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    Hi If your worried and miles per gallon, maybe a Jaguar is the wrong car for you Jaguar are Grace, Pace and Space, Its all about smiles per gallon, not miles per gallon I think its Jaguars biggest downfall, Moving to Diesels, I bet they regret it now. Though 28 mpg is really poor, I get 35.6 on a run in my S-type R, 4.2 petrol supercharged, Though I would;nt change it if it only did 20mpg Cheers Joe
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    Jaguar entered into the market for Diesel cars very late in time and long after Mercedes and BMW did. They were then under the ownership of Ford who had several diesel engines across their various car models. The then Government were supporting the manufacture and usage of diesel engine as they gave out less CO2. The Government did not consider Nitrogen or any particles that might be expelled through the exhaust system. Jaguar [under Ford] did produce some rather good diesel engines and the cars in which they were installed did sell very well. When TATA bought Jaguar they built an large engine plant near Wolverhampton which made the Ingenium engine in both diesel and petrol versions which are also very good engines. Then both the EU and the Government began to demonise diesels and seemed to disregard those engines in Taxis, lorries, vans etc. My s type with a 2.7 Diesel engine will not now be allowed into Birmingham or London City centres. [I will not drive into either in any case] Joe is quite correct and although Jaguar might regret the move to diesel, I think that their engineers are on the move to build lighter cars with smaller but more powerful engines. The use of aluminium instead of steel does not seem to bother TATA even though they own the Port Talbot Works. Many people do not know that India has the largest [about 71%] of the worlds supply of Bauxite [Aluminium Ore] and Iceland have a large Aluminium producer which can manufacture the product very cheaply due to electric power, much needed in any smelter. I won't be around in 20 years when the all electric cars are whizzing round the world, but the climate will be better. Hopefully]. Peter.
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    Quick update - this turned out to be a broken connector that Jaguar wanted £800 to replace the rear window, but I was able to solder in 10 mins at zero cost!
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    Hi All ! I'm Paul , new to Jaguar ownership, Owned my 2011 Jaguar XF S ( luxury premium ) 3ltr diesel for around 6 mth's now , and enjoyed every minute .
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    Hi Marcus, I believe the dashboard layout and most options have remained pretty stable over the life of the earlier XFs. There should be an option in the 'Vehicle' menu on the touchscreen 'Home' page to enable power folding of the mirrors. There should also be an option to drop down the nearside mirror when reversing, to better see the curb. The amount by which it drops down is also configurable, but that's something I haven't yet tried! As for right/left temperature split, there's a 'Sync' option somewhere on the 'Climate' menu on the touchscreen. This needs to be deselected to enable the left/right split. Once that's done, the pairs of up/down buttons in the righhand bottom cornet of the panel should allow driver and passenger to choose their own temperatures. Hope that helps! Cheers, Jon
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    Either i am not looking correctly or there is not a definitive post on here that explains how to get into the Engineering Test Mode of the Pre Facelift XF's. Probably would also work on the Facelifts but i cannot comment on that at present. Press and Hold the 'Trip' button on the light switch stalk Press and hold the 'Start' button (foot OFF Brake) whilst still holding in Trip Button Count 5 Seconds, release 'Trip' button whilst still holding start Foot on Brake, Engine will start, cluster will display 'Engineering Test Mode' Cycle through screens using the Trip button for Gauge tests, Battery, Fuel etc etc information Stop engine to clear test mode. Link attatched to You Tube video - Not my work, only shows the relevant screens but not the sequence to engage it so i added it up above.
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    hi ebay, there just a sticker type badge many different styles cheers joe
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    Thanks for the welcome message.
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    I do wear a cap and a hat 🙂 Keeps my head warm in winter and protects it during the hot summer. Goes with the territory of owning a convertible. Not got a whippet though as I do not allow dogs in the car. Love the way you can click the picture to get a bigger one. 😄
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    Until I got my XF-S last October, I had never imagined windscreen washers firing from the wiper blade - such a revelation! Use less screenwash and do a perfect job. Sounds like a great upgrade. Also, no spray over the roof! J
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    well done to you ken....nice to see that you've got and sorted it out, 👍
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    Hi Dominic, My s type is a 2.7 diesel and I always us shell V power -- premium. It seems to suit the diesel engine, especially on a long run where my average performance is circa 46 mpg with a record 50.2 mpg on the M1 when there was a 50 mph speed limit for 45 miles. But a diesel is much different from the petrol engine. 37 mpg for the 3.0 litre engine does sound very good and keeping the fuel system cleaned can save a big bill. I would be inclined to use the premium fuel for a a while a see if you can feel the difference. Regards, Peter.
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    Thanks David did that and saw that the cable had come off the lever. It snapped straight back on. Works great. Thank you Ian
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    I have an openended emac service plan at £32 a month, which I can cancel at any point for a small fee, I am not locked into any length and it will coiver my yearly sevice and provide discount on spares and mot. It should be possible on all 3+ XFs (mine is a 61 3.0D S faceliftwith 115,000 miles). Probably can find it cheaper at independents, but I can't find a jag specialist that I can get to an from without spending hours in public transport. The main dealer isn't near either, but they provide a load car included in the monthly pay, so I can make it in half an hour from and to them. Service has to be done each year even if you only do 5000.
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    There have been a lot of discussions on different forums about what grade off fuel to use, some owners add different additives to normal diesel.But i always try to fill up with Shell V Power Diesel and never had any problems so far. The electronics in the car adjust to the way the car is driven and diesels are meant to be driven,i have always been told not to always drive with the revs below 2000 revs and coming off a roundabout i put the foot down and it goes like a scalded cat,
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    Just treated myself to my first Jaguar, a retirement present to myself. picked her up 4 weeks ago, loving it.
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    What a way to spend a Sunday washing and waxing my pride and joy. The beast looks so shiny
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    hi generic code reader will only read engine codes, so no use, only Jaguar IDS/SDD software will communicate with epb and central locking modules make sure your battery fully charged first, put it on charge overnight, low battery cause lots of issues with epb if it still does it, its going to be something like faulty epb motor, faulty module if boots damp, stiff caliper cables or stiff calipers central locking, first check the button click on the remotes, sometime the micro switch inside the remote fail and operate on there own or even stay stuck on if there ok, its going be a sticky door lock, wd40 inside them often cures them cheers Joe these two clip have some good info on fault find epb problems clip 1 clip 2
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    hi 2012 was the last updated disc they did cheers Joe

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