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    • Hello everyone  have had my stype for almost 5 years now . Its on a 2003 plate late 2013 Beige colour  no real problems with the car.  We did 1500 miles in France in July ,was a real pleasure to drive . Now this week end I find that my keyfob does not work ,so wont operate the central locking . Just have to open the door with the key each time and make sure I put the key in the ignition  quickly  before the alarm goes off . Have changed  the battery but still wont work , whats my best option and what sort of  price can I expect to pay for a replacement ? Thanks in advance ,and looking forward to seeing every ones  cars on this group . Lee
    • Thanks everyone for your replies. I have the plug in adaptors, but wanted something more permanent. I had hoped that someone produced a unit that replaced the whole ashtray area. I have also looked at fitting the USB in the glove box, but I have mine full of CDs, yes I know, I could use the mp3s from my phone instead.... Also I want to assist the Jag satnav by using WAZE apps etc from my phone, and so wanted a USB closer to the dash.
    • Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to replace the front indicator bulbs on a X350, the LH side is hard enough if you have sausage fingers like me, but the RN side there's not even enough room to get the bulb cover off! Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you
    • Hi Terry and Welcome to the Club, I think you're right. You'll need to get the back end up to trace the route of the cable and find any exposed pinch points but its more than likely a build up of corrosion or dirt between the outer cover and the cable itself. Find the sections where the outer cover terminates, usually near the brake hub and liberally apply some WD40 before working the handbrake a few times to free it up. When you have consistent movement apply a little suitable grease to keep the cable lubricated and help to prevent further water/dirt incursion. Hope this helps. Cheers Steve
    • Thanks for reply. I have managed to get into the car (RAC help) but the key is in the boot and that is still locked.  Will wait till spare key arrives on Tues.