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  2. Should My Car Have Bluetooth

    Sounds like to much hassle and expense, and the wife probably won't use it as it is her car. I think I will lay this one to rest.......
  3. Should My Car Have Bluetooth

    ??????? Should my car have any of this already? With the later option, what is the BT socket in the center consul for? I have seen plenty of the BT Modules on ebay
  4. Facelift ? How can you tell?

    Having just purchased a 2001 S-type (JDM) and not getting a clear enough answer above, I thought I would do some research and post it for others. Mostly a composite of info from cruising the web: 2000 S-Type When the new S-Type arrived in showrooms, the S-type was initially well received. It was complimented for its exceptional ride and handling, which many pundits didn't expect because of the American-influenced platform. It also came with a choice of punchy new V6 and established V8 powertrains, both of which delivered excellent performance and whisper-quiet high-speed refinement. By far the biggest criticism was levelled at the car's interior - its overuse of light-coloured plastics, bland dash and weird-looking steering wheel weren't in keeping with what people had come to expect from Jaguar, and it took the company just two-and-a-half years to completely revise the fascia to replicate the look of the new, smaller X-type (whose cabin was allegedly quickly redesigned following the S-type's reception). 2002 Interior (LHD) 2004 Interior with leather wheel 2007 Interior (LHD) FaceLift Gauges At the same time as the interior facelift, Jaguar revealed the supercharged S-type R, which had been rumoured to have been in development from launch. The 4.2-litre powerplant came with a Eaton supercharger and kicked out 400bhp, making it a real beast. The front did not change much over the years The rear-drive S-Type, which went on sale in May 1999 as an early 2000 model, serves as the entry-level Jaguar. 2000 2001 2002 A new S-TYPE Sport edition will be offered for 2002 and comes with either engine and features that include 17-inch low-profile tires, a Computer Active Technology Suspension, a perforated leather-trimmed interior and bolstered sport seats. Just three years after its introduction of the S-Type, Jaguar launched a redesigned version of this full-size sedan. On sale since May 6, 2002, the 2003 S-Type is highlighted by a new R edition that packs a 400-horsepower supercharged engine. The 2003 S-Type sedans are equipped with approximately 70 percent new content and an all-new interior. Underneath the car is a new rear subframe with a revised rear suspension that includes retuned springs, dampers, bushings and stabilizer bars. Such changes should only enhance what Chief Engineer Phil Hodgkinson calls the “traditional Jaguar ride.” Aerodynamic improvements include spats for the front wheels, new mirrors, window shields and a revised seal at the top of the windshield. A touchscreen multimedia display is available, and the Jaguar voice system now works with 156 commands. A new electronic parking brake has been installed. Unlike the more familiar Jaguar grille on other models, a mesh grille leads off the R edition. This high-performance model can also be identified by its distinctive red “R” logo. Zeus wheels on the R sedan hold 18-inch tires and halt with Brembo brakes, and it comes equipped with a spoiler at the rear. The non-supercharged V-8-powered models get 17-inch tires, while those with the V-6 engine have 16-inch rubber. Options include a power moonroof — which comes as standard equipment on V-8 models — and xenon high-intensity-discharge headlights that are standard on the R edition. 2003 White 2003 Green In late 2004, the S-type received another facelift, this time with new rear lights and revised rear badging. 2005 The S-Type’s new grille is lower than before, and it sits more upright. Displaying a new round Jaguar badge, it incorporates slimmer vertical chrome vanes, as well as horizontal vanes. The new aluminum hood has been reshaped, and the front bumper has a simpler appearance. The rear fender, bumper and trunk lip have been raised. Round taillamps help display what Jaguar calls a “more technical look” and “more presence.” Mesh inserts are fitted in place of fog lamps in the S-Type R to allow air to reach the car’s twin oil coolers. The R edition also features a sporty mesh-patterned grille, a trunk spoiler and twin tailpipes. The suspension has been modified to include retuned dampers and low-friction ball joints. The S-Type R gets Jaguar’s Computer Active Technology Suspension, which uses adjustable dampers. The available Sport Package for non-supercharged sedans includes an upgraded suspension and brakes. Five types of alloy wheels are available, and 17-inch tires are newly standard on the 3.0 model. Optional xenon headlights have automatic self-leveling. Compare the rear 2003 2007 Rear 2008 Front 2008 Rear The major changes for 2008 are to the S-Type's exterior. The 3.0 and 4.2 versions now share the S-Type R's front bumper. All S-Types now ride on wheels that are an inch larger than before, at 18 and 19 inches. Displaying a round Jaguar badge, the grille incorporates horizontal vanes and slim vertical chrome vanes. Round taillamps help display what Jaguar calls a "more technical look [and] more presence." Mesh inserts are fitted in place of fog lamps in the S-Type R to allow air to reach the car's twin oil coolers. The R edition also features a trunk spoiler, twin tailpipes and Jaguar's Enhanced Computer Active Technology Suspension, which uses adjustable dampers. The R models feature standard xenon headlights with automatic self-leveling. Press Release: Jaguar Cars is proud to unveil the new 2008 Model Year S-TYPE range, which comes with a host of exterior and interior design changes as well as a series of new standard and optional features. The latest S-TYPE continues to be loved and admired by customers throughout the world, attracted on an emotional level by its spirit of individuality, iconic design and sporting performance. There is also a rational attraction as well, with the recent addition of the acclaimed twin-turbo 2.7-litre diesel engine which offers outstanding performance alongside superb fuel economy. For the 2008 Model Year, all S-TYPE versions feature an updated front end, with the addition of the sporting S-TYPE R bumper and mesh grille to all models. The new-look front is more contemporary, giving every S-TYPE a more poised and dynamic appearance. A new series of beautiful alloy wheels adds to the sporting appearance of the 2008 Model Year. Entry level versions now come with the multi-spoke 17-inch Antares wheel as standard. The 18-inch Triton alloy wheel is standard on all SE models (18-inch Triton on UK Sport version), while the top-of-the-range S-TYPE R now comes with the stunning 19-inch Barcelona wheel as standard (except Japan, Austria, Germany and rough road markets). The S-TYPE's interior is also upgraded, with the introduction of multi-function Sport seats (with non-perforated leather) instead of the previous Classic seat for all SE and Sport models. Entry-level S-TYPE models come with a leather-trimmed steering wheel as standard, while a new Satin Mahogany veneer is available as an option across the range. Choice is further extended with the option of a beautiful new Ivory and Charcoal leather colour combination for SE models. Technical innovation is part of the S-TYPE's appeal and every new model will now come with Rear Park Assist as standard. The 2008 Model Year S-TYPE range will be unveiled at the Bologna Motor Show in December 2006 and will be available for order from dealers immediately. [PLEASE CONFIRM] 2008 Model Year S-TYPE at a glance Executive Jaguar saloon with four engine variants including class-leading 2.7-litre twin-turbo diesel, 3.0-litre V6 petrol and renowned 4.2-litre naturally aspirated and supercharged V8s Streamlined styling combined with advanced technology and legendary Jaguar ride and handling make the S-TYPE the epitome of the contemporary, sporting Jaguar saloon From the top-of-the-range 400bhp (DIN), 155mph supercharged S-TYPE R which is capable of 60mph in just 5.3 seconds to the highly acclaimed twin-turbo 2.7-litre diesel which offers a 0-60mph time of just 8.1 seconds yet returns 41.5mpg on the combined fuel economy cycle, outstanding Jaguar innovation is clear across the range The diesel-engined S-TYPE is offered with either a much-admired six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. The 3.0-litre petrol is available with either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox, while both 4.2-litre V8 models are equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission AJD-V6 diesel engine is the lightest unit of its type and size, weighing just 202kg Latest generation, high pressure, common-rail direct-injection technology, including 'multiple pilot' injection with piezo-electric control, ensures maximum efficiency Maximum power of 152kW (207PS) EEC, 153kW (206bhp) DIN and maximum torque of 435Nm (320lb ft) make this a diesel Jaguar with real performance: a top speed of 230kph (143mph), and 0-100kph (0-60mph) in just 8.5 (8.1) seconds in the manual version and 8.6 (8.2) seconds in the auto An impressive combined fuel economy figure of 6.8l/100km (41.5mpg) with manual gearbox, and a low CO2 figure of only 179g/km Comprehensive safety features in every S-TYPE include front, side and side-curtain airbags, Jaguar's Adaptive Restraint Technology System (A.R.T.S.) and Anti-lock Braking System Wide range of standard interior features in every S-TYPE including automatic climate control with dual zone control for driver and front passenger, Rear Park Assist, electrically adjustable seats, multi-function steering wheel controls for audio, cruise control and (where fitted) Bluetooth telephone connectivity and voice control, trip computer, Jaguar Alpine Sound System with AM/FM radio and single slot CD player Comprehensive security system includes remote central locking and driveaway locking, ultrasonic intrusion sensing, radio frequency remote control and engine immobiliser (Thatcham 1 approved) Key optional features include 19-inch wheels across the range, electrically adjustable pedals, Front Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Alert, in addition to existing driver aids.
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  6. 6 months on and first fault has occurred.

    Well, putting that message out well and truly jinxed it!. ABS/DSC light came on today!
  7. X Type 2.2D Auto transmission slip

    hi not sure what gearboxes the x-type had most had ford gearboxes 5R55N was a 5 speed, but thought later ones were ZF but maybe wrong if its the Ford unit there very easy to service and low oil again would cause it to slip cheers Joe
  8. DTC Decoding

    hi some faults clear on there own, if the fault has gone some have to be reset cheers Joe
  9. DTC Decoding

    Hi Joe, thanks for retrieving these descriptions. I will look at them in detail. Yes, I did charge the battery and its voltage looks ok. But I guess the code then need to be cleared using a software or will they clear on their own if the fault is gone? By the way, I know I have a genuine braking issue but that's all I was expecting in terms of warning.
  10. X Type 2.2D Auto transmission slip

    I've never heard off a zf auto gearbox being fitted to a facelift 2008/09 model x type as I said it will probably be a Asin Warner auto gearbox and there is know filter too change when the Fluid is being changed and any filter that is in the gearbox can only be changed if the gearbox is dismantled for a repair , that's what i'm led to believe. Regards Tom.
  11. Limp mode or stall when accelerating around 70mph

    Thank you. I forgot to mention, once stopped and shut down, fault disappears on startup.
  12. Limp mode or stall when accelerating around 70mph

    hi its hard to say on the diesels really, could be one of many things really and only guess work get it plugged in , if its going into limp mode then theres fault code which will tell you where the fault is cheers Joe
  13. X Type 2.2D Auto transmission slip

    hi If its the zf 6hp26, 6 speed, 6 speed gearbox goes to 2 to 5 on the left side of j-gate, though sealed for life still needs servicing, if its done 115k it well overdue if it low on oil it can make it slip and even do damage theres kits on ebay, for the service parts, which include oil, filter, new pins for filter and a mechatronics sleeve which are prone to leak only use genuine zf parts and especially zf oil lifeguard 6, if not can cause lots of issues at a later date also if it done at jaguar or a descent jaguar indy, they check the gearbox software is up to date, they clear adaptations and do a learn cycle, these alone are known to fix most of the issues but yours sounds like its low on oil, with it slipping, torque converter relies on oil and if it low could be the issue cheers Joe
  14. Hi all, First post, will do my best. Just purchased a 2009 x type estate. It's a 2.2 auto and has a hell of a fault. Firstly, it doesnt idle smoothly, it sort of hunts when standing and it doesnt go away even when warm. Secondly, the car goes in to limp mode or stalls when i gently accelerate anywhere around 70mph. I did a few test of gentle or harsh acceleration to see if there was a difference. Under heavy acceleration it performs great, but if i go steady towards 70, then try to go past that range, the glow plug light flashes, engine warning light comes on and "transmission fault" message is shown. I found a thread on here showing a similar problem that turned out to be the turbo actuator. So far, i'm putting the hunting down to egr valve? Thoughts?
  15. Should My Car Have Bluetooth

    hi yes thats the bluetooth socket you have two options you either need the earlier option, phone module in the boot with extra D2B fibre optic link, bluetooth module in the armrest and a mic fitted to the roof console or the later option, plastic type phone/bluetooth combined module in the boot, with extra D2B fibre optic link and bluetooth antenna for phone/bluetooth module and mic fitted to roof console. later setup is easier to fit and sometime cheaper as only one module is needed cheers Joe
  16. Just joined, hello all! What can I say, what an experience, toodled about thinking it sounded great then floored it, back end twitched (mine and the cars) and the supercharger whine made its presence felt in both acceleration and the noise as it spooled up, OMG awesome! 2005 £11500 92,000 miles,tons of history and I strongly think mine by the weekend, its going to cost an arm,leg and kidney, but what the hell! What an incredible machine .
  17. DTC Decoding

    hi most of these sound like a low battery have you charged it overnight, this might cure it a low battery cause lots of problems with the modules plus all these codes are not listed in jtis these are the one i could find cheers Joe
  18. Electronic Brake Control Module

    hi not sure a replacement module will work with out programing, there configured to the car if the replacement does not work it will need programing to the car cheers Joe
  19. X Type 2.2D Auto transmission slip

    Hi. Manufacturers say there gearboxes are sealed for life that's not exactly true, the 6 speed auto is an Asin Warner gearbox and the only way to change the Fluid is to take it to an Auto Transmissions Company where they will attach a Hot Flushing Machine with 2 hoses and remove the old fluid and replace with new. I was told that there are paper discs in the gearbox and condensation can distort them , i had my x type auto fluid changed in July 2014 with 21,000 miles on it. And was told that the Fluid should be changed about every 4 or 5 year's and my car is just coming up too 39,000 miles so i might get it done come July as I think the Fluid change is more to do with age rather than mileage done i think the price was round about £153 pounds. I'm afraid i can't help you with the slipping problem, but another member may be able to help . By the way you need a Low Ash C1 Oil this is the number ( WSS M2C 934B ) and this number is not mentioned in the Handbook , and only use 5-5 litres instead off 6 litres and we recommend to use genuine jaguar oil and fuel filters . The diesel engines now a days don't like a lot off short journeys and if you do we advice to go on a long journey every 3 or 4 weeks and give it an Italian tune and don't always keep the engine revs below 2000, diesel engines need to be worked .
  20. Electronic Brake Control Module

    I'm not, it cost
  21. DTC Decoding

    Hi, a series of warnings started to appear on my dashboard: the engine light and the ABS are on, and there are messages that say there is an 'ABS fault', 'DSC is not available' and vehicle has 'restricted performance'. I entered the self test menu for the lack of a proper JLR diagnostic tool and retrieved a total of 15 DTC's. I then tried to decode them following the guidelines below, but even then I am only able to match 9 of them with DTC's listed in the workshop manual. I have attached the DTC's reported by my S-Type. Guideline for DTC decoding: 1XXX relates to Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes P1 9XXX relates to Body Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes B1 AXXX relates to Body Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes B2 DXXX relates to Undefined (manufacturer specific) codes U1 EXXX relates to Undefined (manufacturer specific) codes U2 Obviously I would like to find out the meanings of these codes separately but I am hoping they could share a common cause as the car was left parked for 8 months without being driven at all and then suddenly reports all these issues at once. My current leads: Someone told me it was the DSC module that needed to be repaired by that a service like this one. The brake booster could be ko. I did do the usual tests and although I am not fully convinced by its behaviour , I am not sure wheter a faulty brake booster would trigger that many alarms. Speed sensor ko: I have checked the driver side one at the front, and it looked ok visually all clean. Alarms need reset: would it be possible that some of the DTCs like the ones related to the battery just need clearing? this would allow to tell apart the relevant DTCs. Would you have any ideas on the decoding of these codes and why I could not find reference to some of those? or any similar experience?
  22. Electronic Brake Control Module

    Glad you found another one!
  23. Electronic Brake Control Module

    Thanks for that, have ordered another one (unfortunately at a higher price), will add it to my watch list in-case there is a problem with the other .
  24. Diagnostic Scan Tool

    Good idea
  25. Electronic Brake Control Module

    Hi, I don't know about the compatbility with a slightly different part number but isn't this one the same as yours: ?
  26. Should My Car Have Bluetooth

    Am I right to think this is the socket for the BT module under the center consul storage box (between the two front seats)
  27. Keys In Cambridgeshire

    Anyone out there know where I can get an additional key cut and programmed in the Cambs area other than a dealer?
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