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  3. I own a 3.00 S F-type 2013. just of late the signal from the keys has become very weak and I almost have to be next the the car to remotely lock and unlock. I would appreciate any advice please.
  4. I have a diesel so not sure if an LPG conversion is compatible unfortunately, how much do you pay for LPG these days.
  5. GoodMorning, Stype, 3 litre, 2006, 55000 miles, petrol. Has anybody on here tried Terraclean? If so what were the results? Were there any downsides to it? Grumpy 1941
  6. Every time I put diesel in my car the pump keeps cutting off as if the tank is full any one no what it could be
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  8. With suspension and brakes change both sides.
  9. That's useful, thanks. I'm going to put brighter bulbs in anyway, maybe LED. for the moment the fault seems to have cleared itself. 🙄
  10. According to their website their oil match all the standards required, you just enter your reg number and full details are given.
  11. Can anyone help with a rust problem? I have recently bought a replacement O/S/F wing which is in a very good condition generally but there are some rust spots that need to be attended to. I have stripped the small areas(around the wheel arches), down to the metal there is no sign of any brown rust but there are some dark, almost black indentations still present. My question is, "should I rub down until these spot are completely gone"? Out of interest I did manage to get a GRP wing for the N/S. But the company that manufactured this has gone since covid and I've not been able to find anoth
  12. Hi Steve That light only comes on with the interior lights. I too thought it was on all the time but checked with Jaguar and they are only meant to come on with interior lights only
  13. Last week
  14. Thanks for that, I hope it helps.
  15. I'm no expert but I have to agree. I just bought an 09 plate with 52k miles on it for just over £7k, Prem Lux model. Paintwork has a few scuffs and scratches but I would have thought you could get one with much lower mileage than that for the money. My advice would be don't just jump at the first one you see and keep a little back for potential repairs. The range can be a little confusing as they seem to have chopped and changed it around a bit, and I was just slightly disappointed with the Prem Lux kit, I thought it had a few things as standard that it doesn't have and I would have like
  16. There is a complementary upgrade for models dating back to 2016: https://www.jaguar.co.uk/owners/incontrol/software-updates/sota-upgrade.html According to this forum, the following VIN ranges can be upgraded: Model: XF (X260) Model Year: 2017 - 2018 VIN Range: T05002 - T05993 Model: XF (X260) Model Year: 2016 - 2018 VIN Range: Y00007 - Y73370 First post, wooo!
  17. Hi All , I believe I have a wiring issue in the ABS pump on my model 1996 . Brakes working fine but on ignition turning the warning flashes Stability Control Fail Traction Control Fail I have been informed this is not uncommon due to wiring issues ( soldering required ?)and does not need a new pump ? Really appreciate any advice re this and help to solve this long term problem many thanks Graham.
  18. Good evening ASC, What a wonderful fast and stylish car ,that must be great fun to drive. Sure you will be very happy with it. I don't know answer to your question but there are some very knowledgeable members here. Rgds, Aubrey
  19. Great, yes hopefully there will be a fair few🙂
  20. Hi all, I am just going through things to be replaced on my 1966 3.8s jag and I have looked on sng barratt and Martin robey for a replacement air intake hose and both have said not available and no replacements. Can anyone advise if they have had to buy one and where from. Thank you
  21. Hi, I just noted the same rubber damper cracked causing the vibration. Did you find a solution to it without having to take the car to the dealer for replacement? Thanks, Zen
  22. You will have the new card but remember to take the wallet with you if purchasing bikes and equipment as this has a separate bar code.
  23. The door locks do fail - seems the motors etc are of low quality. Personally, since buying a Jaguar, reading about the problems that people have, the Technical Service Bulletins that Jaguar have issued and the failure rates I have concluded that Jaguar make out they are a premium manufacturer but under-developed the vehicles and chose the cheapest components.
  24. Thanks for responses Joe and S Collins. I am confident that the jump leads were connected properly, I have done this on various cars numerous times without a hitch. I will check all the main fuses then connect the jump leads again and leave them connected for 10 minutes and re-try the jump start. Mind you, if all the dashboard lights are still out, then there must be something else at play. Stay tuned and I'll keep you informed. Thanks again. Regards,Stevie Mac.
  25. hi park brake fault usually occurs when the battery is low, low battery effect all modules on the car, if battery voltage drops too low, the modules go into fault make sure the battery is also fully charged, left on charge over night you get fault if either, the calipers hand brake arms have gone stiff, handbrake cables have gone stiff or epb motor has gone tight, ideally you need to get it plugged into to Jaguar ids/sdd which will tell you what the exact fault is you can quickly reset the epb module by unplugging the epb module in the boot for about a minute, when you plug
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