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    • I don't know if I'm on my own with this but I was you I would replace the ball joints complete because if the covers are damaged that would have dust and grit into the ball joint and they will fail after a while ???? Frank
    • Hi mate thanks for that, the sat nav is set for the uk I can’t understand why the only key on the post code that is working is the 0 key all the others are faded out, the sat nav is working as it asks me to agree st the start of the opening screen shot it also displays where I am ( Evesham ) but that’s it 😩 I am totally confused.com  but thank you for your reply, if I re install the dvd will that help ????    I’ll will update my details of my new car  thanks
    • On my 2017 Range Rover these were on all the time, with the F-Pace S I have to keep turning them on! How do I set them to be on all the time? 
    • Brand new to the site so apologies if I’m posting in wrong area!!  Just bought a 92 XJS V12. It’s got a whine / low howl at low revs that disappears under light load and only comes back on backing off or tick over. I was thinking oil pump or water pump but would that disappear under load?? The oil pressure gauge drops quite low but no warning lights and I’ve read the OP gauges are notoriously vague. My instincts say not oil pump and the cars smooth and purrs once under light pedal pressure. Fan belt ? Alternator - ( charging strongly ) . The car has 75,000 and a superb maintenance history . Any ideas?? Thanks