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  2. I am very interested in the F-Type display next month, I may see if the wife fancies a day out!!!
  3. What about something simple like an enamel badge for a jacket? It doesn't specifically need to be put on a car, but we could wear them or add them to a collection?
  4. I had P zero replace all 4 tyres last week. The difference is amazing.
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  6. It requires a subscription service to utilise it correctly. The bugs are awful and I would steer clear.
  7. Good Morning Peg, Welcome to Jaguar Owners. A very elegant car indeed. I understand how you loved it at first site. I am sure there are some wonderful roads to drive where you are. enjoy! Kind Regards, Julie.
  8. Unless it has been updated in the last two years, I personally found it awful
  9. Hello, all. Bought my V6 AWD 3.0 Jag in May 2021 - it was love at first sight, literally. I love its understated elegance, combined with the happy fact that it takes off like a rocket when it's required. Love the Meridian sound system, too. Delightful car on multiple levels! I live in Lake Bluff, IL, a far northern suburb of Chicago, right on the shore of Lake Michigan. That's where my Jag is happily perched in the shot below!
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  11. hi just reading the posts and not sure about the " external metal badges may be considered illegal" as i agree with what is said in the post but, why would other clubs still be able to sell them and in fact one club you can get a discount if you buy it when joining. Lol time maybe Jaguar could make a rubber leaping cat.
  12. Is the Jaguar app in the playstore worth downloading?
  13. Why thanks Julie 😊 thanks for video some are saying you need to plug it in and put in service mode others say you can manually put in service mode and some say lol you don't have too at all. you can see why it's abit confusing
  14. If not the aux, could be a small oil leak if blue smoke. Get some degreaser and clean up the dirt around your engine where you think it coming from and any drips underneath. Only needs to be tiny when engine is warm to smoke.
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