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  3. Bear in mind that they have large doors, and exit from the car is much easier with the door fully open. How far you need to open the door to get out will depend on your size and agility! I would say that I need around 3 feet to get in and out comfortably, without the door hitting the garage wall, but then I am a senior citizen!
  4. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago although I didn`t have any error messages. Had the car recovered to the garage and they had to remove the drive selector assembly and sent it to a specialist, luckily it is still under warranty and now working perfect.
  5. I have just joined this club. Being a JDC & JEC member I thought I would find out more about what Jaguar Owners has to offer. If anyone is a member down this way, Dover, Kent to be precise, it would be great to link up. Any events planed for 2022 that we may be able to link into would be great to hear. If anyone is interested, I am organising a Track Day at Goodwood in 2022, 2nd May for JDC. Details attached, Jaguar Owners Club members would be most welcome to join in. Best wishes, I hope to meet some of you in 2022. Roger Knight r.k@rkgraphics.co.uk JDC_ETYPE_FORM.pdf
  6. HI David I have same problem on 2011 portfolio ! id you manage to sort out the problem Kind Regards Graham
  7. Hi Terence You really need to read the fault codes (or get them read) as that should locate the fault. All modern cars use a host of sensors to monitor various functions and many of the functions are inter-connected. So a possible fault, such as a faulty ABS wheel sensor, which is designed to measure wheel rotation, primarily to allow the ABS to function when needed may result in an ABS fault. However the information from that sensor is also used to allow other systems to function, such as traction control which is managed by the transmission "computer". If a sensor does not "answer" correctly when asked by its contolling computer for data, a fault is logged and the driver warned that functions may not be avaialble. In addition the car may switch them off to ensure they don't fail at a safety critical moment. For example a fault in the front parking sensor wiring disabled ALL of my parking assistance and reversing camera as well as telling me that I was "flying solo" and to take extra care as none of the cars assitance would be available until it was fixed! Hope that helps. John
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  9. hi this is a very good place to take your car The Garage is :- G&D Motors, 82A, Kimberley Park Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2DF. TEL:-01326 211117 20 plus years working with jaguars
  10. I use a wheelchair all of the time and I'm considering getting an XKR, likely a pre '07 one (I'm not that rich!). Could someone please tell me the height of the seat top (where your bum goes!) from the floor? I need to work out whether I can get into and out of it. Many thanks in expectation...
  11. Hello all, I hope I'm not re-opening an exiting thread. I bought a 2010 XK-R during the summer from a premium car specialist. Not a Jaguar specialist or franchise. Now I've had a few months to live with it, I want to do so a couple of improvements. I have B&W speakers and what looks to be the standard 2010 spec ICE, sat nav, etc. There's a button for DAB, but it doesn't do anything so I assume it was an option that wasn't fitted. I haven't taken the dash-board to bits, but I'm guessing there could be a DAB module that plugs into the back of the existing ICE. From searches, it appears that there were a number of option packs available, and unfortunately mine didn't have premium sound. It does have a connection for an old iPod (I found one stuffed in a drawer that still works. Has anyone upgraded theirs?
  12. For me the starting point here would be to check the actual level of oil. If you have been topping up because of a low oil level warning (was it low oil level or low oil pressure?) but the AA say there is too much oil in the engine, top of the suspect list would be the oil level sensor mis-reporting the level. Just to be clear though, did the AA say there was a lot of oil in the engine OR a lot of oil in the engine bay? The first indicating the engine is using or burning oil. The latter indicates an external leak. If the engine bay is full of oil then engine oil level may well have got very low possibly allowing the engine to run without sufficient oil damaging the bearings / bores / pistons but I think those things are only really apparent after at least a partial strip-down not after changing a turbo and EGR. Other than totally destroyed bearings / pistons / rings etc the only reason I can see for a new block is that the old one is cracked; and that should produce very clear symptoms. Depending where the crack is you would expect at least one of the following: Oil burning in the cylinder - Blue smoke in exhaust Oil in Coolant - Mayonaise visible in coolant resevoir Coolant in oil - Mayonaise look to oil (visble in filler) Coolant in the cylinder - White exhaust (steam). Minimum diagnostic, I would want, would be a compression test of each cylinder to verify location of a crack. When the engine does run is there any visible smoke? Regards John
  13. I've just been quoted just over £1000 for the same job. Is this a common problem? Is there any way of reinforcing the Cam Cover with plastic steel or similar? Obviously, its too late for the one that has cracked, but would it be feasible as a preventative measure?
  14. Last week
  15. Hi just a line to say i have the nextbase 522 a long with the rear camera. Not sure what the problem was but if i plug it into the lighter socket the cameras work fine. if i hard wire it (which i did) made sure it had a good earth ect sometimes the camera not switch off and i would come back to a over heated camera so would have to let it cool down before it would work again. Went back it the lighter socket and no problems again. used fuse F32 which is the one they said to use. ( also used the nextbase hard wire kit)
  16. Appreciate the advice. I'll look to make sure "where" it comes from. Ej
  17. Did thread go anywhere or was this the only post? I bought a 2010 XKR during the summer (2021). I've just come back from a weekend down south to visit family on the 1st bad weekend of the winter. To cut a long-story short; I hadn't engaged winter mode on the gearbox, and some slushy snow on the run into Sheffield caught me out at 40/50mph. A pretty spectacular and thankfully damage & injury free tank-!Removed!!! I've had a selection of reasonably high performance cars over the years (MB E350 AMG, ML350, Renault Megane R26, etc), but this is my big Jag1 and even in the dry, it's a bit of handful. On my previous cars, I have fitted winters, sometimes on smaller alloys, other times not. I typically put them on anywhere from end October to beginning of December and take of in March. Yokohamas and Contis have been the best for me. My problem at the moment is actually finding any in the recommended size for 20" alloys. I'm not sure if it's worth or even possible to fit 18" or 19" wheels as the space between the rim and the brake calipers is limited. I'm interested to hear your experience. Or should I just put Jezza (the Jag) under a cover for the winter.
  18. Check the system you have by going Jaguar in control Subscription Depending on the year you need to updated via USB then you need to go to https://www.jaguar.here.com/index.php Your log in information will be what the car system has been set up - if in doubt please speak to your dealer to ensure that the car has been reset to your account and activated correctly. Once your account is active then you can sign in on the car and in this site and then download the latest map - this is locked to the VIN of the car. Your subscription to Here.com will determine the map you need to buy - the system allows a 1 year or longer 3 year subscription. The maps are updated every month.
  19. The colour should be a bright, clear colour as opposed to contaminated opaque colour. Also, if the fluid is contaminated it would also smell burnt The solenoids would come up in fault codes if any issues when scanned
  20. Hi i had this problem, and you do need to get the fault code. As this could be not only abs system at fault. In my case it turned out to be the yaw sensor. which is under the auto hand brake.
  21. This is a common and well known issue and is most likely the butterfly valve that switches from LP Turbo to HP Turbo. The pin corrodes, Its a relatively simple fix and cheap too.
  22. The only advice I would give on this is to get it fitted professionally.
  23. There is a choice to de select this option in the on screen menus. Normally in the Driving Assistance menu.
  24. anyone recommend a more technical forum or Jag specialist in Scotland?
  25. Hi. I’ve got a 2003 S type 2.5, it’s got the S type r alloys already. I was wondering if the S type R brembo calipers are a straight fit? cheers
  26. Hi Mark, welcome to the club. Glad you are enjoying ownership of your s type having sorted your problems then to get side swiped must have hid hard.. hope you’re back on the road soon. chidders
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