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  2. Old Peter

    Hi all

    Hi Ian, I had 29 years of company cars, and my knowledge of modern cars was negligible as all services and repairs had to go to a main dealer, so buying a Jaguar made me enter into a new experience, with the windscreen wipers coming on when it rained and the lights coming on when it was dark, messages telling you if a door was slightly open, and the dash board lights coming on when something was happening when the ECU didn't like something. The lump hammer was no longer needed in the boot and instead a Code Reader had to be bought. I have had a great time with my S Type, and very little cost with only a water pump needing replacement. The diesel engine in the s type is a very good engine and was developed to a 3.0 litre to meet EU6 requirements for use in the XF and XJ. BUT it does like premium fuel and rewards you with a smooth ride and good mpg for spending an extra 10p a litre. Regards, Peter.
  3. mike_msch

    EML Light keeps coming on.

    Could be a a loose connection on one of the sensors. But then again the fault should be stored. What obd reader are you using? It might be worth trying a different model of obd reader before paying a garage (some will do it for free). You could have a faulty ecu. The ecu can have water leak onto it as there is a drain hole just above it along the top of the driver side quarter panel. My one seems to be covered.
  4. Yesterday
  5. The Voices

    no satnav in se model

    I don't know how big a job it would be to source the hard drive system from a breaker ?
  6. clamcwood

    Problem with subwoofer outputs

    Alex i might take you up on that if you are about this weekend. everything is good to go but an audio source for the line output converter and I cant get a wiring diagram for the amp on my car
  7. Last week
  8. David6255

    Hi all

    welcome to the world of the xf rob..enjoy
  9. Frank2

    Sticky buttons.

    Ok; so I'm new to Jaguar, and I've just noticed a "sticky button" (the winter mode switch) a quick look on line, and it seems this problem is well documented. Are Jaguar standing by their product on this one? TIA Frank.
  10. Frank2

    New member:

    I just filled up with bp Ultimate, I went as soon as the light came on and it took £105 worth and is now showing a range of 550 miles, the mpg (according to the trip computer is 42 mpg (not been on a run yet, so I'm quite impressed) Did you ever go to Cuerden Valley Park? It's just by me and a lovely place!
  11. NewcyBlue

    Whats your location ?

    South Shields here, regularly pop down to Ipswich to go to the football, raising my 5 year old Sanddancer as a Tractor Boy!
  12. After owning a couple of XJ6s (a Series 1 and a Series 2) at some time in the 80s, I've finally come back to Jaguar, replacing a Vectra estate with an X-Type estate. I do most of my miles on two wheels (Triumphs) but as I'm in a couple of bands, I need something to haul equipment round in and thought I'd have something slightly luxurious.
  13. Reusch


    No problem I’m sure I’ll suss it out 👍
  14. Anyone replaces the rear brake pipes on your S Type, did you pull your hair out or is it not a too difficult job
  15. pezzzer

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    woohoo, exciting times. Welcome to the Jag club dude.😀
  16. I would appreciate any input on getting my jaguar repaired. It is a XJS V12, 1993/1994. Vinsajjnaew3ep1854474. The air conditioning and heating system and panels need repairing and fixing. Can you provide addresses and contact details for jaguar specialist around my area. Hampstead, London NW3 7RS.
  17. Carl Tunnicliffe

    S Type Bluetooth connection

    Just as soon as I have my grubby mitts on the car Paul, I will be winging my way over to you to feed on the teat of wisdom!!!!!! In Redditch myself, so not too far away 🙂
  18. JimM

    Stuck in Gear

    After total electrical failure my XF grounded to a halt while still in gear. Breakdown folks used plastic skids under the rear wheels to drag the car onto the flatbed. Is there anyway to disengage the gear and place in neutral when there is no power to the car? (Been told that other makers have some hidden switch to make this happen). Looking to make it easier to get car loaded on breakdown truck when its uplifted on Friday to be taken to the Jag Garage for repair. cheers Jim.
  19. The Central Scrutiniser

    A useful little modification

    @Raistlin @JOE-DOT-COM Many thanks to both of you. Hope to complete this work at the weekend. Kindest regards, John @The Central Scrutiniser
  20. Old Peter

    2000 3.0 V6 - New member..going to take a look

    Welcome to the Club, Carl. Like you, I have always wanted a Jaguar since I saw a friend restoring a Mk 1 in 1963. It took a long time but I have now had my s type for just over 5 years and have really enjoyed the drive, and the comfort. Joe has given you some good advice, and yes, they can rust, but a bit of good news [for me] is mine are OK! Regards, Peter.
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  22. JimM

    Dead car

    RAC tried to jump start the car. Sparks flying from the battery post when jumper cable attached. He stated there is a short in the system. Believes the alternator has gone and caused a low lever resistance path across the battery. Battery has drained itself very quickly thus the various warning lights then completed power down. Waiting to get car booked into garage. Will post outcome once known. cheers Jim
  23. JJheritage


    If any of you have a classic Jaguar that needs covering then get in touch with Heritage Insurance ( With their multi-car cover, you can insure both your classic car as well as your everyday vehicle.
  24. Great videos and timing. Already have XKR convertible but looking to add an XK8 (coupe probably) to the growing stable
  25. Shane de Faria


    Hi all, replacing RH mirror of which was a 3 x wire. New mirror has 7 x wires. Does anyone know which wires do what. I want to wire the 7 into the 3 plug box. Thanks in advance
  26. I purchased a new XF Sportbrake (2012-2015 series) back in 2014. I ordered it with several factory accessories for carrying bikes, dog and luggage. I only kept it a couple of years and the chap who bought the car was an Undertaker. He wanted to use it as a hearse - it was in great condition. So he wasn't interested in taking all of the accessories. I have kept them in my garage thinking I may buy another XF but, alas, it is not to be. I am happy to sell the accessories individually or, if someone wants the lot, I am open to a quick deal. Buyer would have to collect or pay for delivery. I can package up and ship if necessary. Basically, there are 3 accessories. 1. Luggage compartment retention kit (also fits F-Pace), 2. Roof cross bars, 3. Luggage divider (or dog guard). The luggage divider is missing the small floor mounting plates as we forgot to remove them - but should be available from Jaguar . Please see photos for details. All offers considered but would be happy to sell the lot for £250.
  27. Gareth livesley

    fuel pumps!!!!

    2 new front tyres and sorted headlights = mot pass with no advisories 👍👍🤩
  28. Looking for some support in identifying what could be wrong with the Cat. Pressing the hazard switch on the dashboard has no effect on the indictor lights. Lights are all ok as they work with the Left/Right stalk movement. Anyone out there had this problem and can suggest a fix ? cheers Jim.
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