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  2. Trooper2142

    Spare Wheel For XF

    I thought rotating tyres was a thing of the past due to tyres having to be fitted a certain way, that's why there's a directional arrow on them and if TPMS is fitted the wheel has to stay on the same axle it was fitted too.
  3. Yesterday
  4. david moore

    2007 S Type 2.7 Code P0404 & Restricted Performance

    I took my EGR valve off and cleaned it, but this has now been some years ago ! I did check if the plunger inside worked when under vacuum, lucky for me ive only had a few little issues which I have managed to fix myself. the last time I had bad smoke and lack of power was my boost pipe had blew off from the intercooler due to a jubilee clip had rusted,
  5. bmcl6

    Which one should we go for?

    Can definitely recommend the 2.2d
  6. Neil1970

    Poor MPG, Lack of power

    Thanks Peter, have only had it 3 weeks and have put two different types of additive in, Wynns injector cleaner and today standard diesel redex. Have also checked the actuator and that seems to be fine. Was thinking injector as next one to look at, (I also have the dreaded whole car vibration between 50-70 which would suggest drive shafts, but could this be linked to injector issues too?)
  7. Mr Les Marcovitch

    XF Sat Nav/ Radio issue

    I have an issue with the sat nav/ radio unit in my XF. It keeps on switching on and off constantly, but maybe 20 mins it stays on and all works fine. someone siad to reboot the system. Can anyone guide me through rebooting the unit? Thank you, Les. I have a problem with my sat nav/radio in my 2008 XF. The unit switches on but switches itself on and off constantly for about 20 mins, then stays on and works perfectly allowing all items connected to the unit to work properly. I think I need to reboot the unit, how do I do that? Can anyone help me please? Thank you, Les
  8. Last week
  9. lamby

    lots of snags

    First off hello everyone. im having a neverending saga with my 2.2 auto, first the started to need a dpf regen every other day (car is used for lots of short journeys) which was done then it came up with a red dpf warning and ran rough, so off to the garage it went, they diagnosed a egr valve postion fault, i cleaned it freed it all up fault cleared and has stayed cleared. So today it went off for a dpf clean, however they have called to tell me that it not has a gearbox fault warning on the dash, both egt sensors are reading -40 and it has a torque converter soleniod fault (code P0744) . Im sure that all of these must be linked somehow but does anyone know how.
  10. Jon Hyde

    Fuel consumption and re-fuelling

    I have a 2011 XF-S 3.0d Portfolio - got it in October. Having taken on board advice from other members (especially Peter - thank you!) and swapping to premium diesel with an occasional shot of Millers Oil additive, I now regularly get 32-34mpg locally and an easy 42-46 on long motorway trips. I also do not 'spare the horses'! If I drop into sport mode I can easily drop that down to low 20's. But that's almost too much fun! Cheers, Jon
  11. Raistlin

    2002 S Type Auto V6

    I've seen steering lock failure several times. There isn't a code as far as I'm aware. However, the problem can usually be fixed by a quick reset on the Jaguar diagnostics. If not then the steering lock module is faulty and needs to be replaced. DO you get any indication of a steering lock error on the drivers display or, as I said, do you hear the relay clunk when you insert the key?
  12. Firefighter

    Jaguar XF Colour

    Hi, Karol. Ref to spacesaver spare wheel for 2018 XF, did you encounter any problems fitting the spare wheel into the boot wheel well,I notice the battery is located in the wheel well ,and can’t see how a spacesaver would fit.Need some advice before I commit to buy,
  13. Firefighter

    Space saver spare

    Hi ,Please can anyone advise me on the suitability of fitting a spacesaver spare wheel to my 2018 Jaguar XF.Prior to buying on EBay I noticed the battery is fitted in the spare wheel well,and I can’t see anyway a spacesaver would fit.Has anyone else encountered this problem.Or is there another solution ie repositioning the Battery?
  14. Jaguar Owners Club

    New member

    Hi Paul....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  15. Just turned in a lease on my 2016 Jaguar F Type R AWD and I'm selling the awesome wheels and exhaust I got for it. This exhaust is badass!! You can listen to it in this video here: I paid $2600 for it and will sell it for $1200 OBO. It has less than 10k miles on it and there are no issues with it whatsoever. The wheels I'm selling are BD-3 Blaque Diamond in 20x9 and 20x10.5 (factory size so the tires can swap out). They have the offset set correctly to give the car a better stance and appearance. They're $350 each brand new, but I'll sell the entire set for $600 OBO. Please see the attached pictures for more info. Local pickup in San Diego or you can pay for shipping. I am selling these individually or together. For both, I am asking $1800 total or you can make an offer. Thanks! -J
  16. Rick s type

    S type differential

    Hi I have just joined owners club and I really need help my Jag is a 2.5 s type sport auto 2003 Thinking the wheel bearings rear had gone I replaced both of them and yes " you've got it" same house I now think it's the rear differential and need to replace it. I have been offered a diff from the same year car and it's a 2.5"" but the replacement offerd is from a manual car""""" does anyone no if the manual diff is the same as the automatic many thanks for any help or advice
  17. Rick s type


    Hi I think my s type is on the way out I've loved my jaguar for over three years but I feel it may be time to let her sleep. I would be more than happy to make a good donation to the charety. Can you please let me no what area you are in. Many thanks Rick.
  18. david moore

    Diagnostic Code P132B

    this seems as it may be your turbo actuator, if you have a square looking box on top of the turbo? get some to rev the car and check to make sure the arm moves from this box to the turbo itself. as this is a problem when the glow plug light flashs. plus limp mode too. some where in the XTYPE FORUM you should find posts regarding on this. all the best ...dave
  19. Karol

    paddles or auto for fuel economy?

    I am keeping trip B content from new. As I am writing this post I have done 4302 miles with 46 mpg, 55 % driving style and over 6 hours of eco stop/start. It is incredible that thank to auto stop/start system I have saved my engine of running for that time.
  20. Karol

    Adaptive Speed limiter

    Hello to my Jag fellows, I am happy and proud owner of my XF Sportbrake R-Sport 2.0 D (180bhp) beauty. I had gone through the handbook a number of times. Found a lot of not obvious info (for eg. autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) works only up to 50 mph, so the salesman was right advising me not to test that) however I can't figured out why do I need to activate Adaptive Speed Limiter every time I jump in the car? If I activate that option by holding C button on my steering wheel panel or activate through settings, it remains active even after engine switched off. However after leaving the car and fully locking, when unlock and start the engine, the adaptive speed limiter is not active. I am quite annoying with the fact I have to activate that every time. Is that standard or maybe issue just with my car?
  21. Karol

    Rusting Wheel Locking Nuts

    Alternatively you can try stainless steel from Halfords for about £40
  22. Karol

    MIles change Kilometres

    I had the same issue in my beauty. Changed to kmh but speed limit still displayed in mph. However it is possible to change everything (speed, fuel consumption) to km/h and l/100km
  23. Karol

    Retrofit Power fold mirrors

    Its unlikely to be plug & play I'm afraid. I thought I can upgrade my tread plates to illuminated. Had them removed but the wiring wasn't there. My experience as Land Rover employee that JLR cars have wiring harnesses to the spec. So if your car for example doesn't have reverse camera it means to upgrade it you will also need a new harness.
  24. M40ABO

    2010 XF touch screen

    hi, I'm hoping you all can help me. My touch screen on my 2010 xf has gone blank, I've been advised and tried doing a hard reset on the battery terminals, I've charged the battery. After the first reset the screen worked, but the next day it was blank again, resetting no longer works. Charging the battery made no difference either. I can't help thinking that the screen isn't broken as it worked after the reset. Any advise before I buy and fit another screen?
  25. Gordon239

    Red restricted performance

    Hi new to club. I get restricted performance on my XF 2011 3 lt when I go over 3000 revs. I switch off and wait 10 mins and it goes off. Having said that,there is no reduction in power. Any help would be helpful. Regards and a merry xmas to all Gordon
  26. Hi, I am looking at buying an xk8 2000 silverstone edition on eBay but it's an xk8 all the info I find indicates that this model was only sold with xkr engine ie xkr model only so I am suspicious. Is this correct ? Hpi check indicates cat c damage plus 3 changes of number plates Many thanks steve
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  28. P2704 Fault Code Transmission Element E? Apply Timing Range Performance Hi all, was wondering any of you had the above fault. My car is 2008 2.7 TD Jaguar XF. It seems to happen on the motorway when using paddle shift or using the kick down, the car comes up with Gearbox Fault and goes into limp mode. Once you reset the car it runs fine. My garage said to take it to a gearbox Specialist which I’m going to do. Just wondering if anyone’s had the same problem? Thanks 🙏
  29. Cheers guys . It wasnt really that difficult only needs about 5tools ! Just a bit time consuming ..the whole job took around 2 hours , that a very long time just to change a set of plugs and coil packs ha ha ha .. and the iar/polen filters are new and the oil is fresh ..but after what i found with the state of the spark plugs ive changed the oil again incase its the wrong weight ,
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