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  2. Hi, Found this from an Australian site. Does your VIN fit in the number range? Recall J067 Jaguar XF 2012MY and 2013MY Selected vehicles within the VIN range SAJAC0627CNS53474 to SAJAA0227DNS67338 Jaguar XJ 2012MY and 2013MY Selected vehicles within the VIN range SAJAC1627CNV38178 to SAJAC122XDNV43625 What are the defects? The engine may not start, or may cut out without warning. If the engine cuts out, the vehicle will lose brake power assistance and Power Assisted Steering (PAS) will also be lost, with the vehicle requiring increased steering effort. If t
  3. Ok Pete, no worries mate. Cheers.
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  6. End of March my 'Jaguar InControl Remote' is due to be renewed? As my first Jag XF, is this product really worth having I wonder. I'm not sure I would really use it £76 for two years. Or does it include a tracker that I seem to have read that may be valuable. Any thoughts? thanks, Tim
  7. Thanks for your email John. I have sent your suggestions to my garage (not a Jag specialist) to see what they think. As it happens, the stop/start has also not been working, so you may be on the right lines. I didn't think they could possibly be connected!!! Regards Tony
  8. Hi, Just putting out feelers, if anyone is interested please contact me with any questions. It is a private sale I have owned the car since 2010 (2nd owner) have all of its history, mots/services etc. The car is in very good overall condition and the engine is nicely run in, thanks
  9. Hi I'm new on and I'm hoping that someone can help me. When I put my car into reverse the lights don't come on unless I pull the gear selector further back. Alvin
  10. Hi Tony I presume the garage is not a jag specialist. I suggest you ask them for the fault codes they pulled from the car then post them here so we have a better idea of what the problem is. I would also get the battery checked properly. If you have the Stop/Start system you should have an AGM as the main battery which has a different voltage profile to a wet cell battery (12v at rest is virtually flat!). If you are only using it every few days for local journeys the battery will not be having a chance to re-charge. As with many modern cars these are essentially a load of computers each t
  11. Hi Trevor. Thanks for your reply. The car is driven every few days or so and the battery appeared fine i.e. it starts first time. I checked with the garage that they had checked fuel filters and they confirmed they had. I was lucky I was on a minor road. If I had been on the motorway and it had cut out and the power steering had gone it could have been very serious.
  12. Hi.....welcome to the club I would be tempted to disconnect the battery, leave for a short while and then reconnect (negative off first and on last). The try to plip the locks with the key fob and see if it reads the keys after a few attempts. Here's some info on battery reset but for S-Type but some functions may not work but may also be helpful to see procedures
  13. Hi Tony......welcome to the Club That is worrying if it cuts whilst driving. Has the car had enough prolonged usage to charge the battery? If not, this can lead to similar issues as can leaving the car sat for many days/weeks at a time. Has the fuel filter been replaced recently?
  14. Hi, What did you decide to do , did you go ahead or not?
  15. Hi Nigel.....welcome to the Club Fine choice(s) of cars....a car for every occasion! Good to have you onboard!
  16. Hi Everyone. I have a problem with my 2013 plate XF 3.0l V6 Supercharged. I have had it for around 2 years without problems. One day I was driving a few miles from home and the engine cut out which also meant the power steering cut out too. Fortunately I was on a minor road and pulled over safely. I put it into my local garage and they replaced the fuel pump and 'module' which is what their diagnostic tool told them was the issue. Got it back, same thing happened. They now have the car back, but are struggling to identify the issue. Any thoughts or experiences???
  17. Hi to everyone and especially to those owning the S type model. Mine is the 2.7 diesel with the ZF 6 speed auto. Have another couple of cars, having been a car nut all my years ! A Honda S2000 2004 model and a Merc 350 SLK 2009 model. Am someone who has always enjoyed the maintenace of cars and have tackled things such as gearbox servicing, clutch renewals,brakes, rust proofing, etc. This is my second S type having had one back in 2007, again the diesel with auto. Always remembered with much appreciation and enjoyment. Anyone know this car please?
  18. Good Morning everyone, I'm after some help before having to sell an arm or a leg to pay for an upcoming repair! My keys have stopped working! None of the buttons on either key are recognized by the car and the key "isn't found" when starting. Accordingly, I am having to lock/unlock with the emergency key (sets the alarm off of course) and start the engine using the sensor pad under the dash. It is NOT either the main battery which has not been disconnected and is fully charged (according to the AA) nor the fob batteries which have just been replaced. The problem started with non
  19. Last week
  20. Hi again anyone have a guide to test and fit a new rear parking sensor module many thks in advance Stewart
  21. Hi. If you have any issues with insurance at all for a change of wheels then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  22. The EPB cable will hook onto the caliper lever if the caliper is off the disc since the lever can freely travel. Or you can wind back the piston, then unhook the cable, etc. Awkward however you try.
  23. Hi, i have just been for a drive going up hills and down hills not going above 40mph. After an hour or so I got a engine temp warning on the dashboard. After a minute or 2 the temp dropped back down to normal. This happened twice. Any suggestions would be much appreciated for the cause. Cheers
  24. Timcook1


    SOS! Help Just purchased a 2015 2 litre (mark 2 ) Jag XF. Was learning how to use the Sat Nav system (basic) that seemed to be working just fine (after updating SD card) and exploring the system and the language has changed from English to well German or Polish or something I do not understand !!! I have tried to restore to English that should be simple but despite trying everything I can't get it back. What is the magic button?? Did this with old Mazda and Tom Tom once and simple to change back. I guess this is, if you know how!! Any ideas please before I shoot myself!!
  25. They are pretty tight if I recall. Think I resorted to pliers and somehow levering the mechanism so there was less distance required to hook it on.
  26. Hi David....welcome to the Club I agree with Peter, sounds like the pre-heater emitting fumes into the cabin. Ensure it is not running constantly and that it times out after a few minutes
  27. Thanks for that Pete, it's the same one that I got. Cheers Pete
  28. Used OBD Reader at the weekend had 2 codes stored P0743 Torque converter clutch circuit electrical & P0915 Gear shift position circuit range/performance any ideas where to start
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