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  2. Liampitta

    Central Locking Problem with 2013 XF Portfolio S

    You find out what was coded mate on car cheers Liam
  3. Liampitta

    Central Locking Problem with 2013 XF Portfolio S

    Can someone tell me what was needed coding (security code) in order to fix this fault have the same fault on a 13 plate xf
  4. Liampitta

    XF Central locking Malfunction

    Did the performance center tell you what they did to solve this issue have same fault cheers
  5. Steve foxton

    I'm back! Advice on air cones!

    Hey joe, spoken with you before so appreciate your reply. Had the car remapped last was one of my last topics before I got locked out for some reason. The reason I asked about the cone conversion was that it always seems the air access on a standard car is restrictive...such a small access. It was an obvious query as many of you guys have far more experience of these cars than me. Guessing I'm just looking at options but will scrub that one and move onto the next one and will hopefully work my way up from being a newbie Thanks again joe and look forward to participating again in all things s type. Be safe. steve
  6. Hi....I am selling a Jaguar XJR supercharged 1998 low mileage.....anybody interested??
  7. Welcome to the South West from the North East. I had an XF 3.0D S, which was a great car. Enjoy both the XF and the Club!
  8. Jon Hyde

    VIN for another jaguar?

    Hi Carpo, Further to my previous post, I found that gives accurate results (at a cost of about 7euros), absolutely correct for both my XF-S and my wife's TT. I didn't learn much, but it was interesting! Cheers, Jon
  9. bmcl6

    New Member from South West

    Welcome to the Club, Sean.
  10. Last week
  11. Jerry Brett

    Transmission filter

    Thanks guys. I will see what the transmission guy says when I eventually get to him. He seemed to think there was a significant risk of subsequent failure due to disturbed sediment but if the box is low perhaps it can be topped up. Not ideal but I hear that even a mix of old and new fluid is better than insufficient amounts of fluid. Car is great to drive when it's working properly so it would be a shame to scrap it. It's worth next to nothing with a duff gearbox.
  12. rodeyorks

    x type headlight problem

    Thanks for your advice, I will double check !! Cheers Rod
  13. mike_msch

    X type error code P0341 and P0346

    May i suggest buying your own obd reader. There less than £20 on amazon. You could check yourself if the fault exists. Very easy to do as you plug it in under the driver side footwell (youtube can show I once had a mobile mechanic who specialised in making cars overheat. Its only when he worked on my third car that i realised it was intentional.
  14. Kie

    x type headlight problem

    Make sure the rubber boots behind the headlamps are fitted properly. Kie
  15. Kie

    Fuel fill issue

    Put the nozzle in at an angle towards the rear, that should help. Kie
  16. KL Tang

    x type headlight problem

    Hi Rodney It is impossible to do a good job if battery is not removed for accessibility. The housing assembly of the bulb have 2 clips at the side. Make sure they are in the clipped position. Chances are the wannabe mechanic did not fit the hub back and water got in when you went for your car wash. Check the clips. It happened to me when I had the bulb changed at a garage and the hub was just dangling loose. Luckily I checked upon reaching home. Regards KL
  17. DO55MAC

    XF Reversing Camera - Intermittent Fault

    This fits in exactly with the issue I am having, and yes, it does appear to be the loom. Fingers crossed the new loom fixes the problem. Cheers, Mac
  18. DO55MAC

    XF Reversing Camera - Intermittent Fault

    Hi Taf. The auto-electrician effected a temporary repair to the loom which has fixed the camera, but the quality is incredibly poor. However, the fact that the repair, albeit temporary and not very good, has given me back at least a very poor image implies to me that he was correct and it is the loom, not the software. He has got the loom now and I'll get it fitted in the next couple of weeks. I will keep you all updated via this thread, hopefully getting a few pictures as he goes. The loom cost £40 ish (+VAT) and will take a couple of hours to fit. He charges £50/hour (including VAT) so hopefully not too expensive. Thanks to everybody for their help, I'll be back soon to update you all. Cheers, Mac
  19. Hi All, I bought myself a 2013 XF S at the weekend and in general am thoroughly enjoying ownership, one niggling thing that I've been trying to sort is that upon unlocking and opening the door I get 2 beeps from the car. Initially I thought that was an option that I could go and turn off, though upon investigation I'm lead to believe that these 2 beeps are indicative of a fault. I've checked and all doors lock as expected and there are no alerts when locking the vehicle. If I go into the car settings then "Security/Vehicle" theres a message at the top stating "Alarm Triggered by : Drivers Door" now the alarm hasn't been triggered and I'm guessing this is probably why its beeping as I open it. Is there a simple way to reset this? I was thinking of removing the 2 batteries for 30 minutes to see if that sorts it out but curious to know if anyone has experienced similar? also is there anything to be aware of when removing the battery (handbrake etc). Next question is whats the general consensus of diagnostics kit to use with these vehicles? Im not looking to do any variant programming or anything like that but am interested in being able to read and clear fault codes from each of the individual car modules and perhaps relearn the rear callipers so I can do my own brakes etc. I've been briefly looking at the icarsoft but unsure if theres something better/cheaper available?
  20. Evening all, Picked up a 2013 XF S on Saturday and looking forward to many years of Jag ownership, got a couple of questions ill add in the XF part of the forum! Cheers, Sean
  21. KL Tang

    X type error code P0341 and P0346

    Mike I was told the fuel was ok initially. I have not instructed any fuel pump replacement yet. Not paying for work on a hit and miss approach at my expense. I have another garage to review the problem. It may still be due to P0341. Fingers crossed!! Regards KL
  22. mike_msch

    X type error code P0341 and P0346

    Fuel pump can be accessed by removing the back seat. Some models may need a square cut out. You mentioned in your first post that the fuel amongst other checks were ok. Are you sure your garage is not trying to pull a fast one and get as much out of you as possible. Does not make sense as the code indicates bank 1 cam shaft sensor faulty.
  23. KL Tang

    X type error code P0341 and P0346

    Hi Mike Thank you for your advice. Finally the mechanic found that there was no fuel into the combustion chamber and therefore could not start. All other error codes have been cleared. Fuel pump is the suspect now but replacement of new pump will cost circa £365 with labour at £160. I am getting another garage to review it. I am going bonkers now. Awaiting dianogsis. My view is that the fuel pump is a simple device like a mini submersible pump and very unlikely to cause problem. Is there some kind of enertia switch along the fuel supply? Meantime I will hold onto my horses I mean my jag before calling it a day for her. Regards KL
  24. rodeyorks

    x type headlight problem

    Hi jerry, Car passed MOT including headlights. Just got advisory on 2 tyres that were worn on inside edge. I think the headlight will dry out eventually. Cheers Rod
  25. Jeff rueger

    New Member

    Greetings, thought I would join your forum even though I am way across the pond from most of you. Gig Harbor in Washington State 10 & 1/2 hours on British Airways but home to my 2015 F-Type V8 S. I've owned a lot of sports cars, Austin Healey, Triumph, 3 Porsche's, Mercedes but the F-Type is the finest! Look forward to reading your comments. Photos to follow. Jeff
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