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    Welcome to the Cub, Nick. With that mileage/driving profile you should have no trouble with the DPF in a Diesel.
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    I’m quietly considering selling my 2010 XKR 75 if I can get a sensible price. 60K miles. 2 owners both in same family. FSH. MOT until Oct 2020. New rear tyres. Never had any mechanical problems, has had some cosmetic repairs to bumper scuffs and the like. Wheels need refurbishment. I though this forum might be a good place to start, where the rarity and collectors value of this car will be appreciated. Only 25 RHD examples were produced. More power, suspension upgrades and unique badging. If anyone is interested please DM me and I will supply further details and pics. Offers welcome. Reason for sale is a growing family!
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    Welcome to the club, Stephen, It's a pity there wasn't a car attached to it! At a guess, I would place it in the early sixties, and again at a guess, I think you are right about the Sovereign . You might get some one who would like it. Regards, Peter. !7th March whatever year you want!
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    Ian, as Steve said if your car is fitted with Keyless Entry there will be a small black rubber button on each door handle, (you press these to lock the car once to lock and arm the alarm and twice within 5 secs to arm the deadlocks) To gain entry you just walk up to a door and pull the handle. If these buttons are missing the car is not fitted with Keyless entry
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    Hi CBers....welcome back to the fold
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    Hi Johnny, I have the same problem on my X Type. Sometimes it goes off after starting but sometimes stays on until I turn off the ignition at end of journey. Not noticed it coming on during journey. Passed mot recently. Cheers Rod
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    Hi My 2013 XF Sportbrake had this before I bought it (cost of repair was just over £1000 at Jag indy according to paperwork). No sign of water since I got it but as part of the fix they left a small drain hole open in the spare wheel well so hopefully if it did recur it would not be so expensive. As belt and braces I have installed a battery operated flood alarm from ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Water-Leak-Alarm-moisture-flood-high-level-detector-sensor-bath-sink-overflow-HG-/223037327521?hash=item33ee0f88a1 I have put the sensor in the deepest spot in the well and keep the alarm itself in the boot and just test every couple of weeks. The braces part is several silica moisture packs dotted around by the battery and suspension pump etc. As part of repair, previous owner presumably cut a corner (cost) by replacing the AGM Main battery with a standard Lead-Acid battery which I have since replaced having read about the difference. 🙂
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    Hi Rich, I just had my gearbox oil changed at 68K, it is recommended to do this at the 65-100K mark, mine didn't really need it either, it was more of a preventative measure. I actually called and spoke with a ZF engineer as some people were suggesting it was best to flush and replace the oil but the ZF engineer said they don't advise to flush as this can loosen some debris and cause problems, it's best just to drain and replace the oil but he did say it is important to change the oil and not sealed for life. I had mine done by E&E in Milton Keynes, if I remember correctly it was about £450. Hope this helps, Dom
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    Nice to see you back. My S Type is still going well and was in Kent last week! Enjoy your F Pace. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi All, This is a post I made on June 20th 2016. I did say that I was writing/researching a short book, but time turned it into a longer book. The information I obtained came in part from the JOC members but much from newspapers of the time, personal knowledge and Wikipedia. I also had talks with Mary Sayer, the daughter of the late Malcolm Sayer, a most prominent designer of several Jaguars, including the E type. I also had a very useful discussion with Sir John Egan who was the Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Cars and was the man who saved Jaguar from disappearing from the Automotive Industry. Having a morning with Sir John in his house in Warwick was extremely enlightening. The book is now finished, proof read, and now at the printers. It also has a new title "Jaguar -- the Cars and the People." If you want more information about the book it is to be found at --- Transporterama.co.uk -- the online bookseller. The book consists of the history of Jaguar Cars from Swallow Sidecars until 2007 when TATA took over Jaguar [That may be another book]. I think the book is a good read [I would say that, wouldn't I?] It covers the cars that Jaguar build plus the people who made them. Regards, Peter.
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    I also had a restricted performance warning light for over a year. I went to Jaguar dealer 3 separate times, spent over $450 and they could not find what was wrong with it. After reading some posts on this forum last year, checked my battery and it had low voltage. I bought a new battery and BINGO, never had another problem with the restricted performance warning light, since last February, when I installed the new battery.
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    I was about to suggest exactly the same. 🙂 Would be nice if he thanked you though.
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    Yes they will be, I can only see them increasing in value. I was thinking they could be worth between £1000-£5000 today. It's hard to say, considering there was only approx 275 cars produced worldwide! I may keep them as an investment, not sure really but hoped someone may be looking for replacements or for a 2nd set or an investment for themselves.
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    hi Have a look here for manuals and info http://www.jagrepair.com/ have a look here for part numbers https://www.sngbarratt.com/uk/#!/English/FindParts/Families
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    Hi Paul, I'm wondering if there's some grease or other contamination fooling it into thinking that it's being touched. Maybe a careful wipe with a little alcohol or glass cleaner might help? I had a similar problem some time ago and a good clean cured it straight away! Cheers, Jon
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    Is your one like this with a dedicated ipod socket? Maybe you can connect by bluetooth instead?
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    Thankyou, I'm well chuffed.
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    Wow this machine is the most awesome thing. Dynamic mode, foot down and OMG what a rush. The torque is magnificent, it just keeps pulling and pulling. Amazing!!!
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    Hi Terry...welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
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    Welcome to the Club, Terry. Hope you enjoy your X-type I have previously had two and both were great reliable cars.

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