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  2. Liampitta

    Central Locking Problem with 2013 XF Portfolio S

    You find out what was coded mate on car cheers Liam
  3. Steve foxton

    I'm back! Advice on air cones!

    Hey joe, spoken with you before so appreciate your reply. Had the car remapped last was one of my last topics before I got locked out for some reason. The reason I asked about the cone conversion was that it always seems the air access on a standard car is restrictive...such a small access. It was an obvious query as many of you guys have far more experience of these cars than me. Guessing I'm just looking at options but will scrub that one and move onto the next one and will hopefully work my way up from being a newbie Thanks again joe and look forward to participating again in all things s type. Be safe. steve
  4. Hi....I am selling a Jaguar XJR supercharged 1998 low mileage.....anybody interested??
  5. Welcome to the South West from the North East. I had an XF 3.0D S, which was a great car. Enjoy both the XF and the Club!
  6. Jon Hyde

    VIN for another jaguar?

    Hi Carpo, Further to my previous post, I found that gives accurate results (at a cost of about 7euros), absolutely correct for both my XF-S and my wife's TT. I didn't learn much, but it was interesting! Cheers, Jon
  7. Last week
  8. Jerry Brett

    Transmission filter

    Thanks guys. I will see what the transmission guy says when I eventually get to him. He seemed to think there was a significant risk of subsequent failure due to disturbed sediment but if the box is low perhaps it can be topped up. Not ideal but I hear that even a mix of old and new fluid is better than insufficient amounts of fluid. Car is great to drive when it's working properly so it would be a shame to scrap it. It's worth next to nothing with a duff gearbox.
  9. rodeyorks

    x type headlight problem

    Thanks for your advice, I will double check !! Cheers Rod
  10. mike_msch

    X type error code P0341 and P0346

    May i suggest buying your own obd reader. There less than £20 on amazon. You could check yourself if the fault exists. Very easy to do as you plug it in under the driver side footwell (youtube can show I once had a mobile mechanic who specialised in making cars overheat. Its only when he worked on my third car that i realised it was intentional.
  11. Kie

    Fuel fill issue

    Put the nozzle in at an angle towards the rear, that should help. Kie
  12. DO55MAC

    XF Reversing Camera - Intermittent Fault

    This fits in exactly with the issue I am having, and yes, it does appear to be the loom. Fingers crossed the new loom fixes the problem. Cheers, Mac
  13. Hi All, I bought myself a 2013 XF S at the weekend and in general am thoroughly enjoying ownership, one niggling thing that I've been trying to sort is that upon unlocking and opening the door I get 2 beeps from the car. Initially I thought that was an option that I could go and turn off, though upon investigation I'm lead to believe that these 2 beeps are indicative of a fault. I've checked and all doors lock as expected and there are no alerts when locking the vehicle. If I go into the car settings then "Security/Vehicle" theres a message at the top stating "Alarm Triggered by : Drivers Door" now the alarm hasn't been triggered and I'm guessing this is probably why its beeping as I open it. Is there a simple way to reset this? I was thinking of removing the 2 batteries for 30 minutes to see if that sorts it out but curious to know if anyone has experienced similar? also is there anything to be aware of when removing the battery (handbrake etc). Next question is whats the general consensus of diagnostics kit to use with these vehicles? Im not looking to do any variant programming or anything like that but am interested in being able to read and clear fault codes from each of the individual car modules and perhaps relearn the rear callipers so I can do my own brakes etc. I've been briefly looking at the icarsoft but unsure if theres something better/cheaper available?
  14. Jeff rueger

    New Member

    Greetings, thought I would join your forum even though I am way across the pond from most of you. Gig Harbor in Washington State 10 & 1/2 hours on British Airways but home to my 2015 F-Type V8 S. I've owned a lot of sports cars, Austin Healey, Triumph, 3 Porsche's, Mercedes but the F-Type is the finest! Look forward to reading your comments. Photos to follow. Jeff
  15. Old Peter

    DPF - how bad does it get

    Please don't take your car up to 80 or 90 mph. A steady run in 4th gear at 45 mph on any quick road is enough. I do a lot of short runs with just one or two longer runs in a month and I have never had a problem with the DPF in 6 years. Peter,
  16. Clive Hunt

    XF excessive brake wear

    My 2012 XF S has had 3 complete sets of discs and pads and the car has only done 80k. A very expensive outlay for non expensive parts on all too regular basis. Jaguar, I am certain know of the issue, its just one of their trade secrets. You can of course buy the brake components a lot cheaper and have them fitted at a local garage for a quarter of the main dealer price.
  17. Hi ime new to site and desperate for some advice my s type 2.5 is a 03 model I have owned the car for three years and love it. This noise started yesterday after start up, if car is on tick over its really quite no knocking but rais rpm over 2000 and sounds really bad loud knocking noise ime wondering could it be cam chain tensioners "" Please give me your opinion. Many thanks Rick
  18. 666spg

    Redex & other fuel additives

    Thank you Peter. Gratefully appreciated advice. My thanks to all of you. My car is an XE Sport with the 2 litre x 180hp deisel engine. I have been using Shell V Power fuel for the last 3 weeks. Definately a small but noticeable difference in power and response. Cannot be sure about more miles per gallon. Have not put any additives in yet but will get some on my next trip to Halfords. Once again, thank you all.
  19. The spring for the door handle has snapped. Can the handle be replaced or do i need to replace the whole card. I notice the rear ones are attached to the door but the fronts are attached to the door card.
  20. Hi I'm sure it can be turned off will have a look at the weekend and let you know thanks Joe
  21. Old Peter

    New from Lancashire

    Welcome to the club, David. Nice to see another Lancastrian going the club. Regards, Peter. Lancastrian in Exile.
  22. Hi, I'm new here myself. I believe that the auto dipping mirrors on reverse only come if you have the memory seats/mirrors as an option fitted to your car. I think, from reading elsewhere, that since they added the Incontrol Pro version to all models that there is no hard drive option. Others will hopefully confirm this though its only what I have read elsewhere. Pity your dealer does not know, sometimes their lack of knowledge on some things is quite astonishing. Cheers
  23. Would a S1 E Type metal, soft top frame fit a 1970 S2 E Type/ Many thanks
  24. Greetings, Looking for the below 1970 E Type roadster parts: Metal soft top frame Soft top tonneau cover All interior seats / door cards Front/rear light assembly (headlamps + indicators + chrome surrounds. All badges / mirrors Any tips on someone dismantling one would be most welcomed & appreciated. Please PM me stating what parts + prices for UK,. Many thanks
  25. Anthony Mitchell

    Mph + performance upgrades

    thanks, I'm not on Facebook belive it or not! Is there a contact website address?
  26. bmcl6

    New member

    That feeling does not go away Paul, got mine about 8 months ago and still loving it.
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