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  2. Evening guys, start of the story, my dad drove up to the Midlands last Friday from Cornwall, I commented that his car (05 x type Sport D) didn't sound quite right, he thought nothing of it and set off for home, 90 mins later he's broken down, he said the car over heated massively and just died, his expansion tank is full of oil and also there are brown sludge spats all over the engine bay, I believe it to be head gasket failure but a mechanic who lives next to me says it's also symptomatic of oil cooler failure, I know nobody could answer for definite without seeing vehicle, but is he right? What is the likelihood of oil cooler failing?
  3. Finding answers

    Evening guys, found this forum and hoping it's members can try and help settle an issue, but that's for another thread, I'm a technology lover and can usually turn my hand at most things If I give it a go, main areas of enjoyment are mobile phones, old gaming systems and football! Hope to have a good look round and find the answer to my question
  4. Today

    mines due in june have you contact number thanks
  6. jaguar xf 2.2 se 2012

    getting timingbelt done nextweek done 105000 miles booked in at local garage for £420 is that ok and should I go a garage people have good reviews with thanks only had it a month got deal off dealer as timin belt was due thanks
  7. jaguar xf 2.2 se 2012

    hi how can I watch movies on my touch screen tried downloadin on stick wont work havnt got satnav on it if that helps thanks
  8. Engine Temp Fault

    Faulty thermostat or temp sensor. My thermostat was stuck open (luckily). But i did have the same symptom as you. A infrared thermometer gun will help. If the water temp is consistently about 100 degrees after 20 mins then it is your thermostat. However if your temp drops down to about 94 degrees and then raises back up to about 96 degrees (roughly) then you need a temp sensor. But first you will need to shop on amazon for a temperature gun (£17.99). Or just have both replaced.
  9. 2.7 V6 Diesel cambelt?

    hi there not visally easy to tell if they have been changed, as they look good when there old also make sure they replace both belts, timing belt front of engine, fuel pump belt rear of engine cheers Joe
  10. Air Con

    A recharge with a can of stopleaks from halfords cured all my aircon problems
  11. I have just had most ofthe front suspension changed, springs, lower arms, arb bushes and drop links. I noticed the driver side is sitting 0.5mm lower than the other side. Could be uneven ground etc (i have not checked on flat surface yet). With all this work done the front driver side is making a very rare occasional knock noise over uneven surfaces and going down a speed hump. I looked into the cost of all the parts i just paid out on and did not notice that i only paid nearly £5 for one drop link. I think the average price for one link should be £15-20. Can a cheap drop link really wear out after 2 months?
  12. Please Help :(

    Today after a nice run down the motorway the EML came up. After getting home the car didn't tick over as smooth as before i left. Plugged in code reader and it gave me a 'Misfire Cylinder 1'. Erased code. So it looks like the coil pack has failed......would that be a good cause? So which would be Cylinder 1 on a V8? Am i right in thinking its the front left? I believe an uprated version was introduced any help on this please? Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks Graham
  13. XF buying guide

    Hi David this is a easy answer I purchased a 2011 XF premium/luxury 3lt Deisel 65 thousand miles on clock runs like a dream make sure you have full service history you should get one for around £8-10 K MINE DOES Between 28 around town and I short runs every day and on motorway set cruise control to 65-70 I get a great 44-50 miles a gallon not bad for a 3lt heavey car go for it you won't be disappointed well am not
  14. 2.7 V6 Diesel cambelt?

    Hi David, and welcome to the club. Having a similar s type to yours I have had a look inside the engine compartment and decided that it it needs an expert. If is has been serviced regularly and good garage will note things like that. My car had a new engine while in Jaguar ownership at 21k miles so it will no need a cambelt change until next year. Regards, Peter.
  15. Air Con

    Hi Dino, Jaguar recommend that the air conditioning/climate control should be set on auto -- switched on - all of the time which keeps the system nicely lubricated. I have always done this and my 11 years old s type has always performed well in summer and winter. Regards, Peter.
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  17. 2.7 V6 Diesel cambelt?

    Is there any way of checking visually if a cam belt has been changed on a 2.7 s type
  18. Engine issue on my 2004 d

    Thanks David I will get the black cover off in the morning & see if i can spot the issue, be nice if it is just a hose but we will see
  19. Engine issue on my 2004 d

    if its not revving correctly ? it maybe your turbo actuator ? but there are two types, you need to check which you have ? if you have time look through recent posts in (x type topic) as it will help you find what to look for. or it maybe a split hose? good luck with your search, and hope you sort out the problem..
  20. Hi everyone Had my 2004 x-type a few months now & all was fine till i was driving the kids home today Went to put my foot down on a dual carriageway to pass a slower car & i heard a pop from the engine bay, some power loss happened but i managed to get off it & nurse it the 1 mile home at very slow speed, when i come off the revs i can hear a distinct whirring noise like a turbo which was never present before, there is also a faint smell of rubber that i noticed, noise is from the nearside of the engine bay but everything is under the big cover so i can't see much If anyone can offer any advice as to what it may be it would be greatly appreciated as i need to get the kids back to their mum's tomorrow evening & if it's not an easy fix i will have to arrange a hire car if possible Have attached a video of the noise, hope it is clear enough MOV_0822.mp4
  21. Air Con

    Hi Dino, You fall into this large percentage of people that think air conditioning is only for summer, it should be getting used all year round nice and hot at xmas. Also the car will loose a small percentage of gas a year. Dave.
  22. Air Con

    Hi all I have a 2016 XF S and bought it in late September last year from the main dealer as an approved used car. Being late September I had no cause to use the air conditioning until two days ago when the temperature was sky high. Turned it on expecting a nice cold stream of air after a minute or so but instead got rather warm air, even with the unit set to LOW. Jaguar are taking the car in next Friday, in the meantime does anyone have any ideas? Could it be as simple as recharging or is it likely to be something more indepth. I have never used aircon in the winter and started again in spring/summer and had no issues before. Also is this likely to be sorted under warranty? Thanks for the help
  23. Pollen Filter Check
  24. Pollen Filter Check

    Don't suppose you have a link to the clips? The black ones under bonnet ones with the pin in the centre? I've had trouble finding these and have been relying on 2nd hand ones...
  25. Pollen Filter Check

    I use British Car Parts Russ. I have also received from them today,rear shocks and stabiliser kit. Delivery normally next day if you have ordered by 3:30pm the previous day. I have used SNG Barratt before but i found them slow on delivery. Graham
  26. Pollen Filter Check

    Same with mine Graham, could've been in there since new almost! I got a pollen filter in a service kit and eventually got round to fitting it, although still haven't done the fuel filter Good call on the clips, what is your source of these? I need a few and always good to have spares
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