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    • Thank you all greatly for your assistance and ideas, I have arranged for the OBD codes to be viewed hopefully tomorrow and advise further as I'm sure one ce I have received the details they will mean nothing to me. Many thanks for your input, you all may have just saved the day and some very serious expenses !!
    • Did you not get a handbook with the car?   If so it will show the fuse box locations.
    • Thank you Steve for the vote of confidence, I am usually right, which was always a bone of contention with my first, and ex, wife. She never seemed to understand that I only insisted I was right when I knew I was right, otherwise I would keep quiet! I can see this could be frustrating when I said I was right and I was... Yes, have the codes read, the arcane science of code divination may well prove that your initial analysis of massive failure may be nothing of the sort. It rarely is terminal. Let's hope so anyway ☺️
    • Thanks Steve, it’s strange that the boot carpet is never wet, just the wheel well?  I’ve decided to put the wheel and kit box in the boot for a bit while I’ve covered the wheel well in paper to try to identify the source of the leak.  Incidentally my spare is unused and immaculate, so it hasn’t been leaking long.  I’ll check-out the post you refer to and have a good look at the seal. Back to the sensors, I removed the module, the terminals looked OK, replaced but no joy.  I’ve ordered a used, but working module from fleabay as it’s easier than removing the bumper again.....   I have noticed that as soon as I engage reverse, the switch in the roof module by the sunroof switch illuminates red, which I take it to mean it’s registering non-functional? I’ll let you know if the module change works. Cheers Mike  
    • Hi Mike, The cause of water in the wheel well is usually a fault in the boot seal near one of the rear light clusters. If you do a search on this website you will find threads on where to look and how to fix these. Cheers, Steve