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  1. Hot Air!

    Oh dear....................that is not good Mike. I had fears mine would end the same way. eee
  2. Hot Air!

    Styper.......................sorry for delay in reply. I'm afraid I didn't think to ask where the break was, I was just grateful it wasn't serious! I'm sure the lads would be happy to tell you if you gave them a call though, they are very helpful. Lincs Jag Specialists............01522 539091. Cheers eee
  3. Hot Air!

    Well good news for once!! It was neither the RCCM or the valve...........just a broken wire between the two! 3 hours labour by the lads at Lincoln Jag Specialists and it's sorted. Cold air again.........thank the Lord!!! Can't praise the lads highly enough.....definitely recommend them. Many years experience and cheerful and polite with it! Thanks Daz and Dave! eee
  4. Hot Air!

    Thanks for that Styper! It's a non- Satnav version so I will have a nose round and see what I can find! Cheers Eee
  5. Hot Air!

    Hi Folks! Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere! My 2004 'S' diesel is only blowing hot air out and I have been advised to check the function of the 'cool air servo'? Trouble is I have no idea where to find it!! Can anyone help out here please as I am very quickly melting away every time I drive my old girl! Thanks gang. Eee
  6. Hi folks. have any of you fitted one of these performance/economy gizzmos? I have it on good authority from my mechanic that you can really see the difference in economy and performance. He paid about £100 for his and swears by it. Any experiences or advice from you experts out there?? I am really tempted to try one out. Cheers eee
  7. Temperature sensor

    You are an absolute star Alan!! Thanks very much! Regards eee
  8. Can anyone tell me where the outside temperature sensor is fitted please and how to get to it? I think mine has come adrift as the outside temp reads anything up to 38 degrees, even when it is way below freezing. I assume it has moved and found its way into a hotter location in the engine bay somewhere?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys eee
  9. Misting Up?

    Thanks Ken! I will give it a go and see what happens. cheers Eee
  10. Have you got a name for you car?

    "MARGOT" 'Cos she is very 'posh'!!
  11. The “Cars I’ve Owned” List goes: Austin A40 Morris 1100 Cortina 1.3 Mk1 Hillman Minx Cortina 1600E Corsair 2000E Capri 2000GT Mk1 Capri 3.0 Ghia Simca Van Escort Van Escort Estate x2 Morris Marina (sorry!!!) Triumph Herald convertible Triumph Stag (crap straight six engine!) Scimitar GTE Mk3 Cortina Estate Fiesta 950 Fiesta 1100 x2 Cortina Mk 4 Estate x3 Escort 1.6 Sport Escort RS2000 Escort Mk3 Escort Xr3i Volvo 480ES Volvo 340 1.4 & 1.7 Volvo 360 GLS & GLT Volvo 240 Estate x3 Volvo 740 Volvo 760 GLE Land Rover SWB x 2 Land Rover 110 Safari Land Rover Discovery x 2 Range Rover Vogue x 3 Jaguar XJ6 2.9 Jaguar XJ6 3.6 Jaguar XJS 3.6 x 2 Jaguar XJS 5.3 Convertible (Burgundy metallic with white hide trim ) Still my favorite car! Volvo V40 1.8 ES (fantastic economy!) Honda Civic Type 'R' (what a great little car and so much fun to drive hard!) Volvo S80 (still being used by my wife, and still immaculate!)((the car that is, not the wife!!!)) Jaguar 'S' diesel.......what can I say!!!! Love it! I think I may have missed the odd one off though!! Eee
  12. What would you do with 10 Million?

    Aston for XF for the wife and Volvo C30s' for all the kids.
  13. Misting Up?

    Hi Guys! Anyone out there had a problem with their 'S' steaming up? Mine gets that bad I actually have to stop and use a cloth before I can see out! Makes no difference if the A/C is on or not and sometimes turning on "demist" function makes it 10 times worse. I've tried everything but to no avail. Any suggestions please?? Cheers Eee
  14. Black Cat at the wedding.

    Why hire a limo when you have a black cat??
  15. The beast at the wedding!

    Thanks guys! Certainly turned a few heads and got some nice comments! How do I post them to the gallery though?? eee