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  2. Has anybody solved the mystery of that problem? I've checked the damper on the rear diff on my 3.0SC XFS but removing it didn't help at all.
  3. Thanks Jim - will give them a call.
  4. Hi, I can see this is an old posting but in the event you have not managed to locate a rear window I have a 1998 xj8 that I use as a donor vehicle including the rear window. Let me know if you are still looking. Regards, Nigel
  5. Aubrey


    Hello William, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. Good to see another person from Wales☺️ You could try Auto Reserve Jaguar www.autoreservejaguar.com SNG Barrat I have had some success with parts on ebay. Kind Regards, Julie.
  6. Hi, try sending an email to http://www.davidmarksgarages.co.uk they are in Nottingham, not far from Leicester. They may be able to help you out.
  7. Hi, I have a 1969 E Type that is is very decent shape but the time has come to look to sell it and I would like to get the car valued by an expert. My challenge is that I live in Montreal and the car is near Leicester. Despite numerous attempts to get hold of Jaguar enthusiast clubs locally I can not get a response. I am back in England for a funeral next week and would like to arrange to meet someone on Feb 10th. I am very happy to pay for time and the evaluation. Any help greatly appreciated ! Thanks! Stephen
  8. Hello Dave, Thanks for your reply on what should have been a straightforward job for a 'specialist' I really appreciate the time, effort and research (apart from your obvious in depth knowledge) and the courtesy you have shown me and in view of that I am not going to use the Jag until I arrange for the ATF to be changed to Mercon V or the Valvoline equivalent you mention. I anticipate that will be sometime next week. I won't be using the 'specialist' as I don't tust them anymore not giving a sufficiently good explanation for the use of Dextron 6 and the 'new' fault codes which seem to have coincidentally 'popped' up. So, I'm going to swot -up this weekend to learn and digest what you have suggested and gain a much better knowledge on the subject when I select a reputable garage for the ATF change. thanks, once again, Dave, I'll post the results. Harry
  9. BillCuth


    I have a jaguar XJ V8 4.2 sport 2003 128,oo4 miles great car had it for 20 years but went over some potholes and broken sensor that affects the suspension but the parts are getting hard to get its going into the local jag garage any suggestions
  10. I have just bough a 2014 plate XF sportbrake which has a factory fitted tow bar ("D" shape panel to rear valance) and I can`t find any switch , instruction, or any method of operating it; can anyone advise?
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  12. Found this. Its from the X260 workshop manual this is for the 3v6D. Although I had a quick look and cant see it, will need to look when i have more time.
  13. Why did you replace the MAF in the first place? It sounds as if unintentional mechanical contact is happening and that is causing the knock sensor to !Removed! the ignition timing to protect the engine but causing a rough idle. Have you checked the Lambda (pre-cat) outputs? If they are old and/or failing, there's a good chance they are giving a weak/lean mixture signal to the ECU which has been known on some cars to give a "red herring" fault by fooling the ECU into thinking the MAF isn't responding. Also have you checked fuel pressure? If the fuel pressure is low, that could cause a rough idle and potentially throw a MAF fault. I suspect the fault lies somewhere other than the MAF, if the Lambda sensors are 10+ years old or 100k+ miles there is a good chance they're past their best. They may not show as faulty until they completely fail, meanwhile your fuel economy and genral running will suffer so worth checking their outputs.
  14. hi I have Jagdroid in mine, if your cars a keeper then its well worth buying, no cheap, but the best out there superb features and fully updateable, but plug and play usb support and superb android capability cheers Joe
  15. hi petrol and diesels will surely have different flywheels only way to know for sure is go on jaguar classics or sng barratt and compare flywheel part numbers not all petrols had dual mass flywheels, there more common on diesels also theres companies out there that do solid ones which does away with all the problems of them failing cheers Joe
  16. Looks really interesting thanks a lot
  17. Last week
  18. The fluid would have been cold and remained failry cool on a short run Harry, hence it would provide the pressure needed to operate the box correctly. Here is a link on the "Bob is the oil guy" forum trying to compare the two : The maximum viscosity of Dexron 6 is lower than the minimum viscosity of Mercon V meaning it is too thin for use in the 5R55E gearbox in your Jag. Takes a bit of finding in that thread but it's in there. Also a bit of anecdotal evidence as it concerns Honda ATF Z-1 and Honda ATF DW-1. In the USA, Honda faced a class-action lawsuit from upset owners of cars older than ~2006 because they discontinued Z-1 and replaced it with DW-1 insisting it was backwards compatible. In short, DW-1 is roughly similar to Dex 6 and Z-1 was roughly similar to Mercon V and the disgruntled Honda owners had symptoms ranging from leaks and poor changes to fried torque converters becausse the TCs had overheated due to the thinner oil! If the two fluids were so close and interchangeable, i'm sure JLR would have said you can use Dex 6 in older transmissions, they insist it must be Mercon V and also, on some of the Hondas, i've known of some very strange faults such as speed sensor intermittent and/or failed, poor shift quality, overheating and so on because owners in this country have used DW-1 because that's what Honda supplied them with. I moderate on a Honda V6 forum (a UK forum as well) so have seen many things come up as a result of incorrect ATF. My ultimate opinion on this is that you should have the ATF changed at the earliest opportunity, perhaps by a Jag specialist, to the correct Mercon V or equivalent. While reviewing the results of my search on "viscosity comparison Mercon V and Dexron 6" i also found this link : https://team.valvoline.com/product-recommender?engine_id=d9ebd677d89e7c4d034aaaa34ecfccd3&year=1999&make=Jaguar&model=S-Type%2C X200 (1999-2007)&engine=S-Type 3.0 V6 (1999-2001)&mileage=0 - 74%2C999&retailer=&path=rawfinder They also say if you need Mercon V NOT to use Dexron VI - let's face it, if you're on an oil manufacturers website, chances are you'll buy the product from them so they have no axe to grind in terms of recommending a different fluid to what is needed. They will recommend the correct fluid and i've just tried their "Product Recommender" again this time with the same spec (1999 S-Type 3.0V6) but with higher mileage of 75000+ and it still returned the same Valvoline ATF for Mercon V and second choice was Valvoline MaxLife MVATF (MultiVehice) which is very similar to the Carlube ATF-U i suggested further up. As an exercise, i checked using the same details agin except the year, changed that to 2006 and it came up with a different ATF - Valvoline Extended Protection Full Synthetic ATF to be exact. The second choice again was MaxLife MV ATF which is a more universal fluid. I would either have another go at the (alleged) automatic transmission specialist and get them to change the fluid for Mercon V or a good equivalent or take it to a Jag specialist and get them to do it. I've always maintained it's cheaper to change the correct fluid than change the gearbox! I know this will likely cost you money to have the fluid changed again but better that than having to fork out for a replacement gearbox and/or torque converter.
  19. Hello All! I'm a newbie here so be gentle with me. Very recently I bought a 2006 2.0 X-type diesel state as a second car. Driving it home (100+ miles) performance was fine and no strange noises. Today, nasty noises so I called out the breakdown company. I was told that the dual mass flywheel needs replacing. So first urgent question, is the flywheel for the petrol version compatible with my diesel version as I know where I can ge hold of a new one cheaply but need to act very swiftly. Thanks for all help and advice. Istanbull
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