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  1. OK. I switched the left & right lamp control module, both modules work ,(and will work without being grounded) both bulb holders work, I checked all fuses (not knowing what fuse is for what , covers missing). My next question what plug supplies the power to the module ? The large round one with 4 wires or the square one with like 12 wires ?
  2. HELP needed, 1988 XJ6 (XJ40) ,Left turn & break lights not working, I checked the bulbs, OK. I checked the fuses, OK. I removed the module and tested it on the right side, module OK.I'm at a loss for what else to check, ........ any ideas would be appreciated Thanks, John.
  3. Hello New here, I have an 1988 XJ6 the fuse box covers are missing, could someone Please tell me what fuse is for what and what size fuse, Thanks , John