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    Hi Acepower Check out a couple of my videos and they will help you make your mind up. Consider subscribing as well because I am currently editing up a whole series of video's called the secrets of the XK8. Its Free! and if you click the bell icon you a notification every time i put a new one up. Executive summary though. The XK8 wont be the cheapest or most trouble free of your options to own. But it will make you smile more than any Lexus. PS Franc C is right re "I want one" eyes. so enjoy the decision making process and dont rush it. Good luck whatever you choose. John
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    Ian Callum had a big job on his hands when he was asked to take over the job of Design Director after the death of Geoff Lawson. While he was and still is an admirer of the S Type quite a few people did not like the retro design and some did not think that the S Type was suitable for a medium sized luxury car. There is much in the XF from the S Type apart from engines --- the steering, the brakes, and the suspension, all of which are well tested. The mesh radiator grill on the face lifted s type is now common on all Jaguars. Ian Callum did listen to comment, and while there is some opinion of the exterior design of the XF, it has proved to be a good base for the SUV which again was built for those who wanted that type of car. If you do look at the XF, and its smaller and larger family, and you make a comparison with the S Type, you will see that theXF carries some of the characteristics, with the main one being the atmosphere. The XF certainly has that! Regards, Peter.
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    Hi everyone, If anyone is looking for a good, honest (and well-priced) indie, I can definitely recommend Alan Lloyd Motors in New Malden. I've used them for years (for things I can't, or won't, do), and they've always treated me fairly. They're a very small outfit and generally pretty busy, but I wouldn't go anywhere else. Cheers, Mark
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    Hi Paul, At a guess, the badges on the grill and the steering wheel were put on in the factory, and the badge on the rear would be put on or not been put on at the dealership. I have heard that there are drawers at some dealerships filled with badges that never were put on. My S type only has the S Type badge on the rear, although some I have seen have the 2.7 D or the 3.0 badges on the rear. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Paul and Welcome to the Club, I cannot say for sure but the badges on the front and steering wheel may have been added as a small facelift or as an option at time of sale. My only reason for suggesting this is that the steering wheel badge seems to be recessed into the leather surface. I know also that Jaguar, like many other manufacturers, offered the option to have no model badges on the rear of the car so its possible there has been no damage done to the car you have been looking at. I'm sure that other XF aficionados will correct me if I am wrong. Cheers and enjoy. Steve
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    Hi Chaps Thought I would share this with you, just returned from a week's holiday and left the jag xf at home. Went to start it and nothing except a lot of warning lights, abs fault dsc to name a few!. Although not a member I called the AA battery assist line., booked a time slot and they came out today. Chap checked it over and as I suspected the battery had died after 6.5 years. He had the replacement which he duly fitted, but be warned the long bolt has a tendency to rust in and snap off , fortunately he used a freeing agent. To avoid messing up the electronics he used a slave battery while the new one was installed. Be warned this does not stop the electronics going awol , the chap spent an hour on his pc clearing all the faults touch wood she now drives fine. The cost for the call out ,new battery ,labour and diagnostics came to a reasonable £290 and a 5 year guarentee. Hats of to the AA. Graham
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    think they just look timeless heres my cat given the vintage look after a good polish
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    Hi Paul, My first XF, a 2010 model, was fitted with a detachable tow bar that was inserted horizontally. When not in use, the mount and the electrical socket were visible. On my 2016 XF, a Witter detachable is fitted, but the tow bar mounts vertically from below, and the electrical socket swings up behind the rear valence. When not in use, there is no indication that a tow bar is fitted, and the lines of the car are not spoilt. The only downside to this towbar , is that it cost £650 fitted. I hope this is of some use to you.
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    hi easier option would be to fix the boot lock then you can just put your key in and open the boot cheers Joe p.s. there is a main battery terminal in the drivers side front wheel arch, this one with jump leads you can start the car.
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    Love the electrics! Voltage regulator, Flasher unit (I suspect this is a later addition, those 'Lucar' spade connectors came in in the 60's replacing the bullet connectors which in turn replaced screwed on terminals as seen on the regulator) and two junction boxes, all Lucas. Back in the days of Empire when Britain was great!
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    hi also try here http://www.jagrepair.com/ also if you get stuck with any thing in perticular let me know, have a got a lot on info on the S-type V8's I have S-type R and gathered a lot of info over the past few years cheers Joe
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    Hi Paul. The normal 3-0 litre engine is about 240 bhp, but the XF model with the S badge have an upgraded engine with 275 bhp. Regards Tom.
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    I think it has developed an air of timeless elegance, no longer affected by the latest fashion unlike the XF perhaps which is beginning to look a little dated against its contemporaries. I know, even after 15 months of ownership, I find myself looking out of the window at it sitting on the drive, or returning to it when parked, and admiring its lines. Perhaps I'm biased but I still think it is a beautiful looking car and I consider myself very lucky to own one.
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    brilliant thanks raistlin👍👍👍😃
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    OK, I've just been sorting out my ftp and have now setup a single source for all of my Jaguar Technical and Maintenance. I didn't produce most of them myself, they are just my gleanings from various sources. Acknowledgement is given where appropriate. Just click on the link below What you see is what you get. If it ain't there... you could always PM me, I might have what you're looking for 😉 My Jaguar Stuff
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    my jag xj6 saved from the scrap yard.
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    My big beauty - Prone to rot but smooth as anything have ever driven.
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    The Princess had her transmission sump, filter and fluid replaced today and it certainly was worth the time and effort. She has done in excess of 135 000 miles but, as far as I was concerned, the transmission was faultless apart from occasionally seeming to slip, or take a while to match engine speed. Once or twice I've had the "gearbox fault" caption as well, when accelerating hard when the car was cold. Time will tell but I'm confident that has been sorted out. After the change, there is no longer any apparent slipping and, one thing which I was concerned about, which was the time delay between flooring the throttle from low speed and feeling the kick in the back, which I had assumed was down to the age of the engine, has now completely disappeared :D Clearly, the engine wasn't at fault but rather it was an insidious symptom of the transmission. 4.5 litres of black, burnt treacle was drained, and 6.75 litres of new fluid was added, along with a brand new sump and filter and gasket. There was no indication of leakage of transmission fluid but the original sump pan was certainly warped. The sump pan, fluid, filter & gasket set cost me £120 from a fleabay dealer and my mechanic charged me £40 to do the job, including checking the fluid level in the approved manner. Happy bunny :D I am now, even more than previously, sceptical of the "filled for life" philosophy, having seen how little fluid was recovered and the state of it. Instantaneous response is nice as well I am also expecting better fuel economy now that the engine doesn't over-rev but how much, or indeed, whether it will be measurable, remains to be seen.

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