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  1. Steve


    WeatherTech offers the most advanced vehicle protection available: laser measured for a perfect fit and easy to install. No matter the weather, stay protected all season long! Order today at and get FREE SHIPPING.
  2. making tweek to the ECU... its getting better
  3. we are fixing it as we speak. I am just awaiting information from the software company. It's in hand Steve. Please bear with us.
  4. Steve

    Reliable web hosting

    Small host i recommend is i have used them for over 10 years for my small websites. This site is not with them though, I host this one at IBM.
  5. Steve

    Hi New to Forum

    Hi Barry Welcome to the club :)
  6. Steve

    Finally bought a Jag lol

    Welcome to the club Nick
  7. Steve

    Engine Sound-Off

    looking awesome trev
  8. Hi Steve,

    I recently joined the club and forums, my insurance company is asking me for a membership number.

    Struggling to find this on the website. Can you help please?


  9. how to change wiper blades on 2005 s type

  10. Steve

    Cheap, high mileage S-Type R, should I ?

    300 is good for insurance.. mine was 500 and have full no claims etc. S-type was just expensive to insure for me
  11. Steve

    To the forum owners and coders.

    Hmmm The server cannot kick you off as once the site loads the forum WYSIWYG fields are user side, not server side. Once the page is displayed then the server has done it's job. I would say it's your browser that is not compatible with the javascript this site uses. They are not gremlins.
  12. Steve

    Forum changes

    @JOE-DOT-COM let me know which one and I will removed them for you
  13. Steve

    Forum changes

    Its not possible, only mods can do this, but you can ask a mod to remove a thread.
  14. Steve

    Newbie here!!

    Welcome John Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  15. Steve

    Forum changes

    Can you tell me what section mate.. send me a PM. I will get this sorted.