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    Hi. Now have it booked in at Doncaster, lots of good feedback from owners- will also feedback after service
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    Hi all...I have just joined the forum and I have a few questions that I was hoping somebody could help with....I have a 1999 4.0 XK8 in Phoenix Red ( pics attached )....It is a standard car apart from having a 'Quick Silver' full exhaust system ( which by the way, sounds AMAZING! )...I am not sure of how much extra power is produced ( perhaps someone out there can answer that? )...Anyway, I love the drive of my XK8...I think its an awesome machine, especially considering how little I paid for it.....however, Its not perfect....I think it could be better....I was thinking along the lines of lowered / sports suspension, poly bushing and fitting larger anti-roll bars.....in addition, bigger discs and calipers.....I also wondered if there was a larger throttle upgrade / performance air intake kit for more power..I also like the look of 20'' split rims...but do they significantly blunt acceleration compared to 18'' wheels?...And then I think is it just easier/ cheaper to buy an XKR instead?....I accept that an XKR is much quicker, but do they handle a lot better than an XK8?... I actually own 2 XK8's...The blue one is a 1997 car which I purchased about a week ago...I got it cheaply but it needs work....My other idea was to keep the red one standard and modify the blue one...I was even thinking about replacing the interior with some lightweight seats and fitting a roll cage....I love the look of it...I believe its 'Midnight Blue'....It has a few reasonably subtle modifications...it has a 'Supercharged' badge on the bonnet..it has 18'' 'Flute' alloys which have been painted black...there is black meshing on the headlights....it has a chrome boot plinth rather than a body coloured one....and it has the later rear lights ( which personally I think look nicer than the earlier ones) So, there we have it....2 cars....lots of ideas...any input / information greatly appreciated 🙂 Bill
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    A late plate, S-Type, manual petrol is quite a rare thing. I could only see two for sale on Autotrader nationally, which says it all really ! The silver 2007 on there is advertised as an 'XS' but doesn't have the body kit ?
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    Many thanks for your reply
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    ha ha, cracked it! Wrong Hub supplied, all the same apart from where the Sensor fits, slightly off! Bugger!
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    Our very own Peter Lightfoot aka Old Peter (moderator and contributor to the JOC) has published a new book about the history of Jaguar and below is a brief synopsis: A unique perspective of the Jaguar car company over the decades and the people that made the company and motoring history. So many superbly illustrated and technically explicit books have been written about Jaguar cars over the long and successful existence of the marque, but not many have been written about ‘the people’ that created and shaped the future of the Jaguar brand. This book is dedicated to the bosses and employees that made the Jaguar brand a truly legendary car brand, recognised and respected worldwide, both on the roads and the race tracks. Now available as an e-Book, this new book giving an insight into the history of the cars and the people that created the world-leading prestige car marque Link to more information and to purchase: http://bit.ly/JaguarBook
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    Anybody with access to a 3D printer who could make me a hex bit holder please? Something like this:- If so please can you PM me a price?
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    love this stuff on full blast
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    I have a complete SDD / IDS setup for sale if anybody is interested. Based upon a Samsung P560 laptop running Windows 7, correctly installed Jaguar diagnostics SDD / IDS software and a Mongoose Pro adaptor to link the laptop to the car. Anybody interested for £200 inc courier delivery or pick up from my house and see it working.
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    Hi yes not a good idea, better to take the Egr valve off and clean it and also the the plastic air intake, messy job but well worth it ,my x type now runs like a dream, regards Ricky
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    Hi, Thanks for letting me join. My first Jaguar, to be honest bit old and stiff for another coup'e but I miss my Supra TT and I have gone backwards to a passat estate and now for grandchildren a VW T5 Combi. So here I am "old knackered but happy". Need my van love my toy.
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    Same here, same colour. Minus the "S" badge. Had it from 60k and I'm up to 150k now and it still goes like a train! Wonderful car, you're gonna LOVE it - and I'm in Suffolk too so if you want to take a good look around one near you I'd be happy to help..
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    Just to bring my input for this thread to a close. Spent ages searchng for local garages using Autologic. Found a couple but when I mentioned the specific problem it sounded like they didn't have a clue! Decided not to risk any more costly mistakes so bit the bullet and booked it into E+E for this morning. About an hour and half drive from Dagenham so could have been worse! Met a chap there who had driven down from Liverpool for exactly the same fix. As mentioned above, 15 minutes later I was on my way back home , £90 lighter but problem fixed. So much for getting a cheap battery! Still, lesson learned. Now to start looking for that BMW I fancy!
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    Has anybody else fitted one of these? I can highly recommend. Super easy installation, no drilling or glue required.

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