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  5. Old Peter

    Hi all

    Hi Ian, I had 29 years of company cars, and my knowledge of modern cars was negligible as all services and repairs had to go to a main dealer, so buying a Jaguar made me enter into a new experience, with the windscreen wipers coming on when it rained and the lights coming on when it was dark, messages telling you if a door was slightly open, and the dash board lights coming on when something was happening when the ECU didn't like something. The lump hammer was no longer needed in the boot and instead a Code Reader had to be bought. I have had a great time with my S Type, and very little cost with only a water pump needing replacement. The diesel engine in the s type is a very good engine and was developed to a 3.0 litre to meet EU6 requirements for use in the XF and XJ. BUT it does like premium fuel and rewards you with a smooth ride and good mpg for spending an extra 10p a litre. Regards, Peter.
  6. P0ny

    Hi all

    Thanks very much for the welcome, Peter. I’m still in the early stages of ownership and enjoying every moment. I look forward to learning more as I go.
  7. Old Peter

    Hi all

    Welcome to the club, Ian. You will enjoy the Jaguar experience -- much different from other makes of car. The club is about sharing experiences, and I think you will find that very useful. Regards, Peter.
  8. P0ny

    Hi all

    Hi all. I’m Ian (known as Pony), living near Brighton, East Sussex. Have picked up my first Jag, a 2015 XF 2.2 Portfolio and loving it. Looking forward to many smile miles, ahead.
  9. mike_msch

    EML Light keeps coming on.

    Could be a a loose connection on one of the sensors. But then again the fault should be stored. What obd reader are you using? It might be worth trying a different model of obd reader before paying a garage (some will do it for free). You could have a faulty ecu. The ecu can have water leak onto it as there is a drain hole just above it along the top of the driver side quarter panel. My one seems to be covered.
  10. Yesterday
  11. The Voices

    no satnav in se model

    I don't know how big a job it would be to source the hard drive system from a breaker ?
  12. leedaly

    no satnav in se model

    danm lol thought the disks had all the sat nav on them.and yes am poor and still drivin a jag as this model is cheap thanks anyway
  13. The Voices

    no satnav in se model

    Unfortunately, no. The satellite navigation on the 'facelift' XF is hard drive based rather than on a removable disc. The SE version doesn't have a hard drive so hasn't got navigation and cannot store 10 CD's worth of music (unlike the rest of the range)
  14. leedaly

    no satnav in se model

    hi all is it possible to get a satnvav disk,dvd or cd disk for my xf se 2012 2.2 diesel.i have the parking assit on my model but want the sat nav can I put it on a disk thanks
  15. FazerScotty

    EML Light keeps coming on.

    Mike, I have and use a OBD reader - just not getting any "useable" P codes coming up - thats what I'm finding frustrating. Reset everything yesterday afternoon (again) Anyway - drove to work this morning. No light. Had to stop at Sainsbury's. Upon starting (2nd time this morning) with a warm engine, light comes on. Reset before leaving work - I will see what happens tomorrow after sitting all night and getting nice and cold.
  16. clamcwood

    Problem with subwoofer outputs

    Alex i might take you up on that if you are about this weekend. everything is good to go but an audio source for the line output converter and I cant get a wiring diagram for the amp on my car
  17. V6Leaper


    My Jaguar XF 3.0D Premium Luxury. (Claret Red on I believe 19" Caravela Alloys). Perhaps someone could confirm the wheels?
  18. Welcome to the club, Lady R.

    Computers are something you cannot fix with a lump hammer.  Pity!

    I also had the same on my s type, but I managed to delete it with my cheap code reader.





    1. LadyRobben


      Peter, I have deleted til my code reader needed new batteries.  One of my son's is a mechanic and also has a Jag.  He fights with his as well.  

    2. Old Peter

      Old Peter

      That's the trouble with computers.  I have been very lucky with the S Type in just having very rare problems.


  19. mike_msch

    EML Light keeps coming on.

    Oil light flickering on and off on start up is fine, as long as it stays off after. You need to get a obd reader with its own device. Bluetooth ones are hit and miss. P1000 is ok but that means you have just reset it. P1111 is the code that permanently stays on the system which means all checks done and OK etc. Launch creader 3001 works well on the jag. Amazon sell it for less than £20. That will bring up the code straight away. I use it all the time.
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