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    • Hello Joe, Did sent you an email ! Greetzzz Rick
    • Hello Joe, I couldn't find any information about an R Diesel but the R badges seem to be at the car from the start. The other things are that all the chrome is in the colour of the car and black around the windows. Also the CATS suspension is at the car. Seats are perforated leather. I tried to put in in the VIN system but it only gives me the standard car not the options, or do you have a betterl link? Regards, Rick
    • I had exactly the same problem, and this is what I found.. once the wiring was reconnected everything was fine (but I changed the O-rings while I had the valves out) Good luck!
    • hi it sound electrical, check the connector, make sure the terminals have not pushed in to the plug maybe worth checking fuses, also make sure your battery is fully charged cheers Joe
    • hi if you have your vin number i can type it in on jaguar sdd and give you your exact model cheers Joe