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  2. Got a mate in car trade looking for a spare for me reckons no trouble at all to get one anyway guys ... deal is done got all the discount am likely to get car is delivered on Tuesday looking forward but feel like it’s going to be a long weekend... mmm ... can’t think why
  3. If Catherine’s info is correct, it is a 98MY XK in which case it will be a key.😉
  4. Do you ever get any other warnings? Incorrect warnings are often caused by the battery being low.
  5. I would get the dealer to get the second key, and to programme it to the car, so that you can check that both are present and working when you pick it up.
  6. John is right: The XK does indeed have an emergency key incorporated into the fob. I used mine some years ago when I had a flat battery. The manual lock for the tailgate is behind the number plate.
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  8. Hi No experience of the XK but presume there is an emergency key hidden in the fob as with the XF. You should be able to get in through the door (or boot) which has a manual lock. Regards John
  9. Must be my week for typos! Cam cover replacement was £1.3K, not 13! D'oh!
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  11. Hello, Hope you can help me. I am a very proud owner of XF 3.0 V6 Diesel S Portfolio 2009 and for the last 7-8 months I have a "service required" displayed on the dash. Service indeed is overdue and was due is May but because of Covid it was difficult to get it organized. I have contacted my local Jaguar dealer and they informed or suggested a date in 3-4 weeks time, at the earliest and not guaranteed due to the backlog, so I'd like to get it done sooner together with an MOT which is due at the end of October. So, my question to the forum is, would you know or recommend any garages around Kingston Upon Thames area that I could contact and progress with the service and the MOT. It doesn't have to be a Jaguar authorized garage but I suppose it would help. Hope you can help. Tom
  12. Hi the low water warning red light comes on after a very short distance but there is always enough water in the reservoir. i have changed the sensor in the reservoir but no difference any help thanks IAN
  13. I may have locked my keys in the boot (or the dog has them) but the other fob doesn't work to open the car. Any ideas??
  15. I started to get judder from my front brakes too, replaced the pads they were Pagid and half worn, put new set of Mintex in and no more judder. Mine also passed the MOT with the judder.
  16. Probably the actuator, they seem to lose the power in the little electric motors that move the mechanism. Do you have the keyless entry type? Try clicking the fob button to lock the doors and then look at the door release lever locking lever on the inside of the rear n/s door to see if it has gone all the way in as it should when locking, if it is not going fully in I suspect the actuator to be failing. When mine started to fail it would not lock the door but could lock manually, when unlocking it worked fine for a while then started to fail doing that too. It might be worth checking the o/s door as well as both of mine failed quite close together. Hope this helps. Regards Martin.
  17. Hi everyone Just landed my first jaguar xf 3.0 s and wanted to say I absolutely love everything about it .its almost 10 years old with fsh and 50k on the clock.just spent ,£300 on new cam belt as it had never been done and the one removed was as good as the day it was put on .I'm told by my technician i really did get a deal when purchasing this quality motor .sorry to bore anyone but wanted to share my joy Jaguar forever
  18. Hi Ian It says in the handbook that it will reset after next start. I was just suggesting turning them off one at a time before locking / unlocking to see if it cured the "mislock" warning to identify which sensor may be at fault. Hope you get it sorted 🙂 Regards John
  19. Just looked on eBay, seem to be quite a few on there. Good luck !
  20. hi taurian yes it is and not happy at all. should have been told this from the start anyways going to look on eBay scrap yards for another key and have it reprogrammed as apparently that is an option ?? Hi lads yep not getting it till end of the month. trying to not look at pics until closer to the time but ... there may be a chance that I get it delivered for free due to the restrictions coming into force. will hear tomorrow from both the mechanic from click mechanic and the dealer. has anyone else ever used click mechanic ? £112 for the premium pre purchase check which I thought was good value considering I cannot get to physically see the car. hoping it gives me a bit of peace of mind anyway. will keep you guys posted Thanks taurian Price is agreed in principle that a couple of items are sorted satisfactory so I have a window price of £8950 with so far a discount of 250 off that with full tank waiting as heading for Scotland ASAP 12 month MOT 6 Month warranty full service history personally think any car should come with the above as per anyway Will defo be pushing when I get down for something else off cheers mate
  21. Hi John, thanks for your suggestions. There is a facility to disable the alarm sensors via the touch screen, but in so doing you get a warning message flash up to refer to the hand book. I don't really want to keep clearing the warning message every time i start the car plus I'm not sure if I'm comfortable disabling any alarm sensors anyway. I think a dealer visit is my only option, apart from putting up with the beeps that is. Appreciate you trying to help. PS. I did try locking , unlocking and slamming the doors but that didn't do anything apart from soliciting strange looks from passers by !! Regards Ian
  22. Hmmm, That's a bit naughty in my book !! What else isn't he telling you I wonder?
  23. Does anyone know where (apart from jaguar) I could get a replacement key as dealer has just told me there is only one with car not happy at all called jaguar they want £646 for a new one so has anyone any cheaper ideas
  24. .....or If I had looked in my handbook first: "Page 15 Sensor Fault. If the security systems detect a fault with one of the security sensors, 2 error tones will sound from the alarm after the vehicle is unlocked and disarmed." you could try disabling sensors from the security settings on the touch screenbefore arming and see if that makes a difference...... John
  25. Thanks to Steve and Joe, have made a note of those answers. Does the fault not show up connecting to a fault reader ? Alan.
  26. This just happened to me last week. I have since changed the fob battery but no change. Then I found out how to re-connect - or re-pair - the key to the car. Open the car with the other key With the door shut put the faulty key into the ignition Turn the key from position 1 to position 2 and back 4 times - you should hear a beep, such as when the lights are left on Take the key out of the ignition and press any button - you should hear the beep again Then try the buttons. It took a few presses but then it was working perfectly.
  27. Open the fob and clean the button with alcohol thoroughly and lube with a little 3 in 1 oil. It is stuck. Keep cleaning until it is not.
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