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  2. Hi As Raistlin says above, the rear lights are wires like positive earth You need a special relay for the towbar electrics and can really confuse a lot of people, installers cheers Joe
  3. Hi They work on diesels but recommend having it mapped properly Tony Dalton workd with Jaguar a lot, does lots of jaguar remaps and would give you best advice cheers Joe
  4. Quick update - this turned out to be a broken connector that Jaguar wanted £800 to replace the rear window, but I was able to solder in 10 mins at zero cost!
  5. The Luxury was 'base' spec for the XF so didn't have power fold mirrors as standard. It does have dual climate control however, so you should be able to independently adjust driver and passenger temperatures ?
  6. Hi Tony, Your owners manual should tell you what your tickover revs should be, My S type has the V6 2.7 litre diesel engine, and my manual ays that it should be 750 rpm at tickover. And at 70 mph it runs at 2100 rpm. Regards, Peter.
  7. Hi Paul....welcome to the Club ...and welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  8. Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Fine looking XF, I particularly like the colour Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  9. Hi Graham, I will be going with one of my sons who is a Jaguar owner... Look out for my s type. Regards Peter.
  10. Well, I went to my local Auto centre and they have advised the centre cat is blocking the exhaust gas...….booked in for Saturday morning so will update progress once the new Cat is on.
  11. Hi Mohammed, and welcome to the club. You car needs about a 30 minute run at least once month to regenerate the DPF. If the amber light comes on that is a warning to regenerate and should never be disregarded. You should now have your car taken to a garage to have it regenerated mechanically. If that doesn't work you will need to have it replaced. ££££. But a warning! Do not have the DPF removed as it is an automatic MOT failure. I have never had a problem with my 2.7 diesel in the six years I have had it, and although i mostly do short runs I make sure I have that longer run once a month. I also use premium fuel, and every fill up I give the car some Millers Diesel Eco plus which does give the fuel system a good clean. Regards, Peter.
  12. My problem is back Help. Low fuel pump pressure. Pump and filters changed twice, it can run for months then intermittent, its week 3 now had a couple of good days no problem. My mechanic has no idea. I'm not going back to main dealer big mistake. I can't be the only one that has had this problem. I'm open to any ideas. Ask me questions. Between us surely we can solve it. 😖
  13. Last week
  14. I believe it is to jump start/charge the car. It is directly connected to the battery in the boot. You connect the positive connector to the one under the red cap and the negative to somewhere on the engine/chassis. More convenient access than getting to the battery in the boot.
  15. It is a whole new intercooler rad that you need, with the chamber attached to the side as per your picture. Be advised though... even a genuine Jag item will not be expected to last more than 2 years as the design is shocking! I had the same issue with my 10 plate, that had that part replaced by the previous owner 2 years before i bought it. I replaced mine with an S Type pack, same design, just a better build quality. Would also advise taking a look at all your boost pipes and also the top of the cam covers where they are prone to splitting also. Good luck
  16. Welcome to the club, John. I had the same problem las week, after we had a period of cold weather. The snowflake remained on the dashboard when it was getting quite warm, I had heard that some diesel engines stay warm for a much longer period than petrol engines, so I assumed they would also stay colder longer. As I had not used my car for a couple of days I guessed that it might rectify itself and as I was going on a drive that would take half an hour each way I thought I would do nothing. The snowflake disappeared and the temperature rectified before the half hour on the outward journey was up. It could have been the Webasto Auxiliary heater not coming on that was the problem, and putting the fuse back is worth trying. Regards, Peter.
  17. Hi I am Looking for a X-type mini disc head unit for my 2004 2.0 D can anyone help


    Hi Theres a flap on the ignition switch that can stick most people just give a quick sqirt of wd40 which cures it cheers Joe
  19. hi on the lower bulkhead, easiest way is to go to the dpf, it will have two small pipes for differential pressure, follow them to the bulk head cheers Joe
  20. Hayhow


    Hello, I have a Jaguar S type 2001 V6 petrol. When i insert key to ignition barrel I dont always hear the buzz noise, after a few trys it buzzes and starts with no problem. Could someone help the cause of this and what i should replace. The battery is new. Thanks
  21. Can anyone advise me on an issue I have regarding my satnav. The issue is when I go to the satnav there is a button saying sign in to account I enter my details then a window pop up that says there is an error our end. How do I contact them or do I really need to login.
  22. I just wish I could get in front of the jobsworth who ruined one of the best roads in the south - A24 Mickleham Bends, now has average speed cameras!
  23. Hi. Thank you for the information. I was hoping the calipers would be the same, they look the same but the Jaguar part numbers are different for the 305 and 326mm discs. I will check again but hopefully they will be ok! Regards Chris.
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