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    An XK120, with one owner from new, and costing £180 to buy, has seen sold at auction for £77,000. The owner, a mechanic, has covered over 300,000 miles in the car. The XK120 was the first car that Malcolm Sayer worked on when he joined Jaguar. The 120 was the speed of the car - over 120 mph. He was asked to get the speed up so the car could be used in competitions. He did this by the use of aerodynamics and the car was know known as the C type. - the competition car. He increased the speed that there was never an XK130. It was the motoring press who stared to call it the C type, and it was followed by the D Type, the XK140, and the XK150, known as the E type. The D type won 3 Le Mans 24 hour endurance races , and reached 196 miles per hour on the Mulsanne Strait at Le Mans. The style of following Jaguars sports cars -- look at the radiator grill on the d type - has been repeated in following XK models. Regards, Peter. A 1951 XK120 below.
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    hi thanks Pete yes have tried that and as this car is really to good to go to car heaven and after working in jaguar s in the early 70"s they have come a long way some of it not good but there in a better place oh I disguising 😁 look at a spending 1000 on it and it will be like new 🤣🤣 well nearly what new car will give the smiles for miles a plastic ford or jap or even Merc now. no I'll get this old cat back to health.
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    hi the bottom 8 lines should be live data and should alter as you rev the car p010c and p010p are not jaguar codes, I assume the generic ones by your foxwell, jaguar jtis does not list these, you would need to plug in with jaguar software cheers
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    so as the club have given me help I'll do the same any one who needs to read their codes can use my foxwell at mine if needed.
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    Welcome to the Club, Sir Timothy. The sportbrake is a nice car - as well as being a luc=xury car it is also a very useful on -- it will fit two sets of golf clubs in the back plus a picnic barbecue! Enjoy! Regards, Peter.
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    Congratulations Sir Timothy and welcome to the forum. Nice looking car!
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    well got a reader Foxwell 644 automaster pro oh boy should I have got it lol the codes came up like Christmas lights hopefully will get the DPF by the 20th and then fit it, got the middle box already need to buy the sensors now but which ones??? still smoking badly but I think its because the systems not there and one of the erc are stuck but which one ha ha.
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    If you think changing the headlight bulbs on the face lifted XF would be the same easy 3 bolts as the previous model your in for a shock! First off as before the headlamp unit must be removed, however once the bolts have been removed the unit will not fit though the hole. (not even close) also the bolt that you could see inside the wheel arch is now behind the arch cover Remove the two bolts from the front of the unit remove the three bolts on the inside of the wheel arch and cable tie back to the wheel Remove the two bolts on the inside of the arch cover, one for the headlamp unit and one that clamps the bumper to the wing Remove the five bolts that hold the front grill to the car to allow the grill to flex out Pull the bumper at the wing down only as there are two locating pins attached to the bumber The unit can now be removed but dont forget to unplug the unit. My 2011 face lifted has D3S Bulbs not the DS1 That Halfords help desk had on file for the newer shape upto 2014 After all that changing the bulb will seem like child play.
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    Hi, You just twist the whole bulb about 10 or 15° anti clockwise and it comes out, the bit of plastic unclips at the joint and then unwraps from around the bulb, don't lose it you'll need to put it on the new one, there's a tab on the plastic collar which lines up with a cut-out on the bulb and then you just reverse the process to put it back in. Cheers, Mike
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    UPDATE: Jaguar Service advise that a software up-date is due to be released imminently to fix the problem. The last release causes the screen to shut down completely so need to wait a while. Apparently I can do it myself from the car when it’s available.
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    We are on our second Leonberger. Leo's are addictive!
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    Hi Max and Welcome to the Club, Ron is right the British Diagnostics tool is a lot better and I would have gone down that route too but we are an all Apple household to access to a MS laptop it very limited. I recently purchased an iCarSoft i930 (£99) which purportedly does almost everything the Foxwell NT510 will do, albeit I am having a little trouble getting it to read the ECU at present but I understand this will be remedied shortly. Having done some trawling while I was looking for a suitable scanner I noticed that iCarSoft seems to be a brand operated by Foxwell and if you compare the scanners physically you can seem more than just a few similarities. Horses and courses though but if I had a spare MS Laptop I would certainly have gone down the BD route. Cheers, Steve
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    Personally, I bought the actual dealer level diagnostic software + mongoose cable from http://britishdiagnostics.co.uk/, all you need is a spare laptop to run it, preferably XP but the software runs in a virtual PC on almost any later Windows version. And it's a lot cheaper!
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    Hi Jennifer, and welcome to the Club. The 2.2 engine is quite a good engine, and was also used in the X Type and is powerful enough unless you want to race it. Parking? You will have parking sensors to assist, and remember any Lady from Lancashire can park a tank! My wife used to love driving my Rover Sterling 825 which is just as long. You will enjoy the Jaguar experience. Regards, Peter.
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    We have a Leonberger too. Amazing dogs. Wouldn't have anything else now. Except maybe the ones in the picture above. Too damn cute!
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    hi yes bottom one drain, side one is level, but the gearbox has to be at a exact temperature cheers Joe
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    Hi Mark, All the advice above is spot on and I can confirm that a battery failure on the S Type can occur without any warning. My first S Type greeted me with exactly the same condition on a visit to HMRC in Telford. I had driven there from Birmingham so a reasonable lengthy high speed run in good conditions before parking up for a few hours. Dead as a DoDo when I returned but started with jump leads and battery replaced on my way home. When you get the battery checked out make sure whoever does it also checks that the alternator is providing an appropriate level of charge. Cheers, Steve
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    I have heard of Yuasa, but not seen any reviews. My local Auto accessory shop owner will fit your battery at no cost plus any other items --- widscreen wipers etc. Very handy. Peter
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    Check the simple things first..........without wanting to sound too obvious, you were looking at changing a headlight bulb..............did you leave the lights on when you left the car, or maybe a door slightly ajar. Can't think that if you have had no warning signs, the battery would go completely flat just like that. Our experience shows that if the battery has gone completely flat, then a slave battery won't start your S, the battery will need to be charged first. Needless to say, don't have the slave car running when you jump start, and make sure the two cars aren't touching. Might be stating obvious, but often the simple things are the answer. Or as the meerkats would say "Seemples". Good luck
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    not wanting to put a spanner in the works but.... it still may be worth getting it jump started, by the nice man from the AA, so he can also check the alternator is delivering a good charge rate, although everything and consensus of opinion does seem to point to the battery My battery is a Bosch
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    If you're going to change the battery yourself be aware (if you're not already) the support bracket can be a pain to loosen as the bolt goes through the floor and rusts from the underside. I changed mine a few weeks back and took me a good 30 minutes to loosen the bolt. Don't force the bolt out as that can destroy the threads that hold it onto the floor. I did mine 1/8 at a time to loosen the rust and applied a lot of wd40. wirebrushed the underside thread also. AA might just use brute force and damage it.
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    Hi. I agree with last comment. Unusual to find the battery that dead. AA won't diagnose the problem. Based on my experience of a similar problem: - Get your local garage to test the battery. This shouldn't cost anything. - If the battery is good, you'll need a specialist electrician to test the car.
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    There are plenty of good battery around. Bosch is well recommended. My local Auto Accessory shop got me the correct battery for the car within an hour. The brand I have is a Platinum which also gets some very good reports. Regards, Peter.
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    If a battery is getting old, and the battery on the s type last 5 years or so, it dies, and that's it. My last battery was 4 years and 11 months old when it stopped holding a charge. Peter.
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    i was thinking the same, either the battery has decided to pop its clogs, or there is a short circuit somewhere, did you get around to changing your bulb?
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    Hi Mark Sounds like a dead battery to me? do you have access to a set of jump leads? if so, you could connect to your battery, from a good battery, and then see if you get your dash lights back... Just a thought Regards Steve
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    Still a very new owner so have just been using "the cat" with a silly grin of course, but as it has a few things that don't work properly I was thinking dave, as I work with a dave and he doesn't work properly either LOL
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    On the day I took it in I only had around 4-5 inches of cleared screen on the drivers side, nothing cleared on the rest at all. Now it all clears a treat, to be honest I don't think it worked from the day I had it but I never noticed as it was the late summer when I bought it. Best of luck with sorting out the issues with your car.
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    Welcome to the Club, Richard. The fuel consumption you will get from a diesel depends very much on the length of the journeys that you do. As a comparison I have just checked the mpg on my s type which has the 2.7 diesel V6 engine, and it is 20.4 mpg. In the past three weeks I have only done short runs and that high mpg doesn't surprise me. I will probably do a longer run this afternoon or tomorrow and I expect to get about 40 mpg. The best mpg I have had is 50.2 which was driving to Sheffield on the A38 and M1, with a 50mph limit on the M1 due to road works. Driving down to Devon last year for a holiday, I got 46 mpg, which is normal on a long run using Cruise Control. I also use premium fuel which I find gives me a better mpg. Regards, Peter.
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    Steve he did and had to have it decatted as they had disintegrated internally, nothing to do with what Audi had told him, which I think means removing the miaow and getting it remapped, but it is still not right. So tomorrow I am happy to say, we are going to look at an XFR on offer locally. He feels he can dispose of the s4 for sufficient funds to allow him to buy the XFR should it prove appropriate. He is heartened by our tame mechanic who said, effectively, "Jag 4.2 V8 supercharged? Bulletproof mate" and has agreed to inspect the car should my son decide to proceed with the purchase. Sadly he has always had ideas beyond his station with Toyota Supras and AMG SLKs in his past but this might actually be a good move. If nothing else it will give him 'the grin'! Beware nieces, they can turn and accuse you of abuse "He made me change his engine oil M'lud without appropriate protection according to the holy 'elf and safety regulayshuns...." and in a heartbeat you are on the oil change abuser's register and your life is effectively finished. The First Lady will desert you in your hour of need and demand excessive monetary recompense... no, stick to the unnamed mechanic with rubber arms, it's a lot safer!
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    Hi David, The front discs were replaced at about 50000 miles, despite Jaguars protestations to the contrary ZF say the gearbox should be serviced at 62000 miles (100000 km) other than that and servicing I haven't needed anything done. Mike
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    This is the problem with giving cars names. They develop personalities and before you know it, quirky behaviour. Mine is just a car, a collection of mechanical, electrical and electronic mechanisms fitted within a steel body which also contains leather and wood decorated interiors, and so on. If it goes wrong, it is invariably because something has broken or lost efficiency, so I get it fixed or replaced. Simples! My Jag sits next to my wife's Honda. If I happen to drive off in the Honda, the collection of bits that is the Jag is not aware nor does it feel slighted in any way, so there is no retaliation. Unlike dogs by the way. If I take one dog for a walk, the others sulk until I take one of them. If one dog gets a treat, the others expect the same. Dogs get jealous of each other and have definite characters. I'm sorry to say cars are not like that at all, they have no souls. For goodness sake if you find a mechanic with long thin rubber arms, DON'T give him a name or before you know it you'll be getting the sharp insucking of breath and the muttered "That'll cost you hundreds squire, the internal woggle stimulator will need to be removed first before I can even get to that!
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    Well got round to getting it replaced for the princely sum of £230ish, so not too bad. Did have a slight problem with the wipers not clearing the screen but now solved. Clears the screen a treat. Result.
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    Hi Wullie, Welcome to the club. If he does not get in touch directly himself look up Raistlin (Paul) and contact him directly. He and his mate Denis are the Go-To guys for all things sound system related. Normally they would suggest you go over so they can take a look and perhaps do the job for you but noting your location that would be a bit of a jaunt for you; they're based in the Midlands. Cheers and enjoy the S Type. By the way if you notice your cheeks are starting to ache a little that will be the Jag owners grin settling in. All the best, Steve
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    Hi Chris....welcome to the Club Fine looking S-type and a great car to initially enter into the wonderful world of Jaguar. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
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    Hi all, I've finally got my Jag. Nagged my wife for 2 years to get one. All I got was 'No way, its an old balding man's smelly old car!' all the time. I'm 42 so old enough. Insurance fairly cheap. Spent 4 months searching for an s type I wanted - well always some things to compromise on. 2004 Sport 3.0l. High mlieage , 138,500 miles, but had an excellent service history. 14 stamps, oil change always done by the year or mileage. never missed. Last 38,000 miles had all been done on long journeys. got to know the previous owner and did aircraft fitting jobs away from home so travelled up motorways mostly to get to his base. Car had spent most of its live down south. He had the rear bushes done and new shocks recently. bad points: wheels need a refurb, had 1 wheel straightened. Gearbox does need a service but has no issues. couple of touch up jobs to be done, 1 on the front offside wheel arch(previous scrape). Inside of drivers door needs a sand down and treatment/spray. Planning to remove sill covers to inspect and treat/wax . heated seats and heated windscreen all work fine. Inside black leather and aluminum trim. (my favourite). Changed battery last week. Was original! Next job is to service the autobox and oil change. Then spark plug change plannning to do this myself replacing the inlet manifold upper gaskets too. Thanks Chris
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    hi My S-type R usually has Castrol edge professional OE 5W30 Thats what Jaguar put in on the last 4 services you can still get it from mytyres link here MY TYRES cheers Joe
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    It's like the thrill of that 'first kiss' - again and again and again.
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    Welcome to the club, Max. You are following the same system as myself for buying a car. First decide upon the model you want, and then write down the specification most desirous. Having done that, start looking. I finished up emailing Jaguar dealers to see if they had what I wanted, and eventually found one that had never been advertised and was tucked away in the rear of their showrooms. The price was right , the mileage and service record was good, Good luck in your search. Regards, Peter.
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    Can you believe I’ve just had a bulb die. Maybe a couple of weeks before I get the chance to replace it but I’ll upload a video on YouTube showing how the actual bulb comes out of the unit and a link to this guide. You were wise to pay the £100 for the bulb as the £23 EBay ones are plagued with circuit board failures. I’ll be going for the Osram ultra life 10 year guarantee
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    Hi David, I've only had the XF-S diesel Portfolio but I have to say it's delightful, easily as fast as my previous 4.2 V8 S-type, fantastic handling for a big car , quiet, comfortable with a lovely interior. Downside, probably not as economical as you'd expect for a diesel, I average about 37 mpg on a 40 mile round trip to work and a fairly easy drive. Hope that helps, Mike
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    This is not a difficult question, but the answer can vary from person to person. In 1963, when I was still driving motorcycles, I sat the Motor Cycle dealer/mechanic restoring a Jaguar M1 in the yard at the back of his premises. I also saw it when restored. He was offered a shedload of money, but he refused. He said driving a Jaguar was not about money. He would loan it to Jaguar Deaers for a display occasionally. Where it went to I do not know as I moved house, jobs, etc, but I thought I saw it last year after it had been given to the Motor Museum in the Lake district. From that date I wanted a Jaguar. A change of jobs brought a company car, no not aJaguar, but a Ford Escort, followed by 9 others and then Austin/Mprris Models before 5 years of Rovers and a Toyota Avensis. I retired when the S Type first came out in 1999, but following my principle of not buying a car until it had a few years under its belt, and I bought a Rover Sterling which I kept for 11 years, and when that started to get tatty with 122k on the clock, SWMBO told me I had to have a Jaguar, and our first Jaguar was bought, a 2005 X Type 2.5AWD. I kept it for 18 months when it was "borrowed" by three gentlemen who got free accommodation for 8 years in one of Her Majesty's premises. SWMBO responded with her usual sensible conclusion, saying that we should turn a disaster into an opportunity and that I had to get the S Type, which she knew I wanted. Three weeks and much work on the lap top. and after emailing several main dealers I had a phone call form a relatively local dealer saying that they had a car that fitted my requirements. A few hours later an S type with all the bells and whistles on my list was ours. Even after owning a Jaguar for 18 months, I found the S Type 2.7D a pleasure to drive, and even with 55 years of car ownership the experience was unique. Some people think that Jaguars are expensive to run, but my experience is that it is not so. Even the fuel usage when driven properly is pretty good. The S type is not a boy racer's car, and those young members of the club also know that it is not an old person's car. As Bill Lyons said when the Mark 2 and the first s type were both launched "Grace Pace and Space" a and the younger members enjoy the Grace as well as the Pace. I have had Morgana for over 4 and a half years now, it is a great drive, and I do like to with off the radio and listen to the quiet growl of the big diesel. Regards, Peter.
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    Here's a link to a thread I started in the S-type section recently. Please post any questions or replies on the original thread otherwise things will get messy.
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