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  2. Can someone please help me out, I cant find anything in the owners handbook showing the location of the relay that controls the ACC. I have googled it but can only find the 1999-2001 diagram. Apart from checking fuses and relays, what is the best way to diagnose what the problem is? I'm crap at the diagnosing of things, but when I'm pointed in the right direction i can usually get it done.
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  4. Peter & Jim, Thank you both for your replies. I'll try your suggestions. Nice Jags, by the way! Roy
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I've recently purchased a 2013 3.0D XF sportbrake, 2 owners with 195,000 miles. I love it! It's the first premium car I've ever owned, having driven mondeos most of my days. I've replaced front dics and pads and replaced oil and all filters since buying it. It's drives faultlessly, having wanted for nothing by its first 2 owners. In the 1000 miles I've driven it, I've noticed what sounds an intermittent noisy pump, to the rear of the vehicle (air suspension?) No warnings displayed and faultless performance. Has anyone else experienced this noise? Good to meet you all!😊
  6. Hi I have my superb XJ Portfolio for sale, on a 66 plate. MOT’d in June ‘20. Still has 12 months remaining of the Jaguar Dealer Approved Used Warranty 31,000 miles. Silver, cream interior, new front tyres 1,000miles ago Only selling because I started a job in a global role at the start of the year and no longer have to commute Bristol to Swindon £23,960 or offers Full details on Autotrader. New&onesearchad=Used&price-to=25000&sort=price-desc&make=JAGUAR&radius=1500&model=XJ&postcode=bs66wb&page=2 thanks Martin
  7. Tried two other TPS units but car still does same thing code says TPS fault surely 3 units can’t be at fault fitted a new battery as well help
  8. Could be the old problem of balancing the front wheels. In the old days it happened quite often as the tyres started to wear and required rebalancing. Dave
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  10. Thanks ill try that tomorrow. Hopefully it works.
  11. Hello all, My 2016 XJ Portfolio has an issue with displaying the nav map on the main instrument display despite Map being selected from the menu or display themes. Also, when in normal instrument display the turn info should be displayed in the info section (where info such as radio station is displayed) but when approaching a junction it just goes blank?? I have followed the instructions in all the hand books etc. Can anyone help?
  12. I live in Urmston Manchester, does anybody know a Technician/Mechanic who has the skills and set up to work on an XF 3.0 Supercharged Petrol? Could they back their service and skills with recommendations from Customers that use them at present? Thank You in advance Nigel.
  13. Welcome to the Club, Nigel. I have always been a little curious about extended warranties. I retired in June 1999 after 29 years of company cars and after buying my company car [Toyota Avensis] and later used it in a part exchange for a Rover Sterling only 8 months old with the remainder of a 2 year warranty I noticed that the warranty would only remain valid if I had the Rover serviced my the main dealer from whom I bought it. The cost of a full service in 2001 was £325 +VAT. A week later I found a flyer on my car advertising a mobile mechanic trained by Rover and who had worked at the main dealer from whom I bought the car. The cost of a full service was £70. I am from Lancashire like you and I quote "In the spirit the made Lancashire what she is, I'd rather be drownded than done" I had my service done by the mobile mechanic and who for the last 19 years has serviced my cars. The AA does the breakdown service, but I have only used them twice because the cars have never failed me. I reckon I have saved about £8,000 over 19 years. My current car for the last 7 years is Jaguar 2 type. Any repairs that have needed correcting -- One sensor, 2 EGR valves and a water pump in the last 7 years have all been Jaguar parts much cheaper than would be charged by a main dealer, diagnostics charged by Jaguar are £164 -- my mechanic £20.! So, that is my position. I cannot advise you how you should go, but finding a good mechanic who loves cars is a good move. Regards, Peter.
  14. I have the same problem now with USB Map update 'Jaguar Gen2.1 HDD Europe 2018'. Did you find a solution to your problem? I already went to Jaguar but they couldn't help me. They said the navigation unit was broken, proposed to replace it for €3000.
  15. Hi Trinity, and Welcome to the club. I have come across the fix and go kits, found that they really could only fix one tyre, so I have always ben keen on the spare wheel. I have one on my s type which fits in neatly and anything that doesn't fit in the boot goes on to the back seat. Personally, I would stick with the spare wheel, and bags can go in the space behind the from seats. Regards Peter,
  16. HI 1999 cars have a ford gearbox and are pretty reliable, might just want a atf gearbox oil change also check the rear subframe and sills the are known to rot, sills are hidden with a plastic cover cheers Joe
  17. I have a XE 2.0 diesel, intermittent fault i will start the car as normal and it cuts out and will not start there is a clicking noise when i try to restart the car, but when you connect a diagnostic machine to the computer there are no faults registered and the car starts for a few weeks then it all begins again can anyone give me some advice on what the problem can be please
  18. hi As above really, Jaguar don't make different spec cars for Japan, so it should be same as UK spec, just languages are changed usually so should have them like uk cars if you need any info on wiring, this is a very good site for that, also have a look here cheers Joe
  19. hi Sounds like the brake booster, but normally the brake pedal returns could be master cylinder though usually if servo is ok, when you turn engine off, if you press the brake pedal, every time you press it, the pedal should get higher and higher, every time you press the pedal and it should feel hard as well, once the pedal has stopped coming up and feels hard, if you hold your foot on the pedal and start the car, the pedal should drop a bit. usually when the pedal stays down its the master cylinder, cheers Joe
  20. June 8th - France. Well Jaguar were wrong and my XK must have levers as the car has just failed the Controlle Technique (MOT) here in France that I need to change the registration to France. So G2EOF is spot on, I will now investigate the lever situation and hopefully return to the test station for a pass!! Thanks for the comments and advice.
  21. I have a ‘49 MK V with a 2.5L engine that I plan to do some long highway runs in. I’m wondering if it could benefit from having an overdrive added. Has anyone here successfully done this? I’d be interested to hear of any experiences by the members here. Thanks, Wayne
  22. Hi Derek, and welcome to the club. Can we see what the badge looks like? I didn't know that there were club badges in the Jaguar Owners Club. Regards, Peter.
  23. Hmm my sat nav fell off the window and triggered the alarm and that caused a beep or two when I unlocked the car? Could it be an alarm issue I wonder? I think you need to access a reader and see what ( if any ) codes are showing.
  24. Hi, it's me again. I might consider a post 2001 4 litre that has had the timing chains and water pump upgrades? Thank you. Mark 07798611489
  25. You can get a Jagdroid conversion of just the CD player to allow streaming of music. It saves getting the full Jagdroid conversion
  26. Ive done this service myself a few times and never used any special tools and the gear changes in my car are perfect, but saying that it does have a silky smooth 400bhp plus v8 cheers Joe
  27. Evening Adam, Yes, I still have the car and it is back in daily use now that lock-down is eased. However, I have just had some complex work done on the wiring, which the Jag specialist says was possibly caused by rodent attack whilst the car was parked during lock-down. The rub is that I want to recover the cost of that work (£800, for which I could email you a copy of the invoice)) because otherwise it will not be worth my parting with the car. Sorry to pass this on to you and if it puts you off Adam, but thank you for showing interest. Regards Geoff
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