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    The XF has a 4kw Electric Heater that kicks in after two minutes to give you heat and put a load on the engine so that it warms up quicker.
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    Hi All Jaguar Meet at RAF cosford today Good day out, stayed dry at least, great selection of Jaguars took some pics and made a slideshow Cheers Joe
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    Thank you Joe, for your video and it seems to have been a great day out and with plenty of jaguars on show. Regards Tom.
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    It also shows why journeys of a couple of miles seriously deplete our batteries.
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    Hi Graham. Welcome to the Club. The auto gearbox is a Aisin Warner. I had the fluid changed on mine in July 2014 at Mackie Auto Transmissions in Glasgow and cost £154 pounds and i'm thinking of having it changed again this coming July. They connect a Hot Flushing Machine to change the fluid and some owner's have also had a software upgrade at the same time as i'm led to believe.There is no filter to change as this can only be done if the gearbox is stripped down for a repair. The engine oil you should use is a Low Ash C1 Oil the number is WSS M2C 934 B and this number is not mentioned in the Handbook. And also use good quality filters, it is recommended to use a Delphi or Bosch diesel filter. Regards Tom. Regards Tom.
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    Hi Kev, I think you are correct. The diesel engine of the XF is a developed version of the 2.7 diesel on the S type which has a belt. I can only guess, like Kev, that it is a belt. Peter.
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    Here you go Jon.
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    That seems fair, Graham. The disc knows that most people in Cheshire don't go to Tesco.
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    Obvious but have you checked the fuse and the lamps ?also try unplugging it and checking the connectors.
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    I occasionally throw a bucket of soapy water over the XE or the STR, cleaning is not my thing anymore !
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    hi usually valve stem seals, did you use genuine jaguar ones, some after market ones are really poor quality could also be the crankcase pcv, it controls the pressure in the crankcase, they stick as they get old and cause the pressure to rise in the engine case and cause oil to be pushed past the piston ring and smoke its on the left side of the engine and is like a round disc this is a common problem on higher miles cars cheers Joe
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    It sounds more like a situation of debris or uneven surface on the runners which would automatically bounce down the windows as though there is an obstruction. I have got round this in the past by spraying Silicon spray into the guide runners which the glass runs up and down and this has cured it.
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    I just found this; https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/xf-xfr-x250-44/interior-lighting-possessed-163914/ may be something of an answer..?
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    Thank you so much Peter. The DVLA/Gov records just said Silver. After a bit of research I discovered that you can ask Jaguar Heritage a "research question" on a car for £5. I did this and they replied within a day with the exact colour from the build sheet. It was Satin Silver, as I hoped, and we have now bought the car. Yay!
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    Hi Jon, I’m afraid I can’t really help, but weirdly I had exactly that happen to me yesterday in my 2011 XF. It was daytime so not a serious issue, but it’s never happened before (that I’ve noticed) and I’d just seen this post earlier. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it persists. I really am no expert so I can only hazard a guess, but as it was the first decently warm day this year, maybe a sensor or something is expanding with age and heat possibly. Hope someone on here has experienced (and fixed) this! cheers Ian

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