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    I was taught that a shilling was 12 pence in proper money and consequently it took 20 0f them to make a £1. A two bob piece = 10 to £1 And then a shilling was a 5p piece in this modern money. I also was taught the real words of Rule Britannia Rule Britannia Two tanners make a bob, Three make one and six [1/6] And four two bob. That Shropshire fresh air can take some getting used to.
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    Hmmm, can't be that comfortable if its going to shake your fillings loose - aaaah, Shillings! For the post decimalisation generations a shilling = 10p in what passes for our currency today.
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    hi Took a few photo's at Tatton park classics car show Sunday just gone. its well worth going for cars, parts and tools, great show. any way took a few photos cheers Joe
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    Hi, If you need any help with insurance for a re-map at all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
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    True, but inflation with this stuff only makes you light headed - sadly. Oops, clearly currency inflation can result from Shropshire air inflation - ho humm, pauperdom here I come.
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    Hi Joe, On the 7th and 8th of Julythere is the annual event of "Cars in the Park" at Lichfield. Well worth attending. Don't forget the JOC event at Lancaster Jaguar in Tamworth on 22nd July. I hope there is a good attendance. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi all I am Wayne from Manchester, well Radcliffe to be precise. I say in the title `bit the bullet` as this is the most modern newest car i have even owned. I am an old 20 year`ish old car lover, easy basic and fixable by me. Now since i have started up working for myself part time and needing a car better on fuel and reliable ( oh yes i still have my 1996 FTO, in need of work and will be done some day ) i looked at BMW and Volvo for the space for my tools, yes it is to carry tools and a van was to much on insurance so i got a policy for car to be used as business which is no much more expensive than a basic car policy. I missed out on four cars until i found this one and gla di did as this is all i was after in one. Oh and i did the the one and only thing i have never done before in the over 20 cars i have had and bought with out viewing first. Must be an age thing is alli can say, or getting more stupid but it is in Nottingham and me in Manchester and have little spare time. X Type estate 2.2D SE 08 plate. 114K on the clock. little high on miles but FSH comes with. I just hope to god it is a good one and comes with very little future problems as said i can fix cars but not these modern plug in gadget cars. Just looking forward to next week now and all the next week of sleepless nights. It has all i wanted as said, the interior, not dark with all black/grey, and diamond ( forgot the name now) love the exterior colour and wheels are a biggy for me. Hope to stick around but not for questions on things that need doing lol. Wayne
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    Hi Andrew, and welcome to the club. I am inclined to agree with Rodney. A turbo charged diesel has plenty of power, especially from 30 mph to 70 mph. Its there when you need it. The design engineers are pretty good when getting the power to weight ratio right. Jaguar used the same engine in the XF and in the Estate version and it could easily pull a heavier car. Years ago, in my motorcycle days, a mate had his 250 cc BSA speeded up, and he claimed it would do 100 mph, and it dis, -- for about 10 seconds. The X type is a nice comfortable car and you will enjoy it as it is. It will save you a few shillings, too. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Andy, I have the same but 2008 face lift. For me the power of the standard engine is perfectly ok for me and dont really see the need for extra power. Also you should probably think about what mileage your car has done and should you be putting more stress on it and how will it effect your insurance. Happy driving. Rod
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    Thank's for that Joe great shots ---I really enjoyed because I can't get to these shows anymore ----Frank
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    Hi I've put this on before, but there a lot of info here for the Jaguar S-type http://www.jagrepair.com/ also another good link is Jaguar Topix, free to register and you have access to all hand books and any recalls on your jaguar will also give you the full build spec of your car https://topix.jaguar.jlrext.com/topix/vehicle/lookupForm cheers Joe
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    hi I would imagine 90mm is standard, 88.9mm will allow for refurb on the cv/driveshaft, usually only way to get them fit correct it to have it skimmed in a lathe, down to the 88.9mm, I would assume cheers Joe
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    Hi Steve I work in the Surrey area and would always use 'Surrey Jag Centre', not quite in your part of Surrey, but they are very good, reasonably priced with the offer of a courtesy car too. The owner is Ray a Supreme Master Technician, if you just Google 'Surrey Jag Centre' they will come up or you can call them on 0208 689 3333. Regards Kevan
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    Hi As long as the first part is the same it will be ok, the last two letters are usually the version the higher the letter the newer it is, "A" been older and "F" been newer some may need programing, if its not from a similar spec car cheers Joe
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    Hi Dominic...welcome to the Club You could try some of the local (Dorset based) Jaguar specialists....Dorset Sports Cars, Marina Garage, Hollygrove Jaguar to name a few or otherwise there is a really good air conditioning specialist on the Ringwood Road industrial estate that may be able to source a generic component that would work. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor p.s....good collection of cars over the years!
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    I am very pleased to be able to tell members that Lancaster Jaguar, Tamworth are putting on an Event for the Jaguar Owners Club on Sunday, the 22nd of July, 2018 at their premises in Tamworth. While the event is titled "Midlands" it is open to all JOC members and I hope that a good number of members from all over the country are able to come. Lancaster Jaguar are based just off the A5, and are close to the M6, M5 and the M42. There will be plenty of parking space, as the Dealership will be putting cars into storage to make room for the JOC members. Lancaster Jaguar are going to present trophies for the best three cars, and are hoping that there will be some vintage and classic cars for all to admire, as well as the more modern cars that will be the future classics in the automotive world. Mandi Rawlings, of Lancaster Jaguar [ a member of the JOC] will also post additional information. I am looking forward to seeing as many members as possible on the day. Tamworth in a nice old town, and the Dealership is within walking distance of many shops which might be of interest to SMWBO. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Dominic, I have just googled "Car Airconditioning Experts in Dorset" and have found a plethora of companies who repair car air-condition units across Dorset. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Dominic, just did a quick search on ebay, there seem to be plenty of these about, like this one - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-S-TYPE-HEATER-FLAP-ACTUATOR-SOLENOID-MOTOR-YW4H-19E616-DA/183149582955?epid=16012591779&hash=item2aa490da6b:g:-wUAAOSw6ZZaukwu You will need the part number from yours to compare. I see incidentally this seller will post to Oz.
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    Welcome home to the club, Dominic. The avenue you could try is the second hand market and you could be lucky. Denis [the JagMan] in the club who takes Jaguars apart for a hobby might have what you need. On the other hand, I was at a genuine Jaguar Parts supplier who might be able to help. If you try the David Manners Group -- they have a very good website -- they might have one or know where they can get one. Their 'phone number is 0121 544 4040, and they are very helpful. I will continue to see if there is that part somewhere. Meanwhile, enjoy your s type - a great car and in my opinion, a future classic. Morgana will be visiting the beautiful County of Dorset in September for our annual holiday in the south. Regards, Peter. Just an addition: it appears that the part you could be looking for is the motor that opens and closes the door of the Heat Blender part of the air con. Bearing in mind the Jaguar was owned by Ford when you car was made it is possible that the part in question could also be available from Ford I am given a guess that the cost of the part would be about £50. I would also guess that there must be an airconditioning repair company relatively local to you. Peter.
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    Hi Alex, I had a 3 Litre 2000 model until I traded it last year, and had a similar problem with mine affecting eventually the F/N/S, R/N/S, and R/O/S locks. The problems initially started when the car just refused to lock either by fob or key in the lock. Eventually, I found the doors would lock but the rear doors would refuse to open, then would, then wouldn't. It turned out that the electrical mechanisms in all the doors (except Driver's) needed replacing. From memory these are really expensive, over a hundred a throw, and so I took pot luck from ebay and bought second-hand from scrappies. Luckily all but one worked well, and I replaced that, again with a pot luck ebay find. Thereafter it was fine for the two years I had it before replacing the car. It's a fiddly job so I got my local garage to do it, he charged an hours labour for all the doors. It might not be in anyway connected to your issue but may be worth looking at. Mark
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    On the car now -- 3 minute job.
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    The sunglasses holder catch on my S Type was broken (the same catch is used in other models and for ashtrays too). A little bit of research showed the genuine article to be anything upwards of £10, sometimes a long way upwards., but I picked up somewhere that the catch of Brabantia bin lids was identical. And so it has proved. I picked up a pack of 3 from ebay for £2.75, simply fitted the catch works perfectly. If you need one, the link is here - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3x-Repair-fix-bin-lid-latch-clip-catch-50L-Brabantia-touch-bin-trash-can-kitchen/201705519465?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 The catch is No 3 in the above diagram Hope this helps someone with the same problem I had. Oh, and if you get stuck, I have two spares, just pm me your address and I'll post one on to you.
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    Hi Stevie, Have had my last two cars treated and have thought it worthwhile in the long term. I also had SWMBO's Toyota Yaris ceramic coated, and the water runs off, and all it needs is drying. My current car is now 11 years old nd a good wax every three months is all it needs. I say go for it, but some may disagree -- de gustibus etc etc. Regards, Peter
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    Mine has a separate voice module Graham It sits in the passenger seat No buttons fitted as standard but it can be disabled using gaffa tape
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    My 2009 XF 2.7D Luxury has been displaying the following warning messages: - Gearbox Fault -DSC Not Available - Parking BrakeFault The low batterylight has occasionally come on since I've had the car Given that the car drove perfectly with these warning lights on and that the car was on it's original 2008 dated battery, I thought that a new battery would cure the problem. However after fitting a new battery, all the warning lights above came on again AND the Cannot Apply Parking Brake warning message and constant buzzer warning for this comes on when driving. Also, after fitting the new battery the brake lights don't come on! I had a new brake light switch fitted but the brake lights still don't come on! The low battery warning still comes on occasionally too even though the battery is brand new. I've taken the car to an independent and a specialist but neither had the latest Jaguar software so it's booked into the main dealer next week. Greatly appreciate any advice - while the new battery was a waste of time and caused the new problems at least fitting a new battery proved that it wasn't the original battery causing the warning lights. Given that the new battery hasn't cured it, I'm thinking along the lines of maybe a software upgrade (car hasn't been serviced at main dealer for 18mths) or a computer reset with the latest Jaguar software could possibly resolve the issue? Thanks in advance

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