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  3. hello thanks for the reply i start the car and the airbag icon on the dash starts to flash like a code it flash's once then a slight paus the flashes nine more times . it does this a couple of times then it stays on until i shut the car off. another question what the hell is with the lug nuts on the car. i do not have the lug key i do see that there are caps over the lug nuts how do you get these off without destroying the caps.
  4. Where will I find the earth connector on the windscreen? RHS is not working and I've checked the supply side of the circuit, which is all ok. Everything's good from the +12v supply, the trigger from the AC unit, relay link, cable from fuse box to the windscreen connector. Which leaves the negative strap from the windscreen, don't want to waste time and skin from knuckles.
  5. ABS sensors failing are a common problem and an easy DIY job. Does the airbag come on straight away or does it flash first?
  6. Coolant thermostat and oil cooler thermostat.
  7. 32 mpg and change is pretty good. I enjoy the sound of my supercharger too much, hence the high smiles per mile and low mpg
  8. agreed. Water pump is new. Can you give me details on the two thermostats? Thanks.
  9. Hello Everyone, New Jag owner here. Bought a 2004 S Type with 35,000 on it, manufacture in UK.. Car is a beauty inside and out except for a couple of amber warning dash light. Message in the center dash reads ABS FAULT and DSC not available, and Air Bag indicator that stays on. I took it to a local mechanic , not a jag dealer, to have the oil changed and a brief look over. The dealer wanted $300.00 us dollars for an oil change. Anyways he put his OBD reader on it and it came back with front passenger side wheel not communicating with ABS system. The mechanic not being familiar with Jags, actually he said it was the first one he had worked on, suspected that there was a loose/corroded or a chewed through wire between the ABS wheel sensor and the ABS pump module. The car drives and stops just fine but I do not like that there is warning light on in the dash. I am very familiar with the basics of a car and have always preformed my own repairs but this car intimidates me and I am afraid of doing more harm than good if I do my own repairs on it. So my main questions are is there any helpful DO'S and DON'TS that I should know about before I try to do my own repairs. And is the ABS situation a common problem and easy to fix. I have a lot of more comments to say as far as background info on the car but will hold off on them and cross my fingers that someone on this chat board will be willing to help me answer some of my question.
  10. My S Type Auto 2.5 Petrol averages around 23.5 mpg., local driving. Came home from Bodmin, Cornwall earlier this week and it return 32.4 mpg. I to know about the smile on the face when driving. Comfort and a smile ......... cannot be beaten. Cheers, John
  11. I had to get a vauxhall astra estate taking one for the family a few years back, to be fair it was actually a ok car, could not fault it, did the a job, but at the same time could not say anything great about it 😁
  12. I only get 23.7 mpg out of my petrol 3.0S, but I have a permanent grin on my face...😁
  13. Stop throwing money at it on the same parts. Investigate the cooling system with the view that you may need to change both thermostats and possibly the water pump.
  14. Hi, Yep, they can. Have a look below.
  15. I used to race moto x bikes. Must admit though "the older I get, the faster I was"
  16. Last week
  17. Been struggling for weeks with my car overheating. I've replaced the fan control module twice with a Gates unit and replaced the entire fan system with two new fan motors. The fans quit after a couple of days and the car overheats. Neither fan is turning when I inspect them. What am I missing and what could be going on? I've been told to consider replacing the ECM but obviously that is a huge expense for the car. Mine is a 2006 with 85,000 miles, trying to keep it running for my daughter but am on the verge of giving up. Hope you have some great ideas for me. Many thanks in advance.
  18. I want to change the interior lights on my 2006 S-Type to LEDs and although I've done the footwell ones (easy!) I don't know what bulbs I need for the others, particularly the central cluster. Any more help would be very welcome. Mick
  19. I've got a 2007 S type Sport (bottled out of the supercharged S type V8 R) and often in the New Forest; happy to tag along My mate across the road has a 1963 E type (was used in an Italian bat man film !)
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