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    Spray around the air intake path in stages from air filter box to inlet manifold / cylinder head with Bradex Easy Start. If the engine idle speed changes you have found your leak.
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    Picked up today after coming back from my annual holiday 🙂
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    Thought I would make my first post in this section, I have been a regular on the S-TYPE forum but now added a 2004 XJR to the collection. Another Jaguar model that I was selling when they were new and promised myself one at some point. I spent some time travelling around looking for something suitable, I still work at a Jaguar dealership but waiting for something to come in as a part exchange is a waste of time (rarely see X350's or X358's these days) Travelled a lot of miles to look at cars with various independent dealers and have to say that unfortunately, it reinforced many of the negative stereotypes that customers have about the motor trade ! Lots of badly described and poorly presented cars, which were up for sale at 'retail' money, if you own one of these and want to scare yourself silly, get a true 'trade value' based on Glasses Guide or CAP Black Book ! Ended up buying this one privately, it isn't perfect but a hell of a lot better than the ones that I went to look at with 'traders' My pet hate is 'over describing' used cars, especially if someone is travelling a long way to look at it. No one expects perfection on cars that are now at least 10 years old but I would rather someone tells it like it is. Made these guys aware that I was 'in the trade' and that the car was for myself, explained that I would not try to get them to drop the price based on 'book' prices but wanted an honest appraisal of the car to see if I was wasting their time and mine. Unfortunately this didn't happen ! Not naming names, it was an interesting learning curve as a buyer rather than a seller but made me realise that I take it for granted how we expect cars to be prepared and presented.
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    hi I would not chance it because all the loads goes through the body module which switches the lights on and off if your handy with car wiring, you could install 2 relays, that have a separate 12v supply, then you can install any wattage you want
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    I will check with the garage on Wednesday to see what they did for the service & I will mention your comments about the EGR valve. I am currently on about 50k mileage. Thanks for your advice and I will post an update after the garage has taken a look.
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    After just having a Service & MOT. I have booked my car in for a check on the 21/08/19. I will post an update the following day.
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    The hose on the air flow meter is burst?
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    Welcome to the Club, John. Thomas has made a good suggestion, I had a faulty wing mirror on my s type. A replacement would cost £286, eBay had one for £27.90, All is now well. Let us know how it goes. Regards, Peter.
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    You may find it's the guage it's self that's at fault experienced same problem the solution was to replace entire binical with a secondhand unit around £40 from ebay and another 40 to have correct milage reset a lot heaper fix
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    That is a bit of a quandary! Maybe those with the appropriate expertise should be able to help. Regards, Peter.
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    Hello Duncan, and welcome to the Club! The XKs are indeed pretty reliable. My advice would be that excellent condition is vital, and you should ensure that all electric items are fully working. I have had my XK for five years, and nothing has gone wrong: One brake light bulb and one indicator bulb have been replaced, that’s all. You do need to keep the battery fully charged if it is not your daily drive, but that is true of all Jaguars. If it is in excellent condition and has a good service history, mileage is not that important.
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    Welcome to the Club, Joe. Nice Car
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    quality spot on with mine, no rattles or squeaks, best motor I've had, but I think mine has had a prang at some point in its life as the steering wheel jag emblem is dented, so I'm assuming the air bag has gone off at some point!!
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    Speed itself isn't the real issue. Inappropriate speed is the danger. High speed on an empty motorway shouldn't be a problem, but breaking or even driving at, the speed limit in other situations (outside shopping centres, schools, etc.), can be very dangerous. But that's why drivers have brains and the ability to asses the situation and drive accordingly. I would imagine these speed-limited cars will be unaware of fog, ice, children, crowds, sun glaring in the driver's eyes, etc. For those reasons, I think they are a really bad idea, resulting in chains of cars all doing the speed limit regardless of whether it's safe to do so. J
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    Hi Acepower Check out a couple of my videos and they will help you make your mind up. Consider subscribing as well because I am currently editing up a whole series of video's called the secrets of the XK8. Its Free! and if you click the bell icon you a notification every time i put a new one up. Executive summary though. The XK8 wont be the cheapest or most trouble free of your options to own. But it will make you smile more than any Lexus. PS Franc C is right re "I want one" eyes. so enjoy the decision making process and dont rush it. Good luck whatever you choose. John

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