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    Well you can certainly kiss goodbye to 40mpg if you do get one, that’s if you get chance before the wife does you in.🤣
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    Please don't put the X type down, they are nice cars and I love mine !!!!!
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    Hi Derek, and welcome to the club. Can we see what the badge looks like? I didn't know that there were club badges in the Jaguar Owners Club. Regards, Peter.
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    You can get a Jagdroid conversion of just the CD player to allow streaming of music. It saves getting the full Jagdroid conversion
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    You should be using the cdc button.
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    Welcome to the Club, Brian. I have just insured my s type and I can recommend SAGA if you are over 50. There are several good insurers around. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Brian ..... welcome to the Club Welcome back also to the wonderful world of Jaguar! Plenty of good information on here to keep your S Type in good running order Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
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    Bought my 2013 sportbrake from Motorparks preston 2 yrs Ok. Actually a volvo/fiat dealer but they offerred a "Warranty4Life" if you bought a service plan. £ 400 for the warranty and £550 for 3 years servicing. Was a bit nervous about the warranty as with all insurance - the proof of the pudding is in the eating. As I have posted in another thread my rear doors stopped working along with with the rear windows after I left it too long in lockdown with a flat battery 😞 Lesson learned and now on Ctek 24/7 but point is repair was quick and free covered by warranty. They rang one of the Jag dealers in the group who talked them through repair. Basically I am so impressed with the warranty (and the dealer / service is very good) I intend to renew service contract on my XF for another 2 years (Warranty covers virtually everything until car is 100k or 10yrs old). AA relay included. Further I am then thinking in another 3 yrs when I intend changing (probs an XJ) i will start my search in the Jag dealers of Motorparks, (Nearest to me is Swindon about 160miles each way - with intention of buying with the same deal with a service plan and Warranty4Life. I really am that impressed I would do a 300mile + round trip to get it serviced). Next choice would be Jag approved and Jag warranty. John
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    Thanks Dan, if I go ahead I’ll get in touch. Got pulled for speeding today, not ideal timing! Might not need the remap after all 😂 Cheers for this - boosted performance reassurance was what I was after.
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    The latest update you can get for the x type is 2012
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    Hi Make sure you do at least one 30 min run a week to keep the DPF happy (I also only use Shell V Power). Check everything electrical works properly before you buy (including the Stop/Start) then invest in a Ctek battery maintainer and hook it up overnight at least once a fortnight. The software and numerous computers are sensitive to low voltage causing software corruption and resulting in odd faults. Usually simple to fix as long as you use a garage which knows what they are doing but better to keep charged. Make sure there is not a swimming pool in the spare wheel well due to leaking seals which blows several modules (Mine was sorted before I bought at cost of over £1000). I know some also suffer from water ingress in front footwell. Only other thing on mine is the rear subframe suffered from cosmetic surface rust so had it undersealed. Love mine to bits and for comparison in 2 years my 2013 XF Sportbrake has cost less to run than my wife's 2015 Skoda Rapid 1.6D Enjoy! John
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    Hi Jim, I'm not sure if this will help, but here goes... I had the same problem on my 2011 XF-S, albeit with the right side calliper. Had them both replaced, plus new pads all round. While that was being done, the indy dealer found that the automatic release for the handbrake on the right hand side wasn't always doing its job. A liberal soaking with WD40 got it sorted! All has been fine now for over a year! Cheers, Jon
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    What we haven't mentioned and this was brought to my attention by Jimbov8, is that the Red Cable is fitted to the Red /+ post on the Battery and the Black Cable is fitted to the Chassis or metal stud in the Wheel Well and Not onto the Black/-- post on the Battery as per Ctek Instructions. Regards Tom.
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    Hi Jimbov8, Thank you for your very helpful advice which I'll have a go at soonest and will let you know how it goes. I have been told that Jaguar applications are not the easiest so we shall see. Whatever it looks so much better than its German counterparts. Love the look of your car. Brian
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    One step closer then Liam. Fingers crossed for an easy fix.😊
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    Hi all. I have had the issue with the rear doors failing to lock/unlock, I have the keyless entry type of door locks. First noticed on the nearside rear when I gave a friend a lift and, the door had to be unlocked manually, as the little lever did not active from the central locking system. Shortly after that I started to notice the offside rear door not locking and unlocking intermittently, and after a while could only be locked from the inside pushing the little lever in. I found online some replacement actuators after doing some checking to find out what the problem could be. Here is a link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232792541799 ,I ordered a left and a right side total charge £124.16 with postage. I fitted them myself, the first one was a little tricky trying to work out what to do, the keyless entry electric connection stumped me for about 10 mins till I sussed out the workings of it, there is not a lot of room to view things and my failing close up eyesight is a pain in the rear end. The second one was a doddle now I knew how it all went together, I did not have to remove the windows, though if I remember correctly I undid the bolts that secured the window motor to the mount and this gave enough room to get the door lock assembly out. It took probably an hour each side not rushing at all. The new ones have been in and working with no issues since October 2019. I took the old ones apart to be nosey and saw there are 2 small electric motors that operate the mechanisms. I had a look on Ali express and found replacement motors the code numbers are FC280 and FC130 there is 1 of each in the actuator, I bought 2 of each for less than £20 with postage, and have rebuilt the original door actuators ready for if/when they fail again. Taking the actuators apart is fairly easy I guess, the motors are a push connection no soldering or anything like that, just take note of where everything goes and should be an easy fix. I did a simple test on the old motors, just ran a 12v battery supply through them, 1 motor did not spin at all, 2 motors turned but not very well and, the last motor span fast and freely, so I think that confirmed the 3 motors had gone past their best. Hope this helps regards Martin.
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    Hi Henry, I have had 50.2 mpg on dual carriageways and the M1 [to Sheffield] when there was a 50 mph limit, and 46.7 on the return journey when the standard 70 mph was allowed. My s type is the V6 2.7 diesel. Your 32 mpg was pretty good for a Petrol car. Peter.
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    Hi David, again the same as mine. I use Gunk green from Halfords to clean my callipers and an old toothbrush, in no time at all they are spotless. 😎
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    Further update, Only one fault stored, miscommunication between traction control unit and something I've forgotten. Only £30 including VAT so happy with that. So I still will replace the battery as I think it had something to do with it originally. Happy motoring all.
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    Update: Got the car booked into my local garage, popped down last Monday to book it for this Monday (11th) to put it on the diagnostics. As of Wednesday fault has not returned and the car is now back to full power hopefully it was a dirty sensor. I am still going to get it checked on Monday though, I was going to change the oil soon so I might as well give them the oil, air,fuel and cabin filters and get them to do it whilst they check the suspension bushes on the ramp.
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    Hi Alistair,my manual in fault section-warning messages"DSC not available" is indication that stability control isn't working.Does the message come up in the message centre or on the audio head? Regards Tim

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