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    I have for sale on a spares or repairs basis my XJ8 with gold coachwork oatmeal leather interior. The engine has covered 86,000 miles and has been regularly serviced having had new plugs and coil packs this year. the coachwork has some minor car park damage the roof lining is dirty the interior is in good condition with no rips or tears. The five alloys all have good tyres and are undamaged, I believe the spare has never been used. The reason I am selling is the BCM appears to have packed up. £995 ovno
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    I have a 2011 XF-S 3.0d Portfolio - got it in October. Having taken on board advice from other members (especially Peter - thank you!) and swapping to premium diesel with an occasional shot of Millers Oil additive, I now regularly get 32-34mpg locally and an easy 42-46 on long motorway trips. I also do not 'spare the horses'! If I drop into sport mode I can easily drop that down to low 20's. But that's almost too much fun! Cheers, Jon
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    One of the first things I did was source another alloy wheel and relegate the spacesaver to the shed.
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    My Sportbrake 2.0 D (180 bhp) can easily reach at least 55 mpg on the trip to Brussels (350 miles). By the way Jaguar Ingenium engines with DPF and DEF (AdBlue) are very clean.
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    peter...well done you ! great to see that you don't mind having a go fixing things, plus it saves loads of money in the long run too, I also have the same code reader, great little machine. enjoy your rewards when driving now that you've done the fix.
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    Ah the Italian tune up always a good ploy. ha ha Cheers Rich
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    Hello Jaguar people. I came across this site when I searched "Jaguar XF hazard". I was directed to a post from a guy who had the same model as mine same age as mine, same problem as mine. so it appears I may have a problem caused by water getting into the relay box in the boot and causing my hazard lights to do what the hell they like! pretty good first visit so I decided to sign up. thanks for having me on board.
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    Thanks Trevor. That's a good start. Would appreciate any update.
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    I will need about 2 miles of cable so that route is a big no no,and its not a solar panel direct to the battery it runs through a control unit into a smart charger that looks after the battery just like a ctek or any other smart charger. Rob.
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    My one does it sparadicaly. Usually caused by my sausage fingers just pressing 2 buttons accidentally on the remote. Sometimes when locking the car my sausage thumb turns the headlights on.

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