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  2. Got the jammed door open....Removed the chrome strip and rubber seal on the outside of the door. Removed the plastic door pull cover and the screw that holds the lever. Using a plastic lever, moved the top part of the door trim out about 80mm and pulled the door lever up so I could remove the cable. Still couldn't remove door trim as jammed against the side of the seat and the dash. Pulled the cable continually while working the outside door handle and the remote button and after about 2 minutes the door suddenly opened. Now it doesn't continually lock and can be opened at any door BUT now won't lock at all so must be the actuator faulty. Will update when a new one sourced and fitted.
  3. Hi Keith, It is possible that the battery needs more regular charging, and also possible the the fuel system needs a cleaning additive. I have an s type with the same engine and the same year and also live in the West Midlands. I use premium fuel plus an additive [Millers Eco + diesel] both of which seem to be doing a good job. Regards, Peter.
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  5. Hi All , finally sorted the glow plug issue, it was a disconected plug and socket just above the glow plug relay. it appeared to be connected, but was only partially engaged, trying to press to reconect it did not work ,the internal rubber grommet would not enter the fitting. A smear with silicon grease sorted it out ! Its interesting to note that the last time it was disconected , was when the engine was replaced by my local dealer (exeter) 2019. regards JOHN.
  6. Ok, so I guess you mean the door lock actuator which is located in the door. I will check that but I need to get the door opened first so I can remove the side panel. Thanks
  7. Thanks Ian & Richard, Guess what I'm doing at the weekend! Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Ross, Initially yes. I read that poor fuel filters can clog up quickly and I checked back on my records for my car and found that I had bought a 'no name' (unknown source and make) fuel filter that came with a service kit bought from Ebay. Although it had only been on the car for less than one year and had done just 4k miles, I replaced it with a FRAM filter and the car started much quicker. Since then the car seems to start quicker that it did but still take rather longer to start than it should.
  9. Hi Jon, I was plagued with this issue during the last six months of the XF warranty. The agents were good enough to show me how to drain the fuel / water separator, which was a very easy job to do. (several times a week), It was obvious there was no water in the diesel. Six months down the line, with the warranty just expired, they diagnosed a faulty sensor, and replaced the filter unit, charging me £100+ Quite annoying ! In answer to your question, yes you can do it yourself.
  10. I'd get the doors/locking modules checked out first - it sounds electrical rather than mechanical. It may be a simple fix with just a new module.
  11. Sorted now. Thank heavens for Google & Utube
  12. Hi Jon, Easy DIY. Done it myself for the same reason. See here for an overly elaborate but really very useful guide: Good luck, Ian
  13. kgb

    Not Ice cold

    Hi Grant, thank you for your reply it is much appreciated I can assure you. I shall give this potential fix a try, fingers crossed.
  14. I’ve just changed my phone (iPhone 7 plus to an iPhone 11pro. I can’t find how to delete the old one. Can anyone tell me how to do it please? I can’t find anything in the owners manual or by spending and hour in the car trying!
  15. Hi All, I've had a warning message - Water in fuel - see handbook - briefly on two occasions recently. Handbook says the diesel filter has too much water in it and needs draining. Can anyone tell me if this is possible myself, or do I need a trip to a dealer? Thanks in advance, Jon
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  17. hi the oil should meet spec WSD-M2C200-C and grade 80w90 put the spec in on ebay and you can even get the genuine ford oil cheers Joe
  18. Replace the compressor. Berkshire Jag Components can supply an aftermarket for around $450
  19. It's called a TX Valve and is under the dash. I would suggest adding some dye into the gas to establish if there is a leak as compressors in this model normally pack it in around the 160k mark and have to be replaced. Factory is around $900 and aftermarket $400. Some times the valve will sort itself out by alternately turning the compressor on and off while driving and that has worked for me in the past.
  20. Having recently sold my 2007 S Type and replaced it with an XK, I have a large collection of parts for sale, some new. I have listed them all on a certain “well known auction site” ( sterlingkv6 If you want to see the items) but some of the items I have are: MERCURY WHEELS X 4, PROFESSIONALLY REFURBISHED. ALPINE PREMIUM SOUND UPGRADE. A complete kit of parts including the subwoofer grille for the parcel shelf. HEADLAMP WASHERS. A complete kit of parts to retrofit these. FOG LAMP KIT. Complete new kit for the late S Type bumpers including a used switch pack. SET OF MUDFLAPS FRONT AND REAR MESH GRILLE. Brand new ADAMESH upper and lower grilles for the late S Type bumpers. HEATED FRONT SEATS, CHAMPAGNE, 10/8 way adjustment. BOOTLID AND N/S R door in FROST BLUE CD CHANGER. SAT NAV CONTROL PANEL USED TRITON ALLOY. EXHAUST TRIMS, GENUINE, UNUSED. WOODEN STEERING WHEEL, MOCHA/ SABLE EXCELLENT CONDITION FRONT AND REAR DISCS AND PADS ( all Ferodo) BRAND NEW FOR ATE BRAKING SYSTEM. Late S type with 326mm discs, early XF, XK 4.2 n/a PAIR OF FRONT CALIPERS, DELIVERY MILEAGE, GENUINE JAGUAR NOT REBUILT UNITS FOR ABOVE CARS. COMPLETE SET OF HEATER BLEND VALVE SERVO MOTORS. BRAND NEW ITEMS. All of these were purchased by me for all the “projects” I intended to do on the car but are now surplus. I am located in Stourbridge, West Midlands but am willing to post the smaller items. Call/ text me on 07743855364 for any details. Sensible offers considered but they are all priced on the “auction site”. Regards Chris.
  21. Hi Roger ! according to commas product finder capacity is 1.75lt and the product code is MVMTFP1L fully synthetic transmission fluid, hope this helps.
  22. Hello 3.0cc s type petrol 2004 has anyone got a how to, for an output shaft seal replacement please. thanks
  23. Oldun


    On a couple of occasions when starting from cold ,as the engine fires I get about six shrill tones in the car,nothing showing on the dash out of the ordinary , I am sure someone on this forum knows,I hope. Regards Mike
  24. I Have 2 pairs of Jag snow-socks but have never actually needed them. Bought as an insurance policy as car came with 4 new tyres (Summer). As soon as they are worn enough to justify replacement I will be fitting Bridgestone A005 Weather Control (19") as past experience with Michelin Cross Climates on a SAAB 95 suggest all season tyres are all you need unless you intend going off road. Experience with the Michelins makes me confident All season tyres are best policy with snow socks as a back-up if in a very hilly / snowy area like the top of the pennines. John
  25. 2014 Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.2 200ps. Recently noticed excessive condensation on front windscreen and n/s front window. Car recently serviced and new cabin / pollen filter fitted. Has anyone experienced this and can give me some advice. Many thanks
  26. Hi Roger according to my haynes manual, your gearbox holds 1.75 lires but I`m not sure of the type of oil. my car is automatic. maybe halfords will be able to tell you. Cheers Rod
  27. Have a 99 Stype V6 and found remote locking button not locking doors and then a week later the doors all started locking without activating the button. Bit embarrassing after filling fuel and leaving the key in the ignition> Now I cannot open the passengers door at all either from the inside, outside, remote or key. Want to take off door panel and check switch but don't know how to open the door. Grant Tasmania Aust
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