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  2. I cannot disconnect the actuator electrical connection. I'm sure it must have a clip to release the connector but I can't feel it & with such limited access can't see one either. Could someone please let me know how to un-plug the electrical connector. Then I can focus on the dreaded task of getting the actuator out... It seems there should be a lever on the side of the connector that you'd press but there is none. Wonder if there used to be but it's been broken off? Any hint of what's stopping it coming out would be appreciated.
  3. If you open the throttle does it keep running longer?
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  5. Have similar probs with my XF,but only in downpour conditions,learnt to live with this occasional problem by running the car for 30 minutes or so til the unit dries out,a lot better than the £600 to replace it.Glyn G.
  6. i must be the only member here. ill find another forum
  7. The old filter was tight enough as I needed to use a filter wrench to loosen it after wiping it down. I hand tighten my filters and have never had a leak. It is a low pressure system after all, of 40 lbs or so. I had someone with young eyes look yesterday and he said it is all dry now. That leaves me thinking that the mating surface must have had some dirt on it causing a leak. So, false alarm. Thank you.
  8. Hi all ,changed N/S & O/S rear door glass quarter seals due them being perished and split easy job 10 mins per side the parts are available at Rimmer Bros N/S -C2Z10105 £38:48 O/S -C2Z10104 £36:69 not cheap I know and different price depending on what side ,but I am fussy and every time I cleaned the car it bothered me to change you just have to remove seal no need to disassemble any glass or door, just remove ,clean area ,I used a little washing up liquid as a lubricant to fit new seal to prevent any tearing of rubber whilst fitting and you just push it back into ridge of the door as the other came from job done ✅ thanks Dan
  9. Hi all ,picked up this cheap kit from eBay to clean the underbody of the car was only £59=99 and some protectant to spray on afterwards ,seems well made they do various types depending on what pressure washer you have (Karcher is what I use ),I have been impressed with results ,there is many to choose from online and all work similarly ,possibly even cheaper to buy Dan
  10. I don't think the oil filter has been turned tight enough during the last oil/filter change. Use a claw wrench to undo the filter and a strap wrench to tighten it. Natch - since it is a canister any effort to mechanically tighten might dent or otherwise damage the filter, but the strap wrench turns the filter without even marking it. Mfrs often state 'hand tight' for these filters but you will see the strap wrench will provide plenty of extra rotation. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cht720-oil-filter-claw-wrench/ https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht245-double-drive-oil-filter-wrench/
  11. Hy i have jaguar xf2008 my gear selector stuck on d 😞 I ordered other one my question my old key will be working or we need to do program????
  12. I got a straight red dpf light so I went for a drive to clear it. This didn't work & I got the amber engine warning on now too! After some googling I've read both "go for a longer drive" & "go straight to a dealer" so I need help! Hopefully from one of you guys! XF 3.0 Portfolio 2012 diesel
  13. I genuinely don't know what bolts you mean or do you mean the retaining screw that keeps the spare secure in the boot? I wasn't aware that the standard wheel nuts weren't compatible with the space saver.If they aren't where in the car should I find the spare wheel ones.?😉
  14. One of the fobs on my XKR-S doesn’t work to open or start the car, in fact doesn’t seem to do anything. The battery is brand new from selling garage but to be sure I tried a new one of my own and still no joy. My suspicion is the previous battery was dead for too long and the fob has lost its program. does anyone know if these can be re programmed by myself or do I need to take it to a Jaguar main dealer. And if that’s the case, would an independent Jaguar specialist be able to do it.?
  15. Thanks for the welcome Frank - certainly is my pride and joy!
  16. Does anyone have the capability to determine the Jag part number
  17. Hi Miles A big welcome to the club and I am sure other members will say the same your F-Type looks Fantastic and I'm sure of one thing people will admire it when its seen . -----Frank
  18. Hi All, Very excited - just bought my first Jag! It's a 2014 F-Type V6 Auto (340bhp) with 27,000 on the clock - full MOT and Jag service history. Looking forward to interacting more through the trials and tribulations of ownership as this will be my daily driver. Looking to removing the infamous fuse 43 and getting going although it does feel loud as is! Loving life with it so far but only had it three days - just thought I'd introduce myself. As a starter for 10, what does everyone think are the most common issues I'm going to be facing? Cheers!
  19. I am brand new to the group. Thank you. 1986 XJ6 van den plas Quite suddenly developed this problem. It starts promptly and runs for a couple seconds and stops. If I retry right away it might start for what I think is a briefer time but often will not start again at all - until much later. I thought the problem could be the AVM not turning the fuel pump on with airflow, but that was wrong: if I move the plate in the AVM - with ignition on - the fuel pump does run. At the moment I am stumped.
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