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  • 391 UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters

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    • I'm reading this thread with great interest as I have recently fitted an ELM327 mini unit and with the Torque App, I can view my Coolant Temperature and DPF Soot Level with the assistance of some nifty programming by a Torque Pro forum member. I've a 2014 Jaguar Sportbrake, 2.2, 200hp version, done almost 40000 miles. What I've noticed with DPF soot level is that it goes up or down dependent on driving conditions. For example when I first got the programme showing, my soot level was 23 g/m3, but after a steady run of around 30miles (around 1500rpm) this dropped to 5g/m3. A bit of stop start and town driving then increased it up to 7g/m3 and that is where I am at the moment. On the attached photo the car hasn't yet warmed up so the temperature is a bit low at 48C. Also my hand was a bit shaky with the camera. The top indication is the Soot Level, the bottom one Coolant Temperature  If anyone is interested in showing these figures on an Android smartphone, pm me and I can show the links.  
    • Hi everyone! I’m looking for an X or S-type for my wife for her birthday next year. She’s going to be handing her lease car back and she’s always wanted a Jaguar so I was hoping this is the right place to find out things like - what to look for in a used Jag, do’s and dont’s with test drives etc. I have an mx5 so don’t have a comparable car for eg ride quality etc so I’m after any help and advice to make sure I don’t get her a nail by accident! I’ll have a pretty limited budget - maybe £2k - but I’m hoping I can still find something tidy and reliable? Thanks in advance 🙂
    • Many thanks Peter. Much appreciated. Cheers. Alan
    • Hi all in new to this site but I'm hoping someone can help me with my JAGUAR 1982 XJS V12. I have purchased the vehicle 3 months ago as a barn find in the hope to restore her...I seem to be having a fuel problem, the injectors have a permanant positive to both sides of the plug?? This can't be correct can it?
    • I am embarrassed that I did not notice this earlier, but there is a notice right next to the filler port to use Orange antifreeze.  Depending on where you get it here in the United States, it is generally available for between $14 and $20 per pre-mixed, ready-to-use gallon.   Jeff