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  2. Just done this today. In case anyone else is about to do it on the facelift - do not try to turn the actual bulb, it doesn't turn! There is a black ring collar around the base of the bulb - this turns anticlockwise to unlock the bulb. The collar needs to be moved to the new bulb - press firmly on both open ends of the collar and push, the collar should slide off the bulb - refit in reverse on new bulb.
  3. My Auto gearbox problem (engaging whilst stationery) only happened three times. This was when I had put an injector cleaner in a full tank of diesel and I now recall considerable engine vibration and higher revs during the engaging action. As this took place in the first five minuits running and I have since done 400 miles just shopping and the engine is much smoother I think I have got rid of the problem. I have tested first start each day without fault. This speaks well for Wynn;s formula gold diesel treatment.but I guess any would do. I wonder if anyone has ad a similar problem?
  4. You've done a great job polishing it out. The "after" photos look superb. Well done! How long did that take you?
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  6. UPDATE - We really want the car to go to someone who will love it! Any sensible offer considered.
  7. Welcome to the club, Kevin. You have a nice well kept car -- I think the s type is a future classic, -- I certainly enjoy my humble diesel which has all the Grace, Space and Pace that Bill Lyons said. Regards, Peter.
  8. Hi Michael, About 15 years ago I bought quite a good high pressure wash, mainly to clean the patio and conservatory roof. In the instructions it mention that you should never us a high pressure washer on a car, and especially not on a convertible. Not using such a washer is really the solution. Regards, Peter.
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  10. Hi Ian and Lynette, I had an x type, 2.5 AWD petrol on a 2005 plate, and found it very quick and a great road holder with all the quality you expect from a Jaguar. I will look out for you when I am holidaying in Lancashire - The Trough of Bowland is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK. The club is a very friendly one and any information you need will be readily available. Regards, Peter. Lancastrian in exile.
  11. On the way home last night (06 plate X Type Estate) listening to a CD with the screen showing the disc and track. The Traffic Alert cut in but when finished the CDC screen has vanished. Pressed everything in sight but no sound or screen. Any advice would be helpful, Stewart.
  12. Hi Jane, and welcome to the club. That's a bit strange. You seem to have done all, particularly having the diagnostics done at Jaguar, who should have resolved it. Which main dealer was it? Regards, Peter.
  13. To view the full lot description, photographs and online bidding, click the link below. Including:- Jaguar MKII 3.8L Manual Petrol Saloon, with overdrive, registration no. VFY 659, date first registered 15/02/1962, tested to 28/05/2020, current recorded mileage 714 (new milometer fitted in 2009 at 46,061 miles), chassis no. 205348DN, 3781cc, with fitted Motorola radio, opalescent silver blue exterior, blue leather interior and walnut surround, fog lamps, twin SU HD7 carburettors, four-wheel disc brakes, spare wheel. We are advised that the car has had a restoration including a bare-metal re-spray in its original opalescent silver blue (all corrosive panels cut out and welded), complete renewal underneath (shock absorbers, suspension, springs, up-graded Cooper Craft calipers), tyres and chrome wire wheels, complete engine rebuild, rebuilt gear box, wiring loom, the entire interior renewed and restored, wood throughout, foam and leather seats, carpets and headlining carpets etc Bidding: Closes from 12 noon Wednesday 10 July 2019 View: From 10am to 4pm Tuesday 9 July 2019 At: Ley Hill Road, Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 0NW, UK For any further information, contact Roy Tubman - +44 (0)7801 081963
  14. Mr Ellis


    I have a 2003 Jaguar X-type and the engine warning light illuminates and the message "cruise control is not available" appears. Just prior to this occurring the first time, the car was going about 50mph and shuddered very slightly. The car is running OK now but these lights continue to illuminate most of the time I am driving. I would like to know what this could be and whether it could be dealt with by an ordinary garage mechanic rather than a specialist Jaguar engineer.
  15. Hi to replace the part thcan any one tell me where the gear cable fits onto the gearbox is it realy hard to fit it as I am having to replace the little plastic part with a small spring in the centre (sorry dont know what the part is called) But I can not get the cable end to fit onto the ball on the gearbox can anyone tell me are they normaly this hard to get on oh sorry my car is a 2004 x type diesel many thanks Jon
  16. It also shows why journeys of a couple of miles seriously deplete our batteries.
  17. Hi I recently had a problem with the touchscreen failing to boot up properly. This was fixed by changing out the bluetooth module beneath the Left front seat.. The cause of the problem was water getting into the area, it was saturated. This seems to be a fairly common problem. I am try to find where the water is getting in and have found a fault in the door seal but I am not convinced that it is the cause. Has anyone else had the problem and traced the leak to elsewhere on the car, to give me a clue as to where to start looking? Thanks
  18. may see your about, will keep an eye open 😉
  19. DAB module, (mounted behind the C post trim on the nearside), is a direct swap and doesn't require coding to the car. I did that very thing at the weekend on my XF with a £14 ebay DAB module. Takes about 20 minutes depending upon how recalcitrant the trim is 😉 £80 - £100 seems indecently expensive for the module though.
  20. Nonetheless Jon, you were correct 🙂 That is exactly what my car message centre displays. Thanks again.
  21. Hi Kris and welcome to the club. I have looked up this car on the free app Vehicle Smart which shows quite a lot of MOT fails mostly because of suspension issues and some headlamp problems. There are also been tyre issues which could indicate faulty wheel settings. The car is currently untaxed. It is worth downloading Vehicle Smart on to your mobile 'phone -- costs nothing to look at this in detail. Regards, Peter.
  22. hi the uk registration number does not exist you might be better off trying to use the vin number cheers joe
  23. Hi Richard, no idea mate but I'm guessing with it being a late model it'll be dealer only or a very switched on indie garage that may be able to help. on another note I noticed you have an XF-RS, I've been looking at a couple of the older versions around 12 and 13 plates. what are your impressions of it?
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  25. Thank you so much Tom, your message comes as something of a relief
  26. Also useful comments from ee601
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