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  2. I have an XF 3.0D V6 S for sale in White/Black alloys 2028 (68) 2 owners Ive had it since 650 mikes now 57000 miles just had full service and all alloys refurbished. Superb condition. A really great car drives brilliantly has all the bells and whistles. Have it advertised at £16,750 but would take £16,000 for it from a jaguar owners club member. Please message me if interested and I can send images.
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  4. Thank you - this is really helpful. Tim
  5. Auto reserve jaguar are really good and have good prices. I recently got a rear light cluster/led for (175 including vat and postage from them.
  6. Hello to all and thanks for letting me join.
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  8. Hi Shaun, if you send me an email to: scotland.ambassador@jecregions.org.uk then I will email it on to you. N6 JMX
  9. Unfortunately you do not have a ”service connection” to enable remote movement of the seat and there is no way to manually move them. You will therefore have to remove it and then apply 12v to the motor in order to move it. Assuming of course the motor has not been damaged by the water.
  10. Could be the solenoid Steve. Are you hearing a click? Took the starter off mine and annoyingly it worked perfectly on the bench. Been fine ever since.
  11. Hi Steve - All the best + Welcome to the club
  12. Further to the post above, the type of Ducks Bill used in the New XK changed during 2009, with the c/o being at VIN B34500, so cars in 2009 could still have the older, easily blocked version. In the photo below, the older / original version is at the top and the new / improved version is at the bottom. N6 JMX
  13. Hi Martin, effectively yes. The system will effectively remain at the last available update point. Any changes on the roads driven will not he held in the system. N6 JMX
  14. Bought for my now departed XK8, I have a car cover for sale. Not specifically tailored for the XK8, would fit XJS and F-Type equally well (or even an Aston or Maserati...). Very good undamaged condition. £75 ono. Collection preferred (Hampshire).
  15. Hi I'm only guessing here, if the oil level is OK and the light comes on have you checked your oil filter.
  16. How much are you asking for the wheels? thanks,need a quick reply
  17. Further investigation reveals I DO have the flexi hoses feeding to the calipers! The caliper end terminates in the square fitting through which the banjo bolt goes into the caliper. It's this bolt I'm having trouble sizing, anyone got any suggestions please? Cheers....
  18. Just another thought Jim. My 2006 2,7 Diesel..... Reason why it is a non runner. Driving along suddenly I heard an unusual warning sound.... short sharp beeping and then the car just stopped and went dead. Transported back to my garage it seemed beyond them to work out the problem even after a diagnostics check and they thought it must be an ECU problem. However there was seemingly no one who could undertaken the checking of the ECU as the car was too old...???? However the rear brakes had locked and the car was immovable per say. I had heard on the grapevine that can happen and there is some electronic stuff in the boot which can be identified as the culprit and then `adjusted` to free the wheels where then the car should start. Sounds oversimplified but it may well be the case. Is this something you have come across Jim and may know of the likely `fix` I would love to get this old girl back on the road as I was very attached to it. Kind Regards Mike
  19. Hi Ian Yes here she is, now I've got original wheels taking up space in my bedroom. It makes getting up in the dark very tricky.
  20. Hi Mikey My 2013 Sportbrake had same issue after I let the battery go flat in the first Covid Lockdown. Mine was sorted under warranty from a non-jaguar main dealer (they had Jaguar main dealers in their group who apparently talked them through the process). It is a relatively easy fix if the garage know what to do, or very expensive if you go to Jag dealer who want to just change the Central Junction Box. If you search on here ("Autologic" in the search tool) there are a couple of companies in the midlands who are experts and sort it really quickly and cheaply. Apparently they need the Autologic Diagnostics. Good Luck John
  21. I live in Querétaro, Mexico and I follow your videos, here I can't get spare parts to repair a transmission bw model 66 for an XJ6, 1985, do you know if a transmission can be adapted from a more modern car and what it could be, thanks for your comments, greetings
  22. Hi all ,my father is selling an xtype thats been garaged for a couple of years does anybody hear have advice as to where to sell it or are there any people here interested , its a runner the only reason it was taken off road is the sills were starting to rot but didnt want the car scrapped. Any advice would be welcome and photos can be taken if needed. Thanks.
  23. A small word of warning on the use of the one touch fob button for roof raise and lower. Whilst it is a nice trick, the recommendation is NEVER raise or lower the roof of a convertible without the engine running. i.e. don't rely on the battery to do the work. Batteries in the X-150 have a hard life and I have always recommended that the battery be replaced at 5 years old. Many, many spurious faults arise from a poor battery and in today's world, the ability to start the car is not the best indication of its health.
  24. I am pleased to announce that the Scottish Jaguar Enthusiasts Day will take place on Saturday the 29th of June 2024 at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, (The Transport Museum). Entry will cost £10 per vehicle and pre-registration is required. More details available and register by contacting Jim Mann on email scotland.ambassador@jecregions.org.uk.
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  26. I have a ropey pair of front steel wings for above 1936....... or 37....probably same wing on both years ?. Spare wheel well is missing from NS wing. Need sand blasting. The vertical flanges that bolt to chassis have both been roughly welded with plates added, and one has been apparently joined from two bits, just at front of running board. The curved parts are basically sound and Ok. I guess cutting off and welding on new vertical flanges to these is cheaper than rolling out new wings. To a good home for free or a bottle of whisky. Collection from London SW15...too big to wrap for shipping Have numerous other non-body bits from a 1936 Terry 0771 257 8724
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