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    • Many thanks for the replies, guys.   I have noticed that the cars sporting the badge on the front grille have a slightly different steering wheel to accommodate the S badge. It seems that the aluminium-looking section on the steering wheel is covered with a leather section that houses the S badge.   Steering wheel from a car without S badge on the front grille. V6 S Portfolio.     Steering wheel from a car with S badge on the front grille. V6 S Portfolio.       To thicken the plot somewhat, here is the steering wheel from a V6 S car with the front grille badge that is not a portfolio model. It's a premium luxury model, so perhaps it is some kind of option?     Any further information would be greatly appreciated. TIA Paul.
    • Hi Paul, At a guess, the badges on the grill and the steering wheel were put on in the factory, and the badge on the rear would be put on or not been put on at the dealership.  I have heard that there are drawers at some dealerships filled with badges that never were put on. My S type only has the S Type badge on the rear, although some I have seen have the 2.7 D or the 3.0 badges on the rear. Regards, Peter.  
    • Hi Steve, My s type is an automatic and it makes driving along the lanes quite easy, although the big diesel can be a bit thirsty on short trips.  Being retired for almost 20 years I don't do many short trips in the Jaguar, just occasional long ones which keeps the DPF regenerated, and the short trips are in SWMBO,s Toyota Yaris Hybrid. My x type was manual, and like yours, only got into top gear at 60 mph. Regards, Peter.  
    • Hi Paul and Welcome to the Club, I cannot say for sure but the badges on the front and steering wheel may have been added as a small facelift or as an option at time of sale. My only reason for suggesting this is that the steering wheel badge seems to be recessed into the leather surface. I know also that Jaguar, like many other manufacturers, offered the option to have no model badges on the rear of the car so its possible there has been no damage done to the car you have been looking at. I'm sure that other XF aficionados will correct me if I am wrong. Cheers and enjoy. Steve
    • Can anyone please tell me the reason why some XF S cars (they all seem to have the S on the rear) have the additional S on the front grille and steering wheel, please?    The two images below are from the same car.     Also, the car in the listing below, is advertised as an S model, but doesn't even sport the S badge on the tailgate. Has the badge fallen off, or has the car had a tailgate repair and the S badge not replaced?   LINK.   Any help would stop me scratching my head and would be greatly appreciated.   TIA.   Paul.