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  2. My Glove Compartment has a push button switch that opens the latch. The part behind the button was lost, what is it called?
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  4. Or changed the rear stabilizers! And after 50 km traveled, the steering wheel does not go straight back !! what could it be ???
  5. Ah, brilliant...and many thanks for the quick reply...👍
  6. Just single lock the car on the fob, this should disable the internal and inclination sensors whilst maintaining the security of the car.
  7. Hi....I've recently acquired a 2006 Jag S Type and will be travelling to Ireland on a ferry with it next week...my previous cars have all had options via the settings to disable the alarm (something that's recommended for the duration of the ferry trip) but I cant see how to do this on the S Type?....any ideas please?...much appreciated in advance.
  8. O cambiato i stabilizzatori di dietro ! E dopo 50 km percorsi, il volante non torna dritto!! Cosa possa essere???
  9. Just purchased a 2004 S-type and discovered the locking wheel nut key is missing. Does anyone know if there's a master locking wheel nut key for the S-type? I've been told there are 26 variants of locking wheel nut key and as each costs around £25 buying each until I found the right one would be an expensive way of doing it. Alternatively, does anyone know if I might discover the right key using the VIN number? Any assistance much welcome. Thanks.
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  11. I finally got around to bleeding the brakes this morning. Furthest wheel took the longest time and produced a hard pedal. First Red fluid came thru, then dark brown down to a light amber colour. The other three just dark brown and then light amber. It took nearly 1 litre of brake fluid. Brakes are hard, ABS is OK and with engine off the pedal stays high under pressure. Engine on and hard pressure on the pedal and it goes to the floor in about a minute! When I got it about 3 yrs ago it was like this. I guess I will keep my eyes open for a cheap master cylinder. Crazy there is no repair kit!
  12. Good evening I own a 2007 jagaur s type which does not have sat nave (screen) i have purchased a second hand screen unit on eBay but it does not have the same connectors. Is there any way that this unit can be adapted to fit? I have included picture of the old and new.
  13. Good evening folks, I have a 2008 xf SV8 with the infamous DTC code P0414....! It's had much done to it like German remapping, the supercharger fully rebuilt with 10% reducer pully etc etc etc... and it now produces just short of 500bhp... lovely! However this damn code and engine yellow warning light comes on... only when the engine has partially cooled! If you stop take on fuel, 9 times out of 10 it won't come on shortly after start-up again. If you go and do some stuff, like coffee and cake obviously engine temperature drops, virtually every time the engine light comes on and DTC Code P0414 appears. Go through the clearing system, light out, no code...and off we go again. This happens pretty much all the time! I have replaced the secondary valve with new, I've just finished checking electrical connections and the secondary air pump...all working...! I've checked all the vacuum and air hoses for air leaks...none! So, the only thing left is the Secondary Air Injection Pump Check Valve - Jaguar (C2C32933) on top the engine, but after start-up I can hear it ticking (as it should or..?) as it has done for the last three years. Maybe that too needs replacing? So my question is, can anyone throw some light on the subject and advise accordingly, is it a faulty sensor or ECU etc.? Very much appreciated and thank you in advance for your assistance. AJ
  14. You would need to remove the trim panel to get in there properly, as per the picture. If that doesn’t solve the noise then you can get replacements for them.
  15. I had tried blowing some air, used a vacuum, pushed a paint brush through, and then gave up. Simply never occurred to me just how much crap you could get there. Thanks for the pic, now I realise how disgusting my car must be.
  16. YOUR DIGITAL SERVICE RECORD For too long, vehicle owners have been tied to paper books as the only system for recording vehicle service records. Jaguar's Online Service History has changed all of that. As an owner of a new model in the UK you can now check all of your vehicle's service records online at anytime. https://www.jaguar.co.uk/owners/servicing/online-service-history.html
  17. I have just purchased the CTEK 7, and will be delivered next week. Recently I have found that, when I take the long trip from Windsor to Devon to see the children, or the 50 minute drive to get to work, everything on the car works fine. Doors lock correctly, camera is fine, warning lights are gone. I can only assess that due to the distance I am driving, the battery is getting sufficient charge, and therefore I have invested in the CTEK 7. I will update all on whether this has a positive effect.
  18. Help needed please, the sat nav just will take us down small lanes instead of A and B roads first, don't matter which mode it's in, very frustrating. any ideas as to the priority the sat nave takes and how to get over it, so we can have A and B roads first. ta
  19. Darren Unless you really do want a so called upgraded car that has had items done that are not really provable, I would agree with walking away from the "bastardised" car. I would also not want to take the risk of heavy fines, or even having the car impounded, due to DPF removal etc. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  20. I have recently been informed by a dealer that my XE is a media car built for the 2018 model launch. It’s a 17 reg on a KM plate. upgraded infotainment heated steering full digi dash. Displays everything. Upgraded audio etc. fully spect out except sunroof. was according to log 42k new. is there a way to find out where the car has been if it was a media car?
  21. Personally I would walk away from the modded one. Remap ok, but removing DPF and driving the car on a public road is illegal and attracts a £1k fine and is a MOT failure. Remaps are fine, but would worry what else had been done, the fact you mention other tweaks set alarm bells ringing for me.
  22. Dose anyone know if the n/s/r door on a 2015 XF estate is the same size and would fit a Saloon of the same year. Many thank Martim
  23. Thank you Justin, the center blend motor has stopped working. Now I have another issue. When the car is idling, it does not produce cold air but as soon as I start driving (rpm goes up) I get cold air.
  24. There is a for sale forum, just look under the Forums :https://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/forum/24-jaguars-for-sale-wanted/
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