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  3. Hi As Raistlin says above, the rear lights are wires like positive earth You need a special relay for the towbar electrics and can really confuse a lot of people, installers cheers Joe
  4. Hi They work on diesels but recommend having it mapped properly Tony Dalton workd with Jaguar a lot, does lots of jaguar remaps and would give you best advice cheers Joe
  5. If you do choose to have one fitted, BEWARE, the rear lights on the S-Type are negative switched so unless your fitter knows what he is doing, at best the trailer electrics will not work. At worst you have various parallel paths and your car lights will do all sorts of weird things.
  6. Used one in a 2.0 X-type. It went very well and never had a problem.
  7. Quick update - this turned out to be a broken connector that Jaguar wanted £800 to replace the rear window, but I was able to solder in 10 mins at zero cost!
  8. Personally I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole - it looks too good to be true (so probably is). I'd get it remapped by a professional outfit.
  9. Has anyone had any experience of having a towbar fitted? I'm thinking of having one fitted but there's such an array of choices and prices that I'm finding it a bit of a minefield. I don't want any surgery on the rear bumper, as some are suggesting, so any recommendations or suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance!
  10. The Luxury was 'base' spec for the XF so didn't have power fold mirrors as standard. It does have dual climate control however, so you should be able to independently adjust driver and passenger temperatures ?
  11. Hi Tony, Your owners manual should tell you what your tickover revs should be, My S type has the V6 2.7 litre diesel engine, and my manual ays that it should be 750 rpm at tickover. And at 70 mph it runs at 2100 rpm. Regards, Peter.
  12. Thanks guys , can I just ask , what do your engines idle at when warm? I only ask as mine sounds fine at idle ,no rough or lumpy idle , but the rev counter only shows about 400 rpm.
  13. Hi Tony, And welcome to the club. I had a 2005 2.5 litre petrol x type with a 5 speed manual gearbox that showed a 1500 rpm at 70 mph which is about right for the smaller engine. I guess that 1300rpm for the 3.0 engine is about right. Regards, Peter.
  14. Hi Tony, Can't really comment on the X-Type, but my 3 litre XF (6 speed) does about the same at 70. Cheers, Jon
  15. Tuning box. Hello all, and thank you for letting me join the group. I have seen the above box on Ebay, and was wondering if anyone has experience with them. Kevin Delve
  16. Hi , newbie to the group and I have a question I hope someone can help with . I have the 3 litre x type 5 speed auto ( 2004 ) and this afternoon I was driving along at 70mph and noticed the rev counter was only showing about 1300rpm , I thought this was a little low or do you think this is right ?
  17. Hi Paul....welcome to the Club ...and welcome to the wonderful world of Jaguar Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  18. Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum Fine looking XF, I particularly like the colour Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  19. Hi Graham, I will be going with one of my sons who is a Jaguar owner... Look out for my s type. Regards Peter.
  20. Hi Marcus, I believe the dashboard layout and most options have remained pretty stable over the life of the earlier XFs. There should be an option in the 'Vehicle' menu on the touchscreen 'Home' page to enable power folding of the mirrors. There should also be an option to drop down the nearside mirror when reversing, to better see the curb. The amount by which it drops down is also configurable, but that's something I haven't yet tried! As for right/left temperature split, there's a 'Sync' option somewhere on the 'Climate' menu on the touchscreen. This needs to be deselected to enable the left/right split. Once that's done, the pairs of up/down buttons in the righhand bottom cornet of the panel should allow driver and passenger to choose their own temperatures. Hope that helps! Cheers, Jon
  21. Hi Peter Thank you for your reply. I will check out the June 29th event as you recommend. I will be sad to see this go but it needs a home where someone will run it on a regular basis. Thanks. Graham
  22. Well, I went to my local Auto centre and they have advised the centre cat is blocking the exhaust gas...….booked in for Saturday morning so will update progress once the new Cat is on.
  23. Welcome to the Club, Marcus. I am a little surprised that your XF does not have the manual fling mirrors which are standard on my S Type, as also the left and right temperatures which are also standard on the s type. I do not know the dashboard lay out on the XF but I thought that there would not be much difference with a 2007 S type. I will have a look around images of the XF dashboard to see if there is anything you might have missed. Regards, Peter.
  24. Ever since the XF was released, it was one of those cars that one day I’ll own. That day was about 4 days ago. I purchased a 2010 , 3.0 luxury with 67000 Miles with full history. I cannot be more delighted with the car itself. It wasn’t until I started reading the owners manual that my slight disappointment in the cars spec became apparent. My old car was a 2009 C4 that actually had more standard features over the XF, most noticeable the automatic folding mirrors. Again to further my disappointment, the mirrors also cannot be manually operated either. Even on a base model XF, I would have thought this would have been standard equipment. Having to physically fold both mirrors in when parking, somewhat takes away the prestigious image of owning a Jaguar. Other small disappointments are not being able to control left and right temperatures despite showing both on the display. Don't get me wrong, my XF is a dream to drive and thrilled with it. I just wish that it had a little more equipment as standard over my old C4.
  25. Hi Mohammed, and welcome to the club. You car needs about a 30 minute run at least once month to regenerate the DPF. If the amber light comes on that is a warning to regenerate and should never be disregarded. You should now have your car taken to a garage to have it regenerated mechanically. If that doesn't work you will need to have it replaced. ££££. But a warning! Do not have the DPF removed as it is an automatic MOT failure. I have never had a problem with my 2.7 diesel in the six years I have had it, and although i mostly do short runs I make sure I have that longer run once a month. I also use premium fuel, and every fill up I give the car some Millers Diesel Eco plus which does give the fuel system a good clean. Regards, Peter.
  26. My problem is back Help. Low fuel pump pressure. Pump and filters changed twice, it can run for months then intermittent, its week 3 now had a couple of good days no problem. My mechanic has no idea. I'm not going back to main dealer big mistake. I can't be the only one that has had this problem. I'm open to any ideas. Ask me questions. Between us surely we can solve it. 😖
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  28. Ive had the car for a few months now, my journeys are all short journeys, hardly ever motorways, anyway the amber dpf light was on before now its gone to red. Really annoying now as its always on. Im considering getting the dpf removed and remap. Has anyone had this done? Also does the light go off after dpf delete,remap etc?
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