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  2. hi the aircon sounds like low gas or the fan is not running could be some like a blend flap not working or if its stuck on recirc also worth checking your pollen filter, seen so many where there blocked and limiting air flow cheers Joe
  3. Hi I use Footman James, Very good policy and cover, have my 2004 S-type R insured with them on a Classic policy with agreed value and some modifications declared all for less than £200 you get a massive discount if your a member of the JDC cheers Joe
  4. I have some 22" Helix wheels with great tyres.
  5. Hi there, Here I have for sale 4 Jaguar S type wheels with brand new unused winter tyres. The wheels are in lovely condition and would look great on any s type. I wanted to offer them on here as I think Jaguar owners would appreciate these wheels more than just posting them on ebay. Offers over £300. Cash on Collection only. Pick up Location near Loughborough, Leicestershire. Get in contact if interested or have any questions. Email: Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I'm a new member to the site. I have a 2010 XF 3.0d S. Looking forward to checking in when I have a question or maybe can help out a little. Thanks guys and ladies (of course) Tanky
  7. Does the 02 petrol 2.1 V6 have a sealed auto box also?
  8. Thank you Jon your input has been most helpful 👍. I'll give halfords a call tomorrow, hopefully I'll get someone with the same knowledge as you did cheers.
  9. Last week
  10. As a very new premium member I thought it only right to say good day to you all and say how proud I am to own a jaguar. It's not a classic yet, expensive or perfect, but as I have always wanted to own a jaguar it brings a wide grin every time I drive out of the garage. But as you are reading this post I know that you will all agree.
  11. Hi Battery, the low voltage on cold cranking causes the module to go in fault new battery usually fixes it, will get worse with out one cheers
  12. Loyalty - are you loyal to your energy supplier, car insurance provider, house insurance provider? With those, loyalty normally means paying far more than shopping around. 5.2 hours of labour...that would seem to be at about £180 per hour for doing nothing very technical or difficult.
  13. Hi Dave, If you have a look on the club forums I`m sure there is something on there. Mine is a 2.2 diesel 2009. I had mine done at garage. I think it depends on the make of gearbox. Some are sealed for life. Cheers Rod
  14. Hi Derek, have you tried uninstalling the app from the phone and reinstalling? Also you could try you could try an incar reset by pressing and holding the right overhead call button until the light stops flashing around 15 seconds. It may still connect to Jag rescue but tell them you are just resetting the Incontrol. From memory you have to lock the car then unlock and drive the car around 3 miles and uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone. The other thing is charge the battery and then go for a drive WITHOUT uninstalling anything. That sometimes kicks it back in. I usually wait a day or so and miraculously it all starts working again.
  15. Hi Geoff--She looks really good and the history sounds great -so enjoy the drive and continental trips . Frank
  16. Hi Sam, I would agree with David. When the DPF is full the system will try to clear it and will take some diesel oil to boost the attempt. The oil will run into the engine if not used, and it has been known [quite rarely] to keep the engine running even when the ignition is switched off. Regards Peter.
  17. 😀 Hello, my first post. I have a 1998 XKR with a very tired 4.0 ltr engine and faulty transmission. I can buy a 4.2 ltr complete with transmission and engine control module from a later XKR. Has anyone out there actually made this swap? It seems that physically it shouldn't be difficult but I'm a bit concerned about the electronic/electrical interface. I would really value advice from anyone that has actually done this swap. It often seems that when the going gets tough a lot of the experts revise their advice to " well a bloke told me" or " I heard of a bloke that did it". Sorry but I really just need to hear from anybody that has actually done it. Many Thanks.
  18. Hi, I have a 3.0 v6 se 1999.when should I have the cam chain re_newd
  19. Well bought a new battery for the Jaguar reset the codes before putting it on , put new battery on drove 4.3 miles EML light came on I’m out of ideas the car is doing my head in 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  20. Hi Everyone, Here is an update from Jaguar, they don't deal with the sat nav updates, as previously quoted do it so I tried to contact them through their website which doesn't allow you to put any detail in, they replied with a link to their navigation website and a link to their contact form which doesn't work, it takes you to a page of telephone numbers for difeerent regions. I am now giving up on a suitable solution or any helpful information from Jaguar or Here and am in the process of familiarising myself with my new Garmin' All in all, a very disappointing experience. Stay safe Paul
  21. Is this an expensive job, or is it possible to DIY?
  22. Once changed into the position you want just hold the M button and the number you want then screen in the dash will say it has been saved!
  23. Good morning Krsto, It sounds a bit like glow plug problem ? Cheers Rod
  24. Hi Jim, Yes. Always do that if you can. Regards, Peter.
  25. Hi, I can now confirm our seasonal opening hours, as follows: Up to and inc 23rd: Normal Hours Christmas Eve: 9.00am – 1.00pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed Sunday 27th December: Closed Monday28th December: Closed Tuesday 29th December: Normal Hours Wednesday 30th December: Normal Hours New Year’s Eve: 9.00am – 1.00pm New Year’s Day: Closed Saturday 2nd January: 9.00am – 1.00pm Sunday 3rd January: 10.00am – 2.00pm Monday 4th January: Normal Hours Regards Dan.
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  27. Did anyone find the location of the strap?
  28. Dis you ever get to the bottom of this? Same issue here!
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