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    • Jaguar's new Shape-Shifting Seat of the Future
      Jaguar Land Rover is developing the seat of the future - a pioneering shape-shifting system designed to improve customer wellbeing by tackling the health risks of sitting down for too long
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    • Jaguar Printed Electronics Powers Next-Generation In-Car Personalisation
      Jaguar Land Rover’s pioneering structural electronics research could allow dashboards to be replaced by curved screens and let drivers customise interiors thanks to colour-changing body panels
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    • hi sounds like a dodgy brake servo, was a very common fault on the S-type Diesels same engines and servos used in a lot of xf's worth checking the vacuum hoses as well, just in case ones split the S-type servos that fail, get contaminated with oil, which causes the diaphragm to fail cheers Joe
    • hello guys I have a jag xf 2010 I wonder if anybody has experienced this' when I brake sudden my brakes are ok.but the longer my foot is on the brake pedal the less efficient my brakes on the car are the brake pedal goes hard to press.not sure if or when the brake fluid if at all has been changed any ideas many thanks the cars millage is 146300
    • Hi  We are moving house and need to find a new home for my collection of Motor Sport magazines. There are approx 200 copies covering about 20 years. These are free to anyone who can make use of them otherwise they will be going in the skip. Seems a shame if this happens.They would have to be collected from East Yorkshire. Cheers Rod
    • If you are having a problem with the DPF RED warning triangle stating the DPF is full DO NOT listen to Jaguar. Please see the 3 other threads for DPF's i have added to. In a nutshell either JLR diagnostic equipment is not fit for purpose or the technicians are not experienced enough to fully understand DPF's and correctly test them. I was quoted £3993.00 to replace mine on a 10K milage car. I had it done for £90.00!! Your ECU guesses the Soot counter and Ash values in the DPF based on driving habits etc.If it gets to a certain level it will perform a passive regeneration whilst you are driving. If the journey you are doing is not long enough to get everything up to temperature to burn off the soot it will not regenerate. If this driving style continues and it does not get to do a regen it then thinks it is full and subsequently gived the dreaded FULL red warning. I took Mine to Fitch Autos who were brilliant. They did all the tests to confirm it was not full and then did a manual check with a Manometer to confirm there was actually very little soot in there. The soot counters were reset then when it was driven it performed its own regeneratin and works perfectly now.   HOWEVER...it has to be checked properly. You cannot just reset the counters as this can cause a fire and serious damage. The values have to be calculated and ckecked by professionals mate.
    • Are there problems with the 2lt 180 bhp diesel engine? Friend had a landrover with the same engine. It blew up twice. Any advice please. Stuart. Abbott.