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  3. Hi Rich, Glad your problem is solved. There is no problem about mention the dealer from whom you got the wheel. Other members would be pleased to note his whereabouts. Regards, Peter.
  4. Thanks mate, I'll give it a go.
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  6. I have a 60 plate xf jaguar,both my key fobs are shabby and keep killing the batteries very quick,any ideas
  7. Hi, I thought I would use the current down time to start some indepth research into buying my 1st Jag. I have settled on a 2005- XJ, the reading so far has been useful, but I was hoping there will be a buyers guide available. All advice and suggestions welcome. Cheers, Simon
  8. Selling my completely restored 1974 Jaguar E Type in Opalescent Green. Its a beautiful car, the sound of the V12 is like no other. Original chassis, gearbox, and engine all matching numbers. All automotive restoration work was done locally in Vancouver, BC by BMC Motorworks. Have heritage certificate. Removed rubber bumper for stainless, because well...its terribly ugly, but also have original bumper. Asking $200k let me know if you have any questions.
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  10. hi, just got a 2.2d '08 jaguar. my sensor light comes on but then starts flashing indicating a fault. any owners have the same problem? mark
  11. I have been looking and have came across two sets of very interesting seats....the first are light weight Recaro Aston Martin seats....£7500 or best offer...and a pair of McClaren light weight Recaro seats...£5000 or best offer...very expensive but both sets look amazing...
  12. I have also found a set of 3 x 20'' wheel has apparently been recently refurbed...two come with tyres, one Pirelli and one Dunlop....I don't value the tyres much, as I would buy a matching set of new or nearly new Pirellis...I would have to source a fourth wheel ( front )....and I am not sure I prefer silver over gold....however, from the pictures the wheels look in far better condition than the sets advertised for £1200....the vendor is asking £700 or best offer.... I will keep an eye on them.
  13. Hi all...I am having a bit of a clear out at home and I have some items which may be of interest to someone.... I have for sale a metal framed , plastic fronted, felt backed, lockable message board. It measures 50 cm x 62 cm x 4 cm. It is brand new and unused. It has some scratches from storage. It comes with a key, fittings and instructions. I have a further 3 which are also brand new and have never been taken out of the box. From what I can tell, these usually retail from between £50 and £75 EACH. I am asking just £25 each. I would prefer collection but can post at your cost. These are priced very cheaply just to clear. I welcome any questions/enquiries.
  14. I'm having the same issues after having the ignition coils replaced by my local indie shop...and am 1200 miles away riding out the COVID19 quarantine with family, so can't return to the shop that did the work to address care what should have been done already, everything's closed, and the shops here are way overpriced anyway. Could you please describe the needed tools and how to access the ignition coils/plugs so I can check and tighten as needed myself? Thanks so much.
  15. Like many, given the current "lockdown" situation, over the past couple of weeks I have only been using my car ( 2013 XF 3.0D Portfolio) for local shopping trips. I use the car because I can get more shopping (stock permitting) and therefore reduce the number of times that I have to leave the flat, thus reduce exposure to any virus etc. Seems sensible, if we take the government advice and every thing else at face value. Now then, I know from previous experience (well documented in the XF forum) that before too long, these short trips are going to result in the DPF warning light appearing yet again. I know, also from previous experience that it is fairly easy and straightforward to clear an amber DPF warning light by taking the car on a run. So, would taking the car on a run to clear the DPF in such circumstances be considered "essential" or run the risk of a ticket if stopped by the police? The only other option would be to return directly to home and call the AA. Thereby using up scarce and valuable resources for something that is relatively trivial and easily dealt with and also it would mean that a third party (the AA technician) is at increased risk unnecessarily. MODS - if this needs to be in a different forum, please move/ Allan
  16. I have some minor surface under paint corrosion (Black car) on two places on my 2011 XK. I have extensive experience re steel bodies but can anyone offer some extra guidance when sorting this problem on an alloy bodied car. I presume its necessary to clean off and gently rub down the small area that is affected, under normal circumstances I would then treat this with chemical degreasing agent, paint with etching primer then paint / lacquer. The area is about 15mm square on a bodywork corner directly behind the front wheels on both sides. I have removed the liner and the back is 100 percent solid so its definitely caused by stone rash and then alloy corrosion. Any guidance appreciated.
  17. A guy in Lichfield appears to do a great job and at excellent prices. If his sample wheels are anything to go by you will get a great job. I paid him a visit a few weeks ago as he powder coated some parts for my motorcycle, that was also excellent. I intend having my 2011 XK wheels done once this C19 problem is settled - I think he is called Rims and Things. He is on the small industrial estate beside the railway station (Trent Valley).
  18. We are currently tidying up our white badge XKR-S convertible and we need a wheel specialist to clean, refurb, powder coat etc our 20" sepang split rim alloys. Does anyone know a reliable outfit that will do a top quality job? The work on our car is being done by an independent specialist, but the guy he used for wheels has just retired. We are in the Midlands but are prepared to send them away to be done if necessary. Thanks for any help you can give
  19. Did you have any luck? I want to do it diy, I have the same problem on my 2012 xf, no sound at all from indicators etc.
  20. Due to sign in problems I have changed my sign in from XK John to XKJon. I have what appears to be minor under paint blistering in a small number of places on my recently acquired 2011 XK convertible no doubt caused by aluminium corrosion under the paintwork. I have extensive experience dealing with this on steel bodied cars but no experience of treating alloy bodied cars in order to halt this problem. I intend to undertake a major underbody protective programme whilst the vehicle is not being used during this corona virus crisis. I have a range of high quality treatments and etching primers from Bilt Hamber but would greatly appreciate any advice and guidance.
  21. Trooper2142


    I've bought a Ctek MXS7 amp charger which has a AGM battery mode, and along with a Comfort Indicator Panel which has 3 lights ( Red,Yellow and Green ) and have fitted the Indicator Panel in the Plastic Moulding next to the shopping hook in the Boot. And routed the Indicator Cable along behind the Boot lining towards the rear seats and under the moulding surrounding the spare wheel and taped the Cable to the wheel well and connected the Red Cable to the Positive + terminal on the Battery and the Black Cable connected to a Metal Ground Point near to the Battery and Not onto the Battery. And you just plug in the Charger Cable to the Socket on the Comfort Indicator Panel .
  22. Hi. Now have it booked in at Doncaster, lots of good feedback from owners- will also feedback after service
  23. Afternoon all, Have a suspected oil leak, dont think it is bad but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas. Few pictures of underneath of the car, there are some patches (can see in picture) on the ground seem to be two the are lower left, one slightly higher to the right. The patches are getting slowly bigger but it seems to be a slow leak so hoping its a seal somewhere. Getting it to a garage or getting someone to look at it will be challenging in the current climate so hoping she will ride the storm 🙂
  24. Hi I have a 1973 S3 E-type and in a recent break in my keys for it were stored inside a safe that was entirely removed. Before I have the lock replaced , is anyone aware if there is a register somewhere where key numbers etc were recorded against for example chassis numbers or something for Jaguars of that era? Many thanks Ian
  25. The exhaust valves are open all the time, they freely move by hand , fuse ok
  26. Hy all, Just a quick update, I took the car to Jagtek in Stockton upon Tees, I just couldn't drive the car without peace of mind, they replaced the pump and now we have silence 😁, Great service from Jaguar trained enthusiasts.
  27. Great link - thanks Joe! I'll see how I get on. Cheers, Jon
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