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  3. Hello everyone. I have just finished recommissioning this very special XJ8. Hope some of you find this of interest. It was built by Jankel under Government contract LV/MIL/53, dated 16/02/01. It is the 1st of 7 cars built and was owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence. It is one of 6 cars assigned to ministerial protection duties, the 7th was assigned to Royal protection duties. The sister car LB02LCW was Tony Blairs Prime ministerial car. In more recent years the car has seen service as a private security car and training vehicle. Trying to find information is difficult as it is still covered by the Official Secrets Act. Features: Fully armour plated cabin and bullet proof glass Full protection for fuel cell and filler ECU's and fuse boxes mounted in armour plated housings Additional armour protection under car for fuel and brake lines Gross weight 3100 Kg It has a boot mounted fire extinguisher and a hand held extinguisher under the front passenger seat Kevlar plates are used on the floor under the seats Security cameras mounted front and rear Siren and loud speaker Police ariel Attention lights behind front grill Extra switchgear mounted in overhead consul and under centre arm rest console The bullet wound in rear left window was sustained whist on active duty in South Africa. Only the outer pane of glass is damaged, the other layers of glass are undamaged. I left it unrepaired as a car with a bullet wound is so much cooler than a car without one, plus it is an important part of the cars history and should be preserved. The car has just benefited from an extensive service and recommission and has a fresh MOT. Having lived with this car for a while, the main feeling you get is that it is like a real life James Bond car. It is a Government car covered by the Official Secrets Act. It does look standard on the outside, but is so not standard under the skin. It does have special controls hidden away inside the cabin. It does not feel the same to drive as a normal XJ8 because it has so much more inertia and momentum than a normal XJ8. I have also noticed that people stop and stare when driving it on the road, and come up to me to ask about the car. It does have a real presence and purposeful look when on the road. This car will be offered for sale soon. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can forward details to you.
  4. Hi everyone new here to the site. I have just bought a 1999 S-Type, 35000 miles on clock was only used in the summer months and put away for winter. I got it home and found a coolant leak its leaking from below the expansion tank. I cant see from were. Can anyone tell me how may hoses are there on the expansion tank and could it be the expansion tank itself. Its not a huge leak but is concerning. Its my first S-type So from that area of the car is it likely to be a hose or the tank and how easy is it to access and remove the tank itself or even to get to the hoses. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Well i got that very wrong 🤣
  6. Not sure but my xe could only handle 3g and was pretty rubbish. Was a 16 plate, maybe better in 2018?
  7. My old xe had the same problem. I just kept topping up until full every few weeks. It did go away, but after a few months it came back. I think its a unofficial know fault at Jag!
  8. Hi try Euro jags Darlington Co.Durham
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi I bought a low mileage (61,000 mls) 2005 S Type 2.5 V6 Petrol Auto in April this year. In fabulous almost pristine condition. A good service history, although not had a lot done to it other than regular servicing and had all MOT`s. It was MOT`d for me before collection with no defects noted or advisories given, (a clean sheet). In my opinion I feel it is able to be classed as low mileage for its age, I have had to do a couple things in the reasonably short time of owning the car and only completing some 1000 miles in my ownership. Insisted with my purchase that the gearbox oil and filter were changed as part of the deal and this was complied with. 1/ Have replaced all six plugs and ignition coils. The only fault was at No.3 cylinder only, but whilst manifold was off all six plus and coils and manifold gaskets were replaced. 2/ Am currently attempting to get to the bottom of a Code No: P0420, relating to Cat reading below expected level on Bank 1. Have replace Upstream Lambda and yellow warning came back. Am now about to fit a Downstream Lambda in the hope of curing the problem. Used genuine Denso on both Lambda`s as these are original Equipment by Jaguar. This is not a major issue to me as the cars themselves are what I consider to be the last of the traditional looking Jaguars and are an absolute delight to drive and own. I absolutely adore my S Type and would not change it for anything else. I was always a petrol head and even at almost 72 I still am. I adore classic looking cars, having owned such cars as Nissan 200`s, Nissan Skylines etc etc in my younger years, as well as a Mk2 Jaguar as a late teenager. I wanted for many years to go back to a Jaguar and did so in April this year. My personal advice and opinion, although not necessarily reflective of other respected persons on this or any other Forum, would be look for a service history and proof of mileage (like via continuous MOT`s, (if possible by the same test station) and buy what you consider is the best you can afford. I would add to that, all of the decent condition S Types now appear to be fetching good and increasing monetary values and never seem to be valued by age related prices, which of course one would not expect from what is undoubtedly an up and coming future classic. They have a terrific comfortable ride and I can achieve 25 - 26 mpg with mine. Loving it, so go do the same yourself and enjoy it. Good Luck and Best Wishes, John
  11. I have a XF 3.0 v6 petrol Supercharged on a 2017 plate. Can anyone confirm whether this engine has a timing belt or chain. At what age or mileage does it need changing. I'm a low mileage user.
  12. Have a look on here https://www.xtype.uk/projects
  13. Hi Keith, Is the workshop manual still available? How much are you looking to get for it? Have any pictures of it?
  14. Last week
  15. I just searched online for the Virgin APN settings. There must be the same for Sky Mobile.
  16. I have a 2021 E pace which I am very pleased with. My only regret is that I did not opt for the electric tailgate option. My wife finds it difficult to lift the tailgate due to its weight. Is there anyone who has experience of retrofitting an electric tailgate ? Thank you
  17. First, make sure the passenger side is in the folded position then simply push the drivers side to the folded position. Now unfold electrically and they should work together.
  18. Also change the fuel filter, a partially blocked one can cause intermittent RP (I have the T Shirt).
  19. Battery replaced and now all working.
  20. Thank you all for the reply. I have at last got round the exploring the content of the screen. Mirrors are not mentioned in the Windows/Mirror section so assuming the two button closing option is not fitted. Thanks again Alan
  21. Hi Joe The Upstream Denso Lambda Sensor having been fitted has thrown the same Fault Code again at 20 miles, I.E. P0420 Catalytic Converter Bank 1 showing imbalance. Have now ordered the Downstream Denso unit in the hope of that being the cure for the Code Fault. Just wanted to be sure of Bank 1: in my understanding it is the left bank as you stand in front of the car and look towards the engine (I.E. cylinders 1, 3 and 5). Thanks again and Best Wishes, John.
  22. My Dad passed away a little while ago, leaving behind his pride and joy, his Jaguar XK8. I am looking for an enthusiastic owner who will take care and look after it. I would consider offers in the region of £3000-4000. a little work is needed to get this running 100% again and needs to be Mot'd, hence the pricing. If you are interested and would like to book a viewing, please get in touch with me via my contact details below. Thank you for your time. Full Name: Paul Robinson Postcode: WS6 7LQ Email: robbo_pso01@hotmail.com Phone: 07887 618 438 Reg No: P902 JBA (1997) Mileage: 151,000miles Make: JAGUAR Model: XK8 COUPE AUTO Engine Size: 3980 Transmission: 5 Speed Auto Petrol Body Style: Sports Body Colour: BLUE Fuel Type: Petrol Service History: Part Service History Last Serviced: Within the last 12 months MOT Expiry: Expired. Needs MOT.
  23. Re fuelling problem, there is a yellow plastic tool in the spare wheel area. Take this out, open the filler cap and look inside. You will see a tab sticking out, use the tool the push it back. This will enable you to add fuel normally. It is designed to detect contaminated fuel but this issue come up so often that i suspect the system can signal this problem where there isn’t one.
  24. Go into Audio/Video on screen. Press Source and there is a drop down list that should include your paired iPhone. Press that and your music should be played that's on your phone. You may have to increase volume on your phone to increase volume through the speakers
  25. Joe Once again many thanks for your help and assistance. Regards and Best Wishes, John
  26. Hello, I realise there are many people that have asked similar questions but I thought I would, with your consent, ask what I am wanting to know. I recently bought a sat nav system for my X-type and after waiting about 1 week a large box arrived. In it was the head unit, a dvd drive, and what I assume is a phone module by Motorola. I scouted through the box and to my dismay there were no connecting cables, I had some very good advice from a gentleman on hear telling me that the system would fit in my car. I am assuming that the wiring for the head unit is behind the existing one, but I have no wiring for inside the boot, which I understand is where the units go. May I ask if the dvd drive is the sat nav unit aswell, also does anyone know where I can get the cables and some idea as to how they are connected. Also the facia on this system is a different colour to the one I have in my car now, is there a dismantling yard that specialises in Jags out there? I thank you for your time, regards, Alan
  27. Send my your email address and I can send you some pics.
  28. Hi guys , just wondering has anybody tried to split turbo in situ , actuator playing up tried Mr Muscle (works for a while ) now just wondering if i could repair whilst still on the car. Thanks in anticipation .
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