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  3. Sorry guys, I can't help with these specific issues. However, I have occasional issues that my entire central locking system stops responding to the both fobs, but everything works with the key.. After a few hours/days/weeks it starts working again and can be fine for many months. Can anyone help? In the meantime, when it happens again. I'll try some of the above procedures.
  4. Very nice. Love the colour and wheels, really suit the car
  5. Welcome to the club, Jon. I like my Jaguars too, but just on my second one. My x type was "borrowed" by three gentlemen who fortunately stayed for 8 years in an HM residence. Unfortunately I never go the Jaguar back. My s type I have had for 7 and a half years and I thoroughly enjoy it. Regards, Peter,
  6. Hi, I worked closely with a guy called Simon. I had to beg, borough and buy the parts that I wanted walnut trim made for even the full media unit as he uses these as templates to make the final product. The picnic tables etc are obviously donor parts from scrapped Daimler & Jaguar cars. I believe he has already made X type trims but it could be S type in both walnut and light oak. Anyway rambling here, contact Simon tell him you've been chatting to Phil (Parker) he knows me very well I've worked with him on car trims for years. Good luck. His email is:
  7. Hi Philip, where did you get the vinyl from and is it pre cut? I would like to do this to my X type
  8. Hello everyone. I thought I would join this group and give it ago. I'm on my 4th Jaguar which is a 62 plate XF 2.2d 200ps Premium Luxury Sportbrake. Bought her about 6 months ago and I'm loving it. My first Jag was an 07 plate X Type sport but was sadly written off when someone crashed into her while parked outside our old house. Then I bought a 52 plate S Type 2.5 SE, but it had been standing for aboutv4 years before I bought it and needed a fair bit of money spending on her. I traded her in for an 07 plate XJ6 X356 2.7d Sovereign and absolutely loved that car, but I changed my job and just couldn't find the time to give her the care she deserved and needed. I bought an Astra after her but I just missed driving a Jaguar so bought my Sportbrake and love driving her as much as I did my X356. I have a few jobs that doing on her, first of which will be the rear discs and pads. Have already bought the parts, just waiting for the weather to grant me permission to work outdoors lol
  9. Hi Brian, I have an Indigo Blue s type with silver wheels which I think are ideal. Your silver s type could have a refurbishment and remain silver. I think black is old fashioned, but a charcoal grey could look quite well [until you have a scuff]. Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi all been having problems with my fuel gauge coming on then going off, stared about 4 months ago went off once then got more regular, anyone got any ideas for quick fixe has selling car in a couple of months, it's a XF 2.2 2012. THANKS Graham.
  11. Good Morning, May I pick your brains! I have a silver S type 2006. It looks nice after a good polish BUT after 14/15 years the wheels "let it down"-scuffs,stains and the absence of paint. At the moment they are silver[ish}.I am wondering what colour to have them refurbished. I was thinking silver, white ,charcoal or black. Any ideas? nothing outlandish like red or yellow! 😁 stay well 😉 thank you grumpy1941 Are all our cars running well -- not many posts on here of late!!!!!!!
  12. Hi and welcome. I'm not a mechanic mearly an enthusiastic amateur whole loves a modern classic. I have a 2005 X350 and the ride is superb, I also have a Bentley Brooklands with the hydraulic suspension. Personally I find the Jaguar a much smoother right, it handles beautifully in the corners and smooths out those rough road services. As a driver I would highly recommend the X350. Good luck with your road testing and future car.
  13. Not sure to everyone's taste but I hope you appreciate these touches.
  14. Cheers Joe,just wondered if anybody else has had the same problem,thanks for the input .
  15. Yesterday
  16. hi need to get codes read, needs to be plugged into Jaguar IDS/SDD to see what fault codes are coming up could be something simple as low oil level, as when it get hot it expands a bit and might work but every body answers are just going be guess work get it plugged and see whats the fault cheers Joe
  17. Hello peeps,got a problem with the gearbox on my s type.Starting up from cold all the lights go out,pull away and amber light comes on left side of rev counter, and won't go into top gears (assume 5th & 6th).Gearbox fault appears, Get car warm,stop,switch off,restart, problem gone.This has happened the last 3times i've used the car.Is this going to be a cheap fix or will the wife get the hump when her housekeeping allowance gets drastically reduced?.Cheers all, Mart.
  18. Hi All i have a Daimler/Jaguar 5 speed box that I am told will fit my XK150S. If so what would I need to make it fit? I have a 150 bell housing which is approximately 28mm shorter than the bell housing on the 5 speed box, so will it fit? Any help really appreciated regards graham
  19. Seasons greetings to the club forum. I'm a new member thinking about buying a good used XJ. I'm currently driving a 2003 BMW E39 525i SE Saloon auto, a lovely low mileage mint condition example. I love the car but the harsh ride is spoiling my enjoyment of it. I am retired now and my boy racer days are long gone, all I want is a nice super quiet, smooth comfortable ride. I did my time at a BL garage back in the 70's then moved on to a Jaguar dealership working on the XJ range for some 5 yrs. The build quality back then was really quite awful but I do have fond memories of the lovely quiet & comfy wafty ride the XJ range offered. Having returned from 25 yrs overseas nearly 3 yrs ago, I am completely out of touch with the Jaguar XJ range but reading up and watching YouTube tests and reviews on the XJ I think it may be the car for me. I'm looking at the X350 cars but have picked up on negative comments about the air suspension being harsh at low speeds, even Clarkson commented on it in a old Top Gear test suggesting it "Had to Go" I recently read an old march 2019 issue of Classic Car Buyer that did a XJ40 v Lexus LS400 comparison test. I quote. " Lexus openly admitted that it had benchmarked the XJ40 for ride quality while developing the LS, if you drive the two back-to-back, it's close but no cigar. The LS400 is an extremely comfortable car but the XJ40 is a wonderful one, who's ride quality wouldn't be bettered until the 2002 X350 XJ came along" I'm certainly looking at the XJ40, also the X300 and X350 V6 and V8 cars, (no diesels) I would be most grateful for some advice from members on which model to go for for the ultimate in a quiet, smooth comfortable ride at low speeds on normal roads ? I appreciate that this can be quite subjective but I am hoping there is a car that really stands out with a general consensus as the one to go for. The later XF and XE have not been ruled out. Thanks. Busterbvi.
  20. Back in the 1980s (I've been in Germany since 1980) I used to drive a Citroen CX Pallas. A German customer (I'm a translator) saw that and asked me why I drove a French car and had I ever been given a job by a French company. Without thinking, I answered it was because I couldn't afford a Jaguar. He stopped asking after that.  

    And the first Jag arrived in the early 90s - a beautiful XJ6, Series III from 1983. white with a black vinyl roof. 4.2 litre Sovereign. That one ran like a dream and lasted us over seven years and we finally sold it because it had some engine ailment that no one here felt like diagnosing. Very sad. 

    The second was a few years later - one of the first XJ6 diesels. It was virtually impossible to tell it was a diesel - so quiet and smooth. The three-litre engine provided all the power we needed as a family of five at home and on many trips to the UK.

    The next was an XF Sportbrake (older series, all steel). Only a 4-cylinder, also diesel (diesel is really cheap in Germany). But hopelessly underpowered. No fun at all. Sold that quickly.

    Then we found an XF Portfolio. Dark grey with a !Removed! brown interior (Cappuccino?? Espresso??) but very nicely equipped. Only a four-cylinder but perfectly OK. Since this one had aluminium panelling it was much nicer to drive than the tin Sportbrake. 

    And wife was just idly cruising around the internet when she discovered something and said, that looks different. Come and have a look. I could hardly believe it - an XJ L Autobiography with ALL the whistles and bells, 1600 km on the clock and the telltale glass screen around the radiator emblem that tells you it really does have all the nice bits. Going for a third of the original price. Black, with London Tan inside. The best thing was, the day we visited the dealer (in Dortmund) was the last day of Jaguar's 0.5% special financing offer. We had four hours to make a decision. After lunch at an Italian restaurant, during which I had to dredge up all the potential benefits (while carefully skirting round things like petrol consumption, insurance, bank balance, you know, all the usual bits) we went for it. Our three children (all now parents themselves) felt, for some reason, that mum and dad had finally cracked - why do two people need a car with two screens in the rear, four sets of headphones, four massage seats....? I don't know. But we've got plenty of time to think up some answers as we cruise along the autobahns (looking forward to the day when corona allows us to travel freely...). 

  21. I have 5.0 xk with six speed box great car, finding mpg great in normal driving, when in sport it only uses 5 gears but what a song and power delivery so much better than the 4.0 xkr I had
  22. Hi I used to own 4.0 xkr but now have 5.0 xk much better engine and even out performs 4.2 xkr, better on fuel and so much more power 375bhp with a great sound
  23. Hi all, just popped by to say hello to everyone. My new (to me) Jag is a 2013 XF 3.0 D S premium luxury and I must admit it is a joy to drive. Anyone know of a good indie garage around Evesham in Worcestershire, as she has done 91,000 and I will have to get the cam belt changed at some point soon. Regards to all Gary
  24. Sorry about this Clive, Joe is right....we had a spammer send out these messages some time ago. Goodness knows what their end game is but as Joe said, just delete it.
  25. Last week
  26. I have just bought a 2010 XKR but want to connect my iPhone (12) to the car via the USB port. The phone won’t play directly when connected to the USB port (via a normal apple cable) but I think a blue tooth dongle may work - but don’t know how to choose the right one ? anyone used one that has worked ?
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