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  2. Try Dave Manners.
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  4. Dennis Jaguar, in general can be a problem with battery discharge. Using a CTEK Re-conditioner/Charger regularly and for at least 24 hours can resolve/stop a lot of low battery potential problems. "Other makes are available" ........... as the media would state. You will find a lot of people on this forum , including myself, use the CTEK product. I have a CTEK MS 7, which is also capable of starting flat batteries. Best Wishes and Regards, John
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  6. My battery is good, 12.7volts. The lights will come on but the starter does absolutely nothing. No crank, just silence. Fired fine a week ago... I've cleaned battery terminals. Could this be the starter relay!
  7. Use a good diagnostic tool and see what codes you can find which may be relevant to your problems. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  8. Good to hear everything fixed to your liking. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  9. Charge the battery (if it will take a charge) and keep it in good condition. CTEX re-conditioner/charger used regularly are well worth investing in. Best Wishes and Regards, John
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  11. Thank you Joe, I shall look for the battery vent pipe and connect if necessary
  12. I feel that I have been lucky with my ownership of a 2.7 S Type 2007 auto since 2009 when it was 2 years old. My visits to this forum for advice re car troubles has become more regular over the last 3 years and I have now arrived at the junction where a decision has to be made. I have spent over £1200 on my S Type 2.7 over the last 2 years and have MOT advisories for next year that would mean a few hundred more. It is time to part company. I simply don't like the XF or XE as much as the S Type and as it was the looks and driveability of my S Type that brought me to Jaguar in the first place, I have therefore reluctantly decided to move away from Jaguar altogether for my next vehicle. I am very thankful to all members who have contributed towards my online ramblings whilst trying to keep my S Type running. The membership of this club has been very helpful. These forums almost always have the answer if you search long enough. I wish everyone continued good motoring
  13. My S-Type for sale in Jaguars For Sale & Wanted Any contact via PRIVATE MESSAGE please. Regards, John
  14. Hi John, Its a Beautiful looking car. I am sure some would love it. Kind Regards, Julie.
  15. It’s now switched to raising 2/10 times and I’m sure it’s weather based, much worse when it’s cold/wet
  16. Absolutely good advice, or you will be chasing the fault and probably/possibly spending unnecessary money, Best Wishes and Regards, John
  17. On my 2002 XKR the fault was a break in the flexible wires connecting to the hubs on the front. Both sides were faulty.
  18. The pillar job is quite easy and can be completed by any competent DIYer. The roof lining is a bit more tricky but again can be done by any competent home mechanic. As previously mentioned YouTube is a good place to start. There are companies on eBay who sell everything required to do this. Make sure you get the correct colour match if you only do the pillars.
  19. Hi Henry, Great to hear you solved the problem.🙂 Thank you for sharing, it could help other members. Kind Regards, Julie.
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264730605761?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&_trkparms=ispr=1&amdata=enc:18mVRCV10RUOedYjRvErOhQ79&customid=EAIaIQobChMI-PXFyNS8-gIVC-vtCh2rQgl7EAQYAiABEgLKFPD_BwE Loads more on Ebay, but this appears to be one of the cheapest. Regards, John
  21. Welcome to the club, David. My battery on the s type has connections fitted by Jaguar and nothing else. Hope that is good. Regards, Peter.
  22. Wrinkly


    Victor Sorry to hear about the problems with buying a car. You do not actually state that you bought the cat from a retail dealer, but It is a reasonable assumption that you did. Be careful if you did not and bought it privately, as different laws apply. Also even if bought from a dealer, please be certain that you did not agree to any disclaimers, rules, etc etc, imposed by the seller in writing. Many dealers do actually supply "Trade Deal " cars, which may be applicable to constrained rules, etc, etc. If bought from a retail dealer, then as previously quoted, "Get it back to the dealer/seller asap and insist that it is put right or your money is refunded in full. Good Luck and Best Wishes, Regards, John
  23. Hi Martin did u had any chance to fix your problem? I have the same code and the timing chain was changed march 2022. Thank you
  24. Hello, Just wondering if anybody Know's of a garage/specialist in Cornwall that could change the ZF gearbox oil and filter on my 2006, X350, 4.2L XJ other than Jag dealerships. Any help would be much appreciated. best wishes, Jim We
  25. I have just bought a 1984/5 XJ6 which turns out to have a blown head gasket. I know I might find other problems if I start work on the engine but can someone please suggest what kind of a job it is to replace the head gasket? I am used to working on classic cars but not this engine.
  26. Hi Si, Welcome to the club. There could be a number of causes for instance Are wheels balanced? Aligned? Drive shaft Hard to diagnose on line. Kind Regards, Julie.
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