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  2. Did the 2008 XF SV8 Volan wheel come in more than one colour?
  3. How do everyone. Picking up a S-Type in the morning. If all go's to plan. It's a 3l v6 SE 2002. So thought i'd join the forum, see whats happening. Cheers Pete.
  4. Well, this is interesting. 🤨 Got the bushings and handed them over to my local repair shop (I've been under enough old cars in the middle of winter, thank you). Got the car back yesterday and the steering wheel was 45 degrees to the right, which had me puzzled, because I didn't think it would be necessary to disassmble anything related to that. In addition, the car felt like I was driving on ice and made sudden jerks to the right, especially after breaking. The service manual doesn't offer me (which may say more about me than the manual) . Any ideas?
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  6. Hi. I have just become the owner of a very similar car. I would say buy it! If the car has a verifiable history and is as nice as it looks then I am sure you won’t regret the purchase. I hope I don’t either. Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance and any used car is a gamble. Good luck, Chris.
  7. I have an F Pace S and am consistently having the engine temp high warning light come on sporadically when driving at a consistent 70-80mph especially if going uphill on motorway. Slowing down or cresting hill and the temp comes down to normal in seconds. Anyone have similar experience and solved problem? There are no fault codes logged when this happen so dealer saying they can't diagnose the problem and therefore warranty no good!!!! Wanted to charge me £300 for the failed diagnosis. Shameful!
  8. I drove the car into the Ford garage on Monday and left it with with them as they were going to charge the battery overnight, well i get a phone call on Tuesday saying that the Start/Stop is still not working. I left the car with them for another day as the weather was horrendous 4 lorries getting blown over and one landing on a police car on the A1 road. So i get a phone call on the Wednesday and telling me that they've fitted a New Battery with a rating of 95AH 850A compared to the Jaguar battery with a rating of 80AH 800A and everything is working at the moment. Regards Tom.
  9. Next thing would be to use the Jaguar diagnostics I think.
  10. Welcome to the Club. On my XF the WI FI Sim Holder is on the Roof of the ( Boot/Trunk ) along with a USB which has a Spanner on it to be used for Servicing and they are quite close to the Pull Cable for the Folding Seats. Regards Tom.
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    Thanks Jon but had the wheels and tyres all checked and all good, was reading a few posts on here and sounds like it’s a bit of a xf problem, when it goes the the garage ( again) next week I’ll ask them if they can to check the prop and the rubber doughnuts ??? I’m just under £700 trying to sort this out so I’m to far in now to stop investigating the problem, I just want it to run like a Jaguar should thanks again Jon for your reply
  13. hi its usually the lube in the lock goes hard and stop the mech from working correct ive had it before, I just removed the door panel, and sprayed lots of wd40 in the door lock unit, which seem to flush the dried lube out and cured it cheers Joe
  14. I've just upgraded my headlights to HID and they have cornering lights included. All works as it should except the cornering lights. Does anybody know if they have to be enabled in CCF please? Car is a 2008 XF.
  15. Apropos of my previous post about key fobs .... the process listed before to reprogramme my key fobs worked fine, however, two weeks later and they didn't work again. Reprogramming didn't work so I connected up the trickle charger to see what the battery had in it, after 20 minutes it was at full charge and the key fobs still didn't work, so had to think again, disconnected the trickle charger and went back in the house. Next day they worked again with no intervention from me. Hadn't rained though .... Worked fine for some time and then after a heavy rainstorm ceased working again, though the car is under cover when parked. This has happened a couple of times since, not the battery as a 110 mile blast to the New Forest and back over the weekend means I have a fully charged battery, though it rained when parked down in the Forest the key fob has worked consistently. My question is .... the unit in the boot is dry, so where should I look now if -- as I believe -- the rain has something to do with it? Where is the aerial located that the unit/fob interact with? The car is a 2004 XK8 convertible which apart from this gives me minimal trouble for the fantastic experience of driving it? Help would be appreciated.
  16. Completely agree Peter, a racket indeed! Surprised more people don't just change the rubbers 😉
  17. 85 views and no reply's - Seems like you are all as flummoxed as me. Update on the situation - throughout the week, with light driving the car became much worse with major engine hesitation when accelerating. This morning i changed all 6 spark plugs. It seems like the back 3 maybe had not been changed with the front 3. One was swimming in oil and one had even shattered completely. After the new plugs had been fitted and everything replaced she now starts and runs like a dream 🙂 I am a very happy owner again. Next is finding and replacing the damaged coolant pipes (found 1 today). If anyone has any questions about this then dont hesitate to ask 🙂
  18. All sorted thanks folks.... Jaguar UK are sending one to me FREE Result !
  19. Hi just need help I cannot get a bonnet for my jaguar xfr facelift anywhere. Can you let me know if any body is selling one plz. Jaguar dealership don’t have any in stock:(
  20. Walkly

    OBD access ?

    Well, I was going to get the torque pro ELM327 to suit the Torque pro app but they're temporarily out of stock. Will get one very soon and post how I get on in case someone else out there in Jag-land is looking for similar. Thanks everyone for your help, nice to see an active helpful forum !
  21. Hi Suzanna, The Bosch Blades on my s type [07 plate]. Halfords quite incorrect. Good luck, Peter.
  22. Not bought it yet but I'm very interested in the following XK portfolio, any thoughts or advice on what to be wary of on this one? Thanks in advance. Chris
  23. I had the same problem and I is cause by the car not going to sleep. It is like to car is searching for the key all the time and just eats up the battery. The key as to be kept more than twenty five feet away from the car but even that does not always work. Only two ways to cure the problem is to disconnect the battery when the car is not in continual use or keep a battery tender on it that has an output of more than 4a. Bob.
  24. Hi, I had mine done by superchips two years ago, I haven't had any issues with the car and it's noticeably quicker. Cheers Mike
  25. Somewhere on the 'forum' i did read about availability of an 'electric folding mirror(s) pack' for retro fitting to such as XF ' variant' luxury models. Having recently had both my mirrors damaged by passing vehicles in narrow lanes where I live I have concluded that I must pursue the possibility/feasibility of such a conversion. Can anyone help or advise re sourcing? Help! Peter John
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