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  2. Many thanks for reply John .The full story is that when the jag went into limp mode whilst in Dover ,the closest garage was Halfords and they did a diagnostics .See attached .They recommended me to see an auto electrician , not could really tell me the fault .I was recommended by a friend to a mechanic whilst still in Kent and he came around .I showed him the codes from Halfords and he checked the car and removed plugs and said it's water ingress causing problems .He took the car to his place in Chilham ,changed plugs and coils and did diagnostics and he said different codes came up .After doing further tests said 4 and 6 cylinder low compression.I'm back in Surrey and need to go back and sort it out .He recommended me selling it or putting in reconditioned engine .
  3. About 6 months ago I started getting the dreaded 5 second beep and warning light on the overhead console when I put my 2006 3.0l S-type into reverse, and of course no warnings of close objects. The front ones continue to work fine. I tried checking the sensors after turning the ignition to position ll and putting the gear lever into reverse, but not a sound. So I replaced the control box but no luck. I've been waiting to get it into my local garage for them to have a look at it, then last week when reversing in a car park I lost the overhead light and got warning sounds! Since then it's been intermittent, sometimes when I start up and go into reverse there's no beep or light, sometimes there is. I assume that there's a connection problem, but where? Any advice would be appreciated. Mick
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  5. Hi I have a 2002 model and have replaced a key transmitter battery. Do I need to pair the key on the ignition as the owners manual doesn't mention it. I am guessing you do, but going from 1 to 2 4 times didn't work.
  6. Thanks for the info. The mileage on the car is 107,000.
  7. I think I'm just going to forget about the 3 older models with no SH and concentrate on the one in Edinburgh. The seller has been quite accommodating of my questions and has advised that he's getting around 52mpg on his run from Scotland to Hampshire. Although most of my journey each day will be dual carriageway I won't get near that but as long as it's more than the 23mpg I'm currently getting I'll be happy. He has said that the cam belt will need replacing at 104000 miles. He asked them to do it at the last service but they weren't prepared to do it early. What would I be looking at with regards to annual service costs (and am I right in thinking the 3.0d has a 12 month/16000 mile service interval)? I'm around Β£250 - Β£300 for a major service on my current car but it has a 9000 mile service interval so depending on my mileage on any particular year I could be stung with 2 services in the space of 12 months. So eliminating that could offset the higher Jaguar servicing costs.
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  9. Paul Pleased to hear that your car has been fixed to you satisfaction. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  10. Please do not discount a discharging battery. S-Types are particularly susceptible to loss of battery charge. Mine will start doing sill things with codes etc if it is not kept regularly charged, even if being used on long runs. I have a CTEK 7.0 and make a point of having it charge the battery at least for 24 hours once per week. The battery is a 95Amp.Hr as recommended and is just 12 months old. I now do not suffer anywhere near as many silly codes and warning cropping up. The submission concerning hoses is also very important, if in any doubt run or have run, a smoke test which will usually show up where there is any potential leak. In the "good old days", (excuse that but I am now 72 years young), we used to very sparingly use carburettor aerosol cleaner around the hose joints and listen for any increase in RPM. That would also give a good clue where the leaky hose was. Good luck with correcing the proble. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  11. To be honest the reverse camera is the one of the things I was disappointed by its not very clear & when the sun hits the chrome it gets even worse I'm looking to get a replacement to see if it makes a difference.
  12. That reminds me, I must get around to installing the TPMS on the Jag. If the missus can remember where she put the bits that go on the tyres, that is. On the fence regarding run flats, most reviews suggest that they ruin the ride and its probably already slightly compromised as mine has 19" wheels. Tempted though given the price of a spare + tools, although I won't need new tyres for some time yet. I guess I'll wait and see how much this latest damn DPF issue costs to put right first.
  13. I'm still looking for one at a reasonable price. Mine are 19" wheels and the car came without the spare or any tools, just a bottle of gunk to inflate the tyres but no pump. I'm torn between forking out for the spare wheel and tools (inc. jack) required, or whether to just go with run flats next time I change the tyres as somebody recommended on another thread. I've heard several times that run flats ruin the ride though.
  14. I found something VERY interesting tonight. In the Workshop Manual - the one the dealers use, not the Owner's Guide (OG) - the instructions for doing the DPF regeneration after the amber warning are pretty much the same, word for word in fact, as they are in the OG. But there's also an extra instruction. The manual advised that you drive for a further 10 minutes to ensure the DPF is properly cleaned. That definitely does NOT appear in the OG. Note this was for the 3.0d, MY2010-2013 XF. There's also a section that tells you that "active regen occurs automatically every 450 miles (adjusted according to driving style)", but a few pages and a couple of years later that was rewritten to read "every 250 miles" .
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  16. Gregory My view is that "you get what you pay for.) I suspect it is not so much the cost of painting but the labour involved in removing/refitting bumper and repairing it. Plainly I do not know where you have been for the quote but I imagine cheaper quotes could be obtained, which probably comes back to "you get what you pay for." I would suggest you shop around a bit and then make your decision based upon what you see at the premises you visit for quotes and the prices you are quoted. Do not be affraid to ask to see the work they aare currently doing. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  17. Dawne Beaulieu National Moltor Museum, 26th June 2022. SIMPLY JAGUAR. Almolst on your doorstep, perhaps we will see you there?Details on this Forum. Best Wishes, John
  18. Hopefully someone can help me, I have a xj350 and am experiencing significant vibration at 50 -60 mph. The car has all new tyres, balanced , I have replaced the lower control arms as there was what appeared to be a worn bush and this was advised as a symptom of that. Wheels have been aligned all round toe and camber but the issue remains , any ideas on what to try next
  19. Hello. I purchased a Jaguar S type, 4.2 V8 219 kw (300hp) 2002. It has a transmission fault, shifting into 3rd it makes a weird sound, murmur or metal to metal friction. I believe the transmission is killed by the previous owner, because it has a transmission oil temperature sensor fault, but changing it didnt help, oil change didnt help. Found this code on the gearbox. 0100436hp26. I believe its the 5g tronic, ford gearbox, because I bought it like it. My question is, can I put a trans from a 4.0 engine? What are the differences? Will i need programming, or tcu replacement, or can I only put from 4.2 by code? By any means I think hp26 says its the 6g tronic box? Please help me, thank you.
  20. Appreciate comments john. just testing water to see if a possibility. Regards. Ray
  21. No, sadly I cannot attend, it's 240 miles but that aside we have family issues which may not be resolved by then. Thank you for your kind words.
  22. Hi Kevin....welcome to the Club! I would suggest looking at the door sensor/door latch which is not registering the door as being closed. Check also the wiring inside the rubber gaiter between the door and pillar
  23. As the saying goes, anything is possible! I'm still working on my S-Type (similar to the pic above) and have decided to make a replacement fascia panel as none exist for the early pre-facelift cars. I've heard (but not sure) the XJ uses the same size/shape fascia as the early X-Type but whether that's correct or not is another matter. try searching for Autoleads and their online catalogue to see what's available for yours. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜„
  24. Hi Although mine is 2013 I presume basics are similar. Along with many modern luxury cars the XF has a whole raft of computers which use a LOT of energy. When you are just sat in the car without the engine running the car will be drawing several amps as the computers are all engaged waiting for you to start the car. That is why you get the warnings πŸ™‚ Hopefully the computers will be able to reset themselves without any intervention but the modules are sensitive to low voltage events causing software corruption. Personally I ensure battery is always topped off using my CTek charger once a week. If sitting in the car for awhile I would always keep the engine running as the computers may not shut down if you do not exit and lock the car. John
  25. You’re not likely to get an answer on a 8 year old thread. Here is a link to the ones I bought, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20x-ALLOY-WHEEL-NUTS-JAGUAR-S-TYPE-X-TYPE-CHROME-LUG-BOLT-STUD-QUALITY-20L/322551270259?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D279707e90cd84407af62051fd274c338%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D322551270259%26itm%3D322551270259%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A31c8544d-e131-11e9-8a5f-74dbd180d657|parentrq%3A731334ab16d0a4b7b67e7f6dff7a4b99|iid%3A1
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