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    • Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard! There are a couple of specialist repairers in Bournemouth....Marina garage, although I knew them many years ago as a good garage, I couldn't comment on them nowadays as have no dealings but worth checking out....think they're Boscombe way? Also, there is Hollybrook Jaguar in Ringwood (turning off towards Verwood)...again, couldn't tell you if they are okay as no dealings with them but worth checking out nonetheless. Also, there is Dorset Sports Cars at Three Legged Cross and I do know that they have a very good reputation. Let us know how you get on with any of these garages Cheers,   Trevor
    • Hi, Last few days I have noticed a vibration when running my car first thing in the morning ... This is on a smooth motorway road and appears 50-60 MPH.  Last for 10-15 minutes then goes away. Thought it may be a tyre but as it disappears after a few miles so I have ruled this out.  Cant locate where the noise comes from due to the excellent sound proofing on the XF. Any ideas?  How do I track it down when it only lasts 10 Mins ..... OK the rest of the day / night driving. cheers Jim  
    • Just checking in to say Hi - recently got my first Jag so still driving everywhere with a cheeky grin at the moment - guess that may change with my first garage bill!!! Hoping this forum is as informative as others with past cars I've had, it certainly looks like it - had a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo, VXR, Scooby and Volvo T5 in the past and always joined forums as I love the whole community thing!!! Just wondering if any other members can recommend an Indie based down this way?  Have found some great ones in the past for the Scooby and Fiat Coupe but always had to travel a bit to get to them, would be nice to find one a bit more local. One initial question though - my XF-S has the LED Daytime running lights (similar to pic attached) - the drivers side one doesn't work.  They look like the ones in the attached pic although the actual lights don't have the glass look, they look Chrome so blend in more with the actual Chrome of the unit, but are the same style.  Upon searching I've found so many different types but can't seem to find the ones I have.  Anyone managed to get a replacement?  They don't actually look like lights when they are off so i may just leave them and wait for the other one to die - just looks a tad daft now when only the one side comes on.  I could buy a new pair but they are pretty expensive for lights!!! Cheers.
    • hi afsar i use chiltern jaguar in stokenchurch bucks...01442 832932 they used to be based in bovingdon herts ..hence the number..but they are a friendly bunch and know there jags...good luck
    • Called AF as they already insured my other car but didn't even have a quote for me, instead provided a quote from one of their partners of 2 grand.