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  2. Has anybody solved the mystery of that problem? I've checked the damper on the rear diff on my 3.0SC XFS but removing it didn't help at all.
  3. Thanks Jim - will give them a call.
  4. Hi, I can see this is an old posting but in the event you have not managed to locate a rear window I have a 1998 xj8 that I use as a donor vehicle including the rear window. Let me know if you are still looking. Regards, Nigel
  5. Aubrey


    Hello William, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. Good to see another person from Wales☺️ You could try Auto Reserve Jaguar www.autoreservejaguar.com SNG Barrat I have had some success with parts on ebay. Kind Regards, Julie.
  6. Hello Dave, Thanks for your reply on what should have been a straightforward job for a 'specialist' I really appreciate the time, effort and research (apart from your obvious in depth knowledge) and the courtesy you have shown me and in view of that I am not going to use the Jag until I arrange for the ATF to be changed to Mercon V or the Valvoline equivalent you mention. I anticipate that will be sometime next week. I won't be using the 'specialist' as I don't tust them anymore not giving a sufficiently good explanation for the use of Dextron 6 and the 'new' fault codes which seem to have coincidentally 'popped' up. So, I'm going to swot -up this weekend to learn and digest what you have suggested and gain a much better knowledge on the subject when I select a reputable garage for the ATF change. thanks, once again, Dave, I'll post the results. Harry
  7. I have just bough a 2014 plate XF sportbrake which has a factory fitted tow bar ("D" shape panel to rear valance) and I can`t find any switch , instruction, or any method of operating it; can anyone advise?
  8. Last week
  9. Found this. Its from the X260 workshop manual this is for the 3v6D. Although I had a quick look and cant see it, will need to look when i have more time.
  10. Why did you replace the MAF in the first place? It sounds as if unintentional mechanical contact is happening and that is causing the knock sensor to !Removed! the ignition timing to protect the engine but causing a rough idle. Have you checked the Lambda (pre-cat) outputs? If they are old and/or failing, there's a good chance they are giving a weak/lean mixture signal to the ECU which has been known on some cars to give a "red herring" fault by fooling the ECU into thinking the MAF isn't responding. Also have you checked fuel pressure? If the fuel pressure is low, that could cause a rough idle and potentially throw a MAF fault. I suspect the fault lies somewhere other than the MAF, if the Lambda sensors are 10+ years old or 100k+ miles there is a good chance they're past their best. They may not show as faulty until they completely fail, meanwhile your fuel economy and genral running will suffer so worth checking their outputs.
  11. hi I have Jagdroid in mine, if your cars a keeper then its well worth buying, no cheap, but the best out there superb features and fully updateable, but plug and play usb support and superb android capability cheers Joe
  12. hi petrol and diesels will surely have different flywheels only way to know for sure is go on jaguar classics or sng barratt and compare flywheel part numbers not all petrols had dual mass flywheels, there more common on diesels also theres companies out there that do solid ones which does away with all the problems of them failing cheers Joe
  13. It’s all detailed in the manual. Remove the cup holders and underneath you should find a red tag. The manual will tell you what to do.
  14. CocaCola is great for coins and other things but i'm not sure i'd like to try it down the bores of an engine i was trying to rescue/recommission. Will be interested now to hear how the ATF does, it's freed a few engines including one on a converted lawnmower (converted to drive a big alternator so battery charger/12V supply for lighting in an isolated workshop) where the owner had forgotten to refit the plug after "borrowing" it for his actual lawnmower and left the thing open to the weather over a particularly wet winter. Unsurprisingly the elements had siezed the piston in its bore but after soaking it in ATF for a few days, he managed to free it.
  15. Yes it will fit. Sit in the drivers seat, where your right knee is, look under there, that’s where the OBD port is.
  16. Youre welcome Russ, funnily enough i gave the same advice to a neighbour with a 58 plate Mondeo that just happens to use the same nuts as the S Type. Sadly his locking key nut kept slipping out (both lock nut and key nut were slightly mangled from previous use) and he'd already shredded the slip ring around the outside of the lock nut. As the lock nut is enclosed, it was impossible to get to the threads easily so he's ordered one of those tools like a socket that removes locking nuts. If that still struggles i'll give him a squirt of my WMP to try. After seeing the state of his lock nut etc, i've decided next time a set of 4 normal nuts comes up on ebay, i'm buying them and replacing the lock nuts with them! The reason he needed to remove the nut on his car was because the tyre had developed a large hole in the sidewall! 😮 Luckily for him, it happened at home but imagine the grief it would cause if it happened 200 miles from home! I can't drive a manual these days but have always preferred auto, especially in bigger cars but glad you managed to find yourself a manual. I think the workforce at Rover had lost the will to live after being taken over by BMW so i daresay they let quality slip a bit, in fact a couple of ex-Rover employees suggested as much. That said comparing the S Type to the MGf is a bit like comparing the original (1963-68) S Type to the MGB, 2 very different animals, each doing what they're designed to do very well but neither can offer exactly what the other does.
  17. Not sure what part of Norfolk you are in and although technically in Cambridgeshire, there is Jagutek in Ely : http://jagutek.co.uk/ Not used them myself but have heard good reports. I'm not 100% certain on the later cars (mine is a 1999 S Type 3.0 V6 SE) but it seems most of the petrol AJ--V- engines used chain drives for the camshafts, i believe the 2.0 Ecoboost uses a timing belt immersed in oil surprisingly - unsurprisingly regular oil and filter changes are essential to preserve longevity! I may be wrong on that, Jaguar may have altered it somewhat but i know a lot of the Ecoboost engines use that arrangement. With the autoboxes, most were "sealed for life" although the WSM recommends changing the fluid at 80k miles if used in "extreme conditions". What those extreme conditions are, it doesnt really specify. Again, this may have changed on later models so it's worth getting to know exactly what engine and transmission you have and working the exact requirements out from there.
  18. Hello Aaron, Welcome to Jaguar Owners, would you like to add a picture of your new car, We would love to see it. Kind Regards, Julie.
  19. Look forward to hearing how they work out. bill
  20. Does anybody know how to remove the air vent assembly from the silver fascia panel please? I have the fascia panel on my bench but can't see how to remove the vent so I can replace the clutch. Thanks for any help 🙂
  21. Hi all - hoping someone can help I’ve noticed that my AHBA no longer works; I leave for work at 3:30 in the morning via a country lane therefore I know it’s definitely not working. I’ve checked the setting in the menu and the stalk is set up auto - to no avail. I have noticed that when I get in the car in the morning the green auto light symbol flashes on and off for a period - not sure of this gives a clue Secondly - and possibly related - the traffic sign recognition works intermittently as in the option in the menu is sometimes greyed out. On the occasion it’s not greyed out and I select it it works fine until I turn the car off. I then have to re-select the setting (if it’s available) when I restart Lastly (and I need to check this) I’m fairly sure the headlights (on auto setting) are permanently on could it be a battery thing?! any help would be greatly appreciated
  22. Succinctly sums up the situation i was in! Because the wipers still wiped and i'm used to the wiper and washers sharing a fuse, i assumed (wrongly now i've discovered it) the fuse was ok. Borrowed a 10A mini-blade fuse from a friend with a non-roadworthy Rover 75 and hey presto, washers washed again! 😛 As i've not needed mini-blades until now, i invested in a 120 piece set on ebay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232818816362 A set of 10 different values, 12 fuses in each value for a mind-blowing £4.65 delivered! Assume P&P is £3.35 considering the size/weight and that leaves £1.30 for the 120 fuses or a smidge over a penny a piece! 😮 I haven't discovered the low screenwash message in the S-Type yet, fairly sure the XJ40 i had ~23 years ago had similar, i know my Volvo 760 has a warning lamp for low screenwash (needed on that, the way it uses screenwash!), the first 827 Sterling i had (a Mk1c 1988/F reg) had a warning lamp on the "Vehicle Computer" but the Mk2a doesn't and a few other cars i've known/owned over the years have had it. As you might guess, no handbook came with my S-Type, that said it did have a large history file with loads of receipts, it was an estate sale to the dealer i got it from and one previous owner + demo, low mileage, FSH etc. Still getting to grips with how things work, what doesn't work and shouldn't but i expect it to, what works when i don't expect it to and so on.
  23. I know this is an old post but I don’t suppose you still have the rear shelf with electric blind do you.Kind regards Gary.
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  25. Hi all Having 2 problems and need some help. 1. My dash light: Some work and some don't. I know the bulbs are fine. Is this a computer module issue? 2, My driver door: When I get out to shut it the lock operates and will not close the door fully. But when I reopen the door I hear the locks and then I can shut it. So I have to go thru this every time to lock the door. Anyone have an answer?
  26. Hi any one can help me please i have this 2 faults please?
  27. Hi i have this problem 2 faults can some one help me please?
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