have replaced both front wishbones, the bent ones with a large bush at one end, and the track rod ends. I cannot see any other bushes that are worn. I wonder if these cars when used for towing have any ware points? Can engine mounts or gearbox mounts cause this. Could the bushes on the bottom of the shocks at the front cause this? Or the top mounts to the shocks? Any ideas please as this is only getting worse. I don't suspect brake discs as it happens on acceleration and braking. Thoughts??
    • Dear All, My name is Steve and I have recently purchased a 2006 2.5l AWD X-Type and I'm really happy with it. However a week or so ago the Engine Warning Light came on and the car immediately went into the Limp Home mode. I pulled over and had a quick look to see if I can see anything obvious but everything appeared normal so I restarted the car and continued my journey to work. I should say that before and after this incident the car had been driving perfectly. Unfortunately this morning the same thing has happened so I need to get a mechanic to diagnose the problem. I have two questions; Can anyone recommend a Jaguar mechanic in the Camberley, Surrey area (GU15). I suspect that the spark plugs and potentially the ignition coil need replacing can anyone tell me how much I can expect to pay for this work? Regards Steve  
    • I have had a small problem with one of the repeater side lamps on my s type. The little plastic clip has worn out and I indulged in a look at the Jaguar spares for sale on eBay, and eventually found one that could be a quick buy for £25.  I made an offer of £10 as they are just a small piece of plastic containing a bulb.  The offer was rejected as was my second offer of £15. I checked the price from David Manners, genuine new Jaguar parts suppliers, and found that their price was £23.02 inclusive of VAT. Peter.  
    • Hi Tam. Welcome to the Forum. I've heard off some owners having a problem with opening the Boot lid because of the switch not working properly, and some have fitted myself included a way off opening the Boot if something goes wrong with the switch. And this may help you. Open the Boot lid and remove the plastic cover that's protecting the Boot lid lock, have a look at the lock and you should see a slotted hole on a flat metal plate, i tied a window blind cord to this plate (you'll need quite a long length off cord) and refitted the plastic cover. As i have folding rear seats i put the cord through between the back rests and tucked the cord between back of the seat and the cushion and by pulling on the Cord the Boot lid can be opened. One owner that didn't have folding rear seats brought the cord from the Boot into the interior of the car by dropping the arm rest and making a hole in the back off the seat and bringing the cord through the hole and when the the arm rest is folded up the cord is hidden. The bracket i've attached the cord to is used in America so that if a child gets trapped in the Boot ( Trunk ) they can open the Lid quite easily , that's what i'm led to believe. Hope this helps with your Problem. Regards Tom.