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    • I had disassembled the 58's front suspension and was sandblasting it when I lost access to the sandblaster. Pity, as I was using it for free. I had also prepared the 58 engine bay and had it down to bare metal, which has since rusted. I can wire brush a portion of it to show you. I stopped because I started pulling apart the interior on the 58 and discovered rust in the front floorboards, so...I picked up the 57 after the 58 and was going to use that one as the builder, as it had nice paint. I planned to swap over the trans tunnel, disc brakes (which is why I bought the Mk2 hubs, as I read that those are the key to having steel wheels and disc brakes. Then I was told by a friend that the 58 would be the better one to build and to cut the pieces I need from the 57, since I had just had the engine rebuilt for the 58 and would match the body number. That was almost 2 years ago and that is when the project stalled.
    • hi upper intake manifolds cant leak into engine intercoolers can, which could be proved by plugging off the two coolant pipes flow and return to the intercoolers from the radiator car will still run fine, but inlet temp would be higher, but would prove a point, or you could just pressure test each intercooler disconnect the two pipes to each intercooler, plug one pipe and put compressed air on each one, 1.2 bar should do it, as its the same as the pressure relief on the expansion tank, isolate the air, pressure should stay constant and not drop, if it drops then intercooler has failed, easy fix if its coolant though it should be using water, by the sound of it lots, if its oil burning will use oil, blue smoke oil and white smoke water cheers Joe
    • Looking to sell my Jaguar Mk1 parts trove and bodies. Both cars have clean CA titles in my name. Both are manual 4 speed with overdrive cars. Engine is rebuilt and numbers matching head and block and both it and one of the 4 speed transmissions I have are matching to one of the data plates. I have over $15k invested and am looking for someone to buy ALL of it. Open to offers. I know I will be taking a loss, but reality has set in. I have a job overseas coming up for about the next 15 years and will not get to this project. I have an itemized inventory list of everything with details of condition, most are in numbered boxes. I also have more photos of the bodies, they are a 58 and a 57. PM me for details.
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    • Hi Pete, I would guess that Classic Car Club might be able to give you some ideas as to value. It might also be worth to look at some auction results.  I am sure you could find some on the internet. Regards, Peter.