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  2. I'm reading this thread with great interest as I have recently fitted an ELM327 mini unit and with the Torque App, I can view my Coolant Temperature and DPF Soot Level with the assistance of some nifty programming by a Torque Pro forum member. I've a 2014 Jaguar Sportbrake, 2.2, 200hp version, done almost 40000 miles. What I've noticed with DPF soot level is that it goes up or down dependent on driving conditions. For example when I first got the programme showing, my soot level was 23 g/m3, but after a steady run of around 30miles (around 1500rpm) this dropped to 5g/m3. A bit of stop start and town driving then increased it up to 7g/m3 and that is where I am at the moment. On the attached photo the car hasn't yet warmed up so the temperature is a bit low at 48C. Also my hand was a bit shaky with the camera. The top indication is the Soot Level, the bottom one Coolant Temperature If anyone is interested in showing these figures on an Android smartphone, pm me and I can show the links.
  3. Hi everyone! I’m looking for an X or S-type for my wife for her birthday next year. She’s going to be handing her lease car back and she’s always wanted a Jaguar so I was hoping this is the right place to find out things like - what to look for in a used Jag, do’s and dont’s with test drives etc. I have an mx5 so don’t have a comparable car for eg ride quality etc so I’m after any help and advice to make sure I don’t get her a nail by accident! I’ll have a pretty limited budget - maybe £2k - but I’m hoping I can still find something tidy and reliable? Thanks in advance 🙂
  4. Hi all in new to this site but I'm hoping someone can help me with my JAGUAR 1982 XJS V12. I have purchased the vehicle 3 months ago as a barn find in the hope to restore her...I seem to be having a fuel problem, the injectors have a permanant positive to both sides of the plug?? This can't be correct can it?
  5. I am embarrassed that I did not notice this earlier, but there is a notice right next to the filler port to use Orange antifreeze. Depending on where you get it here in the United States, it is generally available for between $14 and $20 per pre-mixed, ready-to-use gallon. Jeff
  6. Welcome to the club, Graham. Does your Sat Nav run on a disc? If so you can look to buy one. If otherwise and the Sat Nav needs updating you might have to go to a main dealer, as far as I know. Regards, Peter.
  7. Just bought a code reader, hopefully it’ll throw something up
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks guys for your advice and comments. It'll be interesting with the Jag. I do about 20k a year. I've just sent back my 5 series BMW 2 litre diesel after 3 years with 64k on the clock! Cost me a kidney or two in excess mileage😪. The new car is now kept at home with the Jag being thrown in at the deep end so to speak. I've felt more in touch with this car already - weird! I've had classics in the past- Stag, 1963 MGA and a MG J2. My wife didn't like any of these, but is quite animated about the Xtype. Like I said it's in at the deep end. It'll be looked after on the way, but I guess any issues will unfold fairly quickly!
  10. Apparently the gauge itself is a common fault. The needles work off a servo motor which cab become noisy or erratic. If you’re handy with a soldering iron the motor can be replaced at a cost of around £4. The art number is X27-589 and is used on many makes of car. I have a motor on order.........! Regards Chris.
  11. hi what engine is it compressor is usually at the front of the engine as its driven off the aux belt if it goes to the rear of the engine then it goes through bulkhead to the heater matrix air con rad evaporator have a look on sng site for part number and price of hose can imagine that hose been a right pain to change aswell
  12. 3.0 s type jag with 50000 miles only just replaced the auxiliary belt which was easy. Put everything back together and now it’s misfiring at idle and acceleration and now the engine light has come on. Ran fine before this, I checked everything and all is back as it should be. All that was removed initially was the air box pipe.
  13. Morning All, My 2004 XKR convertible is running hot with the fans kicking in even after relative short journeys. I was advised this was due to a recent spell of (rare) hot weather but it's still happening in relatively cool conditions. I recently had the belts and tensioner changed so not sure if this is connected. Has anyone else experienced this? Kind regards Phil
  14. Hi I am new here too after just buying a 59 plate x type 2.2 diesel. On the way home from the garage 50 miles or so i stopped at the services when i re started as i put my foot down on the M1 i got flashing heater light and gearbox fault message car went into limp mode Taken it to an Indie Jag Specialist and he has diagnosed Turbo Actuator has failed causing the car to think there is an issue with torque selector He is replacing the actuator next week which he tells me will clear the other fault. He wants £150 for the actuator fitted which seems ok to me Dont know if this helps?
  15. Hi Roger, I'm in a similar boat with my 2005 XKR, it needs cleaning up underneath, resealing and waxoyling. I've had a verbal of £150 + Vat, but need to check what that includes - what do they do to patches of rust, treat it or just cover it up ? I'll let you know what I find out.
  16. Looking for a set of calibre cross spoke alloy wheels with polished lip and gold centres in 19". Many thanks . Alan
  17. Hi all, just purchased and proud owner of a 2009 XF 3.0v6 portfolio. Love it already. Hope to keep for many years to come.
  18. Thanks Joe Good advice as always. I will go down the relay route as you suggest knowing how sensitive Jaguar electrical systems are. Thanks again
  19. Old Peter


    Hi Raj and welcome to the club.The pitfalls in buying an old car, particularly a classic one lies in its history. You must find one that has had a story of good care and one that had been suitably garaged, You won't find many automatic cars built in the sixties and both engines are good ones, but old engines have to have had a good service history. Having said that ,, unless you buy one in mint condition, you will still have quite a bit of work on your hands. Good luck, Peter.
  20. jeffw


    I am having gearbox fault problems. but they seem to be the same issues caused by a bad transmission module. Does any one have information on how to flash a used or new module.
  21. I will check with the garage on Wednesday to see what they did for the service & I will mention your comments about the EGR valve. I am currently on about 50k mileage. Thanks for your advice and I will post an update after the garage has taken a look.
  22. Peter and Bill Thank you for your warm welcome 😀 I am so pleased with the car - I can believe what value for money you get these days for cars which are surely considered on the cusp of modern classics?!? Peter, i do love the colour combo and it was always going to be blue or green. I do love your S-type and i nearly purchased one, but the colour just didnt agree with me (Silver). A beautiful car though. Bill, it is good to hear that you enjoyed your V6 AWD. I have loved driving mine so far, although i havnt too many miles yet as i need to sell my other car before the Jag becomes my main set of wheels. Take care Adam
  23. Spray around the air intake path in stages from air filter box to inlet manifold / cylinder head with Bradex Easy Start. If the engine idle speed changes you have found your leak.
  24. Take it back to the place that fitted the compressor. Should be a bit of a guarantee on their work.
  25. Does anybody know the difference between 6CD head units with codes 6CDX and 6CDI please?
  26. Maybe worth having the level checked and if it needs a slight top up then this may be sufficient to extinguish the warning light.
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