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  2. Hi Joe, Thank you for your help. Europarts don't do the clutch ad/or flywheel and it looks like Brtish Parts don't do them either. Marks link does sell them but at Jag prices so am still stuck. Thanks both for trying but please keep your ideas coming everybody. Sincerely, Steve
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  4. hi have you tried euro car parts, they do them for most if not try British car parts as well cheers Joe
  5. Hi guys and gals, Just purchased a 2011 Jaguar XJL. Both key fobs are in a far from desirable condition. I'm sure this is a common issue and there is probably a whole thread on options. Could someone please link it on to here so that I can to work on sorting them out. Many thanks in advance, Soggy.
  6. Thank you Mark - this is greatly appreciated! Best Regards Steve
  7. Hi Stephen, welcome to the club! You could try these: I'm not sure you'd find many breakers that have the bits you need but, personally, if you can find one I would only consider getting the flywheel from them. Good luck!
  8. Ok thanks for your help as iam running a v6 petrol at mo think will give the v6 diesel age cheers
  9. Hi all I am looking for a XKR -R supercharged 5.0 Year 2010 0r 2011 or 2012 Milage less than 40K Service history I am a private buyer with cash available and will trave; to view Thankyou
  10. I've just had a very hard time replacing my fuel pump. It apparently stopped working and the AA's diagnosis shewed that there was power to the pump but the pump itself was not running. When I eventually got the unit out I found that the plug connecting the unit to the control system was severely damaged. There were obvious signs of over heating at the pin connections. The plastic had become brittle and the pins themselves were blackened. The actual pump was still working fine when fed directly. As the whole thing is immersed in petrol I thought I'd better warn owners of the potential danger in this model and, maybe others. My car is a 2002 XJ8 Exec. After asking a few questions at various garages I got the impression that several pumps have gone down and the general feeling is that they are getting past there sell by date.
  11. I was looking at Ecsta PS71 but I didn't mention them because as I said I am looking for suggestions, what I will say is they are A rated in the wet and having Kumhos on my Porsche I can say their wet weather performance is exceptional. I will certainly look at the Uniroyals now though having had some positive feedback so thanks for that.
  12. Hi what price are you looking to achieve ? Does it have full jag history? how bad are the alloys ? also I am based in yorkshire let me know or message me on 07973109688 Thanks
  13. £270+vat mines going in November it’s in Doncaster highly recommended
  14. Hello Everybody, I have a 1999 S Class Petrol/manual Jag and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, my clutch and flywheel have both gone 'pop' and need replacing. There is no after market on these so it is either Jag OEM at eye-watering prices or, obtain them from a breaker or Ebay. The trouble is, can I trust either a breaker or Ebay (where there are claims of suitable replacements in Italy) that they will be the right and good functioning ones? I haven't got a lot of money, but I need it to go and see my young son and I really like my old car - it still runs really well and doesn't deserve to be scrapped and neither do I want to do that. I have also tried various clutch specialists who claim to supply every clutch/flywheel for any car - that is apart from mine that is. Can anybody please help me in sourcing/finding/buying the parts at a reasonable price? Sincerely, Steve
  15. I have recently updated my iPod Touch from a 3rd Generation model to a 5th Generation model to use in my 2013MY XF, apart from the improvement in capacity, speed and style etc. the only other difference is that the newer one uses a Lightening Connector cable rather than the older 30 pin type that Apple originally designed. Unfortunately, even though the content on the newer iPod is working fine, when I plug it into the USB port in the arm rest (where I have always plugged in my 3rd Gen model which works perfectly) it shows an error on the Infotainment screen and reports “No playable media”. Can anyone suggest what might be the problem please?
  16. thank you peter and other for there answer
  17. Hi all new to this can anyone help since ive had my jag the heated seats dont work and the accessory port dosent either checked fuses they are ok just puzzeld as i need the port to charge my phone and satnav any ideas would be appriciated also whats this it popped of the other day and wont pop back on
  18. Tyres, you either buy the brand that are oe, buy them for best cornering, buy them for their ability in wet conditions, or buy them for their longevity. You do not say which model of Kumho. Personally, I removed the Kumho's, which were fitted to my x type when I bought it, and replaced them with Uniroyal rain sports. Wet weather handling improved dramatically. Dry handling is very good, i am not one of those that tries to take every corner as fast as possible, and have now covered 13000 miles with them and they still look like new. There was a slight increase in road noise.
  19. Hi everyone and thank you for accepting me. I have had my XF Sportbrake for 20 months now and I am very happy with it, but, I don't think in the wet weather and handling department it is as good as it should be and I am hoping for some help. When I bought the car the dealer had just MOT'd it and had put new rear tyres on and in a sense I wish he hadn't as I would have preferred to select my own. I found the car "tramlined" really badly and just didn't feel as secure as I would like. After about a year I put new fronts on and that did improve things significantly as the tyre fitter had suggested it would but still not what I would expect from a Jaguar with wet weather feel just not seeming right. I am now about to replace the rears again and I would really appreciate any feedback you could give me on tyre selection for these cars. I cannot justify the price of premium tyres for this car and so I was looking at Kumho as I have them on my "fun car" (on forum recommendation btw) and find them absolutely brilliant in all conditions. However, it seems that they are summer use only tyres in this size and this is my all year round car. So any suggestions would be gratefully received. One other question. Ever since new there has been a slight knock from the left front (we think) when going over bumps. the car has now been through two MOTS and I have had three or four garages look for the source, but no one can find anything. Again, I would be grateful for any thoughts.
  20. I'm led to believe that each sensor has a battery fitted to them inside the tyre and may need changing after 4 year's, and i've also heard that they need to be working when the car goes in for it's Mot. I've got them on my XF and one was acting up, but it seems to have settled down now.
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  22. Hi all... New member here... My name is Matt. I have owned my 2003 X type for 5 years now... For me I love it. Been a Jaguar fan since 4 years old. Wife bought me my first Jag for Christmas... However.... Having the habitual new tyre refits before the MOT, it was pointed out that the rear pads had gotten quite low and could be an issue for the MOT. Having just spent a few quid on tires all round I'd just replace the pads myself.. (Not a difficult task) So, armed with new pads, set too and got them changed out. All went swimmingly, and drove the car for the next few days without any issues. Did i mention I hadn't even touched the front brakes? Not even so much as removed the wheel. But then out of the blue the front nearside brake is seized on! I use 1/4 tank of fuel and almost over heating the car Just inching her gently home. Once the wheel had cooled enough, I had her back on the jack and inspecting the issue.... so tight was the brake I couldn't even turn the wheel with a huge great steel pole. Sigh. So I set too, contemplating as to what it could be, asked some advice, as I hadn't even touched the brakes at the front.... Most of the advice came back as a seized caliper. Great. None of the other brakes were an issue. Yeah I could've got one of those repair kits with new pistons etc... No... I just forked out and replaced ALL new discs AND calipers all round. All swapped out and YAY!!! She drove like a dream again..... For ONE !Removed! DAY! Same caliper seized on again. Now remember they're brand new! Brakes have been professionally bled with a continuous bleed system. So now I am stuck as to what it could be or were would be a good place to start looking for the fault and cause. Only the font nearside is sticking... But, seems to release over night. I am able to drive the car but after a time the brake starts to lock on again. I get good firm braking, and the peddle isn't squashy in any way. Engine doesn't struggle when braking. So, hopefully some collective minds maybe able to shed some light on what the issue maybe. Or how I go about diagnosing the issue. Thank you in advance.
  23. I went through 2 sets of OEM discs/pads on my 2008 XKR 4.2 tracking it around Goodwood Circuit over the last couple of years. A local specialist recommended switching to EBC Yellowstuff pads and grooved discs. The pads are for heavy road/light track use, and the discs are supposed to cool down quicker. They still produce dust - more at the start while they bed in, but they have survived one very intense track day so far. See for full explanation of their colour coding and products.
  24. New altarnator fitted all good now
  25. I know this is an old post, but as this sounds like an auto gearbox problem most BMWs of a similar age have exactly the same gearbox! a ZF 6hp26 IIRC or the weaker ZF 6hp19. so just as likely to have the same problem. When I have problems with my British or Italian cars the culprit often has a ZF, Bosch of Getrag label on it.
  26. Its worth getting quotes from reputable independent repairers as they would be cheaper than the dealer but you may also need to replace the water pump whilst in the area as it is more cost efficient to do it then
  27. Hi Simon.....welcome to the Club Can't say I have any experience with Vinyl spray but I have heard it is great, if applied correctly. Worth restoring the old girl in my mind.....far fewer on the roads nowadays Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
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