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  2. Hi fellow enthusiasts. Further to my post with regards to my none starting V8 i have a code of P1641 which i believe is the main fuel power circuit. I have replaced the fuel pump and it primes ok,but fuel is not reaching the engine. I have checked the fuse and relay can you offer any idea of what i should check next. Many Thanks Graham
  3. Hello I need to replace rubber trim on side windows of 1999 XK8. Can anyone recommend company in Torquay/Exeter area? Thank you. Malcolm
  4. Thanks Trevor, funny enough looked at one yesterday, been in an XFS before but the XFRS really surprised me.... 1) its really comfortable 2) its surprisingly quiet when inside, in D mode, just driving normally 3) does look meaner in the flesh. Then you unleash the beast, talk about Jekyll and Hyde, pulls like a train and gets a tad louder! Deposit down, could not fault the car few wear and tear minor defects (less than expected for a car 6 years old), no nasty smoke from cold or after test drive, gear changes all smooth in D S and manual. Been serviced to the schedule and every 6k or so. Independent mechanic out tomorrow, if its good, will be a proud owner by next weekend.
  5. In the process of retrofitting Dual View to my car and progress so far is all good.. Screen Fitted CCF Modified to show Dual View Engineering Mode via Touchscreen accessed to confirm correct installation The only stumbling block i now have is that i need a climate control / radio front panel with the Dual View hard key.. If anyone has one spare, please give me a shout. Thanks, Alex
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  7. Thanks for the comments. I do appreciate that value is a subjective thing but this car was mint! As I needed to sell it due to the purchase of an XK, a trader now has the car for sale at £6495. Needless to say he didn’t give me anywhere near that sum but he did recognise a good car when he saw one. It seems that because I was selling privately any prospective buyers automatically assumed it was too dear and never made an offer or started any price negotiations..... You often get what you pay for and I doubt you would find a nicer car. Regards Chris.
  8. Hi Neil i have the Mk1 3 litre and I do a mix of regular roads and motorway and currently getting 36mpg, which isn’t bad considering my wife’s 2.0 litre Kuga is averaging 41mpg. Ste
  9. Hi All The ambarella dash cam in my car has stopped working and I’m thinking the fuse may have blown. Could anyone tell me how and where to change it? thanks
  10. Hi, Is it possible to buy the chrome x type lettering on the tail gate. Mine was damaged at car wash the other day. It could be a trip to the scrap yards. Cheers Rod
  11. Panic over, chaps. Read the manual and found out how to fix it. Working fine now. Ed
  12. Hi Guys. I have that feeling that my transmission might be low on oil. Gear shifts are okay but not as smooth as it should be. I have a 2.2 diesel X Type 6 speed manual. I came across a few videos on youtube for the v6 x type and that gearbox takes 1.75 litres of oil. I would like to know how much oil does the 2.2 diesel 6 speed take and what kind of oil should I use. Thanks in advance for the reponse.
  13. Hi Kevin, I think I have the same problem on my 2009 x type estate. I`ve done all the checks that you mention including taking everything out of the boot. What sort of job is it to change the shocks and was it the mounting bushes that had failed? Did you replace with same type or did you upgrade them? My car has done 145k but runs really well apart from this annoying problem. Thanks Rod
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  15. Hi, did you get this fixed. I have the exact same problem. Had new BCM (in footwell) and new battery in keys and car. Jaguar reset and re programmed software but Fault still there. Any help gratefully received.
  16. I have a 2011 xf v6 looking to get the timming belt changed and balance shaft too. Do I need to do the water pump at the same time and do I need to do anything else at the same time thanks in advance
  17. hi can anyone help my late 57 plate s type 3 ltr petrol has been parked up for about 2 months under cover, went to move it the other day now showing gearbox fault ,no cruise ,available ,running in limp mode,abs fault, put it on my mates computer also showing o/s rear abs sensor fault and also showing misfire on 1 and 3 coil packs. changed the battery for a new one no difference, also changed the rear abs sensor no joy tried taking battery terminal leads off waiting 5 mins touching + AND - no joy . the car was running perfect before being parked up, head scratching need the car for a wedding next week would appreciate any ideas . thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Only owned my Jag a couple of months (2016 2.0d XE) so still learning what's what! Am I missing something or is there no way to get the dash to display the time/distance to the next service? All searching has brought me back is that the dash will display a countdown when it gets near to the service disance/time. However my car has come with 12 months complimentary "Remote Connect" that allows me to use an app to connect to the car to lock/unlock, check status etc. The App tells me how many miles to service under the 'Status' section - current 15k miles, but I cannot find the same in the Dash menu or entertainment system menus. I was wondering because if the App is showing the information, then the car is hold the data and was wondering why I cannot get to it without a subsciption to the Remote Connect service?
  19. Thanks Trevor. I have used OpieOils before when I changed the Oils on my Audis. I have been struggling to tell the difference between when an oil is 'approved' for the STJLR.03.5007 specification, and those that simply claim they meet the standard, and whether that matters at all? it also seems difficult to find the correct ol sold in larger quantities, they are most sold in 1ltr bottles, except for Miller and Total on the opieOils site (I need 6.5 ltrs).
  20. Welcome to the club, Ross. You are quite right. I have had my s type for over six and a half years, and get the same mph as you, near enough. Apart from fuel and tyres, I have only had a water pump replaced, both EGR valves replaced, brake discs and pads, a few bulbs and one rear reversing sensor, which is not bad at all. I am going to keep it for ever! Regards, Peter.
  21. Hi Keith, are you saying that changing the fuel filter cured the cold start problems ? I have the same engine which is hesitant to start and then runs rough for a minute or two until moving off. However, this only happens when the weather turns cold and first thing in the morning. Many thanks, Ross
  22. Fingers crossed it is the master cylinder 🙂
  23. I wonder if it could be a worn suspension component but it should show up with a lever bar inserted into the correct places to show excessive movement. Other areas to look at could be loose / excessive play in the calipers where they mount to the carrier, worn wheel bearings, testing run out on the discs in-situ, etc
  24. Hi David....welcome to the Club Plenty of information throughout the forum and dedicated XK sections. Any other info you require about Jaguars then feel free to ask away Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  25. Hi Andrew.....welcome to the Club The car looks superb and you seem to have got a bargain there! The good thing is that the check list you had seems to be complete, especially as it seems to have been cherished by the previous owner. Mileage is not a big problem and it has got there by its merits as a good car and having been maintained correctly. Timing chains should not be an issue if the oil and filter has been changed frequently and quality parts and fluid fitted. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  26. Well, it's in the mid (£4K) price range for S Types and the vendor has done quite a lot of work on the car so I don't think they'll move on the price. I've had other cars with similar issues, wire brushed the subframe and painted with red lead. That worked because - as you say - the rust was building from the outside in ... it's difficult to asses that from pictures.
  27. Hi. Does the 2009 XK 5.0l have good security regards to the dreaded scanner thief. Know people who have owned Audi’s near me who have their cars stolen from their driveways overnight, I have an 2009 XK. Just wondering if others on here recommend and faraday bag (signal blocker pouch) or are the Jaguar XK more secure??
  28. Same as mine now but it was there when I picked it up!
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