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  2. Evening guys, start of the story, my dad drove up to the Midlands last Friday from Cornwall, I commented that his car (05 x type Sport D) didn't sound quite right, he thought nothing of it and set off for home, 90 mins later he's broken down, he said the car over heated massively and just died, his expansion tank is full of oil and also there are brown sludge spats all over the engine bay, I believe it to be head gasket failure but a mechanic who lives next to me says it's also symptomatic of oil cooler failure, I know nobody could answer for definite without seeing vehicle, but is he right? What is the likelihood of oil cooler failing?
  3. Finding answers

    Evening guys, found this forum and hoping it's members can try and help settle an issue, but that's for another thread, I'm a technology lover and can usually turn my hand at most things If I give it a go, main areas of enjoyment are mobile phones, old gaming systems and football! Hope to have a good look round and find the answer to my question
  4. Today

    mines due in june have you contact number thanks
  6. jaguar xf 2.2 se 2012

    getting timingbelt done nextweek done 105000 miles booked in at local garage for £420 is that ok and should I go a garage people have good reviews with thanks only had it a month got deal off dealer as timin belt was due thanks
  7. jaguar xf 2.2 se 2012

    hi how can I watch movies on my touch screen tried downloadin on stick wont work havnt got satnav on it if that helps thanks
  8. Engine Temp Fault

    Faulty thermostat or temp sensor. My thermostat was stuck open (luckily). But i did have the same symptom as you. A infrared thermometer gun will help. If the water temp is consistently about 100 degrees after 20 mins then it is your thermostat. However if your temp drops down to about 94 degrees and then raises back up to about 96 degrees (roughly) then you need a temp sensor. But first you will need to shop on amazon for a temperature gun (£17.99). Or just have both replaced.
  9. 2.7 V6 Diesel cambelt?

    hi there not visally easy to tell if they have been changed, as they look good when there old also make sure they replace both belts, timing belt front of engine, fuel pump belt rear of engine cheers Joe
  10. Air Con

    A recharge with a can of stopleaks from halfords cured all my aircon problems
  11. I have just had most ofthe front suspension changed, springs, lower arms, arb bushes and drop links. I noticed the driver side is sitting 0.5mm lower than the other side. Could be uneven ground etc (i have not checked on flat surface yet). With all this work done the front driver side is making a very rare occasional knock noise over uneven surfaces and going down a speed hump. I looked into the cost of all the parts i just paid out on and did not notice that i only paid nearly £5 for one drop link. I think the average price for one link should be £15-20. Can a cheap drop link really wear out after 2 months?
  12. Please Help :(

    Today after a nice run down the motorway the EML came up. After getting home the car didn't tick over as smooth as before i left. Plugged in code reader and it gave me a 'Misfire Cylinder 1'. Erased code. So it looks like the coil pack has failed......would that be a good cause? So which would be Cylinder 1 on a V8? Am i right in thinking its the front left? I believe an uprated version was introduced any help on this please? Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks Graham
  13. XF buying guide

    Hi David this is a easy answer I purchased a 2011 XF premium/luxury 3lt Deisel 65 thousand miles on clock runs like a dream make sure you have full service history you should get one for around £8-10 K MINE DOES Between 28 around town and I short runs every day and on motorway set cruise control to 65-70 I get a great 44-50 miles a gallon not bad for a 3lt heavey car go for it you won't be disappointed well am not
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  15. Engine issue on my 2004 d

    Thanks David I will get the black cover off in the morning & see if i can spot the issue, be nice if it is just a hose but we will see
  16. Pollen Filter Check
  17. Central locking

    Hi all I have a 2013 xf 2.2 diesel sport that i purchased 4.5 years ago and have been very happy with. I booked it into my local main dealer for a timing belt replacement and on getting my car back the central locking did not work. Nothing works, the key the internal buttons both key fobs. the door locks are completely dead. The main dealer advised me that it wasn't there fault as they did not work on that part of the car but agreed to look at the problem? After 4 hours they advised they cant find the fault and the final cost for there time at £162.00 per hour could be thousands. Obviously i called a halt to the work at that point for which i had to pay over £200.00 for their time. I have had 2 auto electrical companies look at the car since and they are unable to find any cure to the problem although one had come across something similar thing, caused by a software update done by the dealer. So i have a car i cant lock and don't fancy giving the local dealer a blank cheque. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Denis goes by the username:- the jag den If you want, PM me and I'll give you his phone number.
  19. Last week
  20. New project anyone?

    Ah well, only option now is duck and cover.
  21. Martywolves

    Thanks thathawk400 for your advice, and Peter for the garage details. Will call and have a chat.
  22. X-Type 2.1 Engine Number

    It just goes to show, you can always rely on the documentation to point you in the wrong direction. Ah well, who reads the instructions anyway? Cheers, Steve
  23. Fuel Consumption V8

    In complete agreement - several of our journeys are long, more than 700 miles on a run. Fuel consumption is, as you describe, more than satisfactory for that silky V8. We’ve also discovered that setting cruise control at legal limits on French motorways is so fuel efficient that it’s more economical to pay the tolls than circumnavigate our way through towns and villages. As Ron says, “What a car!”
  24. I've taken the plunge and brought a 1998, 4.0l, XJ8. Reasonable milage at 83k. Super looking body work (no noticeable rust). I've a to do list which I hope to do myself where possible, or local trusted independent Jaguar specialist. Recommendations always welcome.
  25. Boot

    Correct and that was the problem I had, all fixed now
  26. Jaguar Navigation System Diagnostics

    Hello, mine's a 2003 S Type without the optional NAVIGATION SCREEN. I don't need the sat nav to move around and so would not need any Fiber or cable connection to the trunk, but I'm a lover of touchscreens and would like to know if I could just buy the OEM navigation Screen (I know after market screens are available, but I prefer the OEM screen, even though it would be very expensive) and re-fit it into mine, just for the aesthetics, the climate controls, and the stereo. I have seen that it's geometrically compatible, but would it work without any additional programming? Like I said earlier, I'm not bothered about the satellite navigation, and would not bother about the connection to the trunk for the navigation disc, I'm just cool with the touchscreen and controls on it, I would be very glad to do away with these two boring vertically arranged LCD screens. Please help.
  27. club clothing

    Welcome Jason, look under 'Shop' on the top menu (red background), plenty of stuff in there.
  28. Rear control arm help!

    Ian, Sorry for late response, you've probably got this sorted now. Hadn't seen your post before today... Apologies, anyway for what its worth... Snapped!!! I'm not even going to ask how, that's a solid effort, well done!! So, new they're horrifically priced (EPC shows £1800) best option would probably be to go for a 2nd hand one... also budget for replacement of the bushes... seems silly to fit a 2nd hand arm and not renew the bushes... Jag numbers C2S14739 and C2S14740. Genuine Jag prices are around £20, per bush. puts your total parts spend around £150. if you're fitting yourself... great! if your paying someone... I'd hazard a guess at between £150-200. I've not paid a garage ever for mechanical work, i spend too much money on my tools to pay someone else to do it for me ;) anyone who knows what they're doing should be able to do this in under 2 hours. EPC also makes no mention of saloon or estate but does differentiate between FWD and AWD (because the hole in the hub may be different diameter due to drive shafts on AWD)... there is only diffentiation between chassis numbers, but only one part number valid for order... C2S20029 HTH
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