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    • Welcome to the club, Richard. My son has a 2.0 litre Diesel estate on a 06 plate, so I understand what is going on with your car. Blue/ grey smoke also appeared from his exhaust and a slightly higher consumption plus a slight loss of power, which signified to me a dirty fuel system.  The 2.0 litre  diesel does not have a Diesel Particulate filter but it does have an EGR valve which can get dirty.  I also drive a diesel [2.7 V6] which also needs occasional treatment. Cleaning the EGR valve is a mucky job so I found a very easy way of cleaning it  --  I was recommenced to use Millers Diesel Power ECO Max which costs about £15 and a shot of that  every full tank of fuel will do the trick.  Also I recommend premium fuel which will assist in keeping the engine clean.  Both these solution keep my engine clean, and give a good mpg. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter. 
    • I'm sure that this has been covered before but I never quite know what to search for so hopefully someone can nudge me in the right direction. OK the car is a 2005 X Type Estate 2.0ltr Diesel. And the problem, most of the time it drives normally but after a period of little use she goes down on power, changing to a lower gear or dipping the clutch and revving the engine usually  produces some smoke from the exhaust, not clouds of it, and then it clears and everything seems back to normal and then a while later it sometimes does it again. The smoke is a greyish colour, everything like water temp seem normal and there's no warning lights on the dash. Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers Rich
    • Welcome to the Forum, Ray
    • What is it called and where can I get one ? Cheers Rod
    • It seems that I just had a dodgy sensor, I replaced all four and they are now fine!  I also found that the wheel well wetness was from the area where the boot seat crosses the plastic panel just inside the boot, it makes sense as it’s only leaked since I started messing with the bumper and had to remove the seal to get at it.  A finger of black silicone to each side has it dry again. Thanks all for your suggestions.