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  2. I think you are correct, Darren. Jaguar cars are very solid if driven properly. Peter.
  3. Hi, Thanks Joe I was quite impressed when I saw them, thinking that those Jag boys think of everything. 🙂 Wrong! Regards Phil
  4. hi everyone looking to step into an xfr very soon, looking at the facelift shape with the 8 speed auto. im coming from a jap background (impreza's) so dont really know much about the xfr so questions will be plentiful. if anybody knows of a decent one for sale point me in that direction please regards matt
  5. hi could be a faulty sensor or and bad connection on one you can usually hear them clicking when there on but well worth checking all the connections are good and not corroded cheers joe
  6. Yesterday
  7. 115c is way too hot. Should be 90c and possibly 94c if idling on a hot day. Do NOT drive until problem is corrected. This model is sensitive to coolant pump problems. There are other forum sites that explain how valve seats come loose at a few degrees higher. Get the pump and its plastic housing replaced immediately. This is also a good opportunity to replace valley hoses when it is apart. Bob
  8. I use a Deltran junior battery tender. It goes thru 4 different cycles and ends at maintain. I am quite pleased with it. It holds the battery at 12.96 volts steady all winter. It stays on from Nov to May, and if I am not going to drive for over a week, I just plug it in and forget it. Bob
  9. Hi Deirdre and welcome to the club. It doesn't surprise me when the battery is fading. It happened to me when a 3 year old battery was past its best. If you have a good mechanic in the area, a visit to him/her would be the best option. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi I have a 2018 Jag XF 300 Sport. Lovely car and goes like a rocket. Sometimes, especially if it has been on the drive for a few days, when I start the car and drive there is not much in the way of acceleration. Basically you could put your foot down and it trundles along at 40mph. Stop and restart the car and the monster is back - where I wouldn't dream of putting my foot all the way down. The car is going in next week but does anyone have any idea what this might be, before the mechanics look at me strangely. It is not a problem that occurs all the time. Many thanks if any
  11. Last week
  12. Hi Gatis, How did you fixed the problem with transmision, I have the same error P0942
  13. Hi just purchased a 2003 x type it doesn't have a sat nav just standard radio, I want 2 b able 2 get dab radio and use my phone help!!!
  14. Gunk will only 'repair certain punctures plus the tyre is ruined. A spare whatever type will always quickly get you on your way. Full size spare is best but second best a space-saver.
  15. Thanks wayne its a shame car sitting wasting away even jaguar main dealer cant help unless i leave it with them for 5 DAYS at a cost of £1248 per day thats crazy over £6000 just to look
  16. Hi Guys I have a slight hesitant miss fire on my V6 Sports four door Petrol Saloon, I have replaced one of the ignition coils which appeared to be faulty but the fault is still there when the engine is on load , I would like to get it sorted when the engine is on low rev tick over the it runs smoothly with no sign of a miss fire and there is no engine warning light on the Dash. If there is a Jaguar Member in or near the Bournemouth/Ferndown Area and can throw some light on this problem I would be very grateful, I have had a local Garage have a look at this but they dont seem to be ab
  17. Hi my door mirrors are loose on the pivot point are they repairable or not ? 2002 xk8 conv
  18. Hi, sorry very late answering but I’ve just seen this! Stanley Trimmers http://www.stanleytrimmers.co.uk/
  19. A little upgrade to my car
  20. Hey, I get the first beep, but not the second one when I press a button on the key. Do you know what I need to do?
  21. Thanks John, I'll give that ago. I've got a volt meter so hopefully won't be a problem.
  22. Hi Mark, Seems strange to say engine starts but then cuts out. Not sure if it could do this if the timing chain has snapped, I would seek a second opinion. Someone with more knowlege than me should be able to make sense of this. Good luck. Cheers Rod
  23. OK, will accept £50 but buyers collects or pays postage.
  24. UPDATE So, after 10 days of thorough investigation and testing it would appear the issue is a failing HP Fuel Pump. Seems the pump was only operating to a max 500 psi so could cope with day to day poodling about but when requiring more fuel to overtake or motorway driving it couldn't reach the 1200 psi it might need. Good to finally resolve and have renewed trust, not so good for the pocket!
  25. Hi John, What you have said is so true. There are so many people who allow their tyres to wear till the last minute. I am regarded by some as a nut case for changing my tyres while there is still "some life in them". I was coming back from work in 1963 when an e-type passed me on the Chestier by-pass with on of his tyres having bare canvas. Luckily I was driving a fast motorcycle and I was able to catch him. He was horrified but I think he learned a lesson! Regards, Peter.
  26. Jumping into my first Jaguar and hope it is a good ride.... After many many years of driving GM models this is my first non-GM - hope to make it a good one!!! Cheers, V
  27. Hello - I am driving my second XK8 2005 convertible (this one is a Carbon fiber edition) and I have to say both cars are really well made, very smooth and quiet riding. Surprisingly quiet at higher speeds even wih the convertible top. I cannot speak to the ride in a coupe but I imagine it would be somewhat quieter, but the convertible is quieter than you would expect - drive one and you will see. Not sure about the stiffness vs an R version - probabaly very similar - have not heard much about any difference here. Beautiful, well built and quiet touring cars for sure.
  28. My first jag always wanted one. Now I got it I’m not confident with it . Is it just me ? Need someone to sit with me and go through the lot with me. Do I go to a main dealer ?
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