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  3. Hi Joe ,that's great 🙂 thank you
  4. Hi Julie, thanks I'm loving it and thanks for confirming that it's the Hi Julie, I'm loving the car thanks and thanks for confirming I've got the right refrigerant 🙂
  5. My mistake thought you ment the sim card, sat nav update on my model by usb stick which is removed on compleation of update Sorry mike
  6. Hi, my speed crossed my mine so i have tested the theory, but no, it's no different. I did wonder if it was as simple as the camera not being active, but not prepared to test that theory.
  7. Hi Lee, Not an expert but believe most common cause in cars in general -relay or fuse. Kind Rgds, Julie.
  8. What year car is this for if it’s still available
  9. I was told that it should only open slightly. So if you don’t shut it correctly and don’t latch it at all it will not bounce open. Plus at low speed the key will open the boot on mine don’t know if that’s right but a friend said the same so I tried it 😂
  10. Just checked an the card is the same size as all others, its a genuine Jaguar "Europe and Russia" card. Seems as if the holder has not been installed correctly, or they have fixed the problem subsequent to my cars vintage.
  11. Hi all I have a late 2013 xf sportbrake and this morning I noticed my sat nav was mapping a different country, tried going into menu and setting mapping to United Kingdom but it's staying on the foreign mapping which is Brussels!!! Anyone any tips or had similar issues and have a fix for this? Cheers Keith
  12. Last week
  13. I would try a different make of card, checked mine and it is fully enclosed with nothing pertruding
  14. Hi all, having problems with full beam, flash works ok but full beam won’t switch on when I push stalk away? 2015 xe prestige. any advice great fully received.
  15. purchased the same auto. have ran across difficulties with the roof as well. i have found that maybe more than one procedure needs to be done. you may need to pull on the torneo cover cable to unlock it then try the top reset. i had to begin the reset by finishing the top down procedure first, letting the tornado cover to lock. then my top worked correctly. hopes this helps
  16. I am surprised that the Card in the cubby under the arm rest when full engaged still sticks out. I have had the Sat nav "go down" because my sun glasses have knocked the card. It would be far better if the disc was level with the back of the cubby. I am thinking of making a small cover to protect the card.
  17. Hi George, Welcome to Jaguar Owners Club. Your wife has good taste, XK8 in white - stunning. I do not know much about the XK8 as I have x type, but have read good reviews in the mooring press and from the RAC, The 1997 I have found was given 4.6 out of 5 by owners who said it was reliable, and a pleasure to drive. I am sure one of our XK owners can tell you more. Kind Regards, Julie.
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