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  2. Harley2002

    S Type, massive failure, any ideas welcomed

    Thank you all greatly for your assistance and ideas, I have arranged for the OBD codes to be viewed hopefully tomorrow and advise further as I'm sure one ce I have received the details they will mean nothing to me. Many thanks for your input, you all may have just saved the day and some very serious expenses !!
  3. Taurian


    Did you not get a handbook with the car? If so it will show the fuse box locations.
  4. Yesterday
  5. HIWEX

    Reverse parking sensors

    Thanks Steve, it’s strange that the boot carpet is never wet, just the wheel well? I’ve decided to put the wheel and kit box in the boot for a bit while I’ve covered the wheel well in paper to try to identify the source of the leak. Incidentally my spare is unused and immaculate, so it hasn’t been leaking long. I’ll check-out the post you refer to and have a good look at the seal. Back to the sensors, I removed the module, the terminals looked OK, replaced but no joy. I’ve ordered a used, but working module from fleabay as it’s easier than removing the bumper again..... I have noticed that as soon as I engage reverse, the switch in the roof module by the sunroof switch illuminates red, which I take it to mean it’s registering non-functional? I’ll let you know if the module change works. Cheers Mike
  6. cubist

    S Type 2.7 D Engine cut out

    Hi Again Geoff, I suggest you either take the car to an independent Jaguar mechanic in your area as soon as possible or alternatively put out a call to members of this forum who live near to you and have access to an OBD2 code scanner - they may be willing to meet up with you to check the car over. I am thinking that the DSC and Park Brake faults are symptoms rather than root cause ailment. I am far from sure but it could be that the ECU is losing contact with its sensors and/or some of the other controllers and is simply shutting the engine down. If I am right this could be due to a damaged CANBUS wire or connection or even a failure of the ECU itself. Given the safety angle, yours and other road users, you should get a scanner on the car asap. Cheers, Steve
  7. Ian Manning

    X Type Remap

    Hi, I tried the Superchips Bluefin remap on my 2015 model XF 2.2 200 and was unimpressed. On their website they show two endorsements, both claiming huge improvements in overall power and, crucially for me, a ‘virtual elimination of the diesel lag from standstill’. Both of these claims I found to be largely unsubstantiated. In fact, driving the car with the Bluefin installed and then without showed any improvement in performance was difficult to identify. Pickup from standstill was the same and I think that mid- range power was slightly increased but no more than when using Shell V Power fuel!! So, if you fancy trying the Bluefin remap, my advice is as follows: 1. Go to Superchips in Buckingham and get them to install it. 2. Go for a test drive with the installer and assess any performance improvement. 3. Get the installer to remove the remap. 4. Go for another test drive to confirm the impressions from your first test drive. 5. If the improvements in performance are not clear to you, return the Bluefin for a full refund. Do not drive home with the Bluefin installed unless you are 100% certain you are happy with it or you will have to pay nearly £10 to return it for the refund as I had to do. Hope this is of some use. PS: I’d love to hear from the writers of the two glowing testimonials as I simply cannot square my disappointment with their experiences.
  8. Last week
  9. Raistlin

    D2B optic fibre joints where are they

    No, but I can let you know if you decide to go that way.
  10. cubist

    egr blanking plate

    New members should note that some of us are, or have been, members of the Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or Judicial communities away well as Jaguar aficionados. The rest of us are just vigilantes. Now then, now then Allen is this a fair cop or what?🖐️
  11. cubist

    Winter is around the corner

    Hi Walter, Sorry to hear that you will be losing the grin but understand that sometimes function has to win out over form. In your part of the world a 4x4 does indeed make more sense but I agree with Peter that even they can be defeated by the kind of weather you must see more often than most of us. I am fortunate to live on the Shropshire / Herefordshire border and whilst sometimes the white stuff can get a little heavy its nothing compared to some of my experiences North of the Border. Nevertheless Black Bess spends most of the winter months under cover and my Quattro equipped krautmobile - I will not mention the maker as this sometimes draws flack from some members of this forum, can't think why - has to keep me mobile out here in the sticks. I have though a minor disagreement with Dave concerning the matter of stopping. A couple of years back I met a tractor, not an infrequent event around here, coming the other way on a narrow lane. He had the advantage of coming up the hill whilst I was on the down-slope. Initially I was quite impressed with my Quattros handling of this circumstance but was slightly distressed by the fact that having come to a full stop in a very controlled fashion the weight of the front end - mine is one of the larger models with an all aluminium body - conspired with roads camber to gently slide into the ditch!⛸️ This unhappy circumstance was only marginally ameliorated by a similar fate befalling the offending tractor but compounded my dismay as said tractor could not then be used to tow me out. Take care Walter and, if you cannot keep grinning, at least try to keep smiling. (I've never believed that stuff about dour Scots) All the best, Steve
  12. Stuart72

    Red restricted performance

    Fantastic, Thank you so much Alex. Won't get a chance to get to it this week, just hoping it'll hold off until I get back. Will keep you informed. Thanks again
  13. rodeyorks

    Whats your location ?

    east riding of yorkshire
  14. Raistlin

    S Type Sat Nav Instructions

    I've collected all this sort of stuff HERE.
  15. Old Peter

    New to Jaguars

    Hi Tony and Welcome to the club. Jaguars don't really get old, It's the drivers who do. I have aged 5 years since I bought my last Jaguar, but Morgana still looks good as new. Just keep her clean and shine, feed her with premium fuel, and give her a long run once a month, both to show her off and also to regenerate the Diesel Particulate filter. Then enjoy. Regafrds Peter.
  16. Hi, s-type I have taken off the black nut on the front and the strip is really off except for the rear end of the strip. Do I have to remove the door trim on the inside of the door to get to the nut? Note, it is the drivers side rear door.
  17. Steve R

    Steve R

    Bill, only my second jag always fancied one but had company cars. The first was the v6 3 ltr with all the toys, wasn’t really looking to change but saw this one and was smitten,,missed toys at first but more than happy with what I’ve got now and as you say better fuel and tax more than covers the extra top end speed. Steve
  18. Jaguar Owners Club


    Gareth livesley apologies the ads should not be showing for Premium Members, we will switch them off shortly.
  19. magillg

    InControl USB connectivity issue

    I think we have the same question. When we connect USB Ipod it disconnects the phone Bluetooth.
  20. Manniewinaename

    17 inch wheel

    Hold that result, found one on ebay. Was a bit expensive but was needed. Thanks to all who viewed.
  21. Old Peter

    1st Jag

    Hi Frank, I had driven 200 miles the day before and it is still shiny! Peter.
  22. cubist

    Dash lights

    Hi Andrew, Could be just about anything - loose/corroded CAN/ECU connection, damaged CAN/ECU wire, failing sensor, oil level, etc. etc. Best thing would be to get a suitable OBD2 scanner on it to narrow down the search, any DTCs will still be stored, and that data will point you in the right direction. Cheers, Steve
  23. Leo

    Towing with my XF

    If I were in your place I would definitely use the Shogun for the towing. There is a lot more to it than maximum permitted towing weight. A major factor is the rear overhang of the towing vehicle: The tow bar should be as close as possible to the rear axle to ensure stability, and this is a feature that you tend to find with off road vehicles. I towed caravans for over 30 years, covering most of Europe, and often visiting the Alps. Only once did I get into a "snake", where the caravan starts to sway uncontrollably. That was with a Jeep Cherokee, which had quite a long overhang and was lighter than my usual Range Rovers. I immediately replaced the Cherokee with a Nissan Patrol, which towed so well that I often forgot that I was towing!
  24. Pinto

    Hi All :)

    Thanks for the welcome folks 🙂 As to the headliner, im a practical sort so will be having a go at it myself - I recovered the headliner in a Rover MGZS I had once, and made a decent job of it (recovered with cream diamond quilt pattern material a la Bentley ) - I have material left too in the store, so maybe it would suit; its a good colour match with the existing trim. This weekend, I've put the best part of 200 miles on her and its just been so relaxing and comfortable, im looking forwards to the drive 🙂 - that's saying something given I do another 1000 a week for my job !
  25. Lord Sladacre

    Jacking Points - Under sills.

    Hi Joe, Interesting - thank you. i shall remove the plastic inserts and have a look. Fortunately no sign of rust visible on arches externally. Also will check lip etc to see if trolley jack may have been used. All very irritating as it has been serviced by jaguar every 3k mls and covered only 60k. Still, doesn't mean to say he bought the tyres there !! Thanks again. Dominic
  26. Peter Walker

    Intro and question

    Morning Everyone, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question, Ill certainly get the battery checked out seeing as it seems to be everyone's answer. I have to be honest I was leaning more towards the key fob battery as the problem is intermittent, sort of allowing me to unlock but not turn off the engine immobiliser.Getting to understand a new vehicle is always a slow process, only after living with it over a period all its little quirks come to life. Enjoy your Sunday Ill look forward to visiting and taking part on the site. Pete
  27. Stuart Edwards

    key fob

    thanks all

    X Type - key fob security failure

    hi sound like you forgot to swap the transponder chip as well inside you old key, they a black chip, its a transponder, it comunicates with a pickup coil around the ignition key barrel and lets the car start if you hold your old key near the ignition barrel, quite close, youl find it will start cheers Joe pic below chip will be in the slot where the red arrow is
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